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The “Bachelor” Ben Episode 8 Recap Incl Ratings, Blogs, “Bachelorette” Talk, and Lauren a Liiiiiiiitle Tipsy

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-Aaaaahhhhh, we finally get to JoJo’s date. A little background here. It was filmed Sunday, Nov. 1st in Dallas. They were supposed to have their day portion of the date at Reunion Tower, but apparently bad weather nixed those plans. Hence the reason why this date started off completely different than most hometowns we’ve ever seen. JoJo arriving at her place waiting for Ben to show up? When has that ever happened? So maybe because of the weather killing the original plans for the date, they had to scramble to come up with something, so they did the whole ex-boyfriend angle. I don’t know. But it was obvious from the get go how forced and completely staged the whole flowers and card thing was by her ex. In case you don’t remember, back on Oct. 19th when I confirmed JoJo as a contestant, I told you all about her ex, Chad Rookstool, who owned a salon in Dallas. I told you he was watching her dog while she was away filming, so they were somewhat civil with each other to say the least. Would I have left my dog with an ex if I left for a while? Not a chance unless things were pretty good between us.

-I don’t know much about their relationship other than the dog watching (and what JoJo has shared with us on camera this season), but to see all this stupidity play out on TV last night was just dumb. I mentioned it briefly over the last few months, but at 12:44pm local time on Oct. 19th last year, I got an email from Chad. This was literally less than 2 hours after I’d posted the column, this was the email I received from him…

“Can you please take my name and my business off of your website. I’ve gotten multiple phone calls today and would appreciate it if you keep your focus on Joelle and me or our past.”

So the guy who didn’t want his name or business out there, then 13 days later (remember, her hometown was filmed on Nov. 1st) is sending letters and talking on the phone begging for her back knowing this would be shown on TV? Makes sense. Hell, I still really don’t even know what he’s even asking in that email. In the first sentence, he’s talking about not mentioning his name or his business because he’s been getting multiple calls. Ummmm, you’re welcome? You should be thanking me for even mentioning your name. Probably brought you more business. I’m guessing in the last 3 months, he’s gotten at least one extra client in there to get a blowout JUST BECAUSE he’s JoJo’s ex. And if he did, then mentioning him paid off. You can scratch me 10% any time you want. And by the way, if I didn’t report you were her ex, someone else would’ve. That’s part of what you get for having your ex go on this show. You didn’t want the attention, then either A) don’t break up with her in the first place B) don’t agree to send flowers a card, and have a phone conversation with her on national television begging for her back. This guy doesn’t seem like the sharpest knife in the drawer.

-Also, explain to me the last part of his email. “..would appreciate it if you keep your focus on Joelle and me or our past.” As mentioned before, sorry bud. No can do. And obviously you didn’t seem to mind considering you put it all out there for 8 million people to see last night. And then telling me you WANT me to keep my focus on Joelle and you and your past? Maybe you typed that wrong, but it certainly came out like you actually wanted me to continue talking about you, which was only further backed up by your ridiculous pleading on the show last night. I know the biggest question I’ll get regarding this whole situation is whether or not once JoJo got dumped if her and Chad got back together or hooked up since filming ended. I don’t know. Lets hope for her sake she didn’t. And if she did, then after everything she said about him on the show and what she told Ben, that would just make her a hypocrite. Yes, a lot of us have made the mistake of going back to an ex, but according to JoJo, she already went through that phase with Chad. A couple times. So if she did it again after the show was over, then that certainly doesn’t paint her in the greatest of lights.

-So now that you know the backstory, there really isn’t much to say about the day portion of their date. It was obviously all staged for dramatic effect and it may or may not have had to do with the weather not cooperating that day so they had to come up with something on the fly. By the time her conversation with Ben was over and she’d explained herself, it’s not like the Chad thing was even an issue anymore. Her brothers became the story at that point. Also mentioned the day I confirmed JoJo as a contestant was the fact that one of her brothers, Ben, was one of the bachelors on Eva Longoria’s dating show, “Ready for Love.” It was so craptastic that it only lasted 3 episodes on NBC before they moved it online. So if he looked familiar, that was him. Which made it all the more odd that he seemed to be doubting the whole process. Well of course he doubted it, he went through something similar to this before on his crappy show. Ok, I admit I never watched it, but considering it got relegated to internet status after three days, apparently no one else watched either.

-I don’t necessarily have a problem with what Ben was telling JoJo, because at least it made sense. It’s basically what I preach every season on this show in that you barely know this person, so people are more getting caught up in the process of it all than actually believing they’re really in love with that person. He’s right in that aspect. However, when he and his brother ganged up on her and basically gave a her tongue lashing for it to make her cry, that’s where they went about it all wrong. It was almost like he was putting himself above the show with his holier-than-thou, “I can’t believe you’re falling for this guy” routine when, even though I didn’t see it, I’m sure he did as well. His presentation sucked, and so did the other brother Matt’s.

