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(EXCLUSIVE CLIP): Quinn & Rachel Butt Heads on Tonight’s Episode of UnREAL

So Chet wants “Everblasting” whereas Quinn and Rachel would like a more romance feel to the show. I’m not sure exactly who will eventually end up winning out (although I have my guesses), but that seems to have taken a backseat to the coup that Rachel is trying to gain control of the show. To recap, Rachel goes behind Quinn’s back to the network head Gary, essentially throwing both Quinn and Chet under the bus so he’d give control of the show to her. Gary obliges in stripping Quinn and Chet of running the show, but instead of Rachel, he brings in Coleman, much to the chagrin of Rachel…until Coleman makes it clear he wants in her pants and now Rachel is in a major position of power.

But what is that saying? “With power comes responsibility,” and knowing how loopy Rachel can be at times (as evidenced by her “Everlasting” meltdown 2 seasons ago in the finale), then not taking her meds this season, is that just a volcano waiting to erupt? Considering Coleman has loved constantly giving Quinn his resume and how great he is at making shows, it seems like he’s way out of his league when it comes to “Everlasting.” Probably the reason he’s leaning on Rachel so much – in more ways than one. These two are a complete powder keg, and still knowing that Adam is lurking out there somewhere ready to make an appearance this season, I have a feeling we’re being set up for a major three-way showdown between Rachel, Coleman, and Adam.

In the meantime, Rachel has bigger fish to fry as Quinn has just found out she went behind her back to Gary, and if there’s one person you probably don’t want to cross in “Everlasting” land, it’s Quinn. Think she took that in stride? Think maybe Quinn is ok with Rachel trying to swoop in and grab control of the show that Quinn made? Ummmm, think again. This exclusive clip from tonight’s episode should tell you all you need to know…

Yeah, now Rachel not only has something to prove to herself, but also to Quinn. With Coleman looking over her shoulder, there’s a good chance Rachel loses it this season – again. But it’ll be a hell of time watching it happen.

UnREAL airs tonight on Lifetime at 10/9c.

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