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In your Tuesday column you mentioned that “Out of the Woods” wasn’t in your top 20 favorite Swift songs. So, my question is, what are your top 5 favorite Taylor songs?

Here are mine:

1. All too Well (RED)
2. Blank Space (1989)
3. Forever and Always (Fearless)
4. I Almost Do (RED)
5. I Know Places (1989)

This was really hard to put together – looking forward to hearing yours.

Comment: Oh geez. Impossible to rank them in order from favorite to 5th favorite. So I’ll just give you 5 that I like in no particular order:

We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together
Love Story
You Belong With Me
The whole 1989 album.

Yes, I’m aware that’s another 13 songs (16 if you include the deluxe version, which you absolutely should considering the next single she’s releasing, “New Romantics,” is one of those 3 added songs). I’ll stop now.

I watch the Bachelor delayed on my DVR to skip the ads. A name caught my eye in the closing credits so I rewound to view them again. There were two Firestones listed: Megan, a Casting Producer, and Alex, a Production Assistant. Do you know if they are any relation to Andrew?

Comment: I don’t think so.

Do you think it’s possible (for it to make more sense making JoJo the Bachelorette) by prerecording ATFR weeks in advance – or at least the JoJo and Ben confrontation portion of it prerecorded and let it be known that JoJo already received her closure on the relationship with Ben before the finale airs making it more believable that she’s ready to be the Bachelorette right away? Refer back to a previous answer of roughly the same scenario.

On another note – I apologize if you’ve already touched on this topic, but any idea why Jason & Molly Mesnick have not been doing podcasts for these last couple of seasons? Just curious as to whether they are just too busy or if the Bachelor producers had problems with their podcasts.


Comment: I think their life and being parents became more of a priority. Also, I think they weren’t watching “Bachelor” on Monday nights and watching it on DVR, so getting to it the next day wasn’t happening, so they just cut out the podcasts. I thought that’s what I was told.

Hi Steve,

I love your site. It’s the reason I watch the show at all.

This week you had an email regarding Olivia and her discussion on reading books. The response you gave to the email was, “There aren’t books allowed on the show for the exact reason you mentioned. Or else I’m guessing many more would kill time by reading and that’s exactly what they don’t want.”

I remembered Sharleen talking about reading in one of her blog posts, so I hunted it down. On her Flare recap for the Men Tell All this summer, she wrote, “I know what it’s like to be an introvert in a house full of extroverts; in fact, one of my books of choice to read off on my own during filming was, no joke, Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking.” If I’m reading this correctly, she was allowed to read on her own during filming. Since she says “one of my books,” that suggests she was allowed multiple books. Perhaps they just don’t let them read while the cameras are in the house, but I thought this was interesting. It also suggests that Olivia was indeed allowed to read by herself, apart from the other girls.

Thanks for doing what you do!

Comment: Kinda like how you’re technically not allowed to even talk to and hang out with people from your season until the show starts airing yet everyone does, pretty much the same idea here. You’re technically not allowed to read but producers will get looser as time goes on. Books, but no magazines.

Hey Steve,

After reading your post last week about exposing the “War of the Roses” on the radio, it got me to thinking. So many of our favorite shows are completely fake and yet many people never realize how staged things are. Have you ever thought about doing a reality check roundup of all of the shows out there? You could do a post during the off-season and have your readers write in with their examples. I’m sure many of your readers have been on low-rate reality shows or know someone who has auditioned for Idol, etc. You wouldn’t need to spoil the shows themselves, just give people examples of all the fakeness that goes on with these reality shows and do a one-time post exposing everything.

For example – I have a friend of a friend that went on HGTV’s House Hunters. The show was completely fake. They had already purchased their house before HGTV would film them. They found two other houses to “consider” and pretended to like them and then filmed the house that they actually bought. A quick Google search and you can find this article confirming the same thing:

So for people out there thinking that couples are actually looking at 3 houses and trying to decide which one is right for them, sorry to burst your bubble.

What do you think?

Comment: Sure. If anyone wants to write in regarding their experience with how fake reality shows are, be my guest. I’ll save the emails and print them at a later time.

Hey Steve,

I’ve enjoyed your site for some time now- thanks for the entertainment!! Finally found a reason to email as I was surprised you and/or others didn’t mention this…

I thought they showed Ken Marino at the 20 year bachelor celebration (during the wedding). Do you think that’s because of his ‘burning love’ parody series or does he have another connection to the show that you know of? I’d love to think the bachelor has a sense of humor and appreciates that parody.


