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“Reader Emails,” Jordan, Ratings, & the “Baby Bachelorette”

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Hi Steve,

Hello from Hong Kong! I am from Canada but am working oversees in Hong Kong right now. I have been reading your blog since Ashley’s season but this is my first time emailing you.

After you posted the BIP spoiler about Josh & Amanda being the power couple of BIP this year, I realized that there is always 1 person in the BIP power couples that finished at 4th place on the last season of the Bachelor/Bachelorette.

BIP 1 Marcus & Lacy — Marcus finished at 4th place on Andi’s season.

BIP 2 Jade & Tanner – Jade finished at 4th place on Chris’ season.

BIP 3 Josh & Amanda – Amanda finished 4th on Ben’s season.

Anyways it just seems like they are essentially reusing the same storyline in every single BIP. A recent “famous”/more well known reject from the last season finds love on BIP and gets engaged.

Comment: Interesting note. Definitely think it’s a coincidence more than anything else. And with the two other engagements this season (Grant & Lace, Evan & Carly), I guess it’s now 60% of the couples have one half of them who finished in the 4th spot.

Hi Steve,

Happy Saturday ! I hope you are well.

Jordan’s timeline does baffle me a bit. I thought he said he had one day’s notice that he would be cast on the show and so he takes time to deactivate or hide a dating profile but not time to pay his utility bills. I guess I would be more concerned about my Edison bill over a Tinder type account. I am pretty trusting and naive but even to me this seems a bit odd.

Even if someone was totally honest and above reproach if they forgot to cancel a dating account it would not be seen as the biggest crime of the century. Especially if they only had one day notice. Maybe because he seems disingenuous with all of these tweeting screenshots and his pleas of innocence are falling upon deaf ears.

Now the whole when was JoJo meeting Jordan’s ex in Dallas part…that further baffles and confuses my little mind. Especially if he was cast one day before filming. I don’t get that.

Sorry, my email is a little jumbled. I have been enjoying some Big Brother live feeds and I am becoming quiet sleepy. Everything about Jordan’s tweets, his “Note” that he posted, and the “letter” from Apple all seem to be contradictory. But rather than breaking down each individual thing, I’ll just lay it out there nice and easy for you: he’s lying. He’s used Raya since he got home. Period. You can choose to believe that or not.

One last thing. I kind of like what Chad did with the whole Hope Instagram photos. Not because I care about Chad so much but when everything came out that Robbie who was in Europe with Hope in late last year celebrating her birthday and then he is wooing JoJo just on t.v. just a few short months later. Hope took a different approach than Jordan’s ex did. I am sure she hurt but she did not come out and say anything at all. I just liked what Chad wrote on his Instagram because I liked him defending Hope. Even though Hope has not spoken publicly I am sure this is painful for her. I know if it were me I would not be able to watch the show. I don’t know if she does or not; I am just saying I could not.

It’s funny because you spoil me with spoilers so obviously I know Robbie is in the final 2 so it is hard to be objective but I find it strange he tells JoJo he loves her on their first date and everything he says seems robotic and insincere. It was very sad about his friend’s fatal auto accident but other than that nothing he says really seems to have any feeling behind it to me.

Okay, I have written quite a diatribe and taken up quite enough of your time so I shall cease and desist.

Have a beautiful day.

Comment: I don’t think Hope did the smartest thing by going to visit Chad and posting those pics, but I know nothing of the situation. I’d like to know more.


Hope this finds you well!

I was hoping you’d start a ‘Who do you want to be the next bachelor poll’ sp we can start voting from now until the end of filming? I really want Chase to be the next bachelor he seems relatively normal. Relatively being the key word.

Comment: This was emailed before yesterday’s column. Did you see my tweets yesterday updating people on the poll results? Luke is running away with it. And Robby is popular only in North Dakota. To three people.

UPDATE: As of 10:00pm CST on Tuesday, there have been over 8,300 votes and Luke is still the runaway winner at 61%, Chase at 29%, and Robby coming in from behind at 10%. And there now have been 7 votes from North Dakota, and Robby’s been caught! 3 for Robby, 3 for Luke, 1 for Chase!

