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1. In the NY magazine article, it noted that Chris harrison did not appear in about 30 episodes over franchise history (all shows in franchise including BP). Do you remember when Chris did not appear? I watched all shows since episode 1 and always remember Chris appearing except one time I think he had Jimmy kimmel sub in. Were these early shows or maybe Melissa Rycroft handled some of the duties when she co hosted? I just cannot believe that Chris did not appear in 10% of the shows over the course of the franchise. That seems like a lot. I remember a few here and there, but 30? Melissa only co-hosted the first season of “Bachelor Pad,” so it wouldn’t be that. Chris was there for all those. And even the Jimmy Kimmel episode, Chris was still at the rose ceremony. I can remember episodes where we didn’t see him UNTIL the rose ceremony, but he’s been in every episode I can remember in some capacity.

2) how much does Chris make and do you think they will ever replace him? A couple million a year salary wise for hosting. And I think he’s now an Exec Producer of the show, so I gotta imagine that gets him a cut.

3) regarding bachelorette, any chance it could be Jubilee? They went with no. 7 for JP for diversity. And if they had to pick one African American candidate to appeal to conservative middle America Jubilee would appear to be an ideal candidate: adopted with a sad story, Army veteran living in a white family. How much better could you get? I am not really a Jubilee fan and think she could be too emotionally distant to be bachelorette but it just struck me that if they want to go with an African American candidate she would be ideal to appeal to middle America. I don’t see any way it’d be her. Audience won’t be invested enough considering she’s only in 2 more episodes. She doesn’t even make it halfway through the season.

I agree with you it would be odd to pick Jubilee because they never went beyond top 4, but at the same time they want to have a degree of believability about the bachlorette (otherwise why not pick the second girl even though she just got dumped). This season seems unique because the girls are so young and many don’t seem at all ready for marriage whereas many of the bachelorettes in the past have had least given off a semblance of being ready (being in late 20s, out of school for a few years, etc). Caila acts so young and seems to be off in fairy tale land about what a relationship is. She would be ratings gold however because she would be constantly crying. Amanda is a little more believable but that is only because she had kids and by necessity she is looking for a daddy. Otherwise she seems very Disney princess to me but again would probably be ratings gold because of the crying. She does not seem emotionally ready and she just finalized her divorce before coming on the show. Out of the top 4, Jojo seems to be the only one that gives off a semblance of believability being ready for marriage. That is why I think maybe they could perhaps do something different this season and go beyond the top 4 like they did in Des season. Given fleiss statements about diversity – and going by past history – it would appear Caila is getting it, but I am not sure she has that measure of believability that other leads shared (of course not all leads were in fact ready for marriage but I think most at least were of an age and maturity to believe they would be ready). How could they not pick a diversity lead after fleiss fairly firm statement on it? Why even make the statement?

Comment: You’d think, but they made somewhat of the same statement last season about “oh yeah, we’ll definitely have more diverse leads in the future.” I think they’ll keep saying it. Hey, maybe it will be next season. We won’t know for another month or so.

“Jubilee intrigues me”. TRANSLATION: “I’ve never been with a black girl”

Comment: Pretty much.

Hey Steve,

So I’m on your site at least a few times a week. I usually LOVE everything you write but this week really caught me off guard!

Over the years I have found myself rooting for you in your battle with Mike Fleiss, feeling sad when Erica Rose betrayed you, and genuinely enjoying everything you wrote. I know this is a sarcastic blog, I get it, you make sarcastic jokes. But this week it really went too far. The names you called Lauren B really put a bad taste in my mouth, especially when I got to the “Pilot Nanny”. Do you have any idea how crappy flight attendants get treated?! They get treated like dirt. But if something goes wrong on a flight who are you going to go to? The flight attendant! Many have risked their lives for passengers and reading your article and seeing you put this girl down just really sucked.

Comment: I was making fun of the name of her job. That’s all. You’re reading way too much into it. I never once said I thought she wasn’t good at her job, I never once commented on the job of flight attendants in general, and I never once did anything other change flight attendant to a different phrase for it, all in good fun. So I think you’re a bit off base on that. If I would’ve criticized the industry, herself, the service they give, etc then yeah, you’d have a valid argument. I didn’t.

1) the NY magazine article noted that JP asked for $7500 to comment for the article. Do you think he is just delusional or did he maybe get money like that from the tabloids and is just trying to get more now? Does he actually get any money from anyone now? Are there other contestants you have heard of that ask for such outrageous fees? Do they all? I must’ve missed that. If he did, he’s delusional. Each person is different, they all have different prices, and it all depends on what they’re pitching/promoting. But asking $7500 to be quoted in a story? He’s nuts. Be thankful anyone even cares to ask you a question, pal.

