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“Dr. Reality Steve,” & Jordan the Raya King & a Profile on Me And the Site

We’re at a point right now in the “Bachelorette” season where things are gonna start to get ramped up. Crazy things happening, tabloids going nuts, and every story imaginable will start hitting the newsstands every Wednesday most gossip rags are released. This happens every season. This is nothing new. And every one of these magazines are going to have salacious headlines that are attention grabbers to make people buy their magazine. It’s a given. That’s what they do, it’s how they stay in business. You don’t see headlines on tabloids of how great things are going in relationships. That doesn’t sell. It’s always about cheating, or pregnancy rumors, or who’s the new person who’s dating who, or some past drug scandal, or celebrity feuds. Wash, rinse, repeat to all of these every season. And yes, sometimes tabloids are accurate with what they report. But more often that not, and it’s basically impossible to know the exact percentage, most of the stories are exaggerated versions of the truth, or just flat out lies. It is what it is. The “Bachelorette” world is such a popular topic among the tabloids, which adds to the reasoning as to why people go on this show. A lot of them feel that any publicity is bad publicity. So they don’t mind what’s in the magazine about them, as long as it’s in the magazine.

If you were following along on Twitter last night, I’m sure you’ve seen what went down. I’m not going to go into a huge breakdown of this today (I’ll save that for Tuesday), but the basics of the story are this:

ET Online posted this story yesterday that Jordan Rodgers had an active Raya account. Something I told you all last week. What they were able to provide was a screen shot of his profile. Well, a phone took a picture of another phone with his profile on it because, as I mentioned last week, if you’re on Raya and you screen shot profiles or conversations, you get booted off the app. Jordan responded with this:

About 30 minutes after Jordan’s tweet, I had an email exchange with someone who called him out for lying because her friend had just seen Jordan’s Raya profile when she was on her account, which was yesterday at 5:51pm PST. So she sent me the screen shot.

Then Jordan, seemingly backed into a corner, decided to write this diatribe that basically made matters worse for himself:


So there you go. I’m gonna let all that marinate with you for the next four days and I’ll lay out my thoughts on Tuesday. But just ponder these questions while you’re at it:

-If Jordan was a single man, or was never chosen by JoJo, why would he be so quick to tell everyone he cancelled his account right when he got his phone back in May? What would he care if he wasn’t trying to defend himself? Hell, Robby and Grant’s Bumble accounts are active right now. People have sent me shots of those. You don’t see them writing diatribes talking about start dates, auto renewals, etc.

-JoJo’s best friend tweeted at me “this story is false” after I posted the ET Online story. About two minutes later she deleted her tweet. Again, why would JoJo’s best friend run to Jordan’s defense?

-That screenshot he took of his bill is laughable. All it says is that his subscription will expire on June 13th. Great. How do we know he let it expire? Just proves to me that account WAS open from the time of filming until at least June 13th. What a moron.

-The argument of, “He couldn’t be that dumb to be on his account since he’s been back” holds zero water. Really? Need I remind you that tabloids HAD PICTURES of Ben Flajnik after filming doing this with women, and he was the actual BACHELOR and engaged to Courtney! So yes, it is possible to be that stupid and make poor judgments.

-And with Jordan’s “letter,” he basically made someone out to be a liar. It’s either him or JoJo. Jordan claims he was never an official contestant on the show until a day before he left for filming. Even the US Weekly story that came out 11 days before filming confirming him he says he had never signed anything and hadn’t decided yet. Fine. I can believe that because I did hear he was added very late to the process. So that matches up. However, now that puts into question JoJo’s story (as if it wasn’t already a flimsy story) of “meeting” an ex of his in the winter who warned her about him. If Jordan wasn’t a contestant until the day before filming started, it calls into question even more this BS story of JoJo meeting with one of Jordan’s exes long before that.

