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Man, is this it? Is this really it? The whole season Ben is now over? In case you didn’t check Twitter last night, JoJo’s season started filming last night as the cocktail party happened with the first rose ceremony concluding early this morning. Obviously it’s way too early for me to know anything, but just know that JoJo’s season is officially underway, today will be an off day as the guys move into the mansion and dates will begin tomorrow. So check Twitter and Instagram this whole weekend for any dates that people might post pictures of. If I see anything I will retweet it. Or if I’m told of any dates, I’ll let you know on Twitter. I don’t post columns on the weekends, so come Monday when “Daily Links” starts back up, I’ll recap any news from dates that happened this weekend. Again, this is the most fun time of the season for me as I get information on new guys, and start filling in the puzzle pieces to the show. I have another 8 guys right now that I’m pretty sure on which will be released over time. Then again, you know I always hope that zero dates get spoiled publicly. I don’t even consider public dates spoilers since anyone can see those. So technically it’s a spoiler, but when everyone has access to it, it certainly isn’t a secret. I will fill you in on everything that doesn’t get out on social media as the season goes on. Already working on something regarding one of the guys.

All your “Survivor” links for your viewing. As you know, Bryan Fischer is not recapping for us this season but I expect him back next season. Here are some ones to hold you over for this season that will be here every Thursday as long as they’re posted by the time my column goes up: Dalton Ross’ recap Probst answers Dalton’s questions Unfortunately at the time of this posting, Stephen Fishbach’s weekly blog on hasn’t been posted yet.
Reality Blurred: Andy Dehnart’s recap

You see this interview that Jillian Harris gave to People? Pretty interesting in talking about how she wish she didn’t allow herself to be controlled so much by the show, and how she barely spent any time with Ed during filming. Nothing I haven’t beaten you over the head with a million times, but coming from someone who got engaged on the show, goes to show you why it’s so difficult for these relationships to work in the real world.

So I mentioned about Emily Maynard’s book and saying I’d skim through it if I was at Barnes and Noble. Well, apparently I don’t have to do that now since I received an email yesterday from someone who read the book and gave us all the Cliff Notes version. Here you go:

Hi Steve,

I recently read Emily Maynard’s book and jotted down a few things, and I figured I’d send you a few of the main points regarding the actual Bachelor stuff. Some of this may be stuff you already knew from spoiling the show as it happened. But I figured I’d send it anyway! So, getting started:

-As someone already posted in Reader Emails, when Emily was in casting interviews, they asked her who she liked from the previous season and she said nobody. When they asked who she liked from the whole series, she said Brad. The producers looks surprised and intrigued. (Maybe they were already considering him at that point and knew he was a possibility? I doubt they picked him JUST for her.)

-Contestants can’t approach the lead until a producer tells them to or gives the okay. Nobody on the show is REALLY “stealing” anybody away. (So Olivia’s constant need to be first was most likely a producer play this season.)

-They asked countless questions in ITMs, as we know, and one of the questions producers asked Emily was “What does Brad smell like?” (I suppose this is how they get the “crazy girl” edits. Girls just playing along and answering questions in full sentence format.)

-Brad was very uptight all the time and once, his brother talked about “poking the bear” to Emily. When Brad said he couldn’t wait to be a stepdad, Emily “poked the bear” by reinforcing that it’s not always easy and it’s not always fun. The conversation just circled around over and over until he got fed up and walked away, and only came back to give her a stiff hug and say goodbye for the night.

-After the proposal, Brad scooped her up and said “Wow, Em, you’re a lot heavier than you look!” Which hurt her feelings. (Great start to a relationship, right?)

-As expected, the days after the proposal were awkward but polite. They barely knew each other. Brad was uptight the whole time and they didn’t have any fun.

-Brad first broke up with Emily by CCing her in an email to the producers, saying “Sorry but things didn’t work out with Emily and I. It wasn’t the fairy tale I thought it would be.” He didn’t bother to tell HER first. Their relationship was stiff, not lovey dovey and not comfortable. They broke up and got back together many times.

-She actually met her current husband, Tyler Johnson, BEFORE her turn as the Bachelorette and he made it known he liked her. As much as she claims in the book that she didn’t want to do the show, she did it anyway instead of going out with him. (Hm… Odd.)

-The producers and Chris Harrison brought their kids for Emily’s earlier shoots and Ricki loved having playmates around.

-Emily disliked Kalon immediately, from the first day. But she kept him around to make the show more interesting. She knew he’d bring the drama and sabotage himself.

-One bachelor named Alessandro took her on a cheesy vampire hunt with crosses hanging from the trees and a fog machine. He went on all these long rants about vampires. She was furious that he was turning the show into a big joke and wasting her time, and yelled at him. This scene never aired.

-At one point she thought Jef was flirting with a producer on a one on one date.

-Before a rose ceremony she accidentally mixed up a sleeping pill for a pill she needed for a skin condition. She was exhausted and loopy for the cocktail party until she downed a few Red Bulls. Between that and getting sick from the cold weather in Bermuda, she had a rough time of things!

– They made it seem like she was over finding out Arie’s ex was one of the producers, but she never really trusted him after that. It still bothered her that he wasn’t honest with her.

-Jef jumped off a hotel balcony and onto another and was nearly kicked out of the hotel. She was attracted to this “bad boy” side of him. Now she sees it as a red flag in hindsight.

-She told Jef and producers she did NOT want to get engaged on the show and everyone said OK. She was completely blindsided with the proposal. But she said yes because everyone was counting on her for a good show.

-Jef and Emily actually had fun in the days following the proposal, and they clicked better than she and Brad did.

