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Daily Links – 12/14

We all know by now that the second you agree to appear on reality TV, especially a popular show like the “Bachelor” franchise, your past is going to get out. It’s inevitable. Whether its an ex coming forward and selling their story to a tabloid, or old photos of you in uncompromising positions pops up, it’s bound to happen. With the “Bachelor” contestants, the tabloids absolutely love doing that, because it’s what drives their readership for the 2 1/2 months that the show is on. They’re not gonna run stories about any of Ben’s final four in January. They wait because they are telling a story throughout the season. You won’t hear stuff about them (true or not), until later on in the season as we get closer to the finale. Like Lauren Bushnell’s arrest for public intoxication back in April isn’t a big deal, but they’ll make it out to be one come the end of the season. So yesterday this story was tweeted at me about one of Ben’s girls and, yep, if you have a DUI in your past, and you go on the “Bachelor,” you can pretty much assume it’s gonna get exposed. What does her pony Huey think of this?

-So Ben did his first conference call with the media last week about his season like every lead has to do, and unfortunate as it may be, he’s already lying. He was asked about Becca appearing on the season and his answer was that he’d known OF her, but didn’t know her. I don’t know what else to tell you other than that’s a bold faced lie. They had never met, this certainly wasn’t close to the relationship Kaitlyn and Nick had before her season, but Ben & Becca absolutely had spoken before as I reported a few months ago. Not to mention in conversation he told her not to come on this season. But hey, I expect him to answer that way. Just know that his answer doesn’t change what actually happened.

-Chris Hemsworth hosted SNL this past weekend and had a couple of interesting sketches. recapped the show and it has clips of all his good stuff. He was actually pretty funny, and after seeing him as the only funny bit of the “Vacation” reboot, not to mention the comedic role he has in the upcoming “Ghostbusters” re-boot, maybe this is the way he should go. Sure, he’ll always be Thor, but it’s good to see him doing stuff like this.

-Ready for more ridiculousness? Reports now saying that Kourtney Kardashian is hooking up with Justin Bieber. Not a whole hell of a lot to go off here, just your typical US Weekly “sources say” nonsense, but of course something like this will make major headlines. Especially since Kourtney is fresh off a separation (or is Scott moving back in?), and Bieber is, well, Bieber. So on the same weekend that we see stories of their hookup, and old hookup of Bieber’s also came forward with a story…

-Some random in London decided to share a hook up story with the press about the night she had a threesome with the Biebs and another woman. Well, it certainly didn’t sound like a threesome once she described it saying the other woman didn’t like sharing and left the room so Biebs and this chick could get it on. What a life the Biebs leads. Is he getting some from Selena? Is he having threesomes with randoms overseas? Is he hooking up with Kourtney? Can’t wait to see who the next name linked to his is.

-But getting back to Kourtney for a second, whatever happened with the whole “Scott is moving back in” thing? More bogus tabloid stuff? Remember that story that said they were, but it was on a few conditions with one of those being no more hosting parties in Vegas? Uhhhhh, woops. Why doesn’t Scott just go live at 1Oak since that’s where he basically spends every weekend? Good luck with that, Kourtney. Never thought I’d say this, but Biebs might actually be a better choice than this douchelord.

-Eva Longoria is getting married…again. Her third marriage will be to her current guy Antonio Baston, someone I had no idea she was dating. Then again, I stopped paying attention to Eva once Tony Parker broke up with her because he was having a hard time not having sex with teammates wives. But her friends say this is the happiest she’s ever been, so I totes believe them. This one will no doubt last. Until it doesn’t.

-In case you didn’t know, yesterday was a major holiday. Maybe one that isn’t recognized nationally, but it’s still a holiday. Or should be. Why? Because yesterday was TSwift’s birthday. I hope you all honored her accordingly. And you know what she did for her birthday? Well, besides have Jimmy Iovine throw her an Xmas themed party in LA? She decided to give us fans all a present. She announced yesterday she’s releasing her 1989 concert on Apple music this Sunday. Well, at least I know what I’m buying myself for Xmas now. Thank you Taylor. Maybe you’ll see a clip of me in there. Or not.

-Pretty cool story regarding Spencer’s crazy immunity Idol win last episode. He finished a puzzle in :15 seconds, leading some to believe he must’ve cheated. Well, I wouldn’t call it cheating, but he certainly studied enough before the show and lucked out. These are the behind-the-scenes stories I love hearing about “Survivor.” I wonder if Probst will address this at the live finale? He should. Why not? It’s not like the show gave Spencer an unfair advantage. How would they know he replicated this exact puzzle before the show?

-The trailer for “Independence Day 2” was released yesterday during the football games:

We all knew Will Smith wasn’t going to be in this, but now we actually know what happened to his character. Well, at least they address it. I hate when major characters are completely ignored or pretended never existed. And this makes sense in keeping with the storyline of the movie.

-I hope all of you have stocked up on canned woods and bottled water and are headed down to your basement due to the impending apocalypse. You didn’t hear? Adele got a haircut and the internet just about exploded. It’s amazing some of the things that people care about in this world. Is there anything less interesting than how many inches Adele cut off her hair? Didn’t think so.

-And finally, One Direction gave their final performance before going on hiatus. Translation: they’ll never be back together and Harry will go on to become a star while the other three fade into obscurity. Well maybe not Niall since he seems to be shtupping Selela Gomez now. I’m just speaking musically. And we all know why this has happened, right? #BecauseZaynLeft. Screw you, Zayn.

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  1. locondcoco

    December 14, 2015 at 10:52 AM

    C’mon RS. If I were to email you a few times, and you answered them in “Reader Emails”, does that mean that you KNOW me?

  2. cjscjs711

    December 15, 2015 at 1:55 PM

    Someone who knows Steve, please tell him to proofread his work before posting or have someone check it. It’s so careless and with writing these blurbs being your sole job, it’s really inexcusable.

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