-Ben tried to do what he could to salvage this situation, but it was like the brothers knew going in they had a role to play and they were going to make this as uncomfortable for Ben as possible, no matter what he said to them. Granted, their isn’t much Ben could’ve said at that point that could’ve changed their minds, since they seemed like producers gave them their roles to play their minds were made up. What we did get to witness was the birth of JoJo’s mom, Soraya. What a gem she was. Not so much for any relationship knowledge that she passed along because she seemed to think Ben was great for her daughter, but more so as a shoulder to cry on for JoJo. JoJo: “I’m falling in love with him and I’m scared.” Ben even tells the mom that he’s “more myself around her than anyone else in my life,” a line we’ve heard countless times from Ben this season regarding JoJo. So Caila is the most real, JoJo is the one he’s most himself around and Lauren, well, she’s the one who’s had this in the bag for a while now. Are we sure Ben knows exactly what he wants here? He’s all over the place.

-When JoJo sits down with her brothers, they lay into her. JoJo: “I can see myself falling in love with him.” Brother Jerko: “You’ve only had 2 dates with him, how can you be falling in love with him?” Did you hear JoJo try and pretend that group dates and cocktail parties were “dates” with Ben. I mean, the Brothers Jerko do have a point here JoJo. You’re not in love with him. Nobody is in love with anyone while you’re filming this show. You just think you are. Unless of course you’re Olivia who somehow managed to fall in love with Ben without going on ANY 1-on-1 dates with him. Now THAT’S impressive. Big time. They tell her they think Ben isn’t nearly as emotionally invested in her as she is him. And they basically said it to his face, which was where the Brothers Jerko were at their best. I get that they’re skeptical, as any family should be at all this silliness, but you don’t need to call the guy out in front of the family and act the tough guy here because producers prodded you. I mean, mama Soraya was so bothered by the brothers being insensitive jagoffs that she started drinking – straight from the bottle. Highlight of the season. Maybe ever. Even her dad, the fake Andy Reid, had to step in and tell her to slow her roll. Mama Soraya likes her alcohol. So much so she practically stalked them from the door as they walked out to the car.

-Straight into the rose ceremony. No BS deliberations, no talks with Chris Harrison, no dilly dallying around. Lets do this. “Thought weeks were difficult…this week blew that away…met families and people that raised you…meant a lot to me…saw why you are who you are…thank you for letting me into your homes…means a lot…(you already said that pretty much)…JoJo, is your mom’s BAL lower than your age? Just checking because I care.”

Lauren B. I want more twerking videos from her. Preferably when she’s hammered at Coachella and police are taking her away.
Caila: Is she gonna bring her Rainbow Brite doll to Jamaica? Lets hope so.

“Ladies, Ben, this is the final rose tonight. When you’re ready. This is literally the first time you’ve seen me all episode. I’ve done nothing so far. And I’m getting paid thousands upon thousands of dollars per episode to do this. It’s laughable how untalented I am in relation to how much money I make. I think I’ll write another Nicholas Sparks rip off novel that no one reads.”

JoJo: Are your brothers gonna want to kick my ass at the ATFR because everything they predicted ended up coming true?

Amanda wasn’t too thrilled she got let go, but her reasoning was a bit off. She was bothered that if Ben knew after their date that he wasn’t gonna pick her, he should have just sent her home than send her back to LA only to get eliminated at a rose ceremony. Well, that’s kinda not how the show works. Find me a time in 31 seasons where the lead can just send someone home in the middle of hometown dates. It hasn’t happened and it won’t happen. But on the bright side, Amanda can go back to a life of having an ex-husband who will talk to every single tabloid that asks him so he can essentially beg to be a contestant on the “Bachelorette.” Of course he wants that.

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  1. rob22

    February 23, 2016 at 10:02 AM

    I completely agree that the editing of Teen Mom’s kids crying was way over done. The audio didn’t match the video. That said, you might theoretically think an “instant family” is OK. But when kids are that age…. oh, I remember that. Going on a trip to the beach entails lugging along all kinds of stuff to entertain them and keep them clean. Diapers, wipes, extra clothes, toys, sunscreen, etc. And then, they have fun, but they inevitably tire and get grouchy And probably after an hour, or two tops. Then you have to stop what you’re doing, somehow get them in the car seat and get home before you start getting the urge to beat them. That had to be an eye opener for Smiling Pete, no matter how good of a guy he might be. Even as a parent you sometimes question why you thought having kids was a good idea….. as much as you love them. Errrr… instant family might not have sounded so good after that date.