2) Why do you think some of the careers of bachelor contestants in media quickly flamed out? Are they just under qualified or did stuff go on behind the scenes? Ali seemed to have a good gig going at E! and Melissa seemed to have a promising future on GMA which quickly flamed out. Bob Guiney too – I think he did things for game show network. Jillian too seems to have only lasted a short time hosting interior design stuff. the bachelor contestants who made the most of the franchise with prominent long lasting gigs were people who really distanced themselves from the franchise – Travis Stork getting the Dr. Show gig and Jesse Palmer doing NFL/GMA stuff. I guess Molly does some radio show in Seatlle but that is local though I could see how Molly would be really good at doing that type of work. I don’t think there’s a stock answer to give for this. Everyone is different, in different areas of media, with different talents. It’s impossible to say “they all failed because of x,” when some haven’t. Not to mention, we’d have to define what “failed” even means in this aspect. They fact any of them got hired in the first place for just being on this show would be considered somewhat of a success story.

Anyone else have a real broadcasting or media career after bachelor? In fact a lot of these contestants go on the show to promote their brand but in actuality whose brand really lasted? Just a handful of contestants really profited from the show in the long term. Not that I can think of. Plenty are still doing media stuff. It’s not like they’re gonna be hosting the Golden Globes ever, but, some have made a niche for themselves in their line of work.

Finally, speaking of media careers, any word on what Olivia’s next step is? Is she unemployed? It does not seem she has another broadcast job lined up, though according to her blog, she seems to want to be someone like erin andrews doing sports broadcasting.

Comment: I don’t think she’s back at that station, but I don’t know if that’s because she’s still taking time off, if she quit, if they don’t want her back, etc. I have no idea. I guarantee she’ll get hired by another station somewhere in her lifetime. Count on it.

Hi Steve,

Is there ANY room whatsoever for a Bachelor contestant to sue the show for how they are portrayed? I know that they sign a giant contract that says the show has control over their portrayal. But it seems to me there must be SOME kind of limit to what the show can do. It sure seems like Olivia as been transformed from a self-absorbed airhead to a full-out villain, which can’t be good for her broadcasting career. Does Olivia have any recourse at all, or is she truly and utterly screwed because of the bad decision she made to go on this show? Nope. You sign your life over when you sign on the dotted line. But these people don’t care enough to read everything in the contract because they just want to be on TV. They have zero recourse to go after the show no matter how they’re portrayed.

Also, do you have any information on why Olivia left her broadcasting job? She says it’s because she wanted to meet Ben, but that seems like an unlikely reason to leave a job that so many young people covet.

Comment: Olivia was a little over one year on the job at her TV station. It was her first broadcasting job out of college. It’s not like she was a 10 year vet giving up something she’d laid the groundwork for. She’ll get hired somewhere else. No doubt.

You crack me up, Steve. Your synonyms for “flight attendant” reveal your true genius. Thank you for that. You should have a contest to solicit more. You’re going to need them, LOL. Ha ha. Pretty funny to hear you say that, when a few emails ago, someone basically had the exact opposite opinion. It’s what makes the world go round. Two people reading the exact same thing and having completely different reactions to it. One read waaaaay too much into it while the other realized what I was doing. It happens.

I’ve mostly retired from the TV business, and for the biggest chunk of my time in local news, I was the news director, the boss guy. I’ve worked with hundreds of TV anchors, especially in smaller and mid-sized markets. They all have certain similarities that help me understand Olivia better. The vast majority aren’t nearly as confident as the character they play on TV – and trust me, that’s the way it is, especially over the last few decades. The egos of people who go on live TV with the potential of making a fool of themselves at any moment are staggeringly enormous. They have to be. No normal person would ever think of such potential loss of self-esteem. But you must remember that ego goes both directions – a pedestal that rises above everyone else (what we all tend to imagine), but also a pit of self-hatred so deep that they long ago gave up letting their “real” person ever come out and play. Hence, they wear masks that are built up over years of hiding. These are the types that make it to the anchor desk in local TV, and that’s what I see all over Olivia. For one, she’s used to the role of a producer telling her how to perform and especially the affirmations producers use to stroke their negative self-images. Two, she’s most certainly introverted and doesn’t do well in small talk and with groups of people in a room. She can’t rehearse for that, so she runs. In a very real sense, she doesn’t do well, because she’s not really there. Three, she wants to be liked so badly, but in her heart she feels herself unlikable. Being real for her is in the long distant past, and she can’t remember what that’s like. Because she wants so badly to be liked, she’s learned to be a people-pleaser and a codependent all her life. Of course she’s good-looking, although if you watch closely, you’ll see a pretty nasty edge throughout her persona. Again, when you wear a constant mask, you’re out of your element when that mask isn’t perfect, like it is at the anchor desk.

