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The “Bachelorette” Episode 7 Recap Incl “Men Tell All” Taping This Weekend, & Robby’s Ex Instagram Post

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-For the group date, the rain came and ruined whatever pointless activity they had planned which I’m sure would’ve made everyone uncomfortable. So what’d they do instead? They ate food, played games, and did some high school girl activities in JoJo’s room. First they came up with the brilliant idea of James shoving as many French Fries into his mouth at one time. Not sure exactly what this accomplished other than making him look silly, but I guess that’s what they considered fun. Then the guys did a massage train with each other that bordered on gay porn. Geez, first having sex with animals on Alex’s date, now this? I’d hate to see the deleted scenes of this episode where JoJo and Jordan go into his “Red Room” and she’s all chained up as Jordan Grey walks in and tortures her. Or something like that.

-Ooooooh, you know what other game they played? Pictionary! Cuz what 8th grade sleep over doesn’t have that game as its #1 form of entertainment? This is JoJo’s idea of fun on a sleepover? What’s she gonna do next, take their bras and put them in the freezer when they’re sleeping? Break out the Ouija board and pretend like that sh*t is real? All look into the mirror and chant, “We must…we must…we must increase our busts?” Although in JoJo’s case, all that would take is some extra cc’s shot in there. Then they played that really difficult game where someone holds a picture on their head that faces the others, and the guys had to give clues for her to guess what the picture was. Except her pictures were of former “Bachelors” Sean Lowe & Juan Pablo. Man, tough game. Can’t believe she got those so easy. Why couldn’t they at least made the game fun by having her put a picture up of her ex Chad on her head? That certainly would’ve brought the room down.

-Then of course a game of Truth or Dare, but we only saw one guy play it since it was obviously planned that JoJo would ask Robby to strip down and run down the hallway. And honestly, was it really that big of deal. Robby even said it himself that he’s almost spent more of his life in a speedo than he has wearing clothes, so big deal if he had to do that. It’s kind of the same argument in regards to bikini’s vs bra and underwear. At least to me it is. There are plenty of revealing bikinis that women walk around with at the beach all the time. Yet, if a woman wore her bra and boy shorts or bra and a thong to the beach, it’d be looked at completely differently. Why? They’re both showing almost the exact same thing, yet the latter would cause people to freak out. I don’t know. I’ve always found that weird. Robby being in his underwear running down a hallway isn’t the least bit weird considering the guy has worn considerably less in front of thousands of people plenty of times before. But I guess for this show, that’s considered risqué. Shawn Booth stripping down and streaking on a golf course in Ireland last season? Now that’s a dare.

-Then the four them climb into bed together, but unfortunately full clothed. So no, no freaky orgy happening there. They all watched the Brazilian version of the “Bachelor” together and giggled. I wonder if on the Brazilian “Bachelor,” on one of their group dates if they watch the American version and laugh at how ridiculously stupid it is. I think they should. Put me in charge of directing an episode and I guarantee it’ll happen. The running joke became that Robby has a wandering eye. You don’t say? James told JoJo that Robby was known to look at Argentinian women as they walked by. At first it started as a joke, but James was so persistent at it that it started to irk Robby. So much so that Robby’s hair actually may have moved a quarter of an inch. That’s how bothered by it he was. And you don’t want to make Robby angry. He’ll totally screw up your mani and pedi if you do.

-I guess since Robby felt slighted by James’ comments, he made sure he needed to make himself stand out more to JoJo when he got his alone time with her. How’d he do that? By essentially throwing his ex girlfriend and their relationship under the bus. We already saw Hope’s reaction last night on Instagram, but what’d Robby say? Among other things:

-His dad never felt 100% about it.
-“Everything in the relationship was wrong.”
-“I saw her house once.”
-“I met her mom once.”
-“We broke up over Christmas break. I’ve definitely moved on.”

Well, apparently so has she as evidenced by her spending a weekend with your nemesis Chad. As for him discrediting a 3 year relationship in one sentence by saying “Everything about it was wrong,” yeah, I’d probably have the same reaction if I were Hope too. I love how after people break up, they try and pretend the relationship they were just in was crap, or they discredit it. Doesn’t that mean they’re just as big of a moron? If it was that bad, then why’d you stay in it for 3 years? I’ll own up to every relationship I was ever in. Sure, things happened in them that you wish were different, but I’ll never say in a relationship, especially a 3 year one, that “everything was wrong.” That’s just silly. Everything wasn’t wrong or else you wouldn’t have stayed for 3 years. That’s chicken sh*t and just his way of trying to pump himself up in front of the new girl. My ex did some unthinkable things in my last relationship. Things that if I told you, you probably wouldn’t even believe. But you won’t find me saying she was terrible or that I hate her, or the whole thing was wrong. It happened, you move on. Discrediting the whole relationship on national TV just to make yourself look better? Spineless.

