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Daily Links – 4/12

I know the big thing tomorrow night is whether or not Golden St. breaks the Bulls’ record of 72 wins in a season, which they probably will. Amazing feat. I can’t believe some team is about to go through a full 82 game schedule and lose 9 games. Unreal. Health plays a major role, and as far as I can remember, Steph Curry has only missed 2 games, I think Klay missed 2, and Draymond may have missed 1. That certainly helps. But lets not forget that Bogut, Harrison, and Igudola have all missed significant time during this season, and they lost 9 games total. Nine. That’s just ridiculous. However, there’s a bigger story at stake tomorrow night, and that’s if Steph Curry can make 7 more three pointers to hit 400 on the season. 400 three pointers in a season is so stupid and incomprehensible, you have no idea. The previous record, set by Steph last season, was 286. So he’d be breaking his own record by 40%. You compare that to other records in other sports, and you’ll see how ridiculous that is. Peyton has the most TD passes in a season with 55. That’d be like someone throwing 77 TD’s in a season. Barry Bonds hit 73 HR’s in a season. That’d be like someone hitting 103 HR’s in a season. You get the point. Granted, no one will care unless they end up winning it all. But if they win 73 games, Steph hits 400 3’s in a season, and they win a second title in a row, you could argue that might be the greatest season any team in any sport has ever had.

-Megan Fox is pregnant with her third child. That’s great and all, but ummmmm, who’s the father? She divorced David Silver back in January, and as far as I’ve seen, she hasn’t been reported to be with anyone since. I mean, it’s probably David’s after a night of ex sex, but who knows? I love how tabloids love spreading gossip, yet, this story doesn’t even begin to even speculate about who the father could be. Isn’t that the whole point of a tabloid? Mindless speculation based on zero facts? C’mon. You’re losing your touch.’s Jessica Radloff has your DWTS recap from behind-the-scenes last night. Always a good read because she gets reaction right after the show ends, and she spends a lot of time with these people. Check it out.

-Rob Kardashian says his new fiancé, Blac Chyna, is his motivation for working out. That’s great and all, and I applaud Rob for wanting to lose weight since it’s not an easy thing to do, but that might be the worst reason ever. Because the second this relationship fails, which it no doubt will, he’ll have zero motivation to lose weight, and then he’ll fall back into his obese, depressive, pill popping state, and that’s no good.

-Here’s a list of shows that are on the bubble for possible renewal or cancellation. Considering I only watch two of them, I didn’t have too much anxiety reading these. With that said, if “Nashville” or the “Muppets” gets cancelled, I’m raising hell. The “Muppets” is way funnier than I thought it would be, and “Nashville” is just solid all around. Yeah it may not have ridiculous, over-the-top storylines, but it’s still good.

-Khloe felt the need yesterday to blog about some of her first sexual encounters. Of course she did. She’s a Kardashian. That’s what they do. If she didn’t talk about when and where she lost her virginity, then she wouldn’t be a Kardashian. She had her first kiss at 12 or 13 and lost her virginity at 15, and she doesn’t really remember much about it other than it wasn’t good. 15 huh? About 4 years later than I would’ve guessed. Way to show restraint.

-New “American Idol” winner Trent Harmon spoke with the media about his win and was put on the spot talking about La’Porsha’s take on the LGBT community. I mean, he did the best he could to not throw her under the bus for the fact they have completely different views on the topic. I wonder if her take had anything to do with her losing? I wonder if that turned people off to her? Then again, I guess unless you were really paying attention, maybe you didn’t even know that was her stance. I had no idea she said that.

-Lets see, already this column we’ve discussed Rob and Khloe, so we might as well get a story in there about Kylie. According to her, she started the wig craze and now everyone just follows her. Ahhhh, how lovely it must be to be so vain, yet so clueless. Obviously Kylie has a major influence on a large number of people because of who she is, but to flaunt it is so unattractive. Kylie, I hope you realize that the only reason you’re famous is because your older sister got crammed by Ray J, videotaped it, and leaked it online. Just remember that.

-I have no idea who Tinsley Mortimer is, apparently she’s some Florida socialite who was once on a reality show, but this story was too hilarious not to post. And honestly, is there a more fitting name for someone who is described as a “socialite” than “Tinsley Mortimer?” Didn’t think so. Anyway, Tinsley got upset at her ex-boyfriend, went to his house to retrieve some of her stuff including her purse, and he wouldn’t let her in. So she banged on his door for three hours. Yeah, seems like normal behavior. And I’m suuuuuuuuure all she was after was getting her purse back. Uh huh. Probably had nothing to do with the fact he was in there laying pipe to another woman.

-This is an awful story, but I saw Molly Mesnick tweet about it yesterday, so I figured I’d include it. A 40 year old mother of 3 went on an online date this past weekend and ended up being murdered. They have someone in custody who apparently has a violent criminal past. Unfortunately, this stuff happens far too often. Just be careful who you meet online people. I don’t care what the site is. You are playing with fire when you’re online dating. It’s that simple. Anyone can claim to be something they’re not.

-Miley and Liam stepped out publicly together for a lunch date, and apparently this is all real now. Like, I thought it was a joke that he took her back. Or they were just having a little flingy fling of ex’s reuniting. Ummmm, apparently not. Like, they got re-engaged. Here’s one thing I’ve noticed: she seems to have dialed back her cray cray since she’s been back with him. Then again, I thought she admitted she was bisexual in an interview recently? Does that not factor in to his decision to get engaged to her again? Just checking.

-Iggy Azalea is either stupid or ignorant, or both, but something is definitely off. In a recent interview, she said she has no proof that fiancé Nick Young ever cheated, but if she did, she’d cut off his penis. So many things wrong with this, but lets start with the main fact. She’s gonna ignore the video footage D’Angelo Russell had of Nick admitting in private he runs around on her because she didn’t actually see it for herself. Oh ok. That makes total sense. Man, Nick’s got it good with her. He can cheat all he wants, but as long as no footage of it ever pops up, Iggy will always believe him. Even after he admits it in a private conversation. Seems logical.

-And finally, a Detroit Tiger fan caught five foul balls. Not in a career, not in one season, and not in a month. In ONE game. Yesterday this guy caught five foul balls during the Pirates/Tigers game and gave every one away to kids. Apparently he’s caught over 200 foul balls in his life. I’ve never understood the fascination with people going crazy and trampling over someone else for a foul ball, but apparently this guy is a human magnet for them. Cool that he doesn’t keep them, because who really needs 200 extra baseballs laying around?

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1 Comment

  1. cjscjs711

    April 12, 2016 at 9:59 AM

    On Rob Kardashian: I don’t necessarily agree that just because someone does something, motivated by a relationship with another person (Blac Chyna) they’ll abandon it if they break up with the person. Good health and feeling good can be its own reward that you decide you want to keep up, with or without the other person. A lot of people give up smoking or drinking ‘for another person’ yet don’t go back to the destructive habit just because the other person is no longer in their life at all.

    I do see in this story that he is back in the Kardashian fold, seeking publicity. Just as Khloe is scraping the bottom of the barrel to come up with something for publicity – telling her first sex experience.

    Kardashian fame…. smh

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