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The “Bachelor” Ben Episode 5 Recap Incl Pregnancies Galore, & Olivia’s World

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Well, to say the last week was the toughest of my life would be an understatement. It was awful. I don’t think I’ll ever stop grieving in some way over Maddie for as long as I live. Yesterday I had to pick up her ashes and that certainly wasn’t easy. Right now, I’m just taking it day by day, with some days being better than others. Thank you to everyone who took the time to send an email, leave a message on my FB Fan Page, or even leave a comment on my website. Yes, for the first time in forever, I actually read the comments on the site because I figured there wouldn’t be any that had to do with the show. Over 1,500 messages total if you add all those up. I read as many as I could, but have all of them saved. It got a little overwhelming there for a bit, so I would just hit save. Impossible to respond to everyone, but just know that I sincerely appreciate everyone who contacted me some time in this past week to offer their condolences on Maddie’s passing. Really showed how much she was loved by everyone and that made me feel better. It will never be easy to not have her around anymore, but as the days/weeks/months go by, I’m sure it will slowly get better.

One thing that I can’t thank some of you enough for was any donations that were made in Maddie’s name. I never asked for any, but I was definitely notified that some of you did. Whether it was to your local shelter, the Frisco Humane Society, or wherever you donated, I was told about it. So again, thank you very much. If this is something that any of you are interested in doing, by all means, it would be much appreciated. Any donations you want to make in Maddie’s name are obviously strictly up to you, but the two places that had the most impact on Maddie’s life were:

Every Dog’s Day – Frisco, Tx
Frisco Humane Society

If you were to be so kind as to donate, those would be the two places I’d say would be most appropriate in regards to Maddie. For those that don’t follow me on Twitter, I will let you know that I did stay with Maddie until her very last breath last Tuesday. Hardest thing I’ve ever done, but it was definitely the right thing to do. And I attribute a lot of that decision to many of you who contacted me after last week’s column went up and suggested I do so. I could tell that many of you had gone through this yourselves, and after the fact, I do agree that it was the right thing to do and I suggest anyone in the future who has to do this also please be with your dog til the end. She knew I was there. As difficult as it was, definitely a moment with Maddie that I won’t soon forget. I know I’m repeating myself, but again, a huge thank you to everyone who contacted me in the last week with any sort of text, email, or comment. Much appreciated.

Really no easy way to transition back into the “Bachelor” world, but we must so lets just do it. There will be a few things that are a week old that I’m getting to now, including some “Reader Emails” tomorrow, and I will reference some things on occasion in today’s column that happened in the Las Vegas episode, but for the most part, I’ll try not to backtrack too much. Don’t be afraid to jump right back in to your “Bachelor” emails and “Dr. Reality Steve” emails this week. The show must go on. This is my job and I’m back doing it as best as I can. Nothing will change as far as I can see, although I might need another week or two off before jumping back into the live video chats again. That was something as I explained which Maddie loved being a part of. I don’t know if I’m ready to do one this Thursday. I’ll let you know. But recaps Tuesday, “Reader Emails” Wednesday, and “Dr. Reality Steve” Thursday’s are back on starting today, so lets go.

Did you catch SNL two weeks ago when Ronda Rousey hosted and they spoofed “The Bachelor” again? They did it last season when Blake Shelton hosted, which was kind of an overall shot at the franchise. This past one seemed to be more specific to this season in a skit called “Bland Man.” Here it is if you missed it:

I mean, I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but that seemed to be clear shots at Ben (Mr. Bland), Amanda (single mom), Jubilee (the black girl), Lace (the unstable one), and a few others no?

Obviously Olivia continues to be the focal point of this show and in case you missed it, something happened last week in regards to her and Sharleen that is worth noting. In Sharleen’s recap of the show, she actually relayed a text conversation she had with Olivia where Olivia pointed out the editing in the show – namely that she wasn’t the last person to receive a rose like it showed, and that the conversation shown between her and Ben (the cankles conversation) was completely chopped up. Sharleen was then asked to remove that conversation from her blog by producers, which she did. Why? Well it’s fairly obvious. Olivia’s depiction of her edit is 100% going against the narrative that the show is trying to sell to America, so of course they don’t want her talking, so they’ll muzzle her when they can. I get into this more on page 5 today, but for those that missed it, that’s what happened with Olivia’s statement in Sharleen’s blog last week.

Ratings are in from last night, and they were a tick down from last week’s. Since I didn’t post last week’s, here’s the comparison:

Episode 4: 7.7 million viewers, 2.3 rating (Bachelor: Live, 4 million, 1.0 rating)
Episode 5: 7.45 million viewers, 2.2 rating (Bachelor: Live, 4 million, 1.0 rating)

The good thing is “Bachelor: Live” is over and we never have to see that hideous show again this season. Really, did we need 4 different people on that couch last night giving us their opinions on the show? Whatever. RIP “Bachelor: Live.” You won’t be missed.