Comment: His wife, Erica Oyama, is friends with producers of this show.

I think there’s a major difference though between “Burning Love” and “UnREAL.” “Burning Love” was a parody that was strictly comedy. It was pointing things out that we all see every season, then just exaggerating them to the 10th degree which made it that much funnier. “UnREAL” isn’t trying to be funny. It’s exposing the underbelly of this show, hence the reason the producers of this show will never acknowledge them. So it makes sense for them to laugh at “Burning Love” since imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. They’ll never acknowledge “UnREAL” or lend any credence to it. Kinda like how they are with me.

Mike Fleiss recently tweeted this, which surprised me:

“Believe it or not, Juan Pablo is definitely NOT my least favorite Bachelor. Can you guess who is?”

What do you think? Jake? Ben? (why did he hate Ben so much though?)

Thanks for the entertainment!

Comment: My guess would be it’s either one of two people: Prince Lorenzo or Ben F. Prince Lorenzo only because it’s been pretty universally accepted that his season was the worst one they’ve ever had. And I say Ben F. because I know that the night of Ben F’s finale party, he told people in attendance something to the effect he thought Ben was dull and boring.


I was kinda surprised at the reaction after you “spoiled” that all the morning radio shows doing War of the Roses, Ryan’s Roses, etc. are all fake. I thought people weren’t gullible enough to believe that what they were hearing on these radio bits were actually legit callers. Didn’t people ever consider:

1) The radio show seems to have a knack for getting people to answer a number they wouldn’t recognize. What are the chances you answer a phone call from an number you don’t recognize? Probably not very high. Yet these unsuspecting boyfriends/husbands always do. Add in the fact that this is supposedly happening live, there’s no way they’re that good at getting people to pick up.

2) Ever notice how the profanity bleeps on these calls always happen perfectly? That means it’s pre-recorded, because even on a delay, it wouldn’t be that seamless.

But let’s assume for a moment that it is legit.

1) The radio show is going to get boring calls without drama from time to time (he’s not a cheater and he loves you, yay!). Which means they wasted the recording session on something that won’t air because it’s not entertaining. The station won’t let that fly.

2) The show is going to have people that don’t answer their phone. It means the show would record the setup portion (where the caller explains why they think their husband/boyfriend is cheating) and then go nowhere. Again, wasted recording time, station won’t stand for that.

Don’t get me wrong. Those radio bits are incredibly entertaining. But it shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out they’re fake. Kinda like the Bachelor/ette, some people still think it’s all real. The sheer derp and gullibility of the human population never ceases to amaze me.

Love your site, keep it up!

Comment: All great points.

Lets also not forget that the boyfriend that they call never EVER questions why some random place says he won a bouquet of flowers. Like, what the hell kind of contest is that? And how would they get his number unless he physically filled something out?

Also on the one link that I gave out from that War of the Roses call from 2011, not only did they get someone to answer a number they wouldn’t recognize, the guy’s MISTRESS picked up his phone from a random number! Ha ha…like any guy who had a side chick would EVER leave his phone in her vicinity, and even if he did, I think it’s pretty understood she doesn’t want to be answering his phone. But on that day, she just HAPPENED to pick it up when his wife called? Uh huh.

We could go on and on and on about how many things are wrong with that whole bit. You’re right, I’m stunned at how many people buy it though.

Reality Steve,

I like your website and your realistic objective take on reality tv.

Also, I would like to comment on your obsession with FNL. Awesome show, and one of my all time faves as well. If, by chance, you get to go to the reunion, please take as much video/audio/transcriptions possible. A recap of such an event deserves it’s own column, and you are the man to do it. Absolutely I will if I end up going. Will probably write a whole review of it.

Anyway, I also wanted to thank you for the 25 “things we didn’t know about you” bit you did a few weeks back. Not only did it give a great insight as to who you are as a person, it made me feel better that I am not alone as the only person that knows every word of every song from Grease 2. In fact, my sister-in-law now refuses to go bowling with my brother and I because of the inevitable outburst of “Score Tonight.” My brother’s name is “Johnny” so he does get the Nogarelli verses.

Anyway, thanks again for your site.

Have a good one.

Comment: Someone asked me on the live chat last Thursday (or was it “Reader Emails” last week?), I can’t remember for sure, but they asked me my favorite song from “Grease 2.” Well kinda like the 1989 album, all of them. But if you’re forcing me to choose, I’ll go with “Cool Rider,” “Score Tonight,” “Do It for Our Country” and “Reproduction.”

