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The “Bachelorette” Episode 4 Recap Incl Next Episode Update, & Two Chad’s: The Marine & The Ex-Boyfriend

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So even though I’m sure I’ll be asked about it next Monday night, and even though the show has stated numerous times on their broadcast that there is no new episode next week and they return on June 20th, let me lay it out for you. This hasn’t been the case in the past because the NBA Finals schedule was always Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday, Tuesday. They changed that this season. Game 1 was Thursday, Game 2 was Sunday, but Game 3 is tonight, Game 4 is Friday night, Game 5 (if necessary) would be next Monday, with Game 6 (if necessary) next Thursday, and Game 7 (if necessary) next Sunday. Yes, the Warriors may sweep and there won’t be a game 5 next Monday, but it doesn’t matter. There still is no new episode no matter what happens in the NBA Finals. The show had to take that Monday night off their schedule because the NBA was there regardless. So the next new episode will not happen until Monday, June 20th. Now lets see how many emails/tweets I get next Monday night asking, “How come the ‘Bachelorette’ isn’t on tonight?’”

As for the next episode, a lot of you emailed and tweeted at me regarding the preview that shows JoJo crying and saying “I hate him” wondering what that’s all about. That has nothing to do with Chad. Well, Chad Johnson that is. But it does have to do with Chad Rookstool, her ex-boyfriend. No, he doesn’t appear on the show, but when they’re in Uruguay, the interview he did with In Touch is brought to the forefront somehow, and she tells the guys about it. In real time, that interview was posted online on March 23, about 10 days before they got to Uruguay. So producers decided to make a storyline out of it and you’ll see that play out once they get to Uruguay. So there’s your answer.

JoJo had another blog up today for where she talked about eliminating Chad and everything that came with his utter douche-ness. Not a whole hell of a lot that she didn’t say in the episode, but it’s there for your reading pleasure nonetheless. As for Chris Harrison’s blog, I didn’t even look for it. It’s worthless.

Ratings are in from last night, and I’m honestly surprised it did as well as it did considering Tuesday is not a “Bachelorette” night. It drew 6.7 million viewers with a 2.0 rating, which was almost identical to Monday’s night’s show (6.8, 2.0). Kaitlyn’s 4th episode last season that aired on a normal Monday night? 6.3 million and 1.8 rating. So I guess people can complain about Chad all they want (since essentially that’s what the first four episodes have focused on), but they’ll still watch. That’s why I just tune those people out.

Don’t forget that “Reader Emails” and “Dr. Reality Steve” will be combined tomorrow. A good amount of “Reader Emails” so far, and I think only two “Dr. Reality Steve” ones. So get those in if you want those answered tomorrow. Also, no live video chat tomorrow either. It will return next Thursday night.

Wanted to clarify one thing I said about Chad yesterday regarding his “honorable discharge” since a lot of you emailed me about it. Like this one:

“Hi —

You may have already gotten a million e-mails about this already, in which case I’m sorry! But I just saw your column mentioning Chad’s honorable discharge — an honorable discharge is a GOOD thing. (My husband was a Marine also.) You have an honorable discharge, which is the best scenario, then general under honorable discharge, and then dishonorable. A dishonorable discharge is the bad scenario where you were kicked out for doing something wrong. An honorable discharge just means you served your time and got out, whether it was four years, eight years, whatever. But it’s good, not bad.”

I knew what honorable discharge meant (after I had looked it up of course). What I was getting at that Chad was honorably discharged because he said it in his profile. What I was insinuating by telling people to look into it since I don’t know how this works is, what if he was lying? He was honorably discharged because he said so. Great. Is that something that could be looked in to? He doesn’t seem to be the type of guy that would admit if he WASN’T honorably discharged, so I guess I’m just asking is there any way to know for sure? I’m kinda not just gonna take that guy’s word for it. Call me crazy. Is it public record? Can we find out the reason? Or we just have to take his word for it because he wrote it in his online dating profile?

One thing that was brought to my attention regarding Grant’s “sex story” by the friend of his ex. Another lie. Grant said in his story that he texted the girl he wanted to have sex with when he was 16. Grant’s 28 now. That puts that story at 2004. Was texting around in 2004? Yes, but it was not a major way of communication at that time. Not even close. And especially about telling a girl to meet up with you so you could have sex. Just a little nugget to add to Grant’s myriad of lies this season. Oh yeah, and this. This kills me…

Squidward! Gotta love it.

