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Daily Links – 12/21

As I expected, the “Bachelor” officially announced they will be having an after show once the show premieres on Jan. 4th. However, in case you didn’t read all the way down to the end, “Bachelor Live” will only take place for the 4 episodes in January, since “Castle” starts back up on Feb. 1st. So in January, you’ll have your regular 2 hr. “Bachelor” show, followed by a 1 hour “Bachelor Live” that’ll be exactly like what we saw this summer with “After Paradise.” No word yet on if Jenny Mollen will be brought back as Chris Harrison’s co-host. Since her humor is way more crude and crass than network television needs, doesn’t seem to be a good fit. But we’ll see. I just don’t see the point of having her if you’re not gonna let her do what she does. We all saw that show this summer. It’s fluff. Nothing major happens, it’s a bunch of C list celebrities telling us how much they love the “Bachelor” and then a couple contestants are brought on and basically forced to muzzle their answers as not to give anything away. However, just the fact it’s been greenlighted only helps the popularity of the show and that it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Music to my ears.

I’m off for the next week in CA and will return next week. Haven’t decided if I’ll do “Daily Links” when I get back, but I do have some things I should be tweeting out between now and Jan. 4th that I hope you’ll enjoy. Happy Holidays to everyone and thanks for making 2015 the most productive year in history.

-Our very own “Survivor” recapper Bryan Fischer attended the “Survivor” live finale in LA and lived to tell about it. Go read his recap on everything that went down in the Hollywood studios that night including who his special guest was for the evening. Bryan has done great work all season in recapping “Survivor,” as he has in past seasons, so hopefully he can continue on in February if his schedule allows it.

-Biggest news coming down from last night was Steve Harvey’s butcher job on announcing the Miss Universe winner. I mean, wow. How hard could that have been? The card he showed us after the fact clearly stated the 2015 Miss Universe winner was Miss Philippines, but apparently Steve had a hard time understanding those words. Click on that link to watch the most awkward 5 minutes of television you’ve seen in a while. Truly embarrassing. Then to add icing on the cake, he apologized in a tweet and misspelled Philippines and Colombia, which he immediately deleted. Why don’t you sit the next one out, Steve?

-Hey everyone, Miley Cyrus went topless at a concert! You know, right about now I think that if Miley did a concert with her top on, that’d be bigger news. And if she bothered shaving her arm pits. Other than that, her desperate plea for attention is starting to wear thin. She needs to re-invent herself. It might start with leaving her clothes on.

-Some news in the celebrity hairdo world. Last week it was Adele chopping her her hair and America simultaneously freaking out. This weekend we learned of two new do’s – one a cut, and another a color change. Hilary Duff got some inches off of hers and, well, still looks great to me. Always had a thing for her too. As for Lauren Conrad, she decided that redheads are more fun and went over to that side. Meh. It’s ok. I’m still breathing so I guess all is still right in the world.

-At midnight Saturday night, I’m not gonna lie – I might’ve immediately gone to Apple music to check out Taylor Swift’s World Tour Live the second it was available, even though I saw the concert in person twice. Yep. Pretty much like I remembered it. Then I finished watching it last night during Miss Universe so missed everything that happened live. But here’s a more important Taylor story of how she visited a cancer patient in the hospital after years of social media pleas by friends and family. And that my friends, is why Taylor Swift is the greatest human ever.

-SNL had their second best ratings in 2 years this past weekend with Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosting. Only other show to do better? A month ago when Trump hosted. Oh well. In case you missed it, here was’s recap.

-As if she couldn’t get more unbearable, Kim Kardashian released a line of emoji’s, or “Kimoji’s,” so 13 year old girls could have something to squeal about forever and ever. And Ashley I. I’m still proud of the fact that in my 40 years on this planet, I’ve still yet to ever use and emoji in a text and I plan to keep it that way. Sorry Kim. I won’t be using any of yours.

-Zayn Malik took a little shot at One Direction’s music calling it generic and Simon Cowell wasn’t too thrilled. At this point, I don’t care who was right or wrong. But basically #BecauseZaynLeft, this world has started to crumble. All your fault buddy.

-And finally, in honor of Star Wars breaking the all time record for a first weekend release (no, I haven’t seen it yet. Going Wednesday night in CA from tickets I bought 2 months ago), lets revisit one of the funniest, if not THE funniest “Triumph the Insult Comic Dog” bit from back in the day. You know it’s funny when you’re still laughing hard 15 years later at it:

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