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Hey RealitySteve,

I’m watching this weeks episode and something got me wondering…. When the show is being filmed in another country and the guy gets sent ‘home’, does he stick around until filming is complete? Did Wells and Alex just hang around Argentina until it was time to come back to America? If so, are they subject to any restrictions? Or are they literally sent home on a plane and told to abide by the disclosure agreement?

Comment: No. On a plane back to the states immediately. If a flight isn’t available that night, they’re off the next day. If it is the next day, they don’t get to go back and hang out with the guys. They are put in a separate hotel.

Does Neil Lane provide engagement rings for the BIP couples?

Comment: Yes.

You said this to someone asking about ‘safe house’ visits at the conclusion of filming:

“And they can never leave the house the whole time they are there, so I don’t see how they’ll ever get caught together.”

So now I’m wondering how that works after filming is over for The Bachelor. They don’t air that filmed season until AFTER Thanksgiving and Christmas, right? The ‘winner’ can’t possibly be separated from their family during the holidays, can they? And if they DO allow the winner to spend holidays with their family, how is it that no one has ever caught pics then?? It must be absolute subterfuge happening LOL

Just curious. Thanks! 🙂

Comment: Thanksgiving and Christmas? No. Found that out the hard way during Brad’s second season. That was fun.

I think people keep forgetting one major thing about the secret meetings the final couple has when the show is airing. It’s just the two of them and it’s usually never in either of their hometowns. It’s not like Jordan will be flying into Dallas and they have a secret hide out there. Or JoJo is meeting up with him somewhere private in Nashville. These trips are carefully put together by ABC, both of them are picked up separately at the airport, taken to the house, and hang out there for x amount of days. They will never be caught out in public together outside of them doing something crazy. It’s too guarded.

Courtney did mention in her book that less than two weeks after her finale, Ben was in Arizona for his college or high school reunion, can’t remember which one, and he spent time with her and her family but they never told producers. And we also found out after the fact that Sean and Catherine did the same thing here in Dallas. He even introduced her to his friends. But I don’t believe that was ABC sanctioned either. And then of course you had Andi and Josh who lived 10 minutes from each other. They saw each other a lot in Atlanta, yet, no one caught them together. I’d be shocked if it ever happens.

Were we ever shown who supposedly punched Leah in the face during Ben’s season?

Comment: She was never punched. And no, that ITM of her was never shown. Guess they just played it up for the cameras.

Hi Steve,

I am including a link and a screenshot of a review of last nights episode. Am I misunderstanding what the recapper means or does she just reveal that Jordan is the winner?

Thanks for the spoiling!


Comment: Funny that when you click on the link, the story has removed that sentence. Soooooo yeah, certainly does look like they spoiled it. But then again, are they spoiling it because they’ve read the spoilers that have been out there for the last 2 months, or did somebody spoil it because they actually know something? We’ll never get an answer.

Any outlet who says after May 23rd that Jordan is the winner, it’s kinda pointless to put any stock into it. I say this every season. Once the spoiler is out there, unless you’re going to reveal how you know, it’s nothing anyone can put any stock into. People know where to come to get their spoilers from this show. Been doing it 7 years in a row now with a pretty damn good track record. So once the spoilers out, other sites can say and claim whatever they want, but lets be honest, they originally got it from here.

Hey Steve,

Thanks so much for the bip spoilers! Looking forward!

I can’t believe after all this nick is the normal one who didn’t propose at the end.
U said that josh Murray had a meltdown. What was Amanda’s reaction to this? Didn’t it bother her at all? I’m pretty sure she walked away from it crying.

Also, did u see Chad johnsons tweet of a screenshot of Robby texting him asking him to promote him? lol. I think he took it down though. That wasn’t Robby texting him. That was Robby direct messaging JJ and Tanner on Twitter asking them to promote him on social media. Chad just glammed on about a week late because that’s what he does.

Another thing, does something happen during lukes hometown that turns jojo away? Cuz it seems the connection between them is much stronger then the one between jojo and chase.

Also, if Luke is gonna be the next bachelor wouldn’t they wanna have more airtime of him and not cut his date short?

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks!!

Comment: I think Luke’s exit next week will be enough of a heartbreak for the viewing audience that will shape his Bachelor “audition” perfectly.

Hi Steve!

A few months ago, I was traveling in Rome. One day while walking the streets near the river, I came across this gem. The shirt was hanging outside a small store and while I don’t know the circumstances around it, I knew I wanted to show you. I’m just speculating… maybe it’s best suited for Nick Viall.


Comment: That is unbelievable. That can’t be OUR Bukowski, can it? Why the hell would people in Rome care about Chris Bukowski? Regardless, it’s fascinating.

Hi Steve,

A few questions…

1) what is JoJo’s real name? Joelle.

2) Did you notice stupid Robbie wearing the white cheap hotel room slippers for several of the intro shots? He had them on in the suite to start out, on the bus and even in the walk around in the new hotel. Did he loose his luggage? I hate the way guys look in slippers, made him even more of a turd than he already is. He refuses to wear socks. Ever.

3) Does Robby have a real job? Not that I know of. Modeling