There are so many things wrong with what Jordan wrote in that letter and he’s basically making things worse for himself. Jordan, you say you completely cancelled your account in May when you got back. There are screen shots of your profile still showing up on people’s accounts as late as yesterday at 5:51pm PST. I’ll let the viewers decide on this one. Good luck.

UPDATE: Jordan has just posted this this morning on Twitter to still show the whole world he swears he hasn’t been on Raya since before the show…

On to lighter news, yesterday Texas Monthly released a feature they did on me that’s on stands for their July issue. It’s about an in depth of a piece that’s ever been done on me and the site and hits on a couple things many people don’t know about, namely the stalker I had/have. I don’t like to talk about it much and I doubt I’ll ever get into detail about it since, well, you probably wouldn’t even believe the stuff that was done to me. Hell, I lived it and I still don’t believe it. Not to mention my ex that knew everything the stalker did because I had to tell her, then ended up doing it herself as well and blamed it on the stalker since it was consistent with the stalker’s behavior. Been a rough few years. And you wonder why I may have a hard time trusting and believing people. But regardless, hopefully you’ll enjoy the profile.

Now lets get to your Dr. Reality Steve emails, shall we?


Dear Steve,

My friend, let’s call her Katie, is 40 and has been dating this guy, let’s call him Winston, for about two years now. Winston is in his early 40’s as well. Winston still lives at home with his mom, but stays at Katie’s place up to 5 nights per week, so he lives with her 70%+ of the time. They’ve talked about moving in together, but apparently he is unable to leave his mother’s house due to financial reasons, he says he is a key contributor towards her mortgage and she can’t manage the payments on her own. Given his age, to me, it seems ridiculous to be financially tied to a parent at that point in life, but I digress.

Katie moved in March into a new, smaller apartment—much nicer area and nicer apartment, but not as big. She went from two bedrooms down to one but she also went from living next door to some pretty sketchy people, to living in a lovely part of the city across the street from a park. Katie works at home so not having a separate room for her office is causing issues, she says she doesn’t want her office in a ‘shared space’. Her apartment is filled with their/his stuff: clothing, desk, air filters/purifiers, plus he is an Amway rep so has energy drinks and vitamins stacked all over the place. It’s a complete mess, so she wants to move again, into another 2 bedroom apartment so her office can be in a separate room and there is more living space for the two of them. BUT, Winston doesn’t contribute financially AT ALL towards Katie’s rent and she is maxed out on what she can spend.

As her friends, though we are cautious about offering unsolicited relationship advice, it is ridiculous that she would consider putting herself out financially or moving back to an undesirable location in the city to accommodate Winston when he isn’t ready to make any commitment to her. Even more ridiculous to us is that they are both in their 40s and have been together for 2+ years. If they aren’t ready to make a commitment by now, we feel like they never will be. We think she doesn’t want to let him go because she’s afraid she won’t find somebody new at this stage in her life. He actually told her that she was ruining their here and now in their relationship by focusing too much on the future.

She says she loves him, but this living situation is not working practically or financially and it causes her a lot of stress. There are also other issues in their relationship, he is religious (he is actually a part-time pastor), she is not (she identifies as atheist). Plus, they don’t to mesh with each other’s friends at all. As her friends, how do think we should approach this? She is stubborn and we don’t want to alienate her. My personal approach has been to wait until she brings something up, listen and offer friendly advice. When he made the comment about wanting her to focus on the future, I scoffed a little and told her it was beyond reasonable for her to do so given they had been together for over a year. Since then, she hasn’t said anything specific about their relationship, just that she wants to move to a bigger place. Do we bring it up again? How should we broach the subject with her?

Curious in Canada

Comment: The first thing that struck me was not just the fact that he’s a 40+ man living at home with his mom, but, that he can’t move because he pays the mortgage and she can’t manage payments on her own. Ummmmm, he can move out and still make the payments. It’s not that hard. Sounds like an excuse to me.

