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Do you know if the new season of UnReal is going to be on Hulu? I watched the first season a couple of months ago. I am currently working on my Master’s degree, I have a full-time job, and I try to have a social life. I am NEVER home. Last night, I was home for the first time in months! I tried to find UnReal and catch up on the new season, but I cannot find it. Any help on where I can watch it?? I have the next few days off, but will be leaving again on Saturday.

If you know where I could watch southern charm, that would be great, too!


Comment: It’s on Lifetime’s website. Here’s the link:

Can you publish and answer in your reader emails online?

I love Bachelor in Paradise, I also love the Olympics. Why would ABC put BIP against a ratings blockbuster like the Olympics? NBC will probably get over 30 million viewers a night during the live games and I’m thinking that half of the BIP viewership will cease during the two Monday’s and two Tuesday’s of BIP during the games. I did research on the 2012 games and how it affected tv ratings. BIP will lose half its audience. Why couldn’t ABC show it after the games? DWTS starts on Sept. 12. Had they pushed BIP back until the Monday after the games ended and doubled up on the days DWTS could have premiered the last week of Sept. like it usually has. I’m going to be watching the Olympics. Sorry BIP..I’ll watch the premiere of BIP, skip the episodes during the games and try to watch BIP after the games. Every BIP viewer is in that spot.

Comment: BIP doesn’t dictate when DWTS airs. Doesn’t work that way. DWTS essentially starts the same time every fall. “Bachelorette” finale airs around the same time every year. There’s only “x” amount of weeks they can fit BIP in. The Olympics are every four years. There’s nothing they can do. They have to bite the bullet for this year since it’s competing against the Olympics. Yes, Olympics will destroy it. But you don’t compare BIP’s ratings to Olympics ratings. That’s comparing apples and oranges. You compare it to the ratings it got the first two seasons since they aired in August and the first two weeks of Sept.

Granted, this will be a tad different because 1) BIP 1 was only once a week and 2) BIP 2 was on Sundays & Mondays. This season is Monday & Tuesdays. So we’ll see once the ratings come out. I don’t think it’s a given it will take a huge hit.

Hey there! Just reading your column from today and wanted to chime in on the comment about Famously Single and Josh.

I’ve been watching all the episodes and its pretty much about learning about yourself, how to love and be open to it. They all speak individually about their past relationships but Josh hasn’t had his “one-on-one sit down yet to share his story. Josh’s story line/edit is that he needs the girl to be perfect and is really set on looks. In an activity on the past episode they were told they were going to be set up on a blind date and he was super nervous going because he was worried he wouldn’t be attracted to the girl. All the other cast mates keep mentioning that he is very, very picky and is too focused on the physical and is super judgey and way too nervous about finding the perfect girl. He needs to let loose.

Will keep you posted on anything else I gather about him from watching! He only brought up Andi once on the show and it wasn’t anything negative – yet.

Oh and on the show last night it was Brandi Glanville’s birthday celebration which is in November so I don’t believe he would have known much about his potential BIP gig then, or maybe he did.

Comment: I’m sure they were talking to him about it, or at least floated the idea, but I don’t think he was convinced to do it until this spring. Plus, they had to work out the schedules around “Famously Single.” He even said in an interview he wanted to be on JoJo’s season, but E! wouldn’t allow him to be since it would be going head-to-head with the “Bachelorette.” Couldn’t have that. So BIP then makes the most sense since I’m assuming his arrival will come after “Famously Single” has already aired their finale.

Hi Steve! So I have found the show Famously Single and its my newest guilty pleasure. Have you watched it at all? Josh Murray is the most shallow person ever! All he talks about is that he has to be attracted to the girls he dates and how he has to date only the hottest girls! Someone even made a comment about him on the show- “God for bid Josh sits across the table for 20 minutes with someone he’s not attracted to!” He’s just really different on this show than what he appeared to be on the bachelorette. I know he was acting and fake, but he really does not seem like a nice person at all from this show. Very conceited too. Ha ha. Back-to-back emails telling us how shallow Josh is and is focused on looks. That doesn’t surprise me.

Onto another subject, I follow Tenley on Facebook. I’m always in awe of her posts though. She always seems to be traveling across the world and doing all these charitable things and having wonderful experiences. But I’m always wondering… Does she have a job? I’m really curious where she gets the money for all of these travels! Bachelor money? Lol!

Looking forward to your response!

Comment: I’ve heard what she does, but honestly, I completely forgot.

Your posts are becoming more about yourself and your personal life. I have to skip the entire first (long) part of your post to get to the part about the show. Isn’t your site suppose to be about the show?! I think you are losing track of the purpose of the site….

Comment: Really? On occasion I’ll have a paragraph about my family or promoting the Vegas party in a column that’s usually 3, 4, or 5 pages. And THAT’S the one thing that sticks out to you?

Like I always say, you can’t please everyone.

Hi, just wanted to ask if you’ve heard anything regarding Andi’s feelings on Josh’s engagement. I can’t imagine she’s happy about it.

Comment: No. I cannot speak on how Andi feels about things. I have no clue.