    But the real reason to send Teen Mom home wasn’t her kids. It was her roots. OMG! Couldn’t someone have gone out and bought the woman a box of Clairol hair color, or something? Doesn’t peroxide work in a pinch? You know, personal grooming is a factor to guys. If you have six inches of dark roots growing out of your head, even clueless guys like Smilin Pete are going to have wonder about how much you are keeping yourself together, appearance wise. It was not a good look, at all. I guess she was an episode short of getting a stylist to work on her hair and her marginal makeup effort. Too bad. That might have saved her. Caila’s got nothing going for her except looks (and has zero chemistry with Pete) and JoJo had close to a nightmare hometown date with the Brothers o-Tools. I would have been perfectly find if Ben punched both of them in the face. I’ll bet anyone that knows them would agree with that. Anyway, there was room for Teen Mom to slide in front of one of them. If she could have reigned in the Frankenstein’s Bride look, I think she could have survived another week.

  2. kmannone723

    February 23, 2016 at 10:22 AM

    Tough poll question this week. Ben may have WORKED with kids before, but there is a big difference between working with kids and being a parent. So he kinda needed to see if he could handle being instant dad to Amanda’s kids but the look on his face before they came into her parents house spoke volumes he should’ve said to Amanda before he left there that he can’t be an instant dad to her kids and tell Chris to cancel the rose ceremony and left Amanda there.

  3. iampunka

    February 23, 2016 at 11:57 AM

    One of my favorite parts from the epi last night was when Amanda asked Ben why he made her come to LA if he knew he was cutting her loose. Well Amanda, you traveled all the way from the OC, while Caila came from Ohio, Lauren from Portland and JoJo from Dallas. She had the shortest trip. I was amused.

    After watching this show, I think Ben should have picked JoJo. I get her bros being overprotective, and perhaps one of them being a douche, but I think she is the best match for him. I think she is a low maintenance, mature woman. And damn, she looked amazing in that red dress last night.

  4. hales

    February 23, 2016 at 12:31 PM

    Anyone who doubts Steve’s prediction just needs to look at social media for confirmation. The powers that be are trying so hard to hide on social media that Lauren won, that they are just making it more obvious. Last night Lauren had retweeted someone’s tweet to Mike Fleiss saying that her sister, Mollie, should be the next Bachelorette. It was deleted quickly after. Also, Lauren is the only girl in the Top 6 that has never posted a picture of her and Ben on Instagram. Not a coincidence.

  5. iampunka

    February 23, 2016 at 12:32 PM

    By the way, if the next Bachette is either Caila or JoJo, both would qualify as a minority, since both legally are. Caila is half Filipino, and JoJo half Iranian.

    I’d prefer JoJo.

  6. rob22

    February 23, 2016 at 1:39 PM

    Can we dispatch with the idea that anyone should get special treatment on this show? Why should a Mom get extra special handling? The kids were like 2 and 3. They forgot about Smilin Pete about an hour after he left. So, are Mom’s just extra sensitive to getting dumped? No, it doesn’t matter who you are. When you get towards the end, getting dumped is extra embarrassing and extra sucky. But, guess what? All of these women signed up & all of them get dumped except one, who gets the honor of being dumped in the tabloids a little later. Teen Mom is getting a better dumping than whoever is standing out there by the ocean waiting for a ring when she gets a two by four across the forehead. And I think all are getting it way better than Lauren B, who’s going to have to deal with the tabloids, social media and all the haters when she gets dumped 2-3 months after the final show. So, can we stop it with the Mom’s should get dumped before a rose ceremony? Nobody gets a good dumping. They all suck.

  7. angelfish

    February 23, 2016 at 3:09 PM

    AS far as propaganda goes, Caila’s family ruled. The Filipino connection was hit and hit HARD in several ways. JoJo’s Iranian connection wasn’t even hinted at, much less showcased. In the run for a non-Caucasian Bachelorette, Caila’s got the upper hand. She specifically looks non-white. JoJo can’t claim that.

    IF ABC is still going for their “diverse” lead, they edited Caila and her family perfectly last night. And as I’m definitely a Caila fan, I thought it played very well.

  8. smurfette22

    February 23, 2016 at 3:12 PM

    Amanda looked PISSED last night. Like I honestly thought she was going to slap him in the face. But I’m sorry, she signed up for the show. She knows what she’s getting herself into. I think all of those group date roses went straight to her head. Her daughters are adorable though. But I agree with Rob22, yes, she’s a mom and yes, it’s a big deal to introduce someone to your kids, but she knew there was a chance she’d go home. Besides, he probably wanted to meet everyone’s family before making his decision. Ever since her ex-husband went to the tabloids, I’ve been wondering if she went on the show to get back at him instead of finding love.