Tough approach for you guys since it doesn’t sound like wants to or even will listen to what you have to say. The whole thing is pretty screwed up. It just doesn’t sound like the ideal situation because this guy doesn’t even want to help pay her rent even though he’s there 5 days a week. Not to mention the differences you said they have in their relationship. She probably has reached a comfortability with him where she doesn’t want to let him go for fear of finding someone else. And that’s never a good idea.

I think the approach you’re taking is the approach to go with. Wait until she brings it up before you say anything. And when she does, offer your advice. If she doesn’t listen, that’s not on you. Not in an attacking way, but just tell her you think it’s weird he can’t pay him mom’s mortgage if he moved in with her, that he doesn’t help her out with her rent, etc. So at least she knows those are your concerns and maybe it’ll set something off in her head. Probably not, but, at least your side is out there. My gut feeling is these two will eventually part ways. Too much baggage here.

Hi Dr. Steve!

I think you do an awesome job answering these letters. I think you may have missed your calling as an advice columnist.

I was reading your advice to the girl who has roommate issues and unwelcome guests. I have a similar situation only with my husband.

My parents visit my family (me, my 2 kids, and my husband) about every 6 weeks. They sleep in our guest room. My mom is a little ditzy and spoiled. She is not mean but she’ll leave lights on or fans running or open a drink without finishing the first and it drives him crazy. He also can’t stand to listen to all her “gossip” (I call them updates) on friends and family. He is barely civil to her. He tries to avoid being in the same room with her and if he is then he’s on his phone disengaged. He used to try and fake it but he’s over it.

His behavior is obvious (eye rolling, sighing, loudly throwing away soda cans) and she tries her best to be helpful but she is never going to please him unless she just stops visiting. On top of his barely pleasant behavior my husband also gripes to me about her. I try to listen and be understanding because I get it. But I’m nice to his family I think he should man up and do the same for me. They live in Houston and we’re in Dallas. I try to visit them twice a year with the kids so he gets a break but with school it’s just easier for them to visit us.

My kids are still little and adore their grandparents. They sit in the front window waiting for my parents to pull up and they count down weekends until their next visit.

Should he suck it up and deal with it? Should I come up with a different arrangement? Or should I keep smiling and pretending that everything is fine hoping that he’ll decide to play nice?

Stuck in the Middle

Comment: The ol’ my-husband-doesn’t-like-my-parent dilemma. All you can do on your end is talk to your mom privately and politely tell her just to remember to do certain things when she’s over. I don’t think asking your mom to maybe shut off the fan or throw away a can is asking much. She can do that. The gossip thing is probably in her nature and will be hard to get her to stop, but it is something you can still say, “Mom, we don’t need to know about that stuff” without her getting offended. Just not in front of him.

On his end, sure, he could probably do a better job of hiding it. You should just talk to both separately. I don’t think this is a major issue per se. Your mom just annoys him. It happens. So your mom can do better job of taking care of things on her end and your husband can just pretend to be civil when she’s there. Is your mom aware that he doesn’t care for her, or is she oblivious? If she has no idea, then for the time being, you should be fine I think. She seems to be off in her own little world, so this is just more of a pain for you. Tell her privately, tell him to just deal with it, and hopefully both will get better.

Hi Steve,

You said your Dr.Reality Steve emails are low so I’ll send you 2 situations, one for me and one for my friend

1. My fiancé has the worst luck with jobs. In the time span that I have known him I can’t even count how many jobs he has had. Most of the time it’s not his fault- the company either shuts down or it’s a temp job or he gets laid off. Sometimes it is his fault though either he calls in too many times or he just quits without another job lined up. We moved in together about 3 years ago and at the time I didn’t want him helping with bills (he has offered several times) because I made almost double what he did. I would’ve felt too guilty and basically would’ve taken his whole paycheck. He pays mostly when we go out and buys groceries and things for the house. I feel like that’s more fair than taking his whole paycheck. My reasoning is I bought the house by myself and paid for all the bills myself when I lived alone, but if we move somewhere different, I want him to help. He is good with his money though, knows when to splurge and if he makes a big purchase, it’s something he has researched. He had a rough childhood, some traumatic things happened that most people do not go through so he isn’t exactly emotionally stable when things get rough. So when he loses a job, (whether it’s voluntary or not) I feel like I need to be to be here supportive instead of disappointed or upset.

