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The “Bachelor” Ben Episode 7 Recap Incl “Women Tell All,” Blogs, Ratings, & 25 Things You Didn’t Know About Me (Most of You)

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-Before Emily’s date begins, we get a shot of Amanda and Lauren out on the dock talking about her date and how great it was to share soggy French fries with Ben and hang out with carnival people all night long. She never went into detail about how disappointed she was that she couldn’t slip Ben a handy on the Ferris wheel since everyone and their mother was watching and recording them on their phone. But Amanda seemed to have a great time and is excited she’s getting a hometown next week. And Lauren seems to take Amanda’s date in stride without getting jealous or upset. Probably because she knows Ben would’ve proposed to her back in episode 4 if he could’ve, so, she’s just playing it cool. Like, “Ooooohhhh, that’s so sweet Amanda. He totally friend zoned you last night. How cute. We actually did grown up things.”

-Ben takes Emily on a boat ride to see his family, and because Emily has an IQ of like 200, she has an idea what’s coming. “I think I know what we’re doing…since the date card said ‘Home is where the heart is,’ you’re taking me to see your mom and dad?” This one is good. You can’t slip anything past her. Except a soccer ball. So they arrive at Ben’s parents house and he shows her his room just like she did when he was at her place in Vegas. Now, I know it was Haley who had pictures of her ex-boyfriend still up, but Ben’s house had none of his ex Shaelin’s pictures up. Probably because she ran to a tabloid to and sold him out this season. Probably not a fan of hers anymore. What makes this a small world is that up until last month, Shaelin worked at a dermatologist’s office in Austin, which was just a few miles from Olivia’s dad’s plastic surgeon’s office. You couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. Memo to anyone ever thinking of appearing on this show in the future: know that every ex, former roommate, former classmate, high school prom date, etc will be found by a tabloid and it’s just a matter if they decide to talk about you. Happens every season. Don’t complain about it after the fact. You’ve been warned.

-Once Ben gives her the tour of the house, he tells his parents to come on down since they were hiding upstairs – probably having sex. Dave and Amy meet Emily and Amy immediately takes her outside to chat. This went well. And by well, I mean that if Amy had access to some cyanide pills, she would’ve taken them. Emily basically had diarrhea of the mouth with Ben’s mom and wouldn’t shut up. When during the first conversation with your boyfriends mom you resort to sentences like “I like the ducks,” then you know you’re headed down the side of a hill and your brakes don’t work. She should’ve just pulled a Brick Tannen and threw in a “I love lamp,” or “There’s a pants party, you want to come?” Probably would’ve made more sense than what she was already spewing out. But her doozy was this one, “I feel like I’m so average at everything in life, but I feel like I’ll be an above average mom.” Seriously Emily, just stop talking. Why don’t you sit this one out?

-Then after making Amy’s ears bleed, Emily figured she wouldn’t discriminate by boring one parents, so she bends Papa Dave’s ear for a bit. That went well. When asked what she likes to do, she tells him “sit around and watch movies all day.” Now, while that may be totally appropriate and a qualification if she wanted to be MY girlfriend, Papa Dave doesn’t seem too impressed by this. Basically Ben’s parents would’ve disowned him if he ever wanted to start a future with this woman, and they made that known to him in the nicest way possible. Mama Amy gave her two cents and began with, “You know, not that my opinion matters or anything, but…” which was basically all mama’s boy Ben needed to hear at that point. He takes Emily back on the boat towards the house where the girls are and has a talk with her on the dock. Man, not only does he dump her, he gets to do it in front of all the other girls just staring out the window at them. Humiliation at its finest.

-Ben, do your thing. You know, get em’ going with the compliment to ease their pain, then throw the right hook across their face for the knockout blow. Ben: “I’ve been amazed at who you are…” (there you go, nice and easy)… “I just don’t think I can see you being my wife.” BAMMMM!!!! Out cold. She never saw it coming. Well, she should’ve. We all knew this relationship wasn’t going anywhere. And when you talk about ducks to his parents, you probably knew you were digging your own grave. But alas, Emily had no idea. “Hmmm…I don’t know what to say…I see it, it just sucks that you can’t.” Ummmm, exactly what do you see? Ben coming to Marquee on a Friday night while you work so he can watch guys like Dan Cox try and get in your pants the whole night? Probably not. He’s a little more sophisticated than that. He’d much rather have his future fiancé get hit on while delivering cold salisbury steak to customers in first class than deal with the Vegas club douche factor. It’s science.