However, some of the lesser songs in that movie, also had some of the most ridiculous video footage playing during it, so it made that song infinitely better.

Case in point. That stupid “Charades” song that Michael sang. Does it suck to high heaven? Of course. But watching him draw a heart on his sketch pad, watching him roam the halls singing to himself with no one paying attention, and then to have Stephanie cut it front of him in line at the cafeteria and not even acknowledge his existence? Priceless.

And of course, there’s the song Stephanie breaks into during the middle of the talent show “Love Will Turn Back the Hands of Time.” Song blows. But the video montage to accompany it? Michael in a gold leather biker onesie standing on a junkyard of old bikes then mid song breaking into dialogue telling Stephanie not to leave him? Yes please!

Have fun getting “Tu-urn back…whoa oh…tu-urn back…whoa oh…tu-urn back..the hands of time” out of your head today. You’re welcome.

By the way, searching for that clip on YouTube Monday brought up every video clip of every song from the movie. I watched all of them. And now I’m going to watch the movie again at some point this weekend. Wonderful. I’m so easily hooked it’s amazing. I could’ve slipped on a spot of grease twice today and it probably would’ve reminded me to watch the movie again for the 1,000th time.


I love your site and look forward to your posts every single lunch break! I’m Extremely jealous of your job haha. I was really bored tonight and looking at producers LinkedIn pages and everything. How do you even get a job on the Bachelor? I didn’t go to school for any type of film so I’m not asking for myself, I’m just curious. I see a lot of them are through a company called Next Entertainment or NZX productions? I guess I just don’t understand the producer world, maybe they have to know someone who just kind of recruits well known producers in LA? I also saw someone was a travel coordinator as well, what a dream job!

Comment: I don’t know for sure, but I’m guessing a lot of them did some sort of TV production in college. Depends what you’re looking to do on the show. There’s obviously quite a few jobs. So impossible to say how to get hired. I would think experience in the TV industry probably helps.

And it’s NZK Productions. That I know since they sued me twice.


You mentioned during your video chat that Susan Keats was the best girlfriend for Brandon after Kelly. As a big 90210 fan, I agree with you. How would you rank all his girlfriends from best to worst? Andrea, Emma and Lucinda don’t count. Here is my list:

1. Kelly
2. Susan
3. Emily Valentine (After they meet up in San Fran, not during the whole U4EA/drenching the float in gasoline debacle)
4. Nikki Witt
5. Tracy Gaylian
6. Sheryl
7. Brooke Alexander

Am I missing anyone?

Comment: Out of the those, I don’t think you can include Kelly because she was his most serious and I think most would choose her. You gotta choose between all the chicks he only had one season with or less. So ranking all those girls taking out Kelly, I’ll go with:

1. Susan Keats
2. Tracy Gaylian
3. Emily Valentine
4. Sheryl
5. Nikki Witt
6. Brooke Alexander


Hey Steve! Hope you’re not too sick of bachelorette related questions cause I have yet another for you…

I was looking at some of the girls’ instagrams today and saw that JoJo has by far the most followers (over double the amount Caila has) and yes, I know they do not pick a bachelorette based on their number social media followers, but it does go to show that Joelle has a much bigger fan base and people are much more invested in her. I’m sure Caila would be a fine bachelorette, but JoJo is obviously the better candidate and I think people would be much happier with her. Completely subjective. I don’t think it matters in the least bit. People are going to watch.

As for the filming schedule with the ATFR, I know you’ve said many times that it wouldn’t make sense to have her cry about Ben and how she’s not over it and then announce she’s the bachelorette 30 minutes later… But do you think it’s possible they would just advise JoJo to focus more on how she has had time to heal and is now ready to get closure and move on, rather than have her cry about her heartbreak and not being over Ben? I know it’s the norm for the second place finisher to be totally heartbroken because it makes for better tv, but I don’t know why they couldn’t change it up and have her pull a Clare Crawley and say she’s over it and ready for the next chapter. What do you think? Also, do you think they would even consider Caila if it wasn’t for the fact that she’s non-white and they’re trying to be racially diverse?

Comment: Yes, I think Caila would be considered because she finished third and when you’re on that long, you develop a fan base. People care about your story.