On the other hand, I’ve worked for the same company for going on 8 years. I would never quit without another job lined up. Yes I am lucky, but I have always worked hard, rarely call out, and if God forbid something happened, I would apply anywhere and everywhere. I would get in touch with anyone I could to get a new job. My concern is we want to get a bigger house once we get married, something that will require us to split the bills but how do I get him to have the same drive and urgency that I do? I’m afraid we won’t be able to get a bigger house because of his unsteady income or we will and he will quit and i’ll be stressed about how we will pay for bills. He has a degree, but it’s a rough field because it’s a niche market and we would have to move to a different state so for now he does what he can get. This sounds like it’s going to be an issue that’s not going away. It’s not like this is a 6 month thing or whatever. You said you moved in 3 years ago, so I assume it’s been at least that long where he can’t keep a job. The bottom line is, no, he doesn’t have the same drive and will as you. And probably never will. That switch doesn’t just flip overnight unfortunately. So basically you’re stuck dealing with this until he changes his ways. Is that something you think you can get through? Hoping he finds a job and settles down? If it is, then stick it out. If it’s not, then I wouldn’t. But again, he’s your fiancé so I understand it’s a pretty big decision to make. Just know that his lack of job motivation doesn’t look like it’s getting rectified anytime soon.

2. About a year ago, I was out at the bar with my single friend. She lives in a trendy part of town with bars within walking distance. Neither one of us (when I was single) has ever been the type to go to bars looking for a guy. It was always just to drink, have fun, and relieve the stressful week. If it happens, great, but that was never the sole purpose of going out. Anyway, we were walking back to her apartment and these 2 guys (also walking back to their apartment) started hitting on us and she invited them to drink some more beers at her apartment. It was maybe 2 am at this point and they stayed for about an hour or so hanging out. I didn’t think she was interested in either of them, because she normally would pull me aside. I was outside talking to one of them and he asked me about my friend-is she single, do I think she’s interested, etc. I said I didn’t know if she was interested. After they left, I told her about him asking me about her and she was upset that I didn’t mention it sooner. So we chased after them (straight from a movie) and caught up and they exchanged numbers. Earlier in the night, we had all talked about wishing this good breakfast place was open. We invited them to come back over and would just drink more until that place opens at 6. He came back but just him the other guy wanted to check on their friend who they said was passed out on the couch. So the 3 of us drank, talked, watched movies until 6. I would’ve left them to be alone but she wanted me to stay. We had breakfast and then he kissed her, said he wanted to see her again (a few hours later) since he would be going back to the same bar that afternoon to watch a football game. Well she went to sleep and didn’t text him until around 5pm he never responded. She tried texting again a few days later. no. response. ever. Who does that? Neither one of us can figure it out. Why would he spend 5 hours with someone if he wasn’t interested? If he was just looking for some a**, I would think he would’ve just made some excuse to leave before breakfast. Or maybe the “friend” that was passed out on the couch might’ve been his gf. It was the right number because he did the “I’m calling you now you have my number”. This whole thing is being brought up again because she received a text from someone she doesn’t know recently asking how she’s been and believes it might be him. Not long after this, she met her now bf and this guy was the last guy she gave her number to. I’m just blown away by the whole thing because it looked to me like they were hitting it off. I know it doesn’t really matter now lol but we both would still like your unbiased opinion.

Comment: You’re right. It doesn’t matter now. She has a boyfriend and this was a year ago. At least you understand that part. With that said, who knows what his deal was? Maybe he was just drunk and horny, and the second he left there, he never had any intention of seeing her again. I wouldn’t spend much time dissecting one night a year ago where your friend hung out with a dude for 5 hours and never heard from him again. Probably happens to women every weekend in every city in America. Just chalk it up to a guy who wasn’t really all that interested but made it seem like he was.

