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“Dr. Reality Steve,” Vegas Party, Marcus & Lacy Officially Done, & JoJo Confronts Jordan On Their Date

So if you weren’t following on Twitter yesterday, you missed that Spreecast has decided to end operations next month, meaning tonight is going to be the last live video chat until I can find another alternative. As I’ve mentioned before, podcasting is eventually where this is going to end up. I just don’t know if I’m gonna try and do something on the video side in the meantime, or if the next time I do something it will be when the podcasts start. I know a lot of you have suggested Facebook Live or Periscope, but here’s the issue I have. What Spreecast did was allow me to have a producer filter questions throughout the broadcast so I didn’t have to. It allowed me to just pull them up, they’d show on the screen for all the viewers to see, and were even there if you watched on the replay. I’m not too familiar with Facebook live, but basically when someone is doing one, isn’t it just a bunch of people commenting and/or asking questions and there’s zero filter? Almost like a live running chat? Same with Periscope. The problem with Periscope is that the questions/comments are on the screen for such a short period of time, it’s impossible to get to everything. Even if I find a question to answer, as I’m answering it, maybe another good question pops up, but I’m still answering another one, then by the time I’m done, I don’t remember the question. Periscope goes way too fast for that to be the staple live show for Thursday nights. I’m looking for something like Spreecast where the questions can come in, someone screens them, and I can answer them by bringing them up myself, not having to go filtering through a bunch of other questions/comments. Also, is it something I can embed onto my site either during the broadcast or after? That’s another huge thing. If anyone knows any other platforms I can look into, I’m all ears. But yeah, tonight will be the last live video chat for a while I assume unless I find something. So be here at 9:00pm EST/6:00pm PST and get your questions in.

Also on Twitter yesterday I mentioned that I am having another Reality Steve Vegas weekend this year. It’s going to be Friday night July 29th at Mandalay Bay. Essentially exactly what I did last year, except it’s not my birthday this time. Last year we had around 50 people show up, it’s free, there was food, open bar, and the first annual Reality Steve Bachelor Trivia game, where I gave away prizes for first and second place. Same thing this year. Food and open bar and the trivia game will return. This is open to anyone, but I only have around 50-60 spots available since that’s around how much my room will hold. Gonna do things the exact same way. If you are interested, you need to email me immediately to get put on the “tentative” list. If you are flying in, once your flight is booked and you show me your flight itinerary, you will be on the “confirmed” list. I do it that way since it’s very easy for someone who lives close who’s driving to say, “Put me on the list, I’m in” then flake at the last minute. And with limited amount of space, I can’t have people cancelling. Last year on the guest list, only 2 people who were confirmed didn’t show. So I just figure if you’re booking a flight to come, there’s much less chance that you’d flake out on that. So email me today if interested. In terms of hotel, you don’t have to stay at Mandalay Bay. You can if you want, but it’s not mandatory since you can still get into the hotel and up to my room if you’re not a guest. But if you do want to stay there, I could probably get anyone interested around a 20% discount off their room rate that’s currently running on their site, so let me know.

You know one thing I’m reeeeeeeeally looking forward to on the last video chat of the season tonight is? No one asking me what’s going on with Marcus and Lacy. Finally! After months of speculation, even though anyone with half a brain could see the writing on the wall by their social media accounts, Marcus gave an interview to Life & Style and came correct about what’s going on. Namely, 1) they were never legally married (which TMZ had days after that fake wedding on BIP last season), and 2) Lacy “ghosted” him and he hasn’t spoken to her in two months. So there. No more Marcus and Lacy questions anymore. Who knows if Lacy will tell her side of the story eventually. She gave this cryptic tweet yesterday…

And knowing what I know about Lacy, that might be all you get from her. Who knows? Maybe if Marcus pushes her buttons enough and starts spouting off to more magazines or on social media, she’ll be too upset and finally tell her side, but as of now, I don’t think she’s going to. Time will tell. Well, I guess that’s ends it. America’s Most Boring Couple is no longer. Lets all pour a mojito out for Marcus and Lacy.

And finally just two days after my reveal, and one day after the tabloids hit the newsstands with their “Jordan is a cheater” story, ABC conveniently releases this clip to the media from Monday’s episode of JoJo and Jordan’s 1-on-1 date in Uruguay where she confronts him about his ex-girlfriend. Man, did he piss his pants or what? I still don’t understand for the life of me the how/where/why JoJo actually “met” Jordan’s ex and randomly started talking about him, but that’s what she’s claiming. To me, I personally think that’s a lie and producers just told her to bring it up because they knew it was gonna get out there. Whatever the case may be, and even though they cut the clip off at the most dramatic moment, JoJo obviously accepted his answer and moved on rather quickly. So again, much ado about nothing since when they’re filming JoJo has only his word to take, and of course he’s gonna deny everything. Hell, after Tuesday, I’m sure he’s still denying everything because what’s he gonna say? “Yep. It’s all true. I’m busted.” Of course not. So this is all we’re going to see for the next 6 weeks either on the show or in the tabloids: Jordan’s cheating ways and can JoJo overcome his reputation for being a player. On the show she did. We’ll see how long she puts up with it post show.