And finally, Chad is gone. Well sort of. We’ll see him at the beginning of the next episode, but then he’s gone until “Men Tell All.” And then it’ll pick back up again when we see him on Paradise. Soooooo, are you sad? Let us know below…

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  1. anniespeaks

    June 8, 2016 at 9:08 AM

    I thought these guys underwent psychological testing and multiple interviews. How did Chad get through the process?? I’ve been watching Unreal and understand that one of the producers worked on the series and understands the workings of this show, but can’t believe they would encourage Chad’s behavior to this extent…… Surely Chris and others associated with the show, given all the cameras were monitoring the behavior and would have taken him out sooner. I am sure they encouraged jo jo to drop him on the 2 on 1 and then for ratings keep the other guy to encourage Chad’s anger. Can’t believe they invited him back to BIP except for the ratings follow-up because if because if he is this bad, he’ll be amplified with Evan on BIP. I only hope Evan and Carly meet and have a connection on BIP, she likes his three kids and find a “happily ever after” as guests of the past two seasons.

  2. kimmyfromdablock

    June 8, 2016 at 10:34 AM

    I am perplexed as to why JoJo picks Jordan. I do not find him attractive, his hair style is hella stupid and so far, his personality seems underwhelming. She has what seems like some other more decent choices….so I can’t buy he was the lesser of evils.

  3. crushonspivey

    June 8, 2016 at 11:39 AM

    No Chad equals a really crappy show this year, which explains how awful the producers are now running this show. Imma tap out now. A show about “love” has become a farce, and as I hate reality TV, now that this has become such a joke, I’m done. Fleiss can suck it.

    TIme to crash and burn this heaping pile of trash show. It has run its course ABC. Kill it.

  4. ashleigh11

    June 8, 2016 at 11:41 AM

    Chad is the nemesis of self-purported ‘nice guys’ everywhere. When they feel safe enough to ride his nuts (ie on a TV show with security or from behind a computer screen), they’ll do so. And do it hard. If you look back at every episode, you’ll see that he didn’t really do anything overtly wrong (similar to how Olivia and Jubilee were targeted and picked apart by the house-gang last season). The hate came from the fact that he eats too much meat, works out too much, and wasn’t into ‘fangirling’ over JoJo and immediately proclaiming her to be ‘the one’). Then it spiralled and it was all about ‘poking the bear’ and throwing rocks and then playing victim when they got a rock chucked back at them. The bizarre over-focus on Chad has made most of these guys extremely unattractive, especially Evan and Alex. Luke seems to be the classiest and most confident guy there, so I’m hoping he’s the next bachelor. I don’t see the appeal with Jordan, other than his quasi-fame. And yes, totally happy Chad is going on BIP. He’s a lot of fun to watch and JoJo’s season is about to get a whole lot more boring without him.

  5. rob22

    June 8, 2016 at 12:13 PM

    @ashleigh: You brought up an interesting point about Jubilee. I think Olivia was just on her own planet, and not quite the same. But with Jubilee, like with Chad, you have people who are over sensitive to criticism & can be pushed into a massive overreaction. It’s on them that they’re so thin skinned & so easily lash out in over the top ways. But you have a point that the producers figured out that they would overreact and the proceeded to ramp up the pressure on them. Find the dynamite, light the fuse, record the results.

    I recall Chad saying that the guy who looks like Hitler had been following him around and irritating him. Maybe that’s an excuse. Or maybe the producers picked the guy that would irritate Chad the most (a smaller, weaker unconfident looking guy) & goaded him into irritating Chad… maybe, over the course of a day, having him interact with Chad and annoy him 3-4 times. So, Chad starts thinking that the guy is out to get him…. and of course, overreacts. I could easily see that happening.

    It also did seem like different guys took turns calling Chad out whenever he joined the full group. I could see Chad trying to avoid that situation, but there is no way he could do that entirely. Then Jordan, Grant or Alex would call him out and….. Chad overreacts and threatens people again. Chad made this all really easy for the producers. I think with Jubilee they wore her down over several weeks, possibly planting thoughts in her head about her not fitting in with the pretty white blonde girls, until she finally cracked. Chad took no such effort.

  6. rob22

    June 8, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    @kimmy: it’s interesting that you said that about Jordan Rajahs. I figured his appeal must just be something a guy wasn’t going to see. You said exactly what I thought. To me, the guy had close to zero appeal. He seemed like the classic poser/player who hasn’t got much, but if he smiles just right at a liquored up girl, he cashes in pretty easily. A one trick pony.

    I was able to see far more clearly the appeal of Lauren B to Smiling Pete along with their blatantly obvious infatuation (the whole house picked up on it). But I’m really not seeing it with Rajahs. RS led us to believe that this was the Rajahs show from Day 1, and repeated it again like it’s really obvious already. I kind of don’t see that right yet. Certainly not in the same way last season was the Lauren B show from Day 1.

  7. 91hn

    June 8, 2016 at 2:33 PM

    Steve, I graduated highschool in 2003 a year before the time of Grant’s story that included texting. Texting was relatively new, but I know I had been texting for at LEAST 2-3 years prior to this, and it was heavily used among my peers as a way to communicate. If plans were being made between high schoolers at this time, we (#1) texted or (#2) use AOL chat, which I remember spending hours on each day. I definitely don’t think that your argument holds up at that time.