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  1. rob22

    June 23, 2016 at 9:17 AM

    Stuck in the Middle: Ever heard the expression that in-laws are like fish. They start to stink after three days! So, although you might think visits every six weeks are great. He doesn’t feel that way. Every six week visits can only be pulled off if you both REALLY, REALLY love your parents and want to spend as much time with them as possible. I have seen cases of this, but they’re in the minority. We just had a visit from my in-laws last month & we both like them a lot. But honestly 2-3 times a year is all either of us can handle. I think if they visited every six months I’d really despise them (and so would my wife).

    Bottom line: you have to realize that you’re in the 10% of people that want their parents around all the time. Your husband is one of the other 90%. I suggest cutting down on the frequency and length of their visits. Really, I’m thinking 3X/year for no more than four days is more realistic. At any rate, far less frequent than what you’re doing right now. My suggestion is to ask your husband for feedback on the frequency/length of visit question. Get him to agree to something & don’t push him towards more than he wants. All the frequent visits are doing is causing him to hate your parents. It’s not that they’re terrible, but visiting guests always have their quirks & they do get on the nerves. For that reason, don’t take it personal & neither should your parents. I sincerely doubt he’d want ANYONE to be in his house that frequently. MOST people don’t.

    Less is more quite often, and especially in this case. He’ll be able to tolerate their quirks if they visit less frequently & IF he buys into the frequency. (his buy-in, un-coerced, is key) Your parents have no say in this. You’re just going to have to explain that the visits are a little too frequent & you’d like to make sure that future visits, though less frequent, are higher quality & more enjoyable for all. This is a “we” statement in solidarity with your husband. Don’t throw your husband under the bus or you’ll just make things worse. Time to put on your big girl pants.

  2. crushonspivey

    June 23, 2016 at 9:21 AM

    They sure go to great lengths to try to protect the farce that this show has become. JoJo and Jordan will break up within 3 months of the After show. And JoJo will be back with Chad, just with a fatter wallet.

    It is funny how many Texans love to play ball with this franchise. Because everything is bigger in Texas, including the whoppers they are willing to tell or be a part of.

  3. j1scarlett

    June 23, 2016 at 9:44 AM

    @Rob22 I know it seems like a logical answer to cut down on the visits, but at the same time I believe that you should spend as much time as possible with your parents (as long as the relationship is good and you want to see them) because one day they will die and you cant see them at all. You’re saying she should have them visit a total of 12 days a year, but would she regret not spending more time with them once they are gone? would the children be upset they didnt get to spend as much time with their grandparents as they could? Honestly I think the husband should get over it and deal with it, otherwise I worry she’ll kind of resent him once they pass on. People rarely regret spending too much time with loved ones…

  4. angelfish

    June 23, 2016 at 10:12 AM

    ^^^ Totally agree, j1scarlet. The supposed “adult” husband needs to find things to do that take him out of his Mother-in-law’s orbit during the visit and dial down the judgement. His kids need their grandparents and his wife needs her mom, and that is never going to change. It sounds like he looks for things to criticize and is the only one that has a problem.

    As an alternate, maybe the daughter needs to take her kids to see her parents more often and leave the baby she’s married to at home.

  5. rob22

    June 23, 2016 at 10:50 AM

    @angelfish: I think that’s a good compromise position to have the wife go and visit her family. I don’t think the husband’s position is unreasonable at all, btw. But if the wife wants to spend lots of time with the parents, then going to see them takes his irritations out of the equation.

    The overall premise I’m offering is that a married couple is a team. Having the parents visit when you know that it irritates your husband is not being a team. That undermines the relationship. It could be argued in the reverse that the husband preventing his wife from seeing her family is similarly not being a team. So, I’m presuming the husband could hold up his end of the team by supporting her seeing her family at her parents house.