I just watched the first episode of season 1 of UnREAL. I’m already addicted. They need to show this type of stuff on the Bachelor shows. LOL

Comment: That’s the whole reason UnREAL is made. It’s because the “Bachelor” would never show what goes on behind the scenes. Be thankful UnREAL is just backing up what I’ve been telling you about this franchise for years and years now. Great show.

Hey Steve,

I hope you’re doing great! Question for you. I met Jojo at a bar in Dallas last night. I went up and said hello; she was actually very nice. I think she was with a group of people, but I definitely saw her with her brother Ben, and when she left she was only with him. I thought that she was supposed to be with a handler when she went out in public while the show was airing. Is that not true? I thought maybe the show kept close tabs on the leads while it was still being televised. So I guess my question is, do the leads just resume their normal lives in between the end of filming and the ATFR?

Thanks for your insight and all you do!! 🙂

Comment: Yes, she’s allowed to live her life. When she does TV appearances or interviews she has someone with her. But she can’t just be kept in a closet and told never to leave the house until the finale airs. Of course she’s allowed to go out and enjoy life.

Hi Steve,

I know the contestants on The Bachelor buy their own clothes and style themselves (except for the finale) and the leads obviously receive styling, etc. I was wondering if the leads get to keep the clothes they are styled in during filming, especially the fancy gowns.


Comment: Keep all of their clothes? No. But they do get to keep some.

Hi Steve,

First of all, thanks for all your spoilers!

I noticed from a couple weeks back Clint and Jj had an exchange on Twitter about BIP 3. I didn’t see in your spoilers that he would be on the show, but it looks like he might be momentarily.. Especially because it looks like his spoilers are similar to yours.. Maybe he just reads your sight? Or maybe it’s more confirmation you are right.. Here is a screen grab of the initial conversation. If you look at his Twitter it goes on to say something about ABC putting the fish on his line so it looks like he caught it lol..

Also interesting he says Carly “married” boner dude.. maybe he’s not talking about the engagement.. Maybe it’s a date similar to Ben and Beccas…..
Just thought I would share this with you!!

Comment: Clint’s not on the show. Everyone who is on the show is in the spoilers. I’m sure he either read the site or heard about it through others.

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  1. cjscjs711

    July 13, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    Bukowski – probably reference to Henry Charles Bukowski. Famous American writer and poet known for pithy quotes, common sense and iconclastic at the same time. Gravestone says, “Don’t try”

  2. elizabeth82

    July 13, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    -I agree, the shirt must be referencing Charles Bukowski.

    -I would be interested in a whole column breaking down the contestants monetizing Instagram. Doooo it

    -Is there no such thing as an unattractive woman with money either? Totally different question, isnt’ it?

  3. purplerayne

    July 13, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    Im embarrassed for the person, ANY person, that thought the Bukowski tshirt had anything to do with the Bachelor. Jesus. I love this site, for the gossip and the fan commentary, but Steve really comes across as ignorant. I recall that the couldn’t even pinpoint where Pantagonia is on the map. For real?

    He should also try to answer questions instead of giving smart azz replies. Maybe this is why more people dont write in.

  4. purplerayne

    July 13, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    patagonia! jesus, never type and eat at the same time people.

  5. rob22

    July 13, 2016 at 1:57 PM

    I rather suspect that if RS was a Rocket Scientist, a Geography major or a Grammar Nazi, he wouldn’t be blogging about The Bachelor. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. These days, we don’t have Journalism majors and English majors who do the majority of the nation’s writing for newspapers and magazines. Those days are close to over. For that matter, we don’t even have real trained actors on many of the TV shows today. It may be lamentable, in some ways, but that doesn’t change the reality.

  6. cjscjs711

    July 13, 2016 at 3:58 PM

    On the “building a brand” question, it used to drive me nuts when they began applying this term to not just businesses with an actual product but to individuals and small businesses. The way the term is used now, everyone technically has ‘a brand’.

    Good or bad, strong or weak; anywhere in between. It refers to your reputation, your influence, in what sphere, with what products and services, topics, relevance, etc. So these contestants by adding more followers who actually follow their content means they can reach, influence, or sell to more people the stronger their ‘brand’ is and how relevant to a particular product or market.

    Knowing the demographic of “The Bachelor”, therefore when these contestants have an unusually large following, people can surmise what demographic they’re tapping into by engaging that contestant.

  7. justa_viewer

    July 13, 2016 at 6:31 PM

    I clicked the Justin Rego link and read the article. I’m both amused and annoyed that some contestants on Bachelor/Bach’ette apparently feel they should be able to leave the show as soon as they see that there is not going to be a connection with the lead.

    I get that some folks might not want to stick around once they feel that they are “out of the running” and at some point will be ignominiously terminated. But if everyone could leave as soon as they had this feeling, there would be no show. And you signed up to be a character on a season of a TV show, people! Sheesh, suck it up and do your job.

    Of course, what with the allure of the opportunity to further one’s brand, etc., I imagine fewer contestants are in a hurry to leave the show these days, even if they think they’re not going to win.

  8. mariet

    July 13, 2016 at 8:09 PM

    @Rob22 Steve constantly promotes himself as a “writer” and I think he has said his major was in Journalism. He needs to stop being so arrogant. I’m embarrassed for him. How many times has he shown his ignorance of places, people, issues, etc. Good Lord, has he not heard of Google? #justhereforthespoilers #whichisfun

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