    Jojo’s family was incredibly rude. She walked into her parents’ house and everyone ran up to her and basically yanked her away from Ben and completely ignored him. She had to introduce him like 3 times before they would pay attention. I understand she has overprotective brothers, but it seems like they were just being jerks because they knew they would get a lot of airtime for that. Also, Ben mentioned how he didn’t appreciate how they were all talking about him in the kitchen and I wonder if he was close to letting her go instead of Amanda. Also, Jojo’s “I love you” sounded more like a subject changer than anything else. She was probably afraid he was going to dump her because she just spoke to her ex so she wanted to distract him. One more thing about Jojo is if I had a nasty break up (and I’m assuming it was pretty bad since he cheated) and I wasn’t planning on getting back together with him, there would be no way I would let my ex watch my dog while I went on a reality show. He parents or brothers or roommates could have watched her dog. But her ex? I wouldn’t be surprised if they got back together.

  9. cjscjs711

    February 23, 2016 at 3:16 PM

    The poll question, the way it was phrased – Of course he should have let her go. He should have let them all go long ago. But it’s a TV show, entertainment, with a schedule. It could not have been any other way. Don’t you think, realistically that is?

  10. kmannone723

    February 23, 2016 at 6:45 PM

    Yeah after seeing Calia’s family I warmed up to Calia being bachelorette if she is indeed chosen. She’s unique enough. Even her mom’s speech was almost a perfect pitch for her to be bachelorette. But I guess time will tell who the Bachelorette will be.

  11. hurricaneemily

    February 23, 2016 at 10:08 PM

    Hi, Steve.

    In answer to your poll question, yes, Amanda should have been sent home before hometowns.
    Here is a link to my episode 8 recap:

  12. click

    February 23, 2016 at 10:12 PM

    Squeaky mom got to juggle her boobs to reel the big fish to feed her children. She’s a 100% mom! Except when she’s taking off for 2 months with a 4% chance to bring home the bacon!
    And who was taking care of the kids while she was gone???
    The dad that she trashes on TV for her kids to see…
    Let’s not forget that she took out time to drive all the way from Orange County to LA, what a SUPERgirl!!!

  13. click

    February 23, 2016 at 10:42 PM

    Mama Soraya is a gem!
    Did you hear her surprised ‘Oh’ after JoJo told her there are 3 more girls waiting in line!

  14. jojomo356

    February 24, 2016 at 5:39 AM

    My husband and I both think its weird that Ben says he feels most comfortable around JoJo, yet doesn’t choose her. Is she in the friend zone or something?

  15. rigal

    February 24, 2016 at 6:06 AM

    Did anyone else notice Lauren B calls a libRary a ‘libary’!!!!

  16. smurfette22

    February 24, 2016 at 7:24 AM

    YES! I totally noticed how she pronounced it “libary’! Let’s hope that ITM was AFTER some of that whiskey.

  17. rob22

    February 24, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    I try not to read too much into things, but looking at JoJo during the Rose Ceremony, it really looked like she thought she was going home. With the ex fiasco and the semi disaster home town… and her not really opening up her fake feelings & pretending to love Ben…. it did seem she was on the chopping block. But I do literally think that Ben experiencing Teen Mom’s kids led him to know that he wasn’t signing up for any of that. So, JoJo lived another day. I don’t see that there is, or will be any special connection there, though. Nor do I see any special connection with Caila. I think Teen Mom, JoJo and Caila are all kind of on the same level with Lauren way up on a pedestal. So, maybe Ben thought he was saving Teen Mom from any more trouble so she could head home to the kids. But, I think he literally could have flipped a coin for F2-4. F5 if you include Becca. Just luke warm connections with all of them. I’m sure that JoJo will get played up big time next week…. get ready for the mis-directs and edits to play a big part. But even without the spoilers, this one is pretty obvious.

  18. lissylou

    February 24, 2016 at 10:32 AM

    Jojo’s ex’s email is confusing. He wanted you to take his info down, but also wanted you to focus on him and their past? That’s odd.

  19. cjscjs711

    February 25, 2016 at 11:28 AM

    Not that this is the only site that does it, but I really wish people would refer to people by their actual names rather than made-up names. The “Teen Mom” comment came about during a scene in which Amanda was clearly being denigrated for having kids at a young age from a bad marriage with a guy she’s now tied to – something that happens sometimes to people of all ages.

    To keep perpetuating that characterization, as though this woman deserved the comment – I know it’s meant to be funny, but it isn’t funny. She’s what, 23 or 24 now. She wasn’t a teenager when she had kids and she’s no different from any woman who gets a divorce from a bad situation. How often does divorce occur from a good situation. Amanda.

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