    Hey, it’s great to have such a great relationship with the family. I don’t want to say otherwise. But assuming that your spouse should just go along with the game & live with very frequent visits is not such a wise approach.

    My wife takes her parents golfing a couple of times each time they visit so I can relax. It’s great because I get time away & I completely recognize that she’s doing it for my benefit. (She doesn’t even need to say that she’s doing it for me. I just know). Extra love points for the wife understanding my needs. So, yeah, planning time out of the house during the visits will help ease the burden too. And… yeah, hubby needs to ease up on the parents if these accommodations of his needs are being made. Open soda cans can certainly be ignored. I just think that the soda cans are more of a symptom of his aggravation with them being there all the time, more than the soda cans themselves.

  6. mgrey

    June 23, 2016 at 11:48 AM

    Wouldn’t this be a breach in Jordan’s contract? He’s making it very obvious that he and Jojo are together

  7. angelfish

    June 23, 2016 at 12:14 PM

    I think the muddy water Jordan is creating by all his Raya website lies will counteract the obviousness of him being JoJo’s choice.

    Anybody here that doesn’t follow Steve’s Twitter is missing the real show right now. Jordan just keeps stepping on his own d!ck harder & harder.

  8. vessel

    June 23, 2016 at 2:36 PM

    I must go with rob22’s first comment. If my husband wanted (or insisted) that his parents stay with us with that kind of frequency it would put a HUGE strain on our marriage. I think every 6 weeks is ridiculous and unnecessary, quite frankly, especially when you know your spouse hates it. I think 3 times a year is absolutely acceptable. Especially since the wife and kids can speak on the phone to her family every day if she wishes, and in this day and age they can Skype, etc and any number of options that are not invading she and her husband’s shared home. Not to mention the obvious: if The wife and kids are so close to her parents/grandparents they are free to spend time in THEIR city and leave hubby at home for the weekend. Why do she and her husband always have to be the hosts? I’m betting he not only loathes the visits, but he spends time dreading the visit in the weeks leading up to it, as well. That’s no recipe for a great marriage, and resentment can really fester. If she agreed to far less frequent visits in their home, and she took the kids from time to time to visit them in their city I’d bet he’d be far more willing to smile and be congenial on the occasions they did come.

  9. justa_viewer

    June 23, 2016 at 2:56 PM

    Full disclosure: Don’t have in-laws, but think I do have family, some of whom are downright annoying

    1. These in-laws visit about 6-7 times a year! Crikey! Not to mention that the wife takes the kids down there to visit a couple of times a year as well. That’s a lot of visiting. I wonder how often HIS family visits and how she would feel if HIS family showed up for X number of days every six weeks….I’m just sayin’.

    2. They are not staying in a hotel, they stay in the house with the husband. Maybe a hotel is the answer. Visiting and gossiping and depositing empty cans wherever could all be done in the hotel room, with minimal (manageable) time spent at the house.

    3. Do we know how long the in-laws stay each time they come to visit? Is it a weekend? A week? It’s important to know, because a week is a heck of a long time to put up with annoying people, especially when you know it will be happening every six weeks or so. And even if it’s just a weekend, maybe the husband looks forward to his weekends as the only time in the week when he feels he can relax. My point is that we can all make suggestions, but we’re somewhat limited by not really knowing more about the situation–length of visits, husband’s perspective, etc.

    4. The wife is defending her parents’ right to visit as often as every 6 weeks, even to the point of minimizing the “annoying-ness” of her mother’s sloppy and gossipy habits (oh, and notice how she refers to “my children”, not “our children”, like it’s her and the parents and the kids against the recalcitrant husband). Yet she says her husband complains about her mother and she (the wife) “gets it”. So let me see–you get it, you get how he would be annoyed, but secretly you think he should just suck it up anyway and “play nice”. Wow–Way to support your husband. Think about this: it’s true, your parents won’t always be there. But your husband will, long after they’re gone. (Unless he begins to feel like you are putting him second, and he rethinks how he feels about that.) So where’s the consideration for him? I’d like to have gotten a better sense of that from your email.