-Arie’s friend Christina showed up at her door out of the blue after filming concluded, and said Arie was in his car around the corner, and asked if she would see him. They talked briefly on the phone. The next day Arie rang her doorbell and dropped off his journal in an envelope and asked if she would read it. She didn’t read it and sent it to the producers without opening the envelope.

-Emily became obsessed with the cruel gossip about her after the show. Jef tried very hard to be helpful and tried to get her to not take it seriously and to start ignoring it. But she didn’t, and she became very depressed.

-She and Jef fought a lot but she doesn’t say what it was about. They saw a Mormon marriage counselor but it didn’t help. Eventually they broke up after one final fight, but she doesn’t say what it was about. (I respect her for that, actually.)

-Her now-husband Tyler Johnson had a really beautiful, low key proposal at her home in Charlotte. They are a really great match.

All in all, I enjoyed the book but for some people it can be a tedious read. There is a LOT of God talk and introspection, which I think is great but not everyone will relate to. All in all there’s not that much information regarding the show in comparison to Courtney Robertson’s or Sean Lowe’s books. The Brad breaking up over email thing was the most interesting part to me. The book paints him as kind of an odd dude!

Hope this wasn’t too long of a read! Congratulations on another season spoiled! 🙂

Well there you go. Now I won’t even bother skimming through the book unless I have a ton of time to kill at the mall waiting for my table at Cheesecake Factory.

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  1. rob22

    March 17, 2016 at 2:59 PM

    To the girl obsessing over some bad behavior 10 years ago and has changed her life & has God in her life. If you really read the Bible, it’s all about “letting go”, in many ways. Girl, you have to let go of this. Pray about it, ask for forgiveness and let it go. Nobody from 10 years ago wants to hear from you. Especially not someone you cheated on. It’s just a big disruption. So don’t FB them, or whatever, and both them. That’s just involving them in YOUR stuff. Just because you feel bad, doesn’t mean they need to get pulled back into your life. Stop it. If you really believe your faith, you have to learn to forgive, be forgiven and let go. Otherwise, you really haven’t learned or gained much from your spiritual awakening. It’s a process, of course, so don’t beat yourself up. But you have to let go. We all have things we regret. Join the club.

  2. rob22

    March 17, 2016 at 3:24 PM

    So, to the person with the crazy in-laws. First, understand that people always want a relationship with their families. Drug addicted losers without jobs. They still want a relationship, even if it’s not realistically ever really going to be what they want it to be. So, you need to draw some boundaries around it. What are you willing to do and not willing to do? It sounds like there really isn’t much required if you only saw them a couple of times. A drive by get together on Christmas is not that big of a deal. An hour for lunch, not a big deal. A weekend stay over. No. Don’t do that. As long as you only need to show up once or twice a year for an hour, or two, well, you should be able to do that. You should be able to be polite, and you should be able to smile when they act like jerks, knowing it’s just an hour of your life. If he starts wanting something more regular, tell him to knock himself out. Be supportive of his (unrealistic) desire to have a relationship with his family. He wants to see them, fine. But draw the line at visits lasting over a couple of hours. Be up front. Tell him you understand his desire to have a relationship and you completely support it. But you’re not up for more that an occasional short visit & when kids come along, you’re really not up for much contact at all. He can go all he wants to see them…. solo. Draw the boundaries well and completely avoid telling him what HE should do & how often he should see them. Just make sure it’s clear what YOU are willing to do and not do. I can’t emphasize this enough…. support him in HIS visits. Just don’t participate that much. Show up and smile once or twice a year. Give your “sincere” regrets beyond that.

    My guess is that all of his attempts with them won’t lead much of anywhere and you’ll get to the point where you see them once a year, if that. No need to create any drama. Let him discover this on his own. He already knows it anyway. It’s just a fantasy that “kids” have about their parents being close to them. It doesn’t always work out that way. People are who they are and they’re not going to change. Ever. I know several people who have handled it this way & it’s always played out the same. They end up minimizing or eliminating contact with the crazy families. And it just is what it is. And it isn’t much. Oppose his efforts and all you’re asking for is problems with your spouse. No need for that, at all. The parents will drive him away sooner rather than later & you haven’t had to do much of anything to make it happen. When someone you don’t like is self destructing, let them. They’ll do all the work for you. Let them be jerks. Nobody wants to be around jerks very much.

  3. llevin

    March 19, 2016 at 10:55 AM

    Love the info. Crack up at your humor, and I know you have to make money, but I gotta tell you, on all of my devices, it’s almost impossible to read your site. The pop ups are so bad that they mess with my computer, ipod, and phone–no matter what I’m on, even reading one page, I have to buffer twice. you’ve got to make these ads less user prohibitive. Please, ’cause I love what you have to say!

  4. rob22

    March 20, 2016 at 11:33 AM

    @llevin: you’re 100% right. We put up with the worst website in the history of earth to read his spoilers. For a while, this site was blocked by my privacy software because all of the junk on the site threw up so many red flags. His webmaster must be an 80 year old man.

  5. shari253

    March 23, 2016 at 5:06 PM

    To the person who is sorry about being in love with two guys ten years ago and wants to apologize: You have your own answer in your answer where you say you would not even want to tell your husband about it. That’s your answer and I’m surprised Steve did not pick up on that. If it is something you don’t feel you can be honest to your husband about, then it is not something you should do. My advice to you is to learn to be a more honest person. Really strive to change this quality about yourself where you have secrets and live a double inner life. It is not healthy and you will never really be happy if you do that. Also, for what it is worth, “finding God,” has nothing to do with anything. Being a good person who is not ashamed of anything they do or think is the important thing.

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