-So Chase’s turn is next and he mumbled a few things that weren’t very important. If it was, my sincerest, deepest apologies to the guy who’s put me to sleep more times this season than a Bill Cosby mixed drink. James was up next and JoJo laid it on thick with him. JoJo: “You have every quality that I would want in a husband and a father to my children.” Holy crap, did she just say that to a guy knowing she was dumping the next day? Brutal. I know leads are supposed to essentially say nice things about all their guys (unless your name is Chad), but c’mon. That’s going overboard. Just the standard, “You’re a great guy, I’ve enjoyed my time with you, I really like the way our relationship has progressed would’ve been fine.” JoJo sucks at dumping guys. Even though she knew Wells and Alex were goners too, she still felt the need to make out with them. I think she just needs more practice dumping guys. Hopefully her actions on this show will make it easier for when she sh**cans Jordan eventually.

-As JoJo is talking to producers trying to figure out the best storyline racking her brain figuring out who should get the group date rose, Chase, Robby, and James are inside talking about who might get it. Robby knows who’s gonna get it: him. “My emotions tell me I’m the front runner.” And wouldn’t you know, Robby ended up getting the rose. James and Chase leave all butt hurt while Robby and JoJo make out some more in the room. That was a big day for Robby. Ran around in his underwear and got a rose for it. That’s kinda like winning a gold medal at the Olympics, right? At least in Robby’s mind it must be. Considering how much self promotion Robby has done on social media post show, I’m surprised he wasn’t all over IG telling everyone about his group date rose last night. Maybe sell a few t-shirts with it, maybe hit up JJ and Tanner again begging them to promote him on their social media accounts. Missed opportunity for Robby last night.

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  1. crushonspivey

    July 12, 2016 at 11:22 AM

    Be funny if the Rodgers family talked about all the gay rumors that surround Aaron next episode. No clue if they are true, and doubt they are, but they plague that guy. Then combine it with him deciding to separate himself from his family, and it does make you wonder about the guy. Jordan did seem tortured by that relationship–or lack thereof.

    Poor Alex. That Argentine horse had a better chance at being mounted by Jojo than he did/does. And I was seriously hoping they’d have a miniature horse for Alex to ride on that date.

    Still just a really bad editing and production job this season. Have hard time seeing Jojo really finding a deep connection with any of these guys. Focused on the wrong things for far too long, the wrong guys. The hook for the show–finding love–is really not there this time. It is just a farce, and for that, I can watch a show that makes fun of this one and has better jokes.

  2. rob22

    July 12, 2016 at 11:26 AM

    I’m at the point of giving up. Yeah, these shows are boring as hell & the recaps keep it somewhat interesting. But, I mean, we’re at the point where everyone is giving their “I’m falling in love with you” scripted statements on cue. I guess it would be ridiculous to expect any genuine emotion, but geez, they’re just mailing it in this season.

    Oh, and I guess I see where JoJo is into Rajahs. But clearly he’s just playing the game. So you can’t have the JoJo and Jordan show RS has been talking about with only 50% of the pair participating IMO.

  3. chrisoulaf

    July 12, 2016 at 11:39 AM

    RS, your interpretation is way off. How did Jordan sell Aaron out on national television like that? Jordan opened up about his family since hometown dates are next and was honest about the non-existent relationship. It wasn’t a knock and it wasn’t a sell out, it felt very authentic and the whole family is obviously bothered by it. Not to mention, Aaron doesn’t seem to have much of a relationship with anyone else in the family…that says a lot about Aaron and Olivia. Jordan handled himself very well…not sure what show you were watching last night???

    Jordan gets attacked because he’s ridiculously attractive, articulate and a threat to everyone there. The guys focus on him because they see that JoJo has fallen hard. Jealousy rears its ugly head.

  4. thisshow

    July 12, 2016 at 12:27 PM

    That other Rodgers brother seems like a mega douche. Not Aaron, the other one. Doubt Olivia is the big bad evil culprit, though I’m sure the family would prefer someone a little more docile for their son. rme Anyway, boring season indeed. IA that Jojo is all over Jordan, and he’s just playing along. How long can he keep it up post show?