    5. Fewer visits to your home, or get a hotel; more time out of the house when your folks are visiting, so your husband doesn’t feel like his home is no longer his sanctuary–I think those are all great ideas.

    I have to say your email made me wonder about your relationship with your husband. Maybe it’s problematic and all the family visits give you a respite from spending time with him, intimate or otherwise. Or it could be that he’s a great guy but just not, for example, a talker or touchy-feely person, and you are and so is your mom, and she simply fulfills some strong needs you have that your husband is unable to fulfill. Or it could be none of those things. Regardless, I still think you need to compromise here. Just my opinion.

  10. amberhoped

    June 23, 2016 at 3:26 PM

    Inactivate? That’s all the proof I need that this guy isn’t smart enough to cover his tracks.

  11. cjscjs711

    June 23, 2016 at 4:52 PM

    What is funny is that Jordan seems clueless that what he’s doing here here is about as blantently obvious as Kaitlyn’s accidental Snapchat or Nick’s 3rd party video on the airplane. On that hand. On the other, now that he’s pretty well spilled the beans, “cancel” would be more appropriate to do than “inactivate.”

    Parents – many times I have thought to myself, I would give everything I own, every single thing, if I could spend just one more day with my mother. I still feel that way although she died 16 years ago. There is nothing like a mother, or father. No substitute. Compromise.

    The Europe vacation – sounds more like a transaction than a relationship. People sometimes need space you know.

  12. texasgurl

    June 23, 2016 at 4:56 PM

    I’m not a rocket scientist when it comes to emails but the first response from Raya is in a blue color and hidden…the last response by Raya is in black and could easily be an email he made up and signed Thanks, Raya. This guy is the ultimate douchebag and I hope Jojo has enough self respect to kick him to the curb. He is going to continue to bury himself. He is going to make her ex Chad look like an angel. No clue what these women see in this guy. I thought he was a worm before I read anything about him. Can’t wait to see him get his just desserts. Agree-that email re your subscription is about to expire?? These girls must have believed everything but the general public will or already is on to his BS.

  13. vessel

    June 24, 2016 at 10:32 AM

    @justa_viewer All excellent suggestions. You made my point much better than I did! 🙂

  14. kimmyfromdablock

    June 24, 2016 at 12:29 PM

    @cjcjs — your comment about missing your mother… sweet and heartbreaking.

    I didn’t read Steve’s profile that he did, but a stalker and an ex-girlfriend imitating the original stalker? Huh? I’m going to go out on a limb and guess that what would be odd and a lack of boundaries for me is stalker level for Steve. Just sayin.

  15. CordovaLady

    June 24, 2016 at 3:01 PM

    I followed Steve during his stalker period and from what I saw on Twitter and his website, it was pretty serious. I can understand his caution or trust issues completely.

  16. allusernamestaken

    June 25, 2016 at 8:23 AM

    for the guy with the inlaws.. i actually dont agree with rob22 for once. I think they should be able to visit as much as possible.. they live far apart and they are there helping with the kids.. plus, kids get more involved and activities as they get older and it is so much harder to go and visit the parents when your kids have soccer, basketball ect practices on the weekends not to mention school.. and then bringing kids in a car with toys, food ect.. its alot of work! i would be so freaking appreciated to have my parents come and stay with us that often (my parents live so far away and i dont have kids, but they would come as much as possible!!) and yes, parents can be super annoying!! but you know what, they do some pretty nice things as well! if your mom cooks, buys you guys groceries or helps out.. that should be enough! so what if your husband rolls his eyes.. tell him to grow up or to go out! haha my girlfriend had her mom visit from overseas 6 months a year and drove the husband nuts but she helped out with the kid and the husband put up with it!

  17. allusernamestaken

    July 15, 2016 at 8:00 AM

    is it possible to private message someone?

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