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Daily Links – 3/21 Incl JoJo’s First Dates of the Season

Ahhhhh, the offseason. Gotta love it. And we’ve finally gone mobile friendly! Still in its early stages, and we’ll be tinkering with it throughout the offseason, but it went live Saturday, and I haven’t gotten any redirects or pop ups, so if anyone does, please inform me and take a picture if you can. And with that comes the return of “Daily Links,” a place to come every day to get your entertainment news for the day all on one page – and a daily Taylor Swift story. Basically what I do is I scour about 8-10 different entertainment websites and choose what I think are the 15-20 (sometimes less) most appealing news stories from the previous day. Granted, these are the stories that I find most appealing, not necessarily the most important. They’re usually TV related, a lot of celebrity gossip stuff that I’ll comment on, and I’ll usually mix in a sports story or two at the very end. Of course any time I have “Bachelorette” news or any news in the “Bachelor” world, that’ll always appear first before starting with the “Daily Links.” Like today, since Mike Fleiss seemingly has a newfound love for Twitter, even though he’s basically giving nothing away. Weird guy. Not sure why 32 seasons in, he’s decided to suddenly get a hard on for tweeting about his show while it’s filming, but he has. And it’s laughable.

The fact that US Weekly is now running stories on Fleiss’ tweets from this past weekend is very funny to me. JoJo’s first date of the season was Friday and Fleiss decided to inform all of us about how 1) it was a group date 2) there were guys with beards and 3) she’s taking this very seriously. Then Saturday more of the same saying it was her first 1-on-1 date of the season, what her kiss count was at, and that they were in the most romantic city in the United States.

So is he really posting spoilers? Ummm, kind of? He’s spoiling that there are dates going on and what kind it is, but could you imagine if at the end of the season in my episode-by-episode spoilers, my Episode 2 looked like this?

Group Date: A lot of guys with beards. JoJo taking it very seriously.
1-on-1: Were in the most romantic city in the world.
Group Date: JoJo knows shoes.

You’d laugh me off the internet saying I’m giving you nothing. So yeah, lets tap the brakes a little bit on what exactly Fleiss is spoiling, which is nothing. Anyone who’s watched the show the last 3 or 4 seasons knows episode 2 is two group dates, and a 1-on-1. It’s really not that hard to figure out. If he’s not telling you who’s on the date, what they did, how many are on the group dates, who got the roses, or posting any pictures of these guys, then nothing is actually getting spoiled. That’s where I come in. Let him babble on all season about nothing, and once the season is over, more than likely I’ll be able to fill in all the dates from every episode for you.

As for this past weekend, Friday’s first date of the season was a group date having to do with the fire department and then the afterparty was at Level Furnished Living condos on Olive St. in LA:

Can’t see anything clearly in those pics, but thanks to Pegah for tagging me in them. They all just become part of the puzzle now.

On Saturday for her first 1-on-1 date, JoJo was seen driving what I believe was a car they’ve used before on this show. I can tell you that their 1-on-1 date was not in LA. It’ll be revealed later where they went on their date:

Then yesterday was another group date, and thanks to ESPN “SportsNation” co-host and former NFL’er Marcellus Wiley, we know they were at the “SportsNation” studios:

The second I saw Marcellus’ tweets, I knew once I posted them, he’d be told by producers to take them down. And he did. Good thing I took a screen shot of them instead of retweeting. Best part about that first one is you can see in his contract he was paid for the appearance. Definitely looks like there are 4 numbers after the $ sign. He conveniently typed over the dollar amount, but my guess is he made a couple grand for being part of the date. So there you have it. You have an idea of what JoJo’s first three dates were, and I will fill in your blanks as the season goes along. Tonight is rose ceremony #2, and then back to the episode 3 dates beginning tomorrow.

Daily Links

-I’m wasting no time. “Daily Links” is back and I’m immediately starting with a Taylor Swift story about her mom’s great dane trying to eat whipped cream out of Taylor’s mouth. By the way, if he’s not successful, can I try?