On to Dr. Reality Steve…

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  1. Dreamy

    June 16, 2016 at 9:12 AM

    Steve, you might want to look into this site called BlabTV for your live stream show.
    Love your site. MC

  2. rob22

    June 16, 2016 at 9:57 AM

    Worried in Washington: Danger Will Robinson! The #1 mistake that well meaning couples make is to revolve their lives around their kids. And you’re doing it to an extreme. The BEST thing you can do for your kids is have a great marriage & model it for your kids. If you do that, everything else becomes easier. No bickering and arguing. No fights & especially no divorce. Those are the things that mess kids up.

    So, let’s say you stay on the current track. Then guess what? Kids up and leave at age 18. It may seem like a long way off, but it comes quicker than you think. Then, it’s just you and your spouse. If your life has been all about your kids, now what? Well, usually divorce & disappointment that your kids don’t want to hang around much…. especially if you’re not getting along with your spouse or have gotten divorced. You’re the people they’d least like to be around.

    So, first of all, stop working opposite hours. I’ve seen it done, and at best, the couple becomes friendly strangers. Acquaintances. Yeah, and not usually all that friendly to tell the truth. Do yourself and your kids a favor and put your marriage first. It will be better for them if you guys get along and have a long happy marriage. You have to work at it to make that happen. Go out on dates. Leave the kids with a sitter. Take a weekend vacation without kids. Yes!! You’ll reap the benefits all the way around. And your kids will be fine with you being gone. And, when they grow up, you’ll be parents they want to come and visit. Not the broken down, divorced single woman who is depressed and lonely who nobody really wants to see.

    Trust me on this. What you are doing is destructive and guaranteed to lead to an unhappy marriage and likely divorce. You’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg. 1-2 times a week for sex will turn into 1-2 times a year very quickly. Don’t let it go that far.

  3. bobcat87

    June 16, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    For the couple working opposite shifts- my parents did this when I was growing up as well. My mom worked 4 pm – 12 am and my dad worked day shift. They saw each other while sleeping, weekends, and holidays until my mom switched to day shift after I was in college. When we were very young, my dad would sometimes take us to visit my mom at work, and she would call and talk to us every night. They have been married 35 years and are very happy, so it can definitely work!

    To the student who is annoyed about her roommate’s family and boyfriend staying over- if you are unhappy with your living situation, I recommend finding a new roommate or living alone once your current lease is up. I am not sure what exactly you expect your roommate to do about her family visiting besides give you more notice? My parents always stay with me when they visit, even when I had roommates. I would always let my roommates know in advance and they never minded. My parents slept in my room and would always help out around the house by doing dishes, pulling weeds, dusting, etc. My grandparents always stay with my parents when they visit as well. In some families, that is just the dynamic. How exactly are they making your home uncomfortable? Are they noisy while you are trying to sleep/study? Is everybody sharing 1 bathroom and you are not able to get ready when you need to? These are factors that I think you can address with your roommate, but her family’s presence in general for a weekend a few times a year is most likely a non-negotiable. Regarding her boyfriend, I have had many roommates over the years, and almost all of them had significant others over frequently without asking or without notice. If this is uncomfortable for you, I would suggest living alone, or discussing it with potential future roommates prior to signing a lease. Best of luck!

  4. cjscjs711

    June 16, 2016 at 12:35 PM

    I looked into using Spreecast for my online Photoshop courses but decided against it because the screen resolution was too low and obviously it’s essential for students to be able to see intricate details. The other one I’m looking into now is Citrix. Also important is the ability to have the class online for a period of time. Not everybody can be there on the date or stay for the whole time.

    The getting over beak-up: best cure is a new love. Best distraction/impetus to leave a relationship: a new love.

    The roommate: what? No way should you be the one leaving. Big complaint and cause for eviction is harboring tenants not on the lease or guests staying unreasonably long time. Check your lease or ask building manager about guest policy. Why parents “cheap” not to get a hotel? Perhaps they can’t afford it. Writer above is correct – many roommates typically have boyfriends stay over, often without asking. Perhaps suggest she put them up inside her room rather than taking over the living room. Is part of consideration for other people. If you don’t like compromising, your own place is needed. Roommates always involves some compromising. Next time be clear about guests BEFORE you agree to the particular roommate. Also things like pets or taking in a stray cat.