They could do all those things with JoJo, but they haven’t with any final 2 girl yet and given her the lead role since they went to their current shooting schedule. So I don’t know why they’d start now? I’d like to see it happen. Sure. It’d be great. My preference is JoJo over Caila. I just think that Caila will end up getting it.

Hey Steve,

In the last Spreecast somebody mentioned Emily M being dishonest about her overnight dates. In what way was she dishonest?

Comment: The show showed us her not having overnights with any of her three guys. After cameras stopped rolling, all three guys ended up staying the night with her. Jef and Arie had their fun, while Sean being the born again virgin, didn’t. But he did go back to her room and stay with her that night.

Hey reality Steve ! can’t believe no one mentioned this from couple episodes ago when Leah came to see Ben he was watching tv! Is it just contestants that are cut off from the outside world and the lead can do some things like watch tv ? I would think that would totally get in the way of the whole Stockholm syndrome they have there. Also how can anyone really think Amanda has a chance two kids and Ben is 26! I know 40 yr old guys that wouldn’t want an instant family if they themselves are single never been married and have no kids,would you agree would you date anyone who has kids ?

Comment: Did we ever actually see the TV and sound on? I don’t remember that. And when I say no TV, it means that you just can’t lounge around all day and catch up on what’s going on in the world. My guess is Ben wasn’t even watching TV since the scene was staged.

I don’t think anyone thought for a second Ben would actually choose Amanda in the end.

Hi Steve,

I know you have been receiving a lot of emails about the status of Michelle and Cody. They did a rather lengthy periscope Saturday night that explained everything. They defined themselves as “lovers”, but don’t want to classify anything because that makes things difficult. She was staying with him in his high-rise Chicago apartment for the weekend, complete with flowers, red wine, date night, etc. They referenced that they did in-fact break up before, but have “always been lovers.” They also said that Cody won’t move back to Salt Lake City, because it was too hard for him to live there (potentially the initial cause of their break-up?), and that Michelle won’t move to Chicago because of her daughter. Long-distace Lovers. So there you have it.

take care!

Comment: Well there you go. Guess we have our answer. Translation: they’re f**k buddies.

Hi Steve,

I know you said please don’t bring up Maddie as it brings up hard feelings, but it feels wrong not to pass along my condolences particularly as I am about to blabber on about far less consequential things. Dogs are the best of friends, and I am sorry you lost your best friend recently.

That being said, since you are Reality Steve, I do have some TV-related things to discuss with you.

Everyone always says to you “Long time reader, first time writing”, but I am not that case. I was completely unaware of your existence until Kaitlyn’s season, when a friend of mine filled me in on your spoiler. Since then, I have been a religious reader and have become a far bigger fan of the show. I have even gone back and read most of your old spoilers to get better insight into how those seasons were produced and your comments on the franchise. I find the social experiment part of the show 100 times more fascinating than the show itself, so thanks for opening the door into that side of things a little wider for me.

Survivor is my favorite reality TV show and I am so excited it is back on, yet, I always wonder if Survivor is edited to the same degree as the Bachelor? Obviously there are hundreds of hours of footage we don’t see, but it seems like the producer manipulation of the cast is less. There is always the “villian”, the “hero”, ect, but it feels more authentic. Their “ITMs” typically don’t have voiceovers or obvious frackenbiting. Is it possible I am being naive or is the producer manipulation lower on Survivor? Do you hear much about the Survivor franchise? It happens but on a much smaller scale than the “Bachelor.” I tend to think the producers just ask more leading questions on “Survivor” to get a certain storyline out of people. Have you noticed that heading to every single Tribal Council in the history of this show, they’ll always make sure they show factions forming to where it could be a possibility between 2 or 3 people going home? Do we honestly think that’s the case every week? Of course not. All you have to do is read some of the exit interviews and plenty have said in the past, “Oh I knew I was going home.” But the footage shown will always make you think there was a choice between a couple people, and that’s because of their editing.

Lets also not forget that “Survivor” is a game show with a $1 million prize. So producer manipulation and getting people to vote a certain way could open themselves up to some major lawsuits. Happened once I believe on the first season where there were accusations of that. So they have to be a lot more careful because they could be influencing someone’s chances of winning money, which is different than what the “Bachelor” offers. The winner is guaranteed $1 million on “Survivor.” You’re not guaranteed anything on the “Bachelor.”

One of my favorite moments was when Survivor responded to Dan Foley’s claim of getting a bad edit by playing the raw footage. This would never in a million years happen on the Bachelor, which is why, I at least have some hope it is a bit more realistic.

