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Settling back into the daily routine after last week, as of right now, I think I’ll be good to go tomorrow night for the live video chat. Yeah, it’ll suck without Maddie anymore and feel a little different just knowing she’s not here, but I’m pretty sure I can get through it. Again thank you to everyone who continues to email and/or donate on Maddie’s behalf. It’s definitely been a weird feeling around my house. I was telling a couple friends this but when you have a daily routine for almost 8 years, and suddenly it’s take away, it’s just a bizarre feeling. Like, every time I have to leave my house for something recently, I always had to make sure my mouse pad was put up higher on my desk (because she was starting to eat it), my remotes were put up on the counter (eating those too), close all bathroom doors (she liked getting in the trash), and I let her out in the backyard. Had to do that every time before I left my house. And now right before I leave, I immediately start thinking I have to do that stuff until I realize…I don’t. I can just get up and leave now. There’s no other way to describe it other than it’s just weird. But it’s getting better. I just still miss the hell out of her.

Don’t forget to get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. We’re carrying over 2 weeks of emails, but there still aren’t that many. The doctor is in. He’s here to help. Ask anything you want.

Since Ben and Chris Harrison weren’t prompt enough yesterday to have their blogs up by the time I posted my column, here they are today. Ben’s blog is once again a whole lot of nothing, whereas Chris Harrison’s blog offers up an even bigger pile of crap. Look, I know they’re not going to give anything away in these things, but it’d be nice once in a while to get some insight. Ben kinda does, but Chris just basically recaps what we see which is a complete waste of space. Have an opinion, make a joke, give some insight – SOMETHING.

Someone who does do all of those things is our RHOBH recapper Nell Kalter with her recap up now to view. Nell tells me that RH of Potomac is just as craptacular as all the other franchises, with women who are just as stuck up and snobby as the others. Gee, I didn’t think that was possible. Apparently it is.

There’s a woman named Molly Hawkey who has done something interesting in parodying the “Bachelor” this season. She actually films around a 3 minute video every week where she incorporates herself into the show as one of the contestants even though, well, she isn’t. Impressive that she turns it around so quickly since these go up every Tuesday. I mean, just look at her video from yesterday. Goes and films at LAX, then out in the desert somewhere and turns it around in 24 hrs. Not bad. I’ll start including these every week on page 1 of “Reader Emails.”

As for your deleted scenes this this week, here are a couple that are up on ABC’s site:

The girls being told they’re leaving Las Vegas and subsequent screeching:

Ben & Amanda piñata party:

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  1. rob22

    February 3, 2016 at 9:56 AM

    I was a bit confused about the Germany Bachelor version. Why would anyone watch a show with average looking people (average even by German standards??!!) not even pretending to want to get married? Isn’t that kind of like the lives we’re already leading? I thought the whole idea was to create a fantasy & average looking German people kinda sorta dating doesn’t exactly scream fairy tale ending. I guess I don’t “get” the German mindset. I have to admit though, it was very interesting to hear about in a “what the hell… they do what?” kinda way.

  2. angelfish

    February 3, 2016 at 11:07 AM

    I now agree with Steve regarding Olivia’s future employment prospects. The media can be very forgiving of it’s own, and who better to believe her whole “I was badly edited” declaration than that very industry? I think she’d be a draw if a station promoted her heavily as an ex-contestant. People would watch just to see if she’d pull some outlandish stunt or go crazy on air. And if she maintained a professional persona, people would eventually forget.

  3. rob22

    February 3, 2016 at 11:34 AM

    Adding on to what Angelfish stated, local news readers are not highly paid, on average. You have your local fixtures (a couple of them in a major market) that have led their channel to top ratings for years…. and then you have everyone else. The noon news team, the Saturday morning team, the weekend evening team…. those folks might even have other jobs to sustain them why they try to live the dream. So, your average news reader is a dime a dozen. So, yeah, Olivia could land that type of job, probably starting as a really lowly paid field reporter. People think these jobs are glamorous jobs, like being a pseudo TV actor, living the high life. Truth is, you’re likely to run into them at the Walmart or the gas station. And when you meet them, it’s not like they have an aura of a star. They have an aura of someone with an average job just like everyone else. Except with lower pay. One in which, if they don’t get the desired ratings, they’ll be quickly fired.

    A slight digression, I know a person that has a wonderful dynamic personality who is a meteorologist. Her whole reason for being is to be a weather person on the local news or The Weather Channel. She has toiled for years behind the scenes. Why? Uh, well, she’s a bit over weight & that just doesn’t seem to work for the media outlets. Bottom line: it’s a tough business and not as glamorous and highly paid as people think. Olivia could land that kind of job. It’s really the starting salary equivalent of a call center job or equivalent.

  4. hayleyyy

    February 3, 2016 at 5:45 PM

    I’m not sold on Jo Jo. The camera’s caught a couple moments where she’s being a bit of a mean girl and a sh*t stirrer – commenting on Jubilee giving Ben a massage or not wanting to hold his hand; yelling at Lauren B and Jubs while cooking; talking about Olivia to Becca while they were drinking mezcal. What turns me off wasnt necessarily that she was talking about the girls, but it’s the tone and way she says it – so effusively and with a lot of ‘tude in her voice. Enough so that I was taken aback and had to do a doubletake. If my friends ever talked in the same tone she used, I’d think they were being bitchy forsure. Just my take!

  5. jessicat

    February 3, 2016 at 8:21 PM

    As if Steve has any business making fun of someone for spelling a word wrong.

  6. hurricaneemily

    February 3, 2016 at 9:05 PM

    Hey, Steve.

    I was very sorry to hear about Maddie. I hope you feel better soon. My bf had to put his cat down yesterday so I took the day off from blogging. Losing a pet is really hard, especially if they’re as much a part of your daily existence as Maddie clearly was for you.

    You can check out my recap for week 5 here:

  7. T M

    February 4, 2016 at 5:50 PM

    In regards to “Unreal”
    All episodes can now be viewed on Hulu
    I’m watching them now…You’re welcome…:)

  8. Plotka

    February 4, 2016 at 9:09 PM

    Emily – you constantly comment here on Steve’s blog and many other Bachelor-related blogs, but really you’re just commenting so you can leave a link to your own blog. Why not try to grow your site without the self-promotion? It’s clear what you’re doing! Instead of hitting up entertainment sites with your link, spread the word on social media about your site.

    Your boyfriend put his cat down so you took the day off from blogging. Seriously. Just a day? What a gal! Nice use of the word “blogging” so someone would ask, “Oh, what’s the name of your blog?” No need to ask…you add the link to it just about every…single…time…Steve writes a post.

    That’s not the way you grow a blog, but it is the way to get people not to read it. And no, you’re not helping other bloggers by, as you say, “posting those links and by linking back to them” because you do it so frequently. Once is enough, Emily. You’re spamming all of these sites and it’s annoying.

  9. ignxrami

    February 5, 2016 at 5:29 AM

    To the email regarding the video of a girl talking about dating a contestant – she was talking about Chris. She confirms it (essentially) in the comment section.

    To the email regarding prison break – I love you and I love that show. I’m actually currently re-watching it for the 3rd time since I found out about it in 2013. Yes, that’s once per year. I heard a possible theory is that Michael faked his own death to protect his family. I can see that working – either way I hope they bring back cast favourites! I would love to see Sucre, Mahone, LJ, Sara and Kellerman. Even an update on C-Note, Gretchen and T-Bag would be nice. So far Michael and Lincoln are the only confirmed returning cast members. Either way, super excited.

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