I’ve asked myself if I would hire this girl after The Bachelor, and while I think there are many who would (“Hey, I’ve got this GREAT marketing idea!”), I don’t think she’ll go back to local news. She’ll be in the market for “presenter” jobs, where she can hone the mask. But deep inside, Steve, this girl is a mess.

Who knew that old news directors were such shrinks, eh?

Comment: Very good breakdown of Olivia. Although I do think she’ll be back on TV and someone will hire her.

Hi Steve!

I loved your recap today and burst out laughing at work.

A couple questions I was wondering about while watching the show last evening:

1) Do you know what happened to Jubilee’s family? Such a tragic story. I was thinking perhaps they passed away during Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, but she was orphaned as a young girl. No, I don’t.

2) Ben never mentioned who died in the plane crash. Do you know who it was?

Keep up the great work! You’re the best part of my Tuesday work day.

Comment: In his blog yesterday, he mentioned it was a husband and wife that were friends of the family. The only thing he mentioned was in his video package in episode 1, when he was the grand marshal for his high school homecoming parade, the guy who was driving him around in the car was the guy who was killed in the crash.

Not sure if you’ve answered this already, but I was wondering if you know if appearing on Bachelor Live was written into the contestants contracts or if they get paid as they are requested.

Comment: It’s not written into the contracts and they don’t get paid. They get flight and hotel paid for and per diem, but don’t get paid to come on. At least not all of them. Maybe some do, but it’s not flat across the board standard for everyone.

Hi Steve,

I couldn’t help but wonder on a date like lauren B’s, what do you do if you need to go to the restroom and you’re in the middle of nowhere? Do you just go behind a tree? You are told to go before you leave for the date. But if you happen to have to go while you’re out there, yeah, you pretty much have to find a private place.

Also, from a guy’s perspective, how could you tell that Ben wasn’t into his date with Jubilee compared to Lauren’s? Maybe I’m just oblivious but I just couldn’t see it.

Comment: He liked Jubilee, but he was way more into Lauren. I just found him a little uncomfortable with Jubilee and it took him a while just to warm up to her, where it was easy with Lauren right from the second they hopped in the plane.

Hey steve!

Couple of questions for you.

I keep meaning to write you and I know this is a couple weeks old but it’s been bugging me.

During the 1st episode when ben and becca were sitting down talking and amber walked in… it seemed like for a minute ben didn’t know who she was until becca said “oh yeah and amber is here too”. Was it just me or did you notice that too? Or have you heard any information that ben knew of amber before?! I never noticed Ben’s reaction and I’m not sure how much attention he paid to Chris Soules’ season and BIP 2 to know if he remembered who Amber was.

And secondly, have you ever heard of a situation where when it came down to the final 2 and the producers were heavily trying to push the lead to go with one over the other… I know thru out the season producers make the lead keep certain contestants but have you ever heard of the producers either making or trying to make the lead pick a certain contestant in the final 2? I think ultimately it comes down to what the lead is feeling, but since they talk to the producers every day, of course producers will have input. It’s impossible to not be influenced at least a little by it.

Last thing.. I know you have said this before but I can not remember.. what bread of dog is maddie? I’m looking at getting a dog for my daughter so I was just curious!!

Congrats on all the media attention you have recieved lately. In my attention you deserved this type of positive attention years ago!!

Comment: Maddie is a beagle mix.

Hey Steve!

