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Hey Steve,

I made a bet with a friend that I would go this season without reading your spoilers, because he was convinced I was “ruining the show” by following your site. He convinced me, “Give it one more try without spoiling the whole season. Otherwise, why even watch it?” Work became extremely busy for me, so it was not too hard to stick to the bet during filming. Then I watched the first episode, and literally fell asleep.

Needless to say, I lost the bet. The next day, I logged on to your site, did a marathon read, and now I can finally watch the show without being bored out of my mind. There’s just something about knowing what is going to happen, and watching for all of the inconsistencies which, to me, is the most fun part of this “reality” show. Thanks for that J

Which brings me to UnREAL. I’ve become obsessed. I wish I could marathon through the whole season now!!! They are completely killing it. Do you think this will in any way prompt the Bachelor/Bachelorette to go with a minority lead? I highly doubt it, but I think it would be a great change of pace. Just don’t think it’ll happen.

Anyhow, thanks for all of the work that you do, and the amazing backstories you provide to actually make this show interesting. You’re like the TMZ of the Bachelor/Bachelorette nation. LOL. If you want the information first, you know where to look.


Comment: I don’t think the “Bachelor/ette” will ever go with a minority lead until they have a minority that makes it to the final four of the season they’re on. And even then, there’s still no guarantee. Look at Caila last season. Basically I’m saying I don’t think they’ll go off book and just book a lead that wasn’t on a previous, much less a minority brought out of nowhere. Because then it would just seem like they were pandering. They’d never do that.

Hi Steve!

I’m a huge fan of your page! Thank you for making the bachelor/bachelorette/BIP so much better. I have a few questions for you.

1. I know you mentioned early on the possibility of Jef Holm from Emily’s season being on BIP, did that ever happen? Nope.

2. As far as being a producer on the show, do a lot of these producers change every season or do they stay longer? Also, how do they hire these people? I’ve just noticed lately they seem to be resulting more to cheap story lines (like the magazine and JOJO “running into” Jordan’s ex) instead of thinking of other ways to push the story line. The main producers have been around a while. Others that are lower on the totem pole change.

3. Do you think there’s any chance of anyone other than Luke being the bachelor? Ya he’s sweet and all but he is kind of boring. Sean Lowe didn’t scream “Mr. Personality” in the least bit, and he’s one of the most popular they ever had. Chris Soules was a freakin’ farmer who lived in Bumblef**k, Iowa and he got the gig. It’s not far fetched at all to think Luke Pell will get it. And he probably will from what I’m hearing.

4. Do you think they would ever bring in Robbie to confront Chad about his “relationship” with Hope? I know Robbie is top 2 so he wouldn’t be at the men tell all, but do you think they would try to set something up maybe at the after the final rose?

Have a great week and thank you!!!!!

Comment: I doubt it. I don’t see where it could happen unless he takes to Twitter and/or Instagram.

Hi Steve,

Just had a question for you, In your opinion do you think that Ben and Lauren’s show could end up with them getting married as remember there was talk about them having a summer wedding and all that, just wanted to know your thoughts

Loyal reader

Comment: It’s certainly possible. Those shows like to have big finales.

Hi Steve,

Ali Fedotowsky recently revealed in her blog that she went back to an ex in between filming the bachelor and bachelorette. Do you have any idea who the ex was? I’m not sure why I care other than I tried googling and couldn’t find anything and I hate when that happens. Though you would probably know.

Comment: No. Don’t know.

Hey Steve,

I just read today’s blog and i found it interesting about Josh and Amanda

Based on the last two seasons of BIP the couples that were always together always ended up Engaged.

If history Repeats itself, does that mean Josh will be the first person to get Engaged twice in the Franchise ??

Comment: Emily got engaged twice (Brad and Jef). Am I missing others? Is she really the only one?

Hi Steve!

This is probably a semi-dumb question because I’m 99% sure the answer is yes in some capacity, but is it looking like there will be a Jared/Ashley storyline of some form on BIP this season?


Comment: I’m pretty sure there is.

Hey RS!