  5. keddo

    June 16, 2016 at 2:04 PM

    Letter Writer 1 (with boyfriend whose friend recently died),
    At the wedding, treat the grieving girlfriend as if she hadn’t sent the angry text, as you would any acquaintance you know peripherally and have no reason to go out of your way to talk to. A friendly smile if your eyes happen to meet would be appropriate, like you would give when you approach a coworker in the hallway. If she should want to talk to you in order to reconcile, then have a private conversation. If she wants to be confrontational, cut it short by saying something that conveys that you want to hear what she has to say, but that it would be better to meet on a different day so as to not distract from the wedding.

    Last Letter Writer (who has lost her marital passion and another man is sniffing around),
    You made wedding vows. Your husband hasn’t abused you, hasn’t abandoned you, and isn’t addicted to something harmful to you or your child. Did your wedding vows say you would love, honour, and be faithful to one another only as long as the passion is constant? Do you consider honour and loyalty to be virtues only in others but not in you? Are you considering the damage you will cause your child? The effect of instability in the child’s life? What would you teach your child about commitment? Have you considered the loss of respect you will suffer in the eyes of honourable people around you?

    You are almost certainly not going to regain passion for your husband while you are creating a fantasy in your head involving another man.

    Do you want to know how to regain passion for your husband? Fake it ’til you make it! ACT as if you are attracted to him. Make a big deal about him when he arrives home from work. Tell him you’re really looking forward to when you and he can do _________ to each other. Invest emotionally in him. Plan to do nice things for him.

    Cut off thoughts of the work dude. Change companies or departments within your company so you don’t run into him. Plan to react to him the same way you react to coworkers you have absolutely no romantic interest in. Absolutely no “innocent” flirting.

    The summary: Water, fertilize, and mow the grass on YOUR side of the fence, stop snooping into your neighbours’ back yards, and you will be far more content.

  6. thisshow

    June 16, 2016 at 2:40 PM

    After that clip of Jojo confronting Jordan, I’m almost positive the whole thing is a set-up against Jordan. lol I think Jojo is a good actress who is going along with a “choosing the wrong guy” storyline. Unless she sticks with him and defends him on ATFR, I firmly believe she’s in on it. Sure, she might look as though she has bad judgment, but she’ll still be memorable and get out fairly unscathed.

  7. katieottawa

    June 16, 2016 at 3:41 PM

    For the one with the boyfriend whos BF’s friend died. Sorry not much sympathy on my end either. The GF is right and called you and your BF out on it. Totally inappropriate not to show up. My aunt unexpectedly died last summer and my cousin was there for her mother’s funeral but her husband wasnt. She said he “couldnt deal with it”. Even his parents went to the funeral and themselves said it was unacceptable for him to not show up and be of support to my cousin and her brother and dad. Tell him to grow a pair. Its a very selfish thing to do, funerals and death is hard on everyone especially family and close friends. No one really wants to go to a funeral but we go because its not about ourselves but about paying respects to that person who has left us. Even if its just for a little bit, thats the least he could have done. Yes expect it to be awkward for the wedding and after that. Hes lucky if she can forgive him. Also if I were this girl, I would dump him now. Obviously not someone shell be able to lean on when things get tough in the future. Dont want to be in my cousins shoes married to a wuss who cant be bothered to show up and be a rock for my cousin when her parents die.

    For the one with the ex of 15 years. Dont bother with him. I was in the same shoes with a guy who was my first and really only love and whom I held on a pedestal who I never thought would ever cheat on anyone. It was a non issue with me when we dated. Turns out with growing older, his innocence and moral compass went south and he contacted me almost 10 years later to catch up with the idea to cheat on his wife who was perfect for him. Turns out he became a HUGE serial cheater and was trying to play catch up with a bunch of his exGfs and cheated on his wife with a few of them that i am aware of. I can only thank my lucky stars I didnt marry him. I understand how she feels because I too am still deeply traumatized over it and feel like I cant trust anyone because really he may seem great now but sometimes time changes people and not for the better.

    as for the one with the lease and roommate. Tell her from now on, they stay at a hotel or she can leave. Sounds like its your house and you just wanted to get a roommate to help with the bills. If its your house, your rules. She doesnt like it, she can go. You tell her, this place isnt a hotel, your parents need to stay at a hotel if they want to come visit. IS the BF from out of town too? why does he need to stay there for that long? doesnt he have his own place? If hes from out of town too, they should too go to a hotel as well. Once in a while its fine, but it seems to be happening a lot and if its 6-10 days thats a long time to crash at someones house regularly. She sounds very inconsiderate and selfish, like its HER place and she can do whatever she wants.

