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Daily Links – 12/16

Only a few more “Daily Links” until the season starts. Next week I’m in CA so there will be no updates on the site, then maybe a couple more before we begin our normal “Bachelor” scheduling, with recaps on Tuesday, “Reader Emails” on Wednesday, “Dr. Reality Steve” column on Thursdays with the live video chats on Thursday night. Man, you realize it’s been exactly 3 months that “Daily Links” has been going on? September 16th I started them. Geez. That flew by. I know most people tell me every season once “Bachelor in Paradise” ends, “Ugh, I can’t wait 3 1/2 months til the Bachelor starts. It’s so far away.” I guess it’s the opposite for me since I’m covering it every day pretty much, but yep, those 3 1/2 months are almost up. Couple things happening in the next couple weeks regarding the site that that don’t have to do with the new layout. I’ll keep you updated on it and hopefully you’ll like them. One of them I mentioned to you back in September I believe. I still can’t say anything yet, but its definitely something I’ve never done with the site before. You’ll know shortly.

-Even though one episode aired already, Lip Sync Battle season 2 starts Jan. 7th and here is a preview of what to expect. Not sure why the Joseph Gordon Levitt/Anthony Mackie one aired by itself although it was Christmas themed. I guess they plan on repeating it at some point. JGL’s “Rhythm Nation” was an all-time classic. I’m pretty sure it’s gone viral already.

-Some news that came down for all UnREAL fans. Casting has begun for season 2, and judging by who/what they’re looking for, looks like “Everlasting” will be back for another season, but this time with a black bachelor named “Darius Hill” in the lead role, with women vying for him. The old crew is back as Rachel, Quinn, Chet, Jeremy, and Jay all returning to reprise their roles. Looking forward to season 2 as I’m sure it’ll be covered extensively on this site.

-Nell Kalter has your RHOBH recap up to view. Has Brandi gotten sloppy drunk yet this season and had sex with someone half her age? Oh wait, that’ll probably be when she appears on “Famously Single” on E! next year. Oh well. Aim high, Brandi.

-Since basically every time he does his “Billy on the Street” bit they go viral, I might as well alert you to them. Billy Eichner had Sarah Jessica Parker on recently and, well, they talked “Sex in the City 2” and played “Sex App or Santa’s Reindeer”:

-Tonight is probably one of the more anticipated “Survivor” finales ever since everyone left you could make a case has a chance to win. Not to mention that in the preview, we see Probst say something happens at a Tribal that hasn’t happened in the previous 30 seasons. What could it be? Reality Blurred broke down the possibilities. Also tonight at the reunion show, we won’t be seeing Vytas there because he violated his contract during filming by leaving early. Which seems weird because wouldn’t CBS be the ones who control his flight home? Why wouldn’t they just say, “No, you can’t leave. These are the rules in the contract.” I get why he wanted to leave, but he knew that going in. Oh well. Sorry you missed out on $10k Vytas.

-After the earth shattering news of Adele cutting her hair, she announced her North American tour dates, which I’m sure then threw people into a frenzy. Being a season ticket holder for the Dallas Mavericks who play at the American Airlines Center, I get emails for them all the time about other events going on at the arena, and no kidding, not 10 minutes after I saw Adele’s story about the official announcement of her tour dates, the AAC had sent me an email about pre-sale tickets. No thanks. You have to be under 20 and sing bubble gum pop music for me to attend your concert.

-For whatever reason, the “Xena: Warrior Princess” reboot is happening. I remember this show being on all the time when I was younger, and I also remember I never watched 5 seconds of it. Was it really that popular? Or is this just another case of Hollywood being unoriginal and just trying to reboot something from our past?

-You know I’m a sucker for TV/game show bloopers. Well here are your best TV newscast screw-ups for the year 2015. Some really good ones in here:

-J Law dissed Lilo and Ali isn’t happy. For those unaware what the hell that meant, Jennifer Lawrence recently dissed Lindsay Lohan during an interview saying that she herself is a puker, but not at the level of Lindsay Lohan from drinking and drugs. Ouch. Not sure why J Law had to throw that in there, but it didn’t sit well with Linday’s sister, Ali. Gotta say, kinda siding with Ali on this one. Yes, we know Lindsay has abused drugs and alcohol badly in the past. I just don’t see the need for America’s #1 female actress right now to randomly point that out in an interview.

-We have a new cheating scandal on our hands. Apparently Joshua Jackson’s girlfriend Diane Kruger is hooking up with that dude from the “Walking Dead,” Norman Reedus who, coincidentally, looks like walking death. First off, I thought Joshua and Diane were married? Apparently not even though they’ve been together since 2006. So Hollywood couple, been together 9 years, never married, she’s caught cheating, and they haven’t broken up yet? Hmmmmm…open relationship?

-Ryan Seacrest admits that when originally signing on for “American Idol,” he was almost cast as the third judge. Man, that would’ve been weird. Not as weird as the frosted tips he had in season 1 and the fact that his co-host that season, Brian Dunkleman, decided not to return because he wanted to do bigger things with his career. Ouch. Brian who? Exactly.

-James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke” is becoming the latest late night bit to go viral every time he does it, and his latest one just might be his best. Here he is with One Direction:

-Speaking of Idol, they are severely cutting back their schedule in the 15th and final season. Their finale will air a month earlier than normal and will happen in April, something really unprecedented for a show this big, especially considering May is sweeps month. Man, they must really be in a hurry to get this show off the air. Say what you want about it now, but lets not forget this was the biggest show on television on any network for a solid 5 years running in its prime.

-Jamie Foxx recently celebrated his 48th birthday and the rumors about Katie Holmes seem to be true. Even though he’s claimed friendship, reports are they’ve been secretly dating for 2 years now. That’s pretty amazing in these days now with camera phones and paparazzi everywhere. I mean, props to them if they’ve managed to never get caught together for 2 whole years.

-I’m still processing this next story so bear with me. Kiefer Sutherland has signed on to play the POTUS for a new series set for ABC. We’ve heard for a couple years now that Kiefer is done with “24” and has moved on, but people like me never want to believe that. I don’t want to see Kiefer as the POTUS. I want to see him as Jack Bauer and anything less is unacceptable. Will I give this show a try? Sure. Will I give “24” a try without Kiefer? Sure. But you’re asking a lot of me dammit.

-DWTS pro Sharna Burgess recently did an interview with Glamour Magazine talking about her time on the show, her favorite partners, her love life, and much more. Even though I’ve seen every season of this show, I had no idea she’s been on this many seasons. Time sure flies.

-And finally, the running Christmas pranks every year between Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski continued on his show last night:

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