I read your post about Ben and Lauren doing a reality tv show. I’m curious if it’s going to be a full blown show like KUWTK with multiple seasons or more along the lines of one of the Kardashian’s many spinoff series. Something like what Rob and Blac China are getting. It’s only a one time thing (for now) and is 6 episodes. The ET article described it as following their wedding planning and Ben’s political journey (interesting that it airs in October with the election in November) all leading up to their wedding. If it’s just a small, non continuing series, then I don’t think it will be too bad. I can also see why they would make the decision to do this. The last memory most of the public has of Ben is that disastrous Ily2gate. This would give him the opportunity to repair the bit of damage that did to his reputation as well as show his love of charity work and community involvement. All of those things would boost his political chances even more. And Lauren still gets to do whatever the hell it is she is doing..? I don’t think how many seasons has even been approached yet. They need to see how it does first. If it flops, they’d never commit to multiple seasons before the first episode of the first season even airs.

Also, you mentioned not many people know of Freeform. Not necessarily. It used to be ABC Family until they changed their name in January to appeal to a larger audience. People may not recognize the name change but they most likely know of the channel. I wonder if this is going to become the norm for post bachelor/ ette couples now though? Now that there’s an ABC format looking to cash in on that 18-24 demographic I can’t see this being a one and done. People brought this up to me after the fact. I forgot. I was reminded of that. But just the name “Freeform Channel” I don’t think immediately registers with people, “Oh hey, that was the old ABC Family channel.”

Speaking of post couples though, did you see the tweet Kaitlyn sent out after it was announced? She tweeted “Interesting……..” And then liked a tweet from someone saying that she’s always been treated unfairly by the Bachelorette people. Talk about sour grapes! I guess she is upset she wasn’t offered the show and is going to have to rely on YouTube for her series. Someone should remind her that she spoiled their show with her snapchat flub. Why would they continue to give her opportunities?

Comment: I saw the tweet and I can only think it was a shot at Ben & Lauren getting a show. I don’t think it was a personal shot. Just more of a shot in general that they got a show and, well, doesn’t look like Kaitlyn & Shawn do. Even though Jordan doesn’t know what the word means, unfortunately, a lot of these contestants think they’re entitled to stuff just because they were on the show.

Hi Steve,

I recently came across your blog after I got caught up in the drama of this season’s ‘The Bachelorette’. My question today is about Wells. I saw you make a comment in your episode 5 recap stating ‘If there was a Mayor of Friend Zone, Wells would be it.’ When I first saw him I got a sense that he doesn’t seem like the type of guy that typically goes on a show like this or that a girl as image and status conscious as jojo appears, would be into. What’s his story? Why have producers kept him around as long as they have?

Comment: His story is after last night that he was the last guy to kiss her. And now he’s gonna go on Paradise and try to make it work there.

Hi Steve

Just wanted to share an observation with you since you said you aren’t reading Andis book .

I am listening to the book on tape when I work out and although it is the worst writing I’ve ever heard , I am enduring it to get some insight and back story .

When I read your spoiler my first thought was what a weird couple . But then I just heard today Andi saying in the book that he had a bunch of blondes he followed and visa versa right after the breakup . Insinuating that he had a type and it was definitely a blonde . Secondly , she said he wanted to inpregnate her immediately ( even before the wedding )that surprised me , and wanted lots of kids .

Finally I think Amanda is polar opposite of Andi the lawyer . she is sweet and soft spoken and might blend well with his Alpha personality ….

Should be fun to watch !!!

Comment: Amanda definitely comes across as the complete opposite of Andi. Maybe that’s what Josh needs. However, I think once that relationship really starts (meaning from this point forward), I think Amanda is gonna realize that, well, the Josh on camera is different than the Josh off camera. But who knows? Maybe after first repairing his image on an E! dating show, Josh is a changed man and no longer is a jealous, insecure, short tempered boyfriend. I guess time will tell.

So, I just don’t get it. You said amanda went on a date with Nick the first night and then when Josh came shes been with him since. I have amanda and nick on snapchat, as well as Josh. A few weeks ago Amanda, her friend, Chris soules, Nick viall, ashley I, samantha steffan all went to some IHeart Radio concert thing they all go to. And in Ashleys snapchat you see her video taping Nick with chris soules right next to him, and then Amanda right in front of chris soules, kind of looked cuddlish with chris but I coudnt tell by the short amount of video tapage.

But overall, I still dont get it?? Why go to BIP just to go on a date with Nick when you’re constnatly with him/near him at all these events and have the chance to do so there?

Like obviously shes been in contact with Nick, and most likely Josh since he always tweeted about her. But like if you have kids wouldnt you wanna make it the easist possible way for you, by just meeting in person than wasting time in BIP just for the fame… I mean I get it they want exposure, but then why did Joe Bailey get so much crap for contacting samantha before BIP?