  8. rob22

    June 17, 2016 at 9:40 AM

    Attending funerals of close friends is mandatory. People may have valid reasons for not attending, but if they don’t, most people are going to notice & strongly judge you for it. So, go into it with that understanding & be ready for the hate. You’re only upset at the gf that texted you, but I guarantee that you were widely condemned by a large number of people who couldn’t believe you weren’t there. Not being there, unless you were physically unable (in the hospital, for example) is a major breach of etiquette. I understand the feeling of “not wanting to deal with it”. That’s valid. But thinking you’re going to get a pass for your “feelings” is not realistic. You’re going to pay for that breach of etiquette for a long time. Learn from it. Sometimes it pays to put in an appearance at the funeral (even when you don’t want to), make sure to speak to the family afterwards, then you’ve fulfilled your obligation. 90 minutes to 2 hours is a small investment to make & avoid the hate that will come with your absence. Ideally you’d be doing it out of a desire to support the family left behind. That’s the point of being there & you look unsupportive when you no show. But, at least, put in an appearance, even if you don’t want to.

    Roomate issue: Obviously roommates need to be a little flexible, but also need to take others feelings into consideration. So, a boyfriend spending the night might be an inconvenience you have to live with (within reason). Having a very occasional friend spend the night on the couch is also something you might have to live with. I have NEVER heard of anyone having their parents sleep over in a small apartment. Sure, parents might stay over in an actual house with a guest room, and prior approval from the roommate, but even then…. if you have a roommate, doing it regularly is way out of bounds. Anything more than a very occasional weekend stay in a guest room is completely rude. I don’t think there is much controversy on this. You have a terrible roommate who is inconsiderate and incapable of concerning herself about your privacy and needs. Breaking the lease is tough. If you have time left, you might have to wait it out, or possibly sub-lease out your spot. Although I agree that it shouldn’t be your responsibility to move out, you’ll get your privacy back sooner if you leave rather than trying to cajole your roommate into leaving. She probably won’t want to leave and you’ll be stuck with her longer. You have more control over what you do than what she does. She’s already proved that point.

  9. cjscjs711

    June 18, 2016 at 9:38 PM

    Forgot about the funeral. I have a different take on it.

    The excuse he gave – sorry – is so extremely lame that I cannot blame them for taking it as a snub.

    I also do not believe it. Who ever heard of such a thing – not going because not being able to deal with it. Was there going to be someone there who he didn’t want to see or didn’t want you to see? It makes no sense. I would give a child a pass for that excuse, but not a grown man who was a close friend. If he has a serious mental issue that it might have set off, perhaps. Otherwise, terrible excuse and then she had to endure guests’ shock and consternation when they heard this lame excuse for why he wasn’t there.

  10. roon

    June 22, 2016 at 3:06 AM

    To the funeral letter writer… stop making this tragedy about yourself. Don’t you dare bring anymore attention to your breech of etiquette to the parties that are grieving. How selfish to seek their approval and acceptance when they’re working through tremendous grief. Let it go, you and your man messed up, now live with your choices.

  11. allusernamestaken

    June 22, 2016 at 10:34 PM

    to the funeral girl…It was his BEST FRIEND and he died SUDDNELY.. he should have wanted to be there to show respect and give the family support!!! wow! i am going to imagine many people wouldnt even want you there at that wedding.. maybe you should consider not going to not ruin everyones day (since you had no problem missing a funeral i assume you would have no problem missing a freaking wedding). if he couldnt support his friend, he wont be there to support you in the future.. and hell if you die now, none of his friends (or even your bf) would show up.

    To the roomate situation.. get over it! i lived with roomates my entire life and if they had boyfriends it is a given they would be there all the time!!!! if you want a roomate to have no guests (which sounds like you do) you need to tell them in the beginning.. i see ads on CL all the time ‘no overnight guests’ then obviously if you get a BF or a friend you cant have one over as well. you didnt say wht situation you wanted so that is what ou get… i do understand that they should not be taking up the couch so you can tel her to have the family sleep in her room – personally this wouldnt bother me. and in the future with your next roomate get one of the ‘no overnight guest’ types. i was never home in college and i did most of my studying at school in the library and with friends ect.. when i was home i was socializing and all that! you didnt speak up in the beginning so deal with it and make sure you find the living situation of your desires next time.

    to the people that work seperate hours.. i understand you are probably doing that for the money right? i get it.. childcare is super expensive and if you dont have family members around to help it gets tough. i assume you have 2 nights a week together?? try to spend one night a week just you two! and honestly, you have kids and when you do its all about them! i played a millions sports and my siblings did as well. my parents were ALL about us and took us everywhere! so i mean, they didnt have much ‘alone’ time growing up! my dad worked shift work as well. that is kind of the life you have but i dont think you will regret it if you want to do everything with your kis! and as they get older and are involved in sports and more activities it will be important to have a parent to watch their games and drive them around.

    to the girl with the coworker.. you are just getting attention from someone else and its exciting and new.. find out why you arent attracted to your husband and work on lighting the spark. all relationships go through that at one point or another – its nothing new!

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