    Either mean of communicating could have been a viable explanation for referring to as text. Do I think half of the stories were most likely exaggerated? Yes, but that is the nature of stand up comedy.

  8. cjscjs711

    June 8, 2016 at 3:52 PM

    From what has been exposed about both JoJo (and her ex) and Jordan (via the pre-season interview and anecdotes), I’m not the least bit surprised that she chose Jordan. He is about as serious about finding a fiancee as she is. That is, neither is. Remember Chris’s season? He chose Whitney instead of Becca? Whitney who seemed dead serious about wanting to get married, versus Becca, who just as clearly was visibly uninterested in Chris (possibly uninterested in men also). Instead Chris chose Whitney and broke her heart. Whereas had he chosen Becca, Becca might have been relieved when the showmance went nowhere.

    So if the stories about JoJo and Chad the ex are true, JoJo doesn’t need Steve or anybody else warning her about what a cad Jordan is. Or for anyone to tell him JoJo is there for “the wrong reasons.”

    Again, I just don’t get why Steve is on this Chad Johnson Witch Hunt. Calling Chad out for calling Jordan a loser or failed football player to his face on national TV – Steve did the same thing from the start. In his column. Twice at least. This isn’t national TV, it’s only the worldwide web – but it’s the only platform Steve has. Then further, to cast aspersions on Chad’s military discharge and go so far as to ask people to try to look up dirt on this guy’s military career. Why? Pure douchbaggery, Steve. The guy Chad likes to brag about himself. I’m sure he had to work very hard with himself to get through the Marines with an honorable discharge. Noteworthy accomplishment for anybody, but especially a big accomplishment for him considering his volatile personality.

    The iconoclastic personalities are interesting to me. They stand out from the crowd. Tony on Kaitlyn’s season, was another. By comparison, they make the remaining guys stand out as much as sheep in a herd. Kelsey. Ashley S.

    I’d probably get bored pretty soon, too, and stop watching except I like reading the blogs. Main reason.

  9. teamchad

    June 8, 2016 at 4:53 PM

    I see Chad more along the lines of misunderstood and will never fit into this dumbass format Jubilee than evil incarnate. But to your unbelievably gross suggestion that Chad was not really honorably discharged and that people should investigate, what in the everloving f*ck? Do you not see that this makes you a horrible person, far more horrible than anything Chad did when confronted with a bunch of floppy-haired ninnies. Up with Chad. Down with you and your bs.

  10. click

    June 8, 2016 at 8:00 PM

    The only way for Chad to redeem himself is to admit that he’s taking steroids….

  11. click

    June 8, 2016 at 8:13 PM

    Steve, you missed out on Chad’s mocking the show! The guy DOES have a sense of humor.
    When he came back and laid down with Alex he imitated Kelly and said; I don’t appreciate what you did, or something to that effect.
    He even smirked at his cleverness!

  12. rob22

    June 9, 2016 at 6:57 AM

    I don’t think there’s much doubt that Chad has a real human being inside there. But, he’s obviously damaged goods. If he’s damaged because he’s roid raging, that’s not too sympathetic. If he’s damaged because of PTSD (as a Marine, was he serving in Iraq or Afghanistan?) and/or his mother’s recent death, we might be more sympathetic. Chad might not be too unusual for a guy coming back from a war zone & trying to fit in with non military types in normal life situations. I have no idea when or where he served, so this is obviously speculation.

    I don’t know his military background, but as a guy who’s in the gym every day, he does look to me like a guy that’s roiding. That’s at least 1/2 the problem. Every guy I know that’s gotten off roids has said they stopped doing them because they changed their personality for the worse…. and they caught a lot of flack from friends/family for the way they were acting. Every guy who IS roiding denies it. Denial becomes a reflex.

  13. rob22

    June 9, 2016 at 7:04 AM

    @teamchad: On top of the “investigation” of Chad’s military career (which, I agree, is ridiculous) I loved the term “floppy haired ninnies”. Perfect. WTH, right? AND JoJo seems to love that look. I guess I’m from the wrong decade…. although I have to admit to some awful 80s style hair styles myself. Fortunately there are no surviving pictures.

  14. samkwa

    June 9, 2016 at 7:38 AM

    All the support for Chad on SM is so silly to me. Obviously a lot of the “confrontations” were producer driven. These “whiny” guys were following directions to sit around and discuss the drama. I’m sure Evan was pushed to “defend himself” from the unstable Chad just as Chad was manipulated to showcase his temper. Personally, I liked the way Derek visibly perplexed Chad with his clever replies. It’s too bad Alex and Evan weren’t quick enough to make him look like a fool the way Derek did.