-Since Emily was eliminated the day of the rose ceremony, we immediately head right into that. Ben is struggling with his decision…but not nearly as much as the season preview made it seem like he did. Remember the season opening preview of the season, we see Chris Harrison sitting on the courthouse steps with Ben saying something to the effect of, “This will change the course of everything.” Yeah well of course, once again, something that was shown in the season opening preview was not shown during the actual episode it happened. We never see Chris say that last night. So more hype yet again that never played out. Another thing was the fact that all 5 girls got to wear jackets to the rose ceremony. In 31 seasons of this show, we’ve seen a TON of cold weather rose ceremonies where they made the guys and girls stand there in freeze in just their suits or their dresses (last season’s rose ceremony at Citi Field comes to mind), but for whatever reason, that night they let the girls wear jackets. Never seen that before. I’m sure it was windy and a bit cold, but we’ve had way colder rose ceremonies than that. Hell, Ben and Courtney were on top of the Matterhorn in snowy Switzerland for the final rose ceremony and even she didn’t get to wear a jacket. Black gloves? Check. Jacket? No dice.

-Rose ceremony time. Lets do this. Ben: “Thank for the incredible week…being back in Warsaw…realize how much weight there is to this…a rose tonight represents me meeting families…getting families involved brings an extra amount of pressure…although not even necessarily with Amanda’s kids, since I’m guessing I’m already a better dad than the one they currently have now and I’ve never parented before.” Amanda already safe with a rose.

Lauren: It’s a race to the finish line, and Amanda has a commanding lead.
JoJo: I wouldn’t say she’s the tortoise in this race, but she might’ve pulled a hammy a quarter of the way through the race.

“Ladies, Ben, it’s the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. And make it quick because it’s cold, I’m hungry, and McDonald’s is still open. Daddy needs some breakfast at night.”

Caila: Warsaw, IN this week. Hudson, OH next week. Middle America must be creaming themselves over this.

As Ben walks Becca to the car, she asks him twice, “Why did you do that?” Was that a rhetorical question? I’m confused. Was she asking him why did he let her go? Was she asking why did he let her go at the rose ceremony and not sooner if he already knew? Whatever the case, Ben tells her he struggled with the decision and didn’t know until just then what he wanted to do. Becca is much more broken up over the Denver software salesman dumping her before hometown dates than the pig farmer dumping her at the altar. At least we know she cares. Lets just hope Becca has learned her lesson from this show and never comes on it again. It would be best for all parties involved. Nice girl, very attractive, but she can certainly find someone not in this franchise. Then again, most of these people can, they just choose to get caught up in the hype of the show unfortunately.

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  1. iampunka

    February 16, 2016 at 12:22 PM

    Surprised he kept Caila. That girl is all over the place, and sabotages herself with insecurity and and an inability to act interested. He should have kept Becca another week.

    Otherwise, went as expected. Easy to see that Lauren and JoJo are his two favorites by a mile. I think either would have been a great choice, so once he narrowed it down to both, he was in a win-win situation either way.

  2. vessel

    February 16, 2016 at 1:29 PM

    This is the first time I can remember where I feel like there isn’t an obvious choice for the next lead (if we remove JoJo from the running.) I just can’t see either Amanda or Caila pulling off a whole season, they both seem so wrong for it. Gotta agree with Steve, JoJo seems like a perfect choice.

  3. annafay

    February 16, 2016 at 2:29 PM

    The thing I noticed about the coats was that Lauren was in white and in the middle, everyone else was in black. It was like a Western.

    Random topic. Have you ever Heard of Bravo’s talk show Watch What Happens Live. Every episode they have a guest bar tender — a kind of pseudo [non-actor] celeb. Since Nell Kalter recaps VPR & they comment on the Bachelor sometimes — I think you guys should do that sometime you’re in NYC!

    And you & Andy Cohen can discuss baseball — and why the Cubbies will never be as amazing as the Cardinals 🙂

  4. annafay

    February 16, 2016 at 2:32 PM

    PS – love Dawson’s Creek too. But part of that because a friend’s brother wrote/produced most of it after the first year.

    Belated condolences on Maddy. I know it can be tough beyond words.

  5. angelfish

    February 16, 2016 at 2:37 PM

    When Ben proposed to Courtney, she DID get to wear a magnificent long cape over her gown on her “trek up the mountain”, but did take it off right before the proposal. Her dress was pretty damn dramatic too.

    I’m still not getting what’s so fantastic about JoJo. Every other word out of her mouth is “scared”. I know they all have to do the dramatic thing, but aside from being pretty, I just don’t get a shred of personality from her. Maybe Fleiss is going to change everything they’ve done for the past 12 years and make her lead, but I just don’t see anything in her that screams “Bachelorette”.

    But hey, I’ll watch anyway. But I still think it’s going to be Caila.

  6. G K

    February 16, 2016 at 2:53 PM

    I keep trying to post and it’s not going through. Here’s my final try.

    JoJo is indeed, non-white. You can tell with her deep olive complexion and dark hair (under the blonde highlights). She kind of reminds me of Eva Longoria with her coloring. JoJo’s mother is 100% Iranian and Dad is white.