ANOTHER UPDATE: As of 10:15am CST today, total votes are over 10,000 now and Luke is still at 60%, Chase at 30%, and Robby is rearing it again at 10%. However, we’ve had major developments in the state of North Dakota. Luke is now the leader! 10 votes in the state of North Dakota: Luke 6, Robby 3, Chase 1. I’m sure this is incredibly disappointing for Robby and his family to see since they’re basically doing everything in their power to try and get people to talk about Robby and make him the next “Bachelor.” Enough with the #TeamRoJo guys. It’s embarrassing.

I am a huge fan of your site and based on some recent clues, I think Jordan and JoJo have broken up. I wanted to get your opinion on this based on some things I share.

1) Even though JoJo may have believed Jordan in that he didn’t cheat, there is so much negative press from every news source to the point where everywhere I go, it seems to be in newspapers and magazines as well as on TV. Even if JoJo believed him, the negative press would be so enormous if they were together that they would have to either move to Switzerland or she would dump him. LOL. Also, JoJo doesn’t seem dumb to me, so I think she will uncover who he truly is. She might, but as of now, I haven’t been told they’re broken up.

2) The fact that JoJo’s best friend tweeted saying it was false AND THEN took it back just goes to show how JoJo must have been asking her friend to disprove the lies, and then just gave up as she knew it was true. I took that completely different. I took it to mean that JoJo probably got to her and said don’t reply at all, because why would you defend him if I wasn’t with him?

3) The Raya and cheating rumors have been circulating for over a month now, starting on your website and then leading to others. JUST NOW Jordan decides to post his fabricated and edited email about deactivation? He was probably doing so in an effort to prove his innocence to JoJo. The Raya stuff just recently came out. That hasn’t been out there publicly for two months. Yeah, I knew about it in May because that’s when I got the emails, but nothing about the dating app Raya was mentioned anywhere else until I posted those emails.

I also couldn’t help wondering that is it possible Jordan came on for fame and the fun experience and truly did fall in love with JoJo?? I mean, I’m sure most guys and girls who come on want to for fun and possibly to fall in love, if it comes to that.

Comment: Fall in love with JoJo? No. Fall in lust? Absolutely.

I don’t think they picked the best crop of guys from JoJo’s season to be on BIP. Evan, Chad, Daniel, Christian, Vinny? Grant and Wells are okay but what happened to James and Alex or even Derek or Chase? All way more attractive than the guys who went on. Very interesting picks in my opinion. I know you don’t judge the guys on looks but thoughts on the shows picks? Well, Chase is out of the question because he lasted too long on JoJo’s season. That’d give away a major spoiler to JoJo’s season. Alex? Seems that he’s not well liked this season by the masses. Derek? I think he’s seeing someone from what I hear.

Unreal is good this season but things seem to be getting a little crazy and unbelievable. I definitely like last season the best. I’m liking this season just as much as last season, actually.

I know you watched one episode of Coupled but wanted to let you know it’s still on TV. Not canceled yet! It’s okay. I’m still watching it for now.

Comment: Haven’t watched anything past the first episode and stopped recording it. The ratings are terrible.

Hi Steve,

I sure will miss your Thursday podcasts. I hope you find another site soon, to continue on.

I am bored with this season. But I am liking Luke. From what you’re hearing, do you think he still has a good shot at being the next lead? Yes, I think so.

Have you ever thought that Robby looks like Emily Maynard’s husband? I really do, right down to the metrosexualness (is that a word?).

Have a good weekend!

Comment: Kind of. Especially with the beard. Almost a mix of Emily’s current husband and Ryan Bowers.

Hey Steve,

I am really surprised I haven’t heard more from you about Robby’s little situation with his girlfriend of four years. I know it is gonna come up later in the season but I am blown away at how quiet it’s been thus far. His ex-girlfriend Hope is so beautiful and I am disgusted and what he did to her. I don’t care what problems they were having toward the end of their relationship, there is no way they were completely over when he left to film. I feel so freaking bad for her. That kid is the biggest tool and I wish Hope would call him out.

