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“Reader Emails,” The Tabloid Coverage Has Begun, & (EXCLUSIVE) Does Every “Bachelor” Couple Go On “Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp?”

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To say that yesterday’s column caused a bit of an uproar I guess would be an understatement. And of course with everything I write, it brings skepticism, which is fine. I get that. All I can do is tell you what I do pretty much every season. I vet out sources as much as I can and I give you the information provided me. I know who all those girls were who emailed me about Jordan, and Jordan sure as hell knows who they are, so that’s really all that matters. I didn’t make anything up, I wasn’t trying to incite a scandal, etc. All these people came to me first. I had a back and forth email conversation that lasted weeks with all of them. Even spoke on the phone to some. I don’t just post emails like that without thoroughly looking in to them and seeing how credible they are. Every one of them checked out. Now with that said, I know what I posted yesterday basically puts JoJo in a lose-lose situation. If she stays with him, she gets the “Ugh, he’s such a dog. Haven’t you read about this guy’s past and being back on Raya?” And if she immediately dumps him, it becomes “Why would you let the tabloids destroy your relationship? You should stand by your man.” Problem is, there’s no way this stuff won’t get brought up in their relationship. I’m sure she will bring it up, if she hasn’t already. And all Jordan has to do is continue to lie and she’s buying it. Sucks, wish it wasn’t that way, but as of now, that’s certainly what it looks like.

So US Weekly jumped into the fray with this week’s cover story and, as predicted, here comes about two months straight of negative JoJo stories on the cover of the magazine. Did you see this week’s cover story? This is all you’re going to see for the next 2 months. Never in the history of tabloid coverage will you ever see a headline that reads, “JoJo Happy and In Love! Everything is Going Great!” That doesn’t sell. So they will find every ex, high school classmate, former roommates, etc and dive into these guys’ pasts as much as they can. And most of it will be true.

Now, someone actually sent me over the story and in true US Weekly fashion, it’s void of any concrete information. While the on the surface saying that JoJo had a “chance encounter with one of Jordan’s exes, Brittany Farrar, last winter in Dallas and Brittany told her Jordan wasn’t a good boyfriend” – that’s all it says. Last winter? JoJo didn’t even know she was the “Bachelorette.” Nor did Jordan know he was gonna be on this show. There’s too many details missing from that little nugget. What they presented doesn’t make sense. Why would Brittany talk to JoJo about Jordan last winter? Seems like a reach after what Brittany posted on her IG the night of the premiere, and US is just trying to build a story off that. Look, I have no idea if JoJo met Brittany last winter in Dallas. But it seems highly unlikely to me. The story also just uses a bunch of quotes from JoJo from the beginning of the season when she spoke to the media, yet they intertwined it with stuff that’s currently happening on the show, which makes the whole thing confusing. But this is to be expected. This is how tabloids work. The bottom line is neither JoJo nor Jordan will directly acknowledge what was posted yesterday, or speak out on it, until the ATFR, and even then it’ll be more positioned as, “A lot of stuff has come out about your past Jordan, what do you have to say?” And then he’ll lie again because, ummmmmm, you really think he’s gonna sit there and say, “Yep. All true. You guys got me.” Of course not.

Moving on to “Bachelor in Paradise,” a lot of contestants are making it quite known on social media they are already back from filming. Chad, Leah, and Jubilee have all been active and posting pictures or snapping since they were announced as cast, so yes, they’re back home. Josh Murray isn’t in Mexico yet, but he will be. Ashley I. I believe got there this weekend. More and more casting and spoilers will be released in the coming weeks, but just wanted to catch everyone up on stuff who haven’t been following me on Twitter.

I think the “Bachelor” franchise has suddenly become the minor leagues for WE Tv’s “Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp.” Holy crap. So we had Ryan and Trista go on it. Then Sean and Catherine did it last season. The current season airing Friday nights has Michelle and Cody on it (even though this was filmed last July and they aren’t even a couple anymore). Well, I can now report to you that you’ll be seeing two more “Bachelor” franchise couples appearing on future seasons of that show. Remember a couple weeks ago when I reported Ashley and JP filmed “Couples Therapy” but then quickly retracted? Yeah, I had the wrong show. They filmed “Celebrity Marriage Boot Camp” in beginning of May. CMBC films two seasons back-to-back. In April they filmed a season that Tanner and Jade went on. I’ve already been emailed by people questioning this that the two main counselors, Jim and Elizabeth Carroll, were tweeting from Texas during that time so filming couldn’t have happened. It did. For season 8 (the one Tanner and Jade are on), they switched up the counselors. So there’s your answer. Ashley & JP will be on season 9. Last year, Sean & Catherine’s season taped in June of 2015, and ran from Dec 2015 through February 2016. Cody and Michelle’s season taped last July, and is airing from now until August. I’m guessing we’ll see something of the same schedule for Tanner & Jade’s (season 8) and Ashley & JP’s (season 9).

Don’t forget to get your “Dr. Reality Steve” emails in for tomorrow. Right now, I have three. Not nearly enough. Lets see if we can get 5 more in today so we can enjoy a full set of emails tomorrow.