As for the Bachelor, Sharleen does an impeccable job of recapping with some behind the scenes information. That being said, do you know if her and ABC have any disputes? I know she had to take down her comments defending Olivia’s edit, but it seems like she possibly gives away more than the producers would like and I am surprised she gets away with it. Does she just do enough to keep from breaching her CA? I am also curious as to why she adamantly defends Nick V as getting a bad edit, whereas you have said you believe he got the edit he deserves? Is that just a POV difference?

Thanks Steve! Hope you have a great week.

Comment: Outside of the Olivia text that she printed, I don’t know what the producers think of her column. No clue. As for Nick, I guess it is just a POV disagreement. I know she obviously knows the guy because we’ve seen her post pictures with him, but I can pretty much guarantee you she doesn’t know any of the things that I’ve been made aware of about him, so, she’s going to have a certain point of view.

Hi Steve!

So a lot of the latest drama is focused on Ben saying “I Love You” to two women and that it’s the first time we’ve seen this on The Bachelor. I am 99% sure that Andy Baldwin (my favorite bachelor) told both his final 2 women that he loved them. I remember it jumping out at me, because at the time, that was the first time I recalled a lead ever saying “I Love You” prior to giving the final rose to the “winner”. If you post this in your column, I would be curious to see if anyone else reading it might comment to confirm or deny my memory 🙂

Comment: Yeah, I don’t remember what Andy said. But in the 20 year anniversary special, we saw footage of Sean at the final rose ceremony tell Lindsay to her face he loved her, then followed it up with a “but…” The big thing producers suckered everyone into this season with their season preview of the finale is Ben saying he told two women he loved them. Honestly, it’s not nearly as big a deal as people are making it out to be. Why? I mean, I’m sure back on Nov. 18th it stung a little, but now? It’s over and done with and everyone’s moved on. I’m sure it’ll be nothing more than a case of saying “I love you” vs “I’m in love with you/falling in love with you.”

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  1. kimmyfromdablock

    February 24, 2016 at 10:33 AM

    Can’t risk reading much further than middle of page 1 since the site keeps sending me to an ‘update your flash player’ phony site. Not fun.

  2. rob22

    February 24, 2016 at 11:52 AM

    Kimmy: consider yourself lucky. There are a million emails that are very repetitive and very boring. Many are illiterate & ridiculous. I made it about a page and a half. I think a “best of” format would be better. Just cut and pasting your in box with some snarky comments added and posting it all in blog format is not terribly interesting. Definitely the Reader Emails are not my thing.

  3. locondcoco

    February 24, 2016 at 12:39 PM

    I’m sorry, if we’re going to assume what the producers said about the next Bachelorette being “non-white” to be true, then both Caila and JoJo don’t qualify. Non-white. NON-WHITE. Both are half white, which to me, still makes them white. If they had said, “ethnic”, “minority”, then fine.

    Or maybe I’m just being real nit picky.

  4. vessel

    February 24, 2016 at 12:49 PM

    Why does Steve dismiss the possibility of Amanda’s ex being on a future season? Ryan McDill was Nikki’s ex and they cast him. Hmmm, maybe I’ll ask tomorrow night @ the video chat.

  5. cjscjs711

    February 24, 2016 at 10:00 PM

    Speed read, people!

    Contrary to one email, I don’t see that this show has any semblance to a Stockholm Syndrome.

    The Stockholm Syndrome is where hostages begin to empathize and side with their captors. You probably mean the Stanford Prison Experiment in which students, as part of a study, were randomly assigned roles as either prisoner or guard. After being treated as such, they each became their roles, exactly as expected.

    Kelsey from Chris’s season agreed. As a writer herself, Kelsey probably got close to the producers and they led her on and on, and rewarded her, the further she walked down the ‘crazy’ path. -As these producers are accustomed to doing! On Sunday, giving her the Most Hated title I thought was wrong. Maybe most hated among contestants, or most hated by the franchise after Kelsey talked about suing them – but did viewers really HATE Kelsey? Personally, I loved the Badlands scene. Unforgetable!

  6. angelfish

    February 25, 2016 at 5:38 AM

    Seriously, cjscjs711. I actually skip down to Steve’s response and read it first. His answer determines whether I even read the letter. Too many people just want to state their opinion and get it validated by Steve. Boring!

    And always remember that Google is your friend.