I like Olivia. It’s obvious she’s getting really bad editing, but it’s also pretty obvious she went on this show for fame, not love. Sure winning Ben is a great bonus to being on the show, but just like Ali, Melissa and so many others, being on the show is the best platform for some sort of future career in TV broadcast journalism (as a journalist, I even attempted it once long ago but backed out!). But, more power to her for that! She’s gorgeous and the first impression rose plus her aggressive approach with Ben is not winning her over with the other girls, but I feel bad for her that she’s getting edited so poorly (though her bad editing brings out her immaturity and does make her seem more 23-years-old than the 33-years-old she looks!). That said, it’s also pretty obvious that in her new “blog” she’s trying to redeem herself by constantly bringing up the introvert thing; 3 out of 4 of her (poorly written) posts mention it. Do you think Olivia has a way to turn the tables around at this point, post-show since we know she didn’t win, and get that glamorous Hollywood broadcast journalism job she probably was always hoping for? Or is her public persona going to be that damaging to her that it’ll affect her career down the line? We’re talking different levels here. It’s impossible to predict where Olivia’s TV career will end up. She’s one year removed from college. So many different things can happen. 10 years from now she might still be anchoring in a small to mid market. Or she could be on network TV. Impossible to predict something like that because it’ll all depend on how much she improves. I will say this though, there is no doubt that being an attractive female definitely helps in the TV world. If you don’t think some women have gotten ahead in the TV world just based on looks alone, look no further than the lawsuit Colleen Dominguez is filing against Fox Sports right now. You should go read it. Pretty interesting. Not saying there aren’t talented women on TV, because there are, but if you can add look to your resume, it certainly helps.

On another note, Amber go home! For someone who has been through this two times before, how does she fall for producer manipulation and be talked into that horrendous, inappropriate and rude attack on Jubliee in the bathroom with Ben present!??! It just seemed so forced and fake, but she came across just plain stupid too. I was kind of hoping that Ben would take Amber’s rose right then and there and send her home instead. I’m so sick of the show recasting old contestants, I find myself getting more annoyed with these people. Especially Amber, just go home now.

Oh and I like Jubliee. Definitely not the right one for Ben, but I could see her being a good Bachelorette; though I don’t think it’ll happen. But at this point, I can’t see any of these girls being good next Bachelorettes. Usually someone stands out to me, but none of these girls are that awesome or exciting. None.

Great posts as always. Thanks for posting and have been loving all the media coverage you’ve gotten lately. Everyone knows I’m a huge fan of yours and is always sending me links of your interviews, haha. Good stuff!

Comment: Thanks. There will be more stuff in the future. Today I’m doing a phone interview with two girls in LA who do a podcast called “It’s Complicated.” Will be tweeting that out later.

Dear Reality Steve,

Long time reader, first time writing in. I’m catching up on a couple episodes and after fast-forwarding through not one but two rando musical performances (Amos Lee and Lucy Angel in “weeks” 2 and 3, respectively) I started to wonder, for WHY… Why does this happen? Who pays whom? Is ABC the owner of or affiliated with a record label? I wonder if managers/agents of these acts failed getting them an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel and/or James Corden but were offered a spot on The Bachelor as consolation? Or is this an enviable spot to appear among the sappy singer-songwriter set? I think it’s more of a trade off. Even though I usually don’t know who these musicians are, to get your music out there for 7-8 million people a week on network television is gold for them. So they probably don’t even ask to be paid. But downloads of their songs they sing on that particular episode always go up once they’re on.

None of this matters, really, but I’m figured I’d drop you a line to see if you have any insight as why and how these acts appear. Personally, I wait for our happy couple to enter the room, watch as they register that a musician/band is on-stage, and wait for the awkward LACK of flash of recognition on their faces + cut to one of them explaining who in the heck these yodeling fools are in an ITM, before fast-forwarding to the next non-musical scene. We’d all love to see that since most people sitting at home are probably saying the same thing. However, that’ll never happen.

Keep doing your thing and thanks for the basketball references.

P.S. Olivia’s gaping maw made my brain dig up the fact that see went to TCU at some point (“what? is she catching flies…Oh, or I guess ants since she’s a Horned Frog?”). Wow. SUCH A MOUTH! She could bob all the apples. Anyway, I’m a lifelong Texas fan (like, both parents are Texas Exes and would make my tiny hand “Hook ‘Em” when I was an infant), but I’ll tell you what, that mouth keeps hanging open like that, I might be saying “Gig ‘Em” before too long.

Comment: Olivia’s mouth is the new Tierra’s eyebrow.

I’m curious: when you give a live interview, do the hosts always ask you beforehand not to give any spoilers or do you simply not say any as a general rule?

What about in print interviews? I know the writer can edit out whatever s/he wishes, and I am thinking that if they are interviewing you, they have read your spoiling-blogs and probably don’t need to censor you beforehand.

Comment: Depends on the interview. Some in the initial email tell me right off the bat that they’d rather I not bring up spoilers. If they don’t bring it up, I’ll still ask if I can because I know some people don’t want to be spoiled.

Print is the same thing. They’ll make it clear whether they want to include spoilers in the piece. But yeah, like you said, even if I did, they can edit out any answers if it’s in email response, or if it’s a phone call that they’re transcribing, they’d just leave it out.