Nell Kalter has your Vanderpump Rules recap now up to check out. I told Nell to take last week off due to the circumstances surrounding Maddie, but she’s back this week and forever and ever until these shows come to an end, which I believe is around the year 2043. By the way, how’s this RH of Potomac show doing? Same ol’ same ol’? Or are these women just as big of hot messes as the previous franchises?

“Operation Freak Out” happened last night during the waning moments of “Bachelor: Live” when they showed a clip of Ben at the final rose ceremony, teasing that he told both women he loved them and made you think something major goes down. Sorry to tell ya’, but it’s more of the “Bachelor” hype machine in overdrive. Nothing that was shown in that clip changes the ending in any way, shape, or form. It’s still the same as was reported here back in November, and this is just another way to get people talking, or get people to think Ben does something crazy at the end. He doesn’t. End of story. Sorry that clip got a lot of you all worked up.

A week late but the Tanner and Jade wedding happened last Sunday at the St. Regis Hotel in Monarch Beach, as reported here first. It will be part of a special 2 hour episode of The Bachelor at 20: A Celebration of Love airing on Sunday night the 14th, Valentine’s Day. Considering Tanner and Jade’s wedding isn’t in the title of the show, I wouldn’t expect the wedding to be the major focus of the show. Certainly looks like it’ll be more of a retrospective of 20 seasons of the show, interviewing a ton of former contestants, couples, showing clips from previous seasons, etc all while Tanner and Jade’s wedding is the backdrop. So definitely not the treatment that the other “Bachelor/ette” wedding have had, that’s for sure.

I guess one of the more interesting things to come out of the wedding though is that Ashley Salter is pregnant. She was in attendance at the wedding and those there told US Weekly she was definitely showing. Yet Ashley has yet to acknowledge it on any of her social media accounts, even though her fiancé did. Just weird all around. So in case you’re scoring at home, Ashley left BIP 2 filming in June, was engaged to her college boyfriend by September, and now is due with their baby in the next couple months. You do the math. And oh yeah, Erica Rose is pregnant too to a guy she started dating in November and the due date is September of this year. Again, you do the math.

It’s Olivia versus the world as we know it. Whose side are you on? Answer in the poll question:

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  1. ignxrami

    February 2, 2016 at 11:51 AM

    Olivia is not hated by all the other contestants like the show is making it seem. Her and Calia have messaged each other multiple times on both Twitter & Instagram, and I’m sure I could find more conversations with other girls if I bothered to be thorough.

  2. rob22

    February 2, 2016 at 12:32 PM

    I’m getting a flashback on the Olivia performance to Michelle Money. If you’ll recall, Michelle was always seeming to be geeked up, laughing in kind of an insane way, and constantly referring to (whoever it was) as “mine”. As in, “he’s my man”. We all now know that Michelle was having fun and was coaxed into making statements that were then taken out of context, edited and made her look like a crazy woman. Michelle Money may be a bit (OK, a lot) into getting attention for herself, but she’s not a bad person. She just got the “bad edit” & kinda got screwed over.

    Now, I know Olivia made the “Teen Mom” comment, has come across as needy and insane. But I think a lot of this could be, and probably is, a result of producer manipulation. I see the hidden hand even behind last week’s angst fest. “Oh, gee Olivia, that dressing up like a stripper thing that we convinced you to do didn’t go well. You better steal some time with Ben and explain yourself”. Or this week “Olivia, he’s liking you more and more. Every time you steal him away, he likes you more.” And maybe they even planted the whole “teen Mom” thought in her head.

    I’m not saying she did everything right. She did some very stupid and insulting things. I just see editing and the finger prints of producers all over this.

  3. vessel

    February 2, 2016 at 2:30 PM

    I’m not drinking the Kool aid either. They are grasping at whatever they can coax out of Olivia, and she is getting a real chop shop edit because it seems like this season they just didn’t have as much crazy to work with as usual. I mean Lace took herself out so who did that leave for the master manipulators? Olivia alone. I’m with Steve in that I hope she tells the show to f*ck off when they dangle BIP in front of her. She should hold her head up and walk away from this franchise without looking back.

  4. blyth5050

    February 2, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    I want to know about the breath thing where they are saying she has bad breath

  5. kimmyfromdablock

    February 2, 2016 at 4:34 PM

    I agree @rob22 that Olivia’s edit is very similar to Michelle Money’s. However, I think Michelle was kind of in on the joke whereas Olivia appears to be pretty clueless.