  5. purplerayne

    July 12, 2016 at 12:29 PM

    “Jordan gets attacked because he’s ridiculously attractive, articulate and a threat to everyone there…”

    LOL x 100000000000

  6. angelfish

    July 12, 2016 at 1:07 PM

    I don’t really see the endgame as JoJo dumping Jordan so much as Jordan ditching her as soon as he gets a decent break.

    We really don’t have any info on his supposed commentator job, but I don’t see him taking JoJo the needy albatross along for the ride. I think he can ultimately do better than a Texas house flipper still in love with her hairdresser.

  7. llevin

    July 12, 2016 at 1:34 PM

    Your site sucks. It is impossible to comment, due to the fact that it keeps saying “unresponsive scripts.” The pop up ads are so intrusive that I have 3 open windows at any given time. You will not pay the bills with these ads because people are giving up on trying to navigate this site. I’ve tried different devices, pcs, macs, safari, Firefox, chrome, explorer, whatever I use does not work. Please don’t force me to give up on you, but I can’t take the frustration of not being able to access your content. Plus, the pictures at the bottom of your site (the ads) are always disgusting.

  8. rob22

    July 12, 2016 at 1:55 PM

    The site is really bad. Not as bad today, but it periodically is very jumpy and it keeps causing my browser to crash. Sometimes I type in a comment & lose it to a system crash. I mean you can only load so much crap on one site. RS must set the record for ads he crams into this site. So, what do we expect the site to be like? I live with it, but it is the worst website I’ve ever encountered. The recent “improvements” were superficial. The site looks a little better, but it still performs terribly. I never really cared how it looked either.

  9. ctrealitygirl

    July 12, 2016 at 3:11 PM

    I’m with you 100% chrisoulaf! Everyone’s jumping on the band wagon bashing Jordan today for selling out his brother Aaron. In my opinion Jordan was very tactful when explaining the situation to Jojo and I cannot see any reason his brother would be upset about it. After all, his non relationship with Aaron was all over the internet when Jordan was first announced as a cast member on the show. So what’s the big deal? I didn’t hear him say one bad thing about Aaron…just that he chooses to keep to himself. Furthermore, I don’t get all the Jordan haters out there. f I were in Jojo’s shoes, he’d be my pick too! And Chase as a runner-up, with Luke running a close 3rd. Robby to me is the real douchebag…he’s got total player written all over him.

  10. mauichick

    July 12, 2016 at 9:43 PM

    Pretty sure Steve DOES already pay his bills from the ads on the site. And recently hit his record day on page visits. But yeah, the ads at the bottom are quite gross sometimes.

  11. cjscjs711

    July 12, 2016 at 10:42 PM

    I never see one single ad on this page, and nothing at the bottom. And never have any “jumping”, crashing, etc. I use Adblock Plus, the free version. With some ad-block programs, they open and close the ads in the background so RS would still get his income from the ads (many advertisers pay by the click into their ad, as probably his do).

    Why should Jordan paint his brother in any light other than what is, is? Aaron is famous, he won’t be at the hometown, not as a slap in the face to the show, but just nonvisiting as usual. If Jordan doesn’t like people to know he doesn’t visit his family, then he should visit his family, not shoot the messenger.

  12. supersparklyday

    July 13, 2016 at 11:43 PM

    I have zero problems with this site and I am using a Galaxy S4. Don’t know what anyone else’s problems could be.

    Okay, I have to day that I like JoJo, she is gorgeous and is great on camera – BUT I also have to say she is the worst Bachelorette at acting, ie,acting like she’s interested in her date if their name isn’t Jordan, Roby or Like. That last date with Alex was painful to watch, and when she called him “a cute little gaucho, I knew he was toast – burnt toast. She may have “tried” to make that date interesting – but if she did, it was an EPIC fail ! JoJo, you could at least “try”. Not every guy can be Jordan, ya know.

    The group date was b-o-r-i-n-g
    Can’t the producers have a Plan B for situations like that?

    And hey, Steve, clean up your act. Saying that the seat JoJo was on probably needed to be squeegeed after she got up was just gross. Not your usual vulgarity – just classless. You just don’t get it that not everyone thinks like you do and you could at least TRY to make the column non-insulting to women.

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