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Are You The One? Episode 2 Recap

Tonight’s episode of Are You the One? begins with John feeling down. He wants Julia, not Emma! And what might be the best solution to his emotional crisis? Well, maybe he should do some shots! Unfortunately, Julia’s not actually that into the guy, so maybe John should go a little easy on his declarations of love for her at this point. As John goes spinning into temporary madness, we get to know some of the other guys better, like Sam. Sam looks like a typical surfer, but he loves the Twilight movies and he’s got a sensitive side and Alyssa is already smitten. Then she falls out of a hammock, but let’s not judge her; those suckers are tricky.

The next day there’s a challenge where the winners will get to head off on a Getaway Date – but to win the challenge, the teams will have to do an awful lot of licking. Yes, there’s a variety of stuff to tongue: tomato paste, a spicy bean mixture, peanut butter, and fish paste. Listen, all of that sounds rather disgusting for sure, but isn’t it better to know early on if someone you might be interested in is any good at licking? I applaud MTV for this challenge because it just makes good long-term sense.

The group has to partner up and Camille is disturbed to see Julia pair up with John because she thinks she’s just leading him on, but none of that really matters at the moment. All that does matter is figuring out who gags easily (Victoria) and who might have the distinction of having once broken a guy’s penis – which I think maybe we should come back at some point. The winning teams end up being Morgan and Nicole, John and Julia, and Francesca and Asaf and the six of them will get to go play in gigantic balls on the water while the rest of the group goes back to the house to figure out which couple should be voted into the Truth Booth next.

It seems that the group as a whole would love for John and Julia to get into that booth of truth, if only so John can finally find out for sure whether or not this girl is his match because, if she’s not, he’d better start looking at someone else. But these are just silly concerns, John realizes. The two of them are from Louisiana! They might even have mutual friends on Facebook! Is it even possible to have a more profound connection than that? Oh, it’s totally possible? Okay – then you break that news to John because the guy is starting to scare me. In the meantime, the others are annoyed with Julia for leading John on and Emma glares at her, knowing full well that girls like Julia are the only reason why she’s still single.

In another part of the house, Mikala and Cameron are bonding and he makes sure to tell her that he’s not just the hook-up type – and she responds by leaning in to kiss him, so nicely played, Cameron! Also getting some action are Asaf and Francesca, though he’s annoyed that she just wants to talk once they get into the Boom Boom Room. Um, Francesca? Asaf is not actually interested in chatting with you right now. He’d rather “make love.” Me? I’d rather vomit. A more serious connection is happening between Gio and Kaylen. They discuss his rough past and she calls him out when she doesn’t quite agree with what he’s saying and he seems to like her direct nature. It’s too bad those two don’t get to go on the Getaway Date, but the chosen ones are excited and they dive into humongous inflatable balls that roll and twist and the entire thing looks f***ing terrifying.

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1 Comment

  1. Jman123

    June 22, 2016 at 10:24 AM

    I wonder if it is like the MTV Challenge shows or Real World where physical violence gets you thrown out. If John actually attacks someone and they throw him out, then presumably his match would get tossed out. They couldn’t replace the 2 because any replacements would be a match. He seems to be auditioning to be a future slot on Challenge or, maybe someday, a contestant on Bachelorette. I don’t know if MTV has ever had to give out the prize money as the odds seem to be against the contestants. If I remember my probability, the number of possible pairings are 10! (10 factorial, or 10*9*8*7…). The contestants don’t appear to have any clue as to what the matching criteria is – i.e. are the matchmakers looking for similar traits or opposite/complementary traits – so that doesn’t really narrow it down.

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