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“Reader Emails” & A Radio Spoiler For You

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So yesterday I threw out a poll question of whether or not you still believed the spoiler based on the season ending promo that aired Monday night trying to get people to believe that something crazy happens at the end. As of this posting, it’s running about 86%-14% in favor of people believing the spoiler still. Good. Means I have faith in my readers. Well, except 14% of you. You’re misguided and easily manipulated apparently ha ha. Whatever the case, they are really focusing on this ending in the tabloids, as we’re a month away from the finale, so every Wednesday from here through the rest of the season (the day the tabloids hits stands), you will see all sorts of stories regarding Ben, his final ladies, and every misdirection you can think of. Just be prepared for it. I know I’m more or less putting this out as a public service announcement so I don’t constantly get, “Hey, did you see so-and-so’s story this week about Ben and Lauren? Is it true” emails, but I know I will. Just keep that in mind before sending those emails the next month.

One thing about the manipulation in this show got me thinking about my days in radio. Now, even though I never did FM radio, I’m aware of how it works and the manipulation even they pull off to suck in their audience. Perfect example comes to mind. And unfortunately, this is going to be a “spoiler” for a lot of you since I know most you buy this crap. You know how on FM morning shows they’ll do that “War of the Roses” bit? On Seacrest’s radio show, it’s called “Ryan’s Roses” where they have a woman on the phone who thinks her bf/husband is cheating on her, so she’ll call the station and get the station to pretend to be a flower company, call her bf/husband and tell him he’s won a free dozen roses and ask who he’d like to send them to, and ultimately the guy ends up sending them to someone not his gf/wife, the wife then butts in on the call, starts f-bombing him, and everyone has a good laugh. We’ve all heard this on morning radio, haven’t we? If not, here’s an example of a “Ryan’s Roses” call from 2011:

Ryan’s Roses phone call

Hilarious right? Ummmmm, all fake. All of it. Every station in every city across America that does this bit – it’s fake. It’s one of the oldest radio tricks out there. The woman that calls is an employee of the station, or a friend of the show, etc. And so is the bf/husband. I hate to burst your bubble, but whatever city you’re in, if you’ve heard this on your station, none of it is real. Everyone is acting. It’s just a morning show bit meant to entertain. “But Steve, what about…” Fake. “But did you hear her voice, she was so pissed…” Fake. She’s acting. As is he. Anyway, hope I didn’t ruin your morning, but I know that so many people think those rose pranks are real, I thought I’d fill you in on the joke. It’s all scripted and fake. Sorry.

Lets not forget to catch up with Molly Hawkey’s journey as she continues to insist she’s a contestant on this season of the “Bachelor.” Lets hope she finds love…

Get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. Big day ahead, I can feel it. The doctor has a lot to say. I think.

And finally, Nell Kalter’s RHOBH recap is up for your viewing. Has Brandi shown up yet? Please tell me she has and started being the hot mess we all know and lover her as?

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  1. rob22

    February 10, 2016 at 10:39 AM

    Some good emails this time…. around the dim ones about the “shocking ending”. How do you read this site and yet send an email to RS like that? Come on!

    Agree with the email about needing a “Kaitlyn-like” Bachelorette. I was totally against Kaitlyn being The Bachelorette because I thought she’d be a trashy joke. And she WAS. And it WAS AWESOME. I resume my call for the show to break formula and go outside of the franchise for the next Bachelorette. Or, maybe go back a couple of seasons. I’m really not liking how this is lining up for Caila. That will not be good. Kaitlyn has set a very high, trashy bar.

    BTW RS: Your site sucks. Bad. It sucks the life out of my computer. Shockwave continually crashes. And when I type comments, there is a delay that makes me feel like I’m watching closed-captioned TV. To me, just saying you gotta make money without any attempt to fix horrible site issues, is extremely lazy. Either that, or you got your Web site developer off Groupon. ($129 for four hours of web developing from Acme Web Developers Inc., Wily Coyote, Proprietor.)

  2. justforfun

    February 10, 2016 at 1:15 PM

    I have constant issues on this site too, on IE, Firefox, etc. The site is slow to load, freezes, and crashes. It’s not my laptop, I have worse issues on my ipad. It takes forever to type a comment. If the site was fixed I bet readership would go up.

  3. justa_viewer

    February 10, 2016 at 1:17 PM

    Maybe I’m remembering this wrong, but didn’t Andy Baldwin flat out tell Bevin Powers he loved her (and we all saw/heard it), only to dump her shortly thereafter and choose Tessa?

  4. vessel

    February 10, 2016 at 1:34 PM

    I wish there was a way for JoJo to be the Bachelorette. Caila as the lead is just a joke. She smiles WAY too much, and she’s completely inarticulate (not that they care much, Chris Soules, etc) and nothing against Amanda, but Emily 2.0? NO THANK YOU. And are we really buying her leaving her 2 kids for ANOTHER 2 months of filming? I mean we know her girls have a craptacular excuse for a Dad, and now an absentee Mom out for more TV time? It doesn’t put her in a very good light.

  5. kmannone723

    February 10, 2016 at 6:23 PM

    @vessel I agree with you on no Amanda and no Calia(too similar to Britt) would be ideal I kinda wish they’d pick Becca(mainly to tame down the raunch a little from Kaitlyn’s season) or even Jubilee; They’ve had a military bachelor why not a military bachelorette?

  6. ashleigh11

    February 11, 2016 at 9:37 AM

    The only girl I’d like to see as Bachelorette is JoJo. She’s by far the best prospect as far as what it takes to be the lead on this show. Caila really turns me off. She feels overly rehearsed and at the same time completely flakey. I like Amanda, but I feel like it might make for boring TV with the obvious Emily-vibe. I would prefer Amanda to Caila, however. I hope producers can see the obvious value in JoJo and find some way to make it work. She’s clearly the fan-fave for this role.

  7. cjscjs711

    February 11, 2016 at 11:02 AM

    The old site used to freeze and crash on both my iMac and Macbook Pro, both new at the time. The new site – nary a blip. Goes to show you can’t please everybody.

    I, too, got the distinct feeling that Andi had been hinted ‘Bachelorette lead’ before her confrontation with Juan Pablo and got the same feeling regarding Caila’s confusing talk with Ben. With Kaitlyn I did not get this feeling. Thought early in filming that Britt had perhaps been indirectly prepped for it.

    The leads all seem to come across as bland and unspontaneous. Even the ones you believed in advance would truly be candid and outspoken – witness Kaitlyn! Became one of the worst and phoniest actresses they’ve had. It is much more about the drama between and among the suitors.

    Steve – nothing can ever ever EVER top the 2-on-1 in the Badlands between Kelsey and Ashley I. The two will FOREVER hold that honor.

  8. mariet

    February 11, 2016 at 6:29 PM

    OMG Yes! That was THE BEST EVER! Those two sitting on that canopy bed thing with the wind blowing… “I know what you did!” LMAO

  9. leighleighleigh

    February 12, 2016 at 12:16 AM

    Steve, you forgot the two on one on Brad 1.0 with Deanna and some chick she despised. Per bachelor protocol, two “enemies” were paired, and Brad, as we know, sent the non-Deanna chick packing. Deanna, of course, went on to not-quite-win Brad’s heart and then star as the bachelorette.

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