-One Taylor story wasn’t enough for you? I didn’t think so. Taylor performed a private concert for Reese Witherspoon’s 40th birthday. WHAT??? She does this? And she couldn’t have bothered to make a casual appearance at my 40th last year? That’s it, we’re breaking up. This is ridiculous. I had no idea Taylor made house calls for birthday parties.

-If it’s not a Taylor story, you know it’s gotta be on about someone in the Kardashian clan. Hey look, Scott Disick was seen tending to his children and being a great father! Oh wait, my bad. No, he was actually out partying at 1Oak in Vegas over the weekend because, well, that’s what he does. I can’t imagine why Kourtney left this guy. He seems so well put together and has total control of his drinking habits. Great guy.

-Stunned to hear that Hulk Hogan won his case against Gawker and was awarded $115 million in return. Granted, the odds of him seeing all of that money are slim and none, but this article breaks down how much of it he can actually expect to see. Kinda like the Erin Andrews case where she won’t see anywhere close to the $55 million she was awarded, Hulk is begging if he’ll even see half that.

-I’ll be honest, I had no idea Kendra was still a thing. People still care about her? Her VH1 show is now heading into their 5th season? This has to be some cruel joke, right? She kinda just moved past the whole my-husband-likes-hanging-out-with-transvestities-behind-my-back deal? Wow. Very forgiving of her. I’m sure she won’t regret that one at all.

-Hey, DWTS starts back up tonight. Weeeeeeee!!!! Here are some things to expect this season. The basics: the Hough’s are gone and Len is back. Derek is taking a hiatus this season to focus on Singin in the Rain on Broadway, and Julianne leaves the judges table as Len returns. The cast is interesting, although I’m shocked they went with 3 football players. Kinda overkill, no?

-This has been talked about numerous times in the past on this site and in my video chat, but Radar posted a story about a contract they got a hold of regarding the DWTS pay the contestants receive. Nothing we hadn’t heard of before. $125,000 base salary just for coming on the show, then bonuses for every week you last. If you make it to the end, you can earn well over $300,000. So yeah, anyone who turns this show down is a moron.

-You want a bizarre DWTS story? Well, here you go. Kinda. Former DWTS contestant and current “Shark Tank” host, Robert Herjavec, allegedly got sold out to a tabloid by a former lover. What are her claims? Ummmm, that he wanted threesomes and was into some kinky sex dungeon stuff. Enough so that she provided a picture of it. Uh oh. I’m sure his new fiancé Kym Johnson loves that this got out.

-I was too hooked on March Madness all weekend to even bother flipping over and seeing what “The Passion” was all about. Apparently I didn’t miss much. Even though it was supposed to be a live musical, apparently it wasn’t, which kinda defeats the purpose. Also, it’s getting panned by critics. Daughtry played Jesus? Good thing I was watching the end of the UNI choke job vs A&M over this garbage.

-The Biebs posted an old picture of he and Selena Gomez together because this guy can’t stop chasing that tail. I know it’s inevitable these two will get back together at some point regardless of what either of them say, so lets just prepare ourselves for the worst.

-Britney Spears decided that we haven’t seen enough of her refigured body, so she decided to post a bikini pic by the pool over the weekend, and it’s pictures like these that make me want to go see her concert in Vegas next weekend when I’m there. I’m all about that impulse buy. Hold on, let me check and see if she’s even performing next weekend. (Checking Google). Dammit. Nope. She’s not back there until April 6th. There goes that idea. Booooooooooooooo.

-And finally, speaking of that UNI/A&M game, if you missed it, somehow a team blew a 12pt lead in the final :44 seconds before losing in overtime. If I didn’t watch the thing as it happened, I wouldn’t have believed that’s possible. But when anything and everything that needs to go wrong actually DOES go wrong, then that’s what happens. Seriously, that was some of the worst gagging I’ve ever seen at the end of a game in my life. Four times in under a minute you can’t execute inbounding the ball without turning it over? Mind boggling. I’m sorry, but you deserve to lose when you turn into the keystone cops in the last minute of the game. Here was UNI’s complete meltdown that all the world saw.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. lovebeingretired

    March 21, 2016 at 9:45 AM

    Daughtry played Judas, not Jesus, in The Passion. Small difference…….

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