    What I couldn’t get over last night and I’m surprised it wasn’t mentioned by Steve, was the number of times that Amanda said ‘like’ in her conversation with Ben. Ben contributed as well, but it was mind boggling. Amanda is gorgeous and I think that’s about it.

  6. angelfish

    February 2, 2016 at 5:46 PM

    The word “like” has simply taken the place of a pause, or a breath to some people. Until people see and hear themselves on TV or videos, they usually have no idea how they come across.

    That’s one problem Olivia doesn’t have, with her broadcast background. Something the other ladies could actually learn from her.

    I’m no huge fan, but I think she’s going to have some tough times ahead, and I don’t blame her entirely for how things have been shown.

  7. canadiank8

    February 2, 2016 at 6:44 PM

    They need Olivia to provide the drama for this season, since it definitely isn’t coming from Ben! Steve, you should work some clips into your recaps. has them all from every episode so far.

  8. rob22

    February 3, 2016 at 6:12 AM

    @candiank8: you are right. I still haven’t gotten through the entire episode. I got close on my third try last night, but honestly my eyes start flickering after 15 minutes and I’m out in well under 1/2 hour. But, to me, the Olivia drama not only is uninteresting, it’s terribly annoying. It makes me want to punch a producer in the face for forcing this story line on me.

    I felt bad for Jubilee as well & her edit was also hard to watch. I felt like the “I’m not like JoJo and Becca” comments were coaxed out of her and/or planted in her mind. She obviously devolved from someone who seemed to be having a good time to a stressed out mess.

    But, bottom line, neither story line is terribly interesting. Smilin Peter Brady is DEFINITELY NOT interesting. The love story has potential (I’m sure the crazies will eat it up), but there’s no real mystery on Ben’s intentions with Lauren B. It’s pretty similar to the season where Brad honed in early on Emily. There will be misdirect attempts to come (one would think), but it’s plain which direction it’s going and the show isn’t really doing much to hide it. That, in itself is strange because they could choose to at least make an attempt to seem like there was some other possible ending. The only explanation I can think of is there just wasn’t anywhere to go with the content. Nobody is that interesting. PeterB knows who he wants (and has since Night 1) & there are a couple of gullible girls they can manipulate for a while, and there was briefly a crazy girl way in over her head, but…. that’s all there is.

    So, with Becca the just “kinda there” (and probably more interested in JoJo than Ben), like usual, what else is there? It all makes me pine for the Kaitlyn, Alf, Nicky V triangle. Fun times!

  9. smurfette22

    February 3, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    I agree with rob22. Everyone was at home clutching their pearls during Kaitlyn’s season, saying she was raunchy and all this, but that was some pretty authentic drama.

    I like how Ben took Lauren B. on a walk around the blockso no one could “steal” him away. Where as with every other girl including Jojo he just goes to one of the cabanas to talk.

    As for Jojo’s “taco” comments, she went too far with those in my opinion. The first or even second time she said it was not that big of a deal, like Steve said, they needed some kind of sexual inuendo for that group date. But she said it like six or seven times easily. And at that point I was just grossed out. Of course, it could have been the producers telling her to repeat herself because they didn’t get the soundbyte the first few times.

    As far as Emily goes, I thought she seemed nice and not the stereotypical mean cheerleader type, but last couple of episodes, she’s changed that for me. AND she totally stabbed her sister in the back in Vegas. Hayley said he needed to pick between the two and Emily was basically like “I need Hayley gone.”

    Lastly, Olivia. I understand the producers are giving her a bad edit, but are they making her talk about her and Ben’s “secret love language”? I don’t know.I do know that I love the circus music they play when they are focusing on her. And I really want to know about her breath too.

    And on a completely unrelated note, am I the only one who types faster than the words in the comment box showing up? Is it the site or my computer?

  10. lindsay

    February 3, 2016 at 10:07 AM

    Absolutely hysterical recap, love, love, loved it. Best line from this recap ” The Reality Steve bible can only influence & educate so many”, great line, I was actually laughing out loud at this recap. Happy that you were able to even write this week! Thanks, Steve for making my day just a little brighter as always.

  11. hurricaneemily

    February 3, 2016 at 9:16 PM

    Hey, Steve.

    I missed the part of Sharleen’s blog where she and Olivia texted about the edit she was getting. It must have been taken down before I read it. I’ve been getting on the show all season about the edit that Olivia is receiving. It’s so obviously being manipulated to make people hate her and it’s working. It’s actually really annoying because I think Olivia is probably a pretty good person albeit it very strange.

    You can read my recap for episode 5 here:

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