Comment: They weren’t a couple anymore when he left for filming, no doubt. They broke up mid January. But the fact that he was at final casting weekend just a couple weeks after that, obviously the show helped push that break up. I’m sorry, but you don’t post pictures on Christmas Day with Hope with the two of you in pajamas, then claim a month later (final casting weekend) you’re completely done and everything with Hope was over before you had your first contact with the show. Don’t buy it for a second. That’s where he, and his family, are lying.

Hi Steve. Love your site! Any news about Jordan meeting her brothers? Was the treatment anything like Ben’s? Thanks.

Comment: Haven’t heard how it went.

So, thank you RS. Now every time a contestant makes a complaint or brings something to JoJos attention (James’ convo with JoJo this evening) all I can envision is Rachel pounding shots of tequila with them prodding their insecurities.
And James’ and JoJos conversation was about the most awkward thing ever. “Can I kiss you know?” So creepy. Poor guy, he got played.

Comment: For sure James was prodded by producers to do and say some of the stuff he did.


Did someone ever tell you that when you google search your Twitter handle, Mike Fleiss is the second Twitter name on display? As if, I’m not skilled in google analytics but how did he pull that off? It’s not like your name is in his profile. Anyway, thought that was funny. But then I also see Sharleen Joynt there, so not sure why those would pop up, but I definitely see her as your ally!! (And I love Sharleen’s blogs!)


Comment: Weird. Not sure why it comes up that way. Quit stalking me, Mikey! As for Sharleen, maybe it has something to do with the fact she referenced me in a recent column? Or that I retweeted her FLARE article? I’m not sure.

I’m been a reader from the start. I love what you do and you have an awesome job that you are very good at. Can you give your loyal readers a little insight into what your goals are for your site? Do you plan on just doing what you are doing and not think about traffic or do you ever sit back and consider what you could do to increase readership or keep your current readership? I ask this because even brands that everyone has heard of like Coca Cola still want to stay relevant so they advertise. When you don’t have a product to sell but a website, you wouldn’t go about advertising yourself in the same way as Coca Cola, so what are your future plans for Reality Steve and Bachelor/Bachelorette spoiling? Do you think you still have people that haven’t heard of you that might be interested? Would you try to gain them as readers somehow? Take my mother for example. She has watched every season of The Bachelor and Bachelorette, even expresses interest in it every week by texting me her thoughts, and yet has no idea you even exist. She works with computers all day so she is certainally savvy enough on the web and technoglogy. She would have no issues with reading spoilers yet she doesn’t know what’s out there. Are those kind of people you care to bring in as readers and how would you do that?

Comment: Word of mouth seems to be how the site has grown every single season since I’ve started. Could I buy key words on Facebook, or pay to promote it more on Facebook? Yeah, but I don’t feel I need to. I see how much you have to pay for it to reach “x” amount of extra Facebook people and I just don’t think it’s worth it. The site is growing every year and I like where it’s headed. There are always going to be plenty of people who’ve never heard of me. It’s impossible to target them all. Or even a fraction because usually that means paying. From what I’ve seen, the cost doesn’t outweigh the added eyeballs.

Hey, Steve,

Watching Jordan’s righteous indignation when finding out that others have called into question his behavior or motives is SO much more entertaining in view of your revelations about him! I was laughing my behind off as he oh-so-sincerely pleaded his case to JoJo yet again.

I have to say, though, when I watch him with JoJo, I do believe we can see part of his M.O. Turn on the sincerity, the faux honesty, add a skosh of vulnerability, and reassure her that she’s the only one and not to listen to what anyone else says.


Comment: That’s his only play at this point.