    The only person Paul Lee, formerly from ABC, called “Non-white” was Juan Pablo. He never used the term “Non-white” about any potential Bachelorette. Dozens of articles that all have the same info. He said they were “tweaking” and used the word “diverse”. People need to actually READ what it says, not what they want it to say.

    Putting Amanda’s ex on this next run of the Bachelorette would have him going for either Caila or JoJo. I can’t see either one letting him stay, out of loyalty to Amanda. He’s her EX for a reason.

  7. product19

    February 25, 2016 at 10:23 AM

    Re: Jojo as “diverse”

    So race is a tricky concept, but let’s seriously consider whether Jojo or someone like her has or could potentially face any negative discrimination in her life. She has, in my opinion, conventional European American features. She is not Muslim. So there are two ways that she is not going to be discriminated against. But she is from Iran. Is she a dual citizen? Because there is reason for concerns about discrimination based on recent legislation (see: I bet there is a small potential for her to get discriminated, but I don’t see it coming from her appearance or her class, and let’s be honest, that is an enormous inescapable part of life and, thus, discrimination.

    Caila is Asian American (which is actually a very diverse “group”) and upper class. [Note that the whole mixed race thing is sort of a privilege that was not part of the US context until recently, and it doesn’t always have bearing on everyday experiences of racism. For African Americans, the “one drop rule” was the norm in this country for many, many years. It still informs how people judge each other because of that history and our focus on appearances as a basis of race (see the whole topic of “passing”). Latinos and Asian Americans might also find this in their lived experiences that being “half” doesn’t prevent people from judging/stereotyping/discriminating]. In my opinion, she does look Asian. So maybe she has faced discrimination. Even the “model minority” stereotype has negative consequences.

    That’s what I think. You have to be nuanced about race and see what is in people’s lived experiences as well as structurally (that’s how we can see things like income gap between men and women). As for this show deviating from its norm by having Caila as bachelorette, well… let’s just say that it’s hard to see this show as doing anything other than banking on reinforcing extremely harmful stereotypes. Their “inclusion” of people of color usually just reinforces the norm.

    By the way, tone down the body shaming there Steve!

  8. jessicat

    February 25, 2016 at 11:25 AM

    For the person who asked about Steve’s post about the girl who sat beside Caila at the auditions:

  9. dreamteamer

    February 25, 2016 at 5:41 PM

    I used to work on Survivor so want to chime in on that email. Producer manipulation is always going to be a part of reality tv to some extent because they know what’s going on with all of the contestants and alliances and their job is to tell a good story. But the most they can really do is ask specific questions in ITMs that will possibly lead the contestants to talk about whatever they want them to talk about, or question whoever they want to cast doubt on. But at the end of the day the contestants themselves vote each other out, so they ultimately still have some control of the storyline. This isn’t the case with pretty much all other reality shows because they’re so much more subjective and therefore producers can easily have a say. Ben may know who he wants in the end, but if they ask him to keep someone around because they’re good drama (ahemOlivia) he’s not going to say no. This is why I still believe Survivor is the best reality show and has the most integrity of all other shows I’ve watched.

    Another thing to keep in mind is that Survivor has 3-10 cameras rolling for like 20 hours a day. Back when I worked on the show the statistic I was given was for every 44 minute episode they have at least 100 hours of footage. That is A LOT of tape for editors to work with. So while on set and filming the producers can somewhat indirectly affect the show and what contestants say and believe based on the questions they ask, most of the magic happens back in LA in the editing room.

    It’s funny because to this day people still ask me if it’s real. Yes, it’s real. I’ve worked on other shows and there’s a really good reason it’s still hanging on 32 seasons later. One show I worked on as a Cast Handler had me loading up the losing contestant’s belongings in the airport van hours before the judging session even began. That just doesn’t happen on Survivor.

    People (including me) hate watch The Bachelor because it’s so fake and dumb that it’s endlessly entertaining. I don’t know anybody who hate watches Survivor. IMO that’s because it maintains its integrity and doesn’t take its viewers for fools.

  10. angelfish

    February 26, 2016 at 6:35 AM

    Thanks Dreamteamer, for the inside info. It’s always great to have input from somebody who’s actually been a part of these productions.
    I would imagine “The Amazing Race” is also a pretty legit show in terms of fair competition between the contestants, because as with “Survivor”, it’s as much a physical competition as an emotional competition. Producers can screw with somebody’s mind or perception of events, but they can’t screw with who wins a foot race or an obstacle course.

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