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“Reader Emails,” More Chad, and Villains Gotta Vill – Courtney Talks to Olivia

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So I didn’t want to go down the whole list of guys who’s Instagram followers I posted yesterday, since the only one most people are talking about today is Chad. Just since yesterday morning, he’s gained another 4,500 followers. You’re welcome Chad. You can send your money via PayPal. That’s what this has turned into now. Who can gain the most popularity on the show, and who can take that popularity on social media and turn it in to something worthwhile? I’m sure Chad is doing whatever he can to stay relevant for the next week while he’s still on the show. Of course, there’s BIP as well, which I’m pretty sure he’ll end up going on as well. You know, producers will give him the ol’ “Hey, you can be the JJ of this season where you totally redeem your character,” all while not giving a crap in the world whether or not he redeems himself, they just want to make dramatic television. I’m sure Chad will fall for it since his creatine filled brain doesn’t know any better. I can say it til I’m blue in the face, but I know the contestants won’t listen to me. The producers are not your friends. Stop it. Oh sure, they’ll pretend to be your friends during filming and maybe shortly thereafter, but c’mon. They are soulless slimeballs who’d sell their own mother down the river if it meant getting a good soundbite. They don’t care about you. Trust me.

Speaking of Chad, US Weekly wasted no time in promoting next week’s Chad-filled episodes with this clip where Chad compares JoJo to riding a Harley. The guy is just gonna keep digging a deeper and deeper hole. Like I said yesterday, thank God they are doubling up next week so his TV time isn’t extended an extra week. Good riddance, Chad. See you in Paradise for your laughable “redemption” story.

Speaking of that TV schedule, with them doubling up next week and no new episode on June 13th, I wonder if this means they’re still gonna take another Monday off in July since July 4th is on a Monday. Last time the 4th fell on a Monday was Ali’s season, and they ran a repeat episode that night. Are they gonna have to double up again somewhere else? I haven’t heard anything yet, but when I do, I’ll be sure to mention it. I can’t imagine them airing a new episode on the 4th of July. That’s a night where most people are spending out. You’re setting yourself up for failure by airing a new episode. Not to mention, the current schedule would have that being episode 7, the episode right before hometowns. I’d be stunned if it aired that night. That’s too important of an episode to get shown on a holiday.

I tweeted this out yesterday but in case you missed it, Courtney Robertson interviewed Olivia Caridi for her new blog. Interesting read. Props go out to Olivia for resisting the temptation of going on BIP. They definitely wanted her and were pitching her hard, but in the end, she decided against it. Probably a smart thing. Would basically make everything she’s said post-show rather pointless if she complained about bullying and death threats since her time on Ben’s season, only to turn right around and go back and do Paradise. So good thing she turned it down.

And finally, get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. Right now we have four. I’m shooting for 8-10. If we don’t hit that number, I’m sending you all to bed without dinner. So there. Get on it. Enjoy your “Reader Emails…”

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  1. angelfish

    June 1, 2016 at 4:05 PM

    A lot of the vintage, restored cars they use on the show only have lap belts, not the shoulder belts we’re all used to in later model cars. So it may just look like they aren’t wearing any restraints.

    And are they paying the contestants now, or did I misread that question & answer? I thought only the lead was paid.

  2. yellowcrayon

    June 1, 2016 at 4:29 PM

    The question was about The Challenge.

  3. rob22

    June 2, 2016 at 6:04 AM

    I still haven’t gotten all the way through this week’s episode. It’s pretty painful to watch. Chad is obviously a douche & as JoJo noted, he is “compensating” for something. In that he hasn’t had a relationship in 4 years, despite being a good looking guy, he’s either not open to them, or he just instantly repels women. Probably a little of both, but some women don’t seem to mind dating douches, so I suspect he avoids relationships. Obviously he’s one damaged human being. It’s no secret that a lot of meatheads are often people who had a tough time relating to women and other people and dive into lifting. Part of it is to attract women, but part of it is like any other obsession. It kills time, makes people feel a little better about themselves, and distracts them from having to deal with real life. Chad has issues that he’d rather not deal with, so he lifts & gets bigger. But he really fears close relationships, so he acts in such a way as to make sure he doesn’t actually have one.

    I think there is a real person in there under all the damage, but it will take a really good therapist to make that happen. I sincerely doubt, unfortunately for Chad, that he’ll go that route & get the help he needs. I find him oddly sympathetic in that the show is using his dysfunction to get ratings. It was no better than when they used spacey Ashley in the same way.

    In some ways, Chad was completely correct that it was really stupid to fall in love with a woman that nobody on the show, during the first week, even knows. He accurately noted that the guys were “acting” and playing to the camera, saying things that only a deluded person could actually mean. (And most of them don’t mean any of it. They just know what the show wants and what they have to do to win). But, of course, his delivery was off-putting and all wrong, and the physical threats were way out of bounds. He’s certainly not a likable person, and he did decide to go on the show… God knows why…. so, I guess like any reality show contestant, it’s all on him.

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