Comment: There’s so many things that are impossible to explain when it comes to these contestants. The best answer I can give you is they are all addicted to the fame, attention, gaining Instagram followers, etc. So whatever can advance that cause is what they will do.

I want to like JoJo. She’s a pretty lady, and sexy too. She seems like a genuinely nice person, too. But holy cow is she dumb as a brick when it comes to us menfolks. She isn’t just misreading people and situations—we all do that sometimes. She’s completely missing OBVIOUS things. You don’t have to know the backstory on Jordan to know he’s shady. Just look at how he answered the ex-girlfriend and cheating questions. What about Robby? He tells JoJo he loves her (ALREADY!) and she takes that as a great sign that this is all going to work out wonderfully for her. Furthermore, she gushes about his body and how she may have just “planned” the date so Robby could “strip down”…it’s so blindingly stooopid that it makes me wonder if JoJo even wrote it herself.

Anyway, she doesn’t seem like much of a protagonist at this point, more so like a slow moving train wreck that we’re all watching with one eye covered while we wince in our chairs and turn the sound down. This is gonna be ugly.

Comment: She openly admitted last season that she basically stayed in a relationship where a guy (her ex Chad) was cheating on her. Then they definitely were in touch after she got back from filming. So yeah, I definitely think she has some insecurities when it comes to men and dating and she kinda goes for the bad boys.

Hey Steve,

Some BIP casting questions for ya…

1) Josh and Amanda, huh? Poor Amanda, being strung along on the Josh Murray image rehab train. Josh can’t be serious about this like Lacey/Marcus or Tanner/Jade were, right? Any insight on Amanda in all of this? Is she actually wanting love, or happy to play along for the publicity? It’s impossible to know what’s really going on in these people’s heads. I just can’t buy any of them. Sorry.

2) Caila. Any scoop on why she finally decided to do it after you reported she wasn’t going to do it (after millsy tweeted out her name, to boot)? Did they offer her more money since Millsy confirmed her as a contestant? Not sure what they did to convince her to come on.

3) Speaking of money, how much do they get paid to be on the show? You’ve alluded before that it varies between flat rate vs per day or episode, but do you have any idea of the actual pay range? $1,000? $10,000? The per day rate? No. It’s $400 a day. Which makes it even more embarrassing. But these people aren’t going on for that pay rate. They’re going on to increase exposure, increase Instagram followings, and try to capitalize post show.

Thanks so much!

2 things I took away from last night’s show. I watch the show because I get a big belly laugh watching all these people.

1. I liked Alex until last night, he seems like a bully. Maybe it is short man’s syndrome!!! Definitely.

2. Jordan, I thought his answers to JoJo were ok. Yes I understand that he is a cheater but come on, we all know what this show is about so who cares if he cheated. JoJo seems to me to not really be on the show for love or she would have picked better guys for the last 2, I mean Chase is adorable and so was Derek. Who cares if he cheated? If that’s your stance as a female, you’re probably setting yourself up for some future crappy relationships.

What upset me about Jordan was the way he acted when Derek called them all out. He acts as if he already knows he is winner, and maybe he does, but treats some of the guys as if they are beneath him.

Oh, 1 more thing (LOL) do you think Josh and Caila will get together on BIP? Ha ha no. I believe this email was sent in before yesterday.

Just my views. I do love your column and have to keep myself from telling all the girls I watch this show with what is going to happen. Keep up the great work.

Hey Reality Steve,

Have you seen the show “Match Made In Heaven?” It is very similar to the Bachelor except it has an African American bachelor and his mom lives with the girls.

Comment: Never seen it.

Hi, I really feel like watching the social media accounts of these guys is very telling! (Snap & Insta particularly). I’ve been watching them daily.

The only finalist we see in future teasers, Jordan following JoJo on Instagram. He is laying low….the other front runners are not following her…

In addition, the other potential finalists we see in the upcoming teasers are on Snapchat non-stop promoting themselves (new music, tv promos, etc.) their travels this summer. (Robby, Luke…). Robby is even on tour visiting the Bach franchise casting call locations.

Jordan emphasizes his family in most of his posts photos and comments.
JoJo expressed early in she would not relocate out of Texas….this has me thinking its Jordan. He seems like he would make any move for her and be able to mane his tv sports/news career work.

That said, Robby does seem to appear happy and hopeful but suspect he wants to be the next Bachelor! Guessing he’s her number 2.

What you got?!? We need more info on who you thinking is!