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  1. rob22

    June 15, 2016 at 10:06 AM

    I’m still at “so what” about most of the stuff RS wrote about Grant and Rajahs. If they are players, OK, that sucks. The world doesn’t end just because a couple of guys were outed as players. Most likely well over half the guys that appear on this show are in love with themselves far more than they would be over any girl. They’re on the show for themselves & their brands, and many of them are just using the girls like any player would.

    It just made me think back to some of my breakups. Why did I break up with a girl? Basically because I lost interest. If you lose interest and the other person hasn’t, it’s not going to go well. You’re the bad guy. All of her friends are going to think you suck. They’re going to tell everyone possible that you suck. Or, in this case, email Reality Steve. Why? Because you “mislead” her. You “lied” to her by claiming you were interested. Etc. etc. The reality is that I WAS interested. But, as I got to know her better… or over time, I started noticing things about her that I didn’t like & lost interest. Sometimes, I did find someone I was interested in before breaking up with them. Sometimes I broke up first before moving on. Did it make any real difference? Maybe a little because it’s an extra cut to her to think you cheated on her. And at least I could look back and say I was completely honest in every way. But either way, you’re the bad guy to be hated and despised.

    So, I think most of the comments about Grant could be read in that context. I didn’t see where he was constantly cheating. I saw him handling the end of his long term relationships poorly and lying about it to both parties. Not good, but it happens all the time. That’s not really being a player and a bad guy who’s always cheating. But mishandling the end of a relationship is going to really make you look like a douche. And maybe he is is a douche. I didn’t catch that vibe from him. He’s probably more trying to avoid the conflict & not dealing with the end straight up. That ends up making it worse. It’s always better to man up and break up with someone in person. But we see people wanting to avoid that confrontation all the time…. and it does usually become a confrontation. Most people don’t take break ups well.

    Rajahs is just a pure player. Nothing new there. I definitely don’t condone it, girls should avoid guys like him like the plague, but there is nothing earthshaking about that. Give me a screen shot of him hitting on someone on a dating site, and I might change my mind. That would be a new low for this show. But JoJo came on this show, likely for her own personal brand advancement. In some ways, that’s kind of understood & yet pushed to the background. The fact that Rajahs has not played the game right is a factor, but in reality, he’s just there for his brand, and no different than JoJo. I think they’d both be nigthmare’s as gfs and bfs. Everyone should avoid them. But I doubt either one of them is going to have any kind of dry spells. Ever.

  2. kimmyfromdablock

    June 15, 2016 at 10:23 AM

    My thoughts exactly rob. These people are young, shallow and good looking……and so it goes.

  3. cd12

    June 15, 2016 at 11:46 AM

    I have not been desensitized to douchebag behavior and am glad their reputation in dating & relationships is out there for all to see. I realize these are the types of personalities they cast, but they do not get a pass for being young and shallow. Unfortunately, people are still going to fall at their feet and continue to feed that quasi-fame. Yuck.

  4. Del Scorcho

    June 15, 2016 at 1:05 PM

    The very last reader email wins.

  5. rob22

    June 15, 2016 at 2:28 PM

    @DelScorcho: I never read that far in the emails, but upon further review, good call. I’m coming around to the point of view that JoJo is pretty hot looking, beyond the normal standards of the show. I say that knowing that she wouldn’t be my cup of tea at all. She’s a nightmare. But hey, nothing wrong with admiring their looks.

  6. rob22

    June 15, 2016 at 2:31 PM

    @CD: agree. The show has just driven expectations into the ground. If someone is a half way decent person, they look like a saint on this show. But I contend that the scenarios laid out in Dr. Reality Steve emails are way worse than what Rajahs & Grant are accused of doing. And usually they end with the question “should I break up with them (or should I be OK with this?”? So, standards aren’t just low on this show.

  7. angelfish

    June 15, 2016 at 3:37 PM

    What the hell is that bizarre getup JoJo is wearing in that photo? Some kind of costume?

    As I don’t think she is looking for a real relationship, I think she’ll play the wounded kitten for a while before resuming the prowl.

    The biggest question is, will Jordan be cool to recommend her for a Raya account? She’d probably love to troll the guys there.

  8. kmannone723

    June 15, 2016 at 6:44 PM

    I am not surprised how many bachelor couples go on one of the celebrity marriage shows. Although it seems like CMBC gets the most some couples should have gone to Couples Therapy other than Juan Pablo and Nikki; like Ben F and Courtney.

  9. cjscjs711

    June 15, 2016 at 10:03 PM

    I will probably? Forget about Jojo and Jordan soon as it’s over and start thinking about BIP.

    When Reality of the real world sets in, perhaps these two will see different lights. The isolation, the obsessing over the lead, the way they are wrangled and treated, some same techniques as ‘brainwashing’. You notice casting is never concerned whether applicants have love interest in lead. Often applicants have no idea who will be lead! Because producers know they can. Be induced to fall in love. For the camera. Once show wraps – reality strikes….

  10. clea

    June 16, 2016 at 1:08 PM

    So – are Marcus and Lacy going to change the name of their signature perfume to “I Didn’t”??

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