  7. thedoctor

    February 16, 2016 at 3:29 PM

    What a snooze fest. Two hours of nothing. Was the featuring of Ashley I am audition for the bachloret?

  8. hales

    February 16, 2016 at 3:45 PM

    Since Steve is adamant that Jojo cannot be the next Bachelorette and I really can’t see anyone else in the top 6 leading a season (boring, too young, saying “like” too much) I would love to see someone who previously got a bad edit that Bachelor Nation has grown to love, i.e. Michelle Money. I know she has been on so many Bachelor shows, but at least you know she’s game!

  9. kimmyfromdablock

    February 16, 2016 at 4:56 PM

    I would seriously poke my eyes out with paperclips if Caila becomes Bachelorette (yes I know smart ones, I don’t have to watch). I think she is a bubbly mess who doesn’t know who the heck she is or what the heck she wants. Her over the top bouncy hair and personality reminds me of Catherine Guidici. Ugh and no thanks.

    I was not sorry to see Becca go. I don’t think she is all that pretty and I have yet to see a personality. To me, she just seems like she whines a lot. I get a whole Eeyore vibe from her.

  10. justforfun

    February 16, 2016 at 5:04 PM

    I think JoJo would make a good bachelorette. She seems grounded & genuine. If it’s Caila I will have to skip next season. I don’t think I could stand to watch her. She is too immature.

  11. G K

    February 16, 2016 at 5:53 PM

    @hales please not Michelle Money. I would pay cash to not see her again. I’ve seen her too many times on these shows – she needs to try her local bar or at this point.

  12. hayleyyy

    February 16, 2016 at 6:03 PM

    I got the sense that becca was having an emotional fit partly because she was probably embarrassed and stunned that she wasn’t doing as well this season as last. It really rubs me the wrong way that she thinks Ben owes her anything, as if she came into this just expecting him to automatically like her. Shockingly Emily’s reaction was way more mature and reasonable – she expressed sadness that he didn’t reciprocate her feelings but understood that his feelings were simply stronger for other girls who were also amazing people. Becca on the other hand was straight up angry and butt hurt that Ben would deign to like someone more than her! Immature and phony.

  13. duckquack

    February 16, 2016 at 6:04 PM

    happy wedding, and a Bachelor who will soon choose his dearest girlie, and then we have sad news.

    On the Wings of Love in 2010, which featured pilot Jake the fake has now 2 of his contestants who have committed suicide….Gia Allemand and just a couple of days ago Lex McAllister died of an overdose.

  14. karynr

    February 16, 2016 at 7:48 PM

    I hope Caila is not the next Bachelorette. She seems like she’s attempting to play a role called how to be chosen as the next Bachelorette, and she’s not doing a really good job. She comes across as phony and calculating.

  15. allaboutme

    February 16, 2016 at 8:31 PM

    They really nailed it at the beginning with Caila “always being on.” It’s so contrived by BOTH contestant AND producer!

    And while I think JoJo would be the best candidate for Bachelorette out of this group (which isn’t saying much), I don’t think she is that attractive. Just me?

    And I 100% agree – as much talk people were saying about Emily not being mature enough – so far she’s seemed the most rational and mature! That exit interview was ALL class and those other girls could stand to learn from her.

  16. yellowcrayon

    February 16, 2016 at 9:45 PM

    Emily is basically a teenager. Her meeting with Ben’s parents was like a skit out of SNL.

    She makes Ben seem old, and yet he comes off quite young at times too.

    Yikes, I can’t stand Jojo. I hope I’m not in for a season of her. I’d rather watch Becca (ahh). She also resembles Jay Leno, must be the chin.

  17. hurricaneemily

    February 17, 2016 at 8:27 AM

    Hey, Steve.

    Thanks for all the work you do and for another great recap!

    You can check out my recap for episode 7 here:

  18. adrie

    February 18, 2016 at 5:37 AM

    All I hear Ben say when he talks is the word “Process”. It’s like he was asked to find a new word for “Journey” and run with it for the season.

    Out if the final girls if it’s not Jojo for the stated reasons, there’s not one other person i would like to see as Bachelorette. Definitely not Caila – girl is crazy. And Amanda’s voice irritates me.

  19. cjscjs711

    February 18, 2016 at 9:43 AM

    The gals with the distinctive personalities have all been eliminated. These all have pretty bland storylines or are just bland people – “I’m afraid, I’m – ” I can’t even think of any memorable quotes. So I don’t see that it matters so much who they choose as Bachelorette.

    And as someone on another blog pointed out, isn’t it time an adult woman drop the nickname JoJo, as in JoJo the Clown (ca. 2003 Disney TV preschool show)?

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