Comment: Who I think it is? Did you not read the spoilers on May 23rd?


Just reading the latest with Jordan and his defense of the Raya account, and the JoJo meeting his ex in Dallas story makes even less sense to me now. Assuming this was a lie (because it was), how did production go about telling her to ask these questions and fabricate this story? Wouldn’t a producer telling JoJo to ask Jordan about a shady past with an ex-girlfriend tip her off to his shady past with an ex-girlfriend? I would think hearing about his past from producers would give more credibility to the story, because it would indicate that there was enough evidence there to be a story line. I believe that this was a producer-driven stunt, I just don’t get why JoJo didn’t ask even more questions if it was brought to her attention by producers. Thoughts?

Since the world is ending in Europe today, I decided to focus on more important things like this stupid show.

Comment: Maybe she did ask more questions, but that was all of the conversation they chose to show us. Of course it was a producer set up. Very easy of them to tell her to ask him about an ex. She doesn’t have to prove she “met” her and never will.

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  1. j1scarlett

    June 29, 2016 at 9:17 AM

    Regarding the knights and castles email, yeah everything back then was pretty simple, women were basically treated like property, especially the ones from rich enough families to end up with princes/knights. Disney movies arent real life.

  2. angelfish

    June 29, 2016 at 12:26 PM

    Don’t forget the real possibility of dying in childbirth, no modern dental care, no running water and terrible wi-fi reception!

    I don’t actually read most of the letters, as most refute the assertion that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”. Because this website gets a lot of those. A LOT.

    And I think Steve has incredible patience, but that IS his job. If he posted one single column each week, I’d be more critical of his construction and proofreading skills. But as he does post 3 columns recapping 2 current shows, live tweeting both shows and other Twitter updates, plus updating on at least 2 upcoming seasons, I personally can bypass the occasional misspelling or subject/verb disagreement.

    His entertainment value to me far exceeds his need to exhibit perfect grammar and spelling. Of course, YMMV.

    Those kids on the Baby Bachelorette are adorable and do a really good job staying focused. I’m impressed.

  3. cjscjs711

    June 29, 2016 at 4:44 PM

    Yes, correcting one’s grammar and performing Spellcheck on one’s work can be time consuming, but that is what’s expected of many many people who write and do not earn a six-figure income.

    On the subject of writing, I was recently reading artist Wanda Gag’s published journals and even though edited, had a lot of ho-hum moments in them. Then last night I was reading an old journal of mine – same criticism! How many people write a journal with an international audience in mind, and Andi clearly didn’t – which she readily admits! She said she thought about editing or rewriting parts of it but decided to leave it in it original, authentic, un-rewritten form. It’s what people use a journal for – to vent their feelings, preserve accurate memories, etc. People who liked Andi will probably like her book. People who didn’t like her, will probably still not like her. Andi’s a smart woman, she’s pretty much an ordinary woman, and her journal is going to be – ordinary. Just about a D-List celebrity as well. JMO

  4. rob22

    June 29, 2016 at 5:27 PM

    So, JoJo’s into this for her brand. Rajahs is into this for his brand. Rajahs and JoJo are interested in knocking boots in the Fantasy Suite….. And they will both go their own ways by September, at the latest. The End. No wonder they had to keep Chad around so long. God this is a boring season. I’ve totally lost interest. Everyone is so blatantly insincere. Can’t they fake it any better than this? The “I’m falling in love with you lines” are flat out laughably phony. Why don’t they all just meet at a pickup bar, go home together and have JoJo do the walk of shame. That’s what normal insincere people do.

  5. supersparklyday

    June 29, 2016 at 6:30 PM

    Andi’s comment to Nick about his fiance-type stuff comment being “below the belt”, was for him revealing it on national tv and with her fiance being in the back room, watching it – and once he did that, the gloves were off and he was never going to get a “good review”,the wanker that he is. So Andi mentioning the bad sex was a thank you for that – and Nick earned it.

  6. justforfun

    June 30, 2016 at 12:14 AM

    I just watched “watch what happens live” with Andy Cohen. One of the actresses from Unreal was on. She slammed the bachelor franchise, saying that Unreal is not far from the truth.

    Maybe that’s why I have lost interest in this season of the bachelorette, it seems so fake, and forced. More so than previous seasons. I blame it on bad casting. I am losing interest fast.

    Three engagements on BIP? Complete joke on the viewers. I could see Carly & Evan making it possibly. They are both so desperate for anyone to love them. Kind of like Des & Chris.

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