The reality of today sometimes is mind blowing we are part of such a different culture. I almost wish sometimes for knights and castles or maybe just the wild west it was so much simpler in those times people laid out their expectations and intentions with a lot more honesty. Unfortunately with changing times character and morals are such a rarity. Getting to the point, I love reading your spoilers I don’t watch the whole season of the bachelor or the bachelorette very often but I always check out your blog. My hope is that you will continue ur great spoiling, I know a lot must go into unearthing all the different information. My problem with this season of the bachelorette and really with the generation today is we have such complexes about hype, it use to be that people liked a thing because it was trending and now people put so much effort into disliking things simply for the fact that it is popular opinion. I myself am one of those “I’m not part of the crowd” hipsters, but honestly I’ve come to realize like I hope many will as well that it’s just as ridiculousness hating something because everyone likes it as it is liking it because everyone does. We are all human being and I am so tired of this whole idea of trying to bring people down. If that at all makes sense I don’t know I just want to say I’m not an uber fan I don’t watch the bachelor or bachelorette with any kind of fandom, but I really feel like you are one of my favorite parts of the whole things and I really have to say this while Jordan thing is getting old. If he is what he is his true color will show. I wouldn’t normally even waste my time to write but I just feel like your better than pettiness, really that’s what this generations character has come to tearing people down spreading lies spreading truths whatever the case. I just really want to encourage character not stooping to other people’s levels what will be will be

Comment: Ummmmm, ok.

Looking at contestants social media accounts I’ve always wondered… During the show airing, do the contestants who did not win know who does win?

Comment: I have to believe they do. But it’s not like they can say anything.

I saw yesterday morning you retweeted a picture of Josh with his mother and someone asked you if this could mean he’s about to propose, and it got me thinking how crazy these contestants or “bachelor nation” never look at the big picture it’s always right now. I know the majority of people are saying he is doing paradise as a way to “fix his brand” after Andi’s book. But don’t you think it is going to look wayyyyyy worse (let’s say he does propose) and this engagement fails too? Especially since she has 2 kids. Lol. Seems like they only care about “right now” lol. I don’t think he’s thinking that far ahead. He’s dealing with the here and now.

I know you haven’t released any information on whether Nick is coupled up with anyone (besides taking Amanda on a date the first episode and Leah) but wouldn’t it be crazy if Nick does propose in BIP and he was rejected AGAIN.. Lol. Three seasons and was rejected all 3 times during the proposal time.yikes lol.

I don’t know if it’s because I already know the ending of show or what, but I am having a hard time seeing Jordan having strong feelings for JoJo at all. I understand the majority of the contestants try faking it or get caught up in the competition part of the show and try to be good actors/actresses by showing and telling the lead what they want to hear. But I am even having a hard time seeing Jordan do that. It may just be me but it seems JOJO is wayyyyyyyy more into him than he is to her. He’s playing the game well.

Lastly, this is not really a question more just a statement but I’m getting so annoyed with these people giving you crap and saying your lying and you are only “picking” on Jordan and not any of the other men on the show. Do they not realize you did a whole column on Grant and on multiple discussions you’ve given us information on Robby. Not to mention Jordan is the one she picks!!! The information on Grant, Robby or anyone else in the house is irrelevant because she is not with them. She’s with him now and you’ve said multiple times she deserves to know….

Comment: Let them. They’re irrelevant. People that don’t like me and what I do will always find a reason to say I was wrong. It’s what they do. I can’t help them.

Hi Steve,

Watching Olivia’s interview with US Weekly makes me cringe. She says multiple times that she didn’t watch the season, yet she also makes several references to how she did. (IE: “Watching Ben and Lauren back helped me a lot) Do you think she watched her season?

Comment: I don’t buy any of these contestants saying they didn’t watch their own season.

Hi RS!

So exciting for you to be closer to your niece and nephew! I look forward to hearing about them!

First off I could not even watch BIP last season because to me it has just become a joke. Now I know all the games production plays with these people but come on. I am very disappointed in Amanda. She has two young kids. Did we not see her scold Ben for “making her come back to LA”, leave her kids so he could send her home again? Do you know if her kids have a role in the engagement? Facetime or skype? Anything? Seems to me she did a complete 180 for fame here. I’m not mom shaming because I am sure her kids were in great hands and it was a shorter time away than the Bachelor but now she is “engaged”?? And I am not even going to go there with Mr. Murray. What a crazy flip for him! She does not strike me as his type but what do I know right? Do you think Amanda knew of his time on Famously Single? I am sorry-I have been a fan of these shows for a while now and nothing should surprise me but this one does!! What is our world coming to? (dramatic I know) If Amanda had no idea he was on “Famously Single,” then that’s pretty ignorant of her. She had to have known. As for the kids, from what I’m hearing, they were never brought down to Mexico. Soooooo, looks like he proposed without ever meeting them. Facetime? I guess that’s possible, but I didn’t hear either way.