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  1. angelfish

    January 20, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    The reason they didn’t have Chris Sigfried come to “advise” Ben was because he was never The Bachelor. He was simply a contestant. Chris Soules, Sean & Jason were there to let Ben know what it was like to be the man in front and the new face of the franchise. They were all leads and that’s completely different from what Mr. Chris Hartsock was.

  2. kmannone723

    January 20, 2016 at 12:32 PM

    I don’t think Calia would be a good bachelorette in my opinion she seems too immature to me. If I was to pick a non-white Bachelorette that might be more interesting I would pick Jubilee personally. They’ve had a military Bachelor Andrew Baldwin I believe why not a military bachelorette?

  3. kmannone723

    January 20, 2016 at 12:47 PM

    If they want Calia for Bachelorette they might as well have Britt because they are so similar in personality my nickname for Calia is Britt 2.0

  4. rob22

    January 20, 2016 at 2:37 PM

    I think MF might have backed himself into a corner with the whole “diverse” Bachelorette comment. If he goes with Caila, of course, people aren’t going to necessarily agree that she’s that diverse. Half Asian is diverse? OK. He’s obviously not going to go with Jubilee, or the edit would have been better.

    My bet is that he ends up with another white Bachelorette. Forcing Caila or even Jubilee into the equation when the formula will call for popularity on Social Media…. ehhhh…. I don’t see it.

    Also, I cannot believe what a non factor Becca is in this show. Though, I guess if I think about it, she was just kind of there in Chris’ season too….. but she just kept on getting roses until, wow, she’s in the F4, then the F3, then the F2. I’m not saying she didn’t have her fans, but I think that was mostly the crazies who thought her being a virgin made her somehow more credible (there for the “right reasons”). She had zero interest in that dim bulb stuttering m/f Farmer Fred, just as I don’t see her having a ton of interest in Smilin’ Peter Brady. It’s just a big charade. I still get a heavy lezbo reading from Becca. Just sayin.

  5. angelfish

    January 20, 2016 at 2:59 PM

    All those “diversity” comments referred to “the future” and means absolutely nothing for right now. As Steve pointed out, that could be next season, next year or 2024. It’s completely non-specific and worthless words.

    I think it’s JoJo or Caila next season, unless the reach back to somebody from a previous season that’s still memorable. And that will be tough.

  6. duckquack

    January 21, 2016 at 12:17 AM

    WTF is the Farmer doing back on the screen, he needs to go back to his farm and hibernate for the winter..he looks like a pudgy turd…is it possible he wants to beat the other Chris from Chi-town who was addicted to the show.

    Jani is much prettier and could potentially make a good Bachelorette….the crying wimp Jubiiii Jooob needs to go home…
    Ben needs to gain some muscle, he looks like a scrawny teenager.

  7. kmannone723

    January 21, 2016 at 11:10 AM

    @Rob I’m still kinda hoping for Becca as bachelorette especially after Kaitlyn’s raunchy season it would be nice to have someone pure and mature for a change. Although I will still watch either way but Kaitlyn kinda turned me off a bit especially when she brought nick v on and had sex with him damn near on camera before fantasy suites.(My mom covered her ears and eyes when they were in the hotel having sex) then she kept him til final 2 just to humiliate him. Me and my mom both felt back for Nick even though we don’t like him that much he still didn’t deserve that especially if she knew weeks prior she was choosing Shawn in the end.

  8. rob22

    January 21, 2016 at 12:51 PM

    I was kind of hoping for Becca too, but probably for different reasons. Ok, yeah, I admit I thought she’d be easy to make fun of. But lately I’m thinking she would be really dull.

    The whole Kaitlyn, Alf, Nick thing….. I thought it was ridiculous, of course, but in the end it made the show interesting & we could really hurl mud at the three of them. It was fun. So, since the whole premise is phony, isn’t it really better when we have a clueless lead like Juan Paco or Kaitlyn? There’s more to make fun of that way. Ees OK. I mean Smilin Peter Brady is killing me. I’m not even making it through the first 20 minutes before I’m asleep.

  9. kmannone723

    January 21, 2016 at 1:03 PM

    it’s hard to know who they’ll pick even Whitney might be interesting instead of someone from this season. but they also need to consider the audience as well; after a very sexually charged season which would you rather see a true virgin(Becca) or someone different like Jubilee,(really not hoping for Calia she’s another Britt), or someone that recently got single like Whitney or even Britt actually give her a chance since she didn’t get it last time.

  10. dogmomma

    January 22, 2016 at 8:24 AM

    I think Britt is in a relationship now, and I just recently read that Whitney has started dating someone as well.

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