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Daily Links – 3/22 Incl Nemacolin Filming Update, JoJo’s 1-on-1, and a Former Contestant Dies in Plane Crash

On to episode 3. Last night was the 2nd rose ceremony of the season, so episode 3 begins filming today with a 1-on-1. Tomorrow is a group date, then Thursday is another 1-on-1 with Friday being rose ceremony #3. Saturday is a travel day when they head to Pennsylvania to stay at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. I’m hearing that Nemacolin is basically on lockdown while the “Bachelorette” is there. I know a lot of you have asked about showing up and getting pictures, but from everything I’m hearing, regular patrons aren’t going to be able to get anywhere close to the hotel. Even people already staying there I hear aren’t gonna get a good look. So unless the dates they have in PA are completely out in the public, I don’t think there’s gonna be much out in the open for people to look at during filming. However, if you are in the area and you missed my tweet from yesterday, there is a possibility you can at least try to get into one of the dates.

Musicians Dan + Shay are performing Monday night the 29th at the Palace, which going by my schedule and what I’ve heard, will be during the night portion of JoJo’s 1-on-1. They posted on their Facebook a way for people to attend, then tweeted out again this morning:

So if you’re in the area, I’d email that address and see if you make it on the list.

Also while in PA, I know that one of the dates is going to be at Heinz Field. Obviously the public won’t be allowed anywhere near that, but just know that it’s happening.

Yesterday, OK! Magazine released pictures of JoJo’s first 1-on-1 date this past Saturday as the two of them left LA. As mentioned yesterday, I will tell you later where the two of them went, along with who the guy is that she’s with. First thing I noticed in that picture were his ears. C’mon admit it. You did too.

One sad note in the “Bachelor” world: Former contestant Erin Storm, who made it to the top 12 of Matt Grant’s season, died in a plane crash yesterday near Hawthorne airport shortly after takeoff. She was a pilot at Pacific Blue Air and lived in Venice, CA. Thoughts and prayers for her and her family.

Daily Links

-Nell Kalter’s Vanderpump Rules recap is now up. Come to find out, they will be having a 3 part reunion show which I fully expect will put Nell into a coma. I can barely handle a two-hour “Tell All” show on the “Bachelor.” Imagine having THREE of those things? No thanks.

-Some dude that was in “X Men” will now be the lead in the new MacGyver reboot. We know Hollywood loves rebooting old franchises, and most end up failing. So don’t expect this one to last too long. Now, if they actually made a “MacGruber” TV show, you could count me in. I was never a MacGyver fan growing up, so I can’t imagine I’ll be tuning in to this.

-The courts gave Hulk Hogan another $25 million yesterday, on top of the $155 he was already awarded. Geez. How much money is this guy gonna win for banging his best friends wife on camera? Are we serious? I wish I could find the tweet from a couple days ago, but I can’t anymore. Someone took a screen shot of some of the comments under Hulk’s story and Erin Andrews’ story when they won their cases just to show how disgusting some people are. To say there was a complete double standard would be an understatement. It was embarrassing.

-Smoke show Margot Robbie has been cast to play Tonya Harding, in an upcoming movie I, Tonya. Look, I’m all for getting out of your comfort zone as an actress, but if I’m gonna go see Margot Robbie in a movie, I want her to actually look like Margot Robbie, not Tonya Harding. This is a horrible idea. No thank you.

-Apparently in between her 100th breakup with John Mayer, Katy Perry decided to go pounce on Orlando Bloom. I hope Orlando understands that Katy is for whatever reason addicted to John Mayer and can’t NOT stop running back to him, so I hope he enjoys what little time he has with her. Can you say “rebound?”

-Someone took video of Adele twerking, or, at least her attempt at twerking. Didn’t really work out so well for her. I’ve seen twerking. Like, reeeeeeallly good twerking. There’s tons of YouTube videos on it. On a scale of 1-10, Adele’s twerking is a negative 50. Bouncing up and down is not twerking. But hey, since Adele can do no wrong apparently, I guess this is considered news.

-Speaking of reboots from earlier, one of my all time favorite movies, “Cruel Intentions,” is being made into a TV show, and Sarah Michelle Gellar is coming back for it. Yesterday she posted a throwback picture recreating a moment from on set in the 90’s. I’m sure this show won’t be nearly as good as the movie, since we won’t have Ryan Phillippe around to impregnate Reese Witherspoon like he basically did during filming. Ok, it was a few months after, but it’s when their relationship essentially started.

-Jessica Radloff from “Glamour” has your post show wrap up of DWTS from last night. Per usual, there were some really good dances week 1, some average dances, and some really bad ones. Namely Geraldo and Mischa. And boy did Len let Mischa have it about how bad she was. She didn’t take too kindly to that. Mischa doesn’t seem to fit on this show. I know a lot of people try and go on to enhance their image, but she didn’t come across as likable at all last night, nor did she look like she was having any fun. This show doesn’t fit her personality.

-Speaking of DWTS, and you can take this with a grain of salt considering it’s coming from the National Enquirer, but they’re reporting that Julianne Hough was actually fired from DWTS in a ratings move and because Bruno and Carrie Ann thought she was a diva. We hear diva stories all the time in Hollywood, and I’m guessing how her career has taken off since originally being a dancer on the show, it really isn’t that far fetched to think this could be possible. As for ratings, I don’t know about that. Did it really dip that much with her as the 3rd judge?

-An artist in Australia decided to paint a mural of Kanye kissing…Kanye. Whatever. Of course, this mural is no Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff in downtown Des Moines on the side of RoCA, but hey, what is?

-Apparently Mariah Carey can’t sing anymore. Whoa. That’s brutal. Maybe she had laryngitis that day. Maybe she wasn’t feeling well. Maybe it’s due to the extra poundage she’s carrying around nowadays. I’m not sure, but that sounded awful. And she has a Vegas residency and a show coming on E! now? Oh boy.

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