  15. purplerayne

    June 9, 2016 at 12:32 PM

    Wow, RS obsession with hating on Chad is a bit odd. Maybe it brings back awful memories of being bullied by someone like him in school? Otherwise makes no sense.

    FYI Chad was the one who first mentioned Grant looked like Squidward (he said a spongebob character). He might have anger issues (due to PTSD or drugs) or he might be hamming it up for the cameras, but you cant deny that his observations were always on point. And thank you Rob for calling out steve on his hypocrisy! He’s been making fun of Jordan this entire time for his failed football career, yet when Chad does it, Chad is the douche???? WTF.

  16. canon

    June 9, 2016 at 6:12 PM

    Hi Steve,

    On honorable discharge, it can be for a reason that basically means he didn’t do anything ‘wrong’ per se but they thought it best he not be in the military. So, it could be his aggressive attitude and they wanted him out before anything happened. Ions ago, both my brothers went in the army. The younger of my brothers had a really hard time of it with the getting up early and massive exercise and being told what to do (he has authority figure issues). He lost so much weight (and was small to begin with) that they felt it best if he got out and he was honorably discharged. Yes, while end of term is also honorable discharge, people only tend to use the term when they were discharged before their term is up. So it will be interesting to see if someone comes up with the why he was discharged. It basically means they don’t have any real grounds to make it dishonorable (which you could fight) so they make it honorable so you go away, or there’s a compelling reason it’s just not the right place for you – or your term ended but as I said, that is generally just called “I served in the military’.

  17. cjscjs711

    June 10, 2016 at 6:32 AM

    The responses so far to Steve’s call to dig up dirt on Chad’s military career illustrate why from the very start I thought the call was reprehensible. In the first place, this show reveals contestants in an embarrassing enough light without Steve trying to pile on. And then asking the rest of his readers to pile on! I don’t come here to damage people’s careers with rumors and stories. I come here for DISCUSSION OF THE SHOW. Not to help ruin people’s careers.

    Speculating that based on your or your friends’ experience that the people you know don’t brag about their military service is not “Veeerrrrry interesting” to me but really meaningless. Is Chad just like most people? Or is he maybe a little bit of a braggart?

    There is a very famous World War I poster showing a serviceman excitedly smiling and holding up and pointing to a sheet of paper with just the words, “HONORABLE DISCHARGE” written on it. The caption below is: “OH BOY! That’s sure worth working for!”

    Honorable discharge does NOT mean ‘he didn’t do anything wrong per se but they thought it best he not be in the military.”

    “The best type of discharge you can receive is an honorable discharge. This means that you met or exceeded the conduct and performance standards of the military. You’re eligible for most veteran benefits if you receive this discharge. Some benefits actually require an honorable discharge, including” yada yada yada. I’d quote the US Marines page but a Questionnaire popped up every time I tried to copy.

    I think Steve really has to give thought to why he’s writing these columns. This country takes military service very very seriously. I can’t think of a single job application I’ve filled out that hasn’t had at least one question regarding military service and discharge. To cast aspersions on someone’s military service by way of innuendo, hearsay, and other speculations with no basis beyond opinion is so beyond the scope of why I read these columns…. And in my mind, just so wrong to try to do to someone.

    And merely because you don’t like their TV character.

    Steve is not going to get a new personality. But we don’t have to participate in witch hunts.

  18. supersparklyday

    June 10, 2016 at 3:32 PM

    My 1st impression when I read RS’s answer to the poster who explained that ‘Honourably Discharged’ wasn’t a bad thing – was that he didn’t really want to have anybody looking into Chad’s military past, I thought he was covering for the fact that he didn’t really pick up on the ‘honour’ part of it and was just covering – and now look at the controversy!

    When comparing two Marines: Alex and Chad – there really shouldn’t be any question that these two are polar-opposites. One is a good guy and the other is ‘roiding out, for sure. I just can’t see the honour on Chad right now. Whereas Alex is a cutie and a real man and stand up guy – he can call me anytime. 😉

  19. sleeprgirl

    June 10, 2016 at 9:11 PM

    Chad’s behavior looked ridiculous and staged. I know I’m expecting too much from whatever is going on in quasi scripted reality tv, but they should have picked a better cast of men. I’m not a fan of many of them. Chase is cute/seemingly successful and Luke has a great military resume, but I find him skinny and needs some botox and less teeth. And what is with these guys who describe their “former” careers. Does that mean they are unemployed now? Why would they cast has-beens? Why would a woman in real estate development want an unemployed man with a weird up-do? Does she think that the brother is going to fund Jordan for life? Doubtful! Has there ever been anyone that has more than their 15 minutes of fame? I’m just curious. I didn’t even watch Chris’s season because I could not comprehend one of those girls moving to the Iowa Farm. It is getting boring. You can only watch so much hair, makeup and wardrobe.

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