And one more thing….I seriously think that in the future ALL of the contestants left on JoJo’s season will need to go see Evan from the damage those skinnies are going to do. Gross!

Thanks for your hilarious recaps!! Keep it up!

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  1. j1scarlett

    June 29, 2016 at 9:17 AM

    Regarding the knights and castles email, yeah everything back then was pretty simple, women were basically treated like property, especially the ones from rich enough families to end up with princes/knights. Disney movies arent real life.

  2. angelfish

    June 29, 2016 at 12:26 PM

    Don’t forget the real possibility of dying in childbirth, no modern dental care, no running water and terrible wi-fi reception!

    I don’t actually read most of the letters, as most refute the assertion that “there’s no such thing as a stupid question”. Because this website gets a lot of those. A LOT.

    And I think Steve has incredible patience, but that IS his job. If he posted one single column each week, I’d be more critical of his construction and proofreading skills. But as he does post 3 columns recapping 2 current shows, live tweeting both shows and other Twitter updates, plus updating on at least 2 upcoming seasons, I personally can bypass the occasional misspelling or subject/verb disagreement.

    His entertainment value to me far exceeds his need to exhibit perfect grammar and spelling. Of course, YMMV.

    Those kids on the Baby Bachelorette are adorable and do a really good job staying focused. I’m impressed.

  3. cjscjs711

    June 29, 2016 at 4:44 PM

    Yes, correcting one’s grammar and performing Spellcheck on one’s work can be time consuming, but that is what’s expected of many many people who write and do not earn a six-figure income.

    On the subject of writing, I was recently reading artist Wanda Gag’s published journals and even though edited, had a lot of ho-hum moments in them. Then last night I was reading an old journal of mine – same criticism! How many people write a journal with an international audience in mind, and Andi clearly didn’t – which she readily admits! She said she thought about editing or rewriting parts of it but decided to leave it in it original, authentic, un-rewritten form. It’s what people use a journal for – to vent their feelings, preserve accurate memories, etc. People who liked Andi will probably like her book. People who didn’t like her, will probably still not like her. Andi’s a smart woman, she’s pretty much an ordinary woman, and her journal is going to be – ordinary. Just about a D-List celebrity as well. JMO

  4. rob22

    June 29, 2016 at 5:27 PM

    So, JoJo’s into this for her brand. Rajahs is into this for his brand. Rajahs and JoJo are interested in knocking boots in the Fantasy Suite….. And they will both go their own ways by September, at the latest. The End. No wonder they had to keep Chad around so long. God this is a boring season. I’ve totally lost interest. Everyone is so blatantly insincere. Can’t they fake it any better than this? The “I’m falling in love with you lines” are flat out laughably phony. Why don’t they all just meet at a pickup bar, go home together and have JoJo do the walk of shame. That’s what normal insincere people do.

  5. supersparklyday

    June 29, 2016 at 6:30 PM

    Andi’s comment to Nick about his fiance-type stuff comment being “below the belt”, was for him revealing it on national tv and with her fiance being in the back room, watching it – and once he did that, the gloves were off and he was never going to get a “good review”,the wanker that he is. So Andi mentioning the bad sex was a thank you for that – and Nick earned it.

  6. justforfun

    June 30, 2016 at 12:14 AM

    I just watched “watch what happens live” with Andy Cohen. One of the actresses from Unreal was on. She slammed the bachelor franchise, saying that Unreal is not far from the truth.

    Maybe that’s why I have lost interest in this season of the bachelorette, it seems so fake, and forced. More so than previous seasons. I blame it on bad casting. I am losing interest fast.

    Three engagements on BIP? Complete joke on the viewers. I could see Carly & Evan making it possibly. They are both so desperate for anyone to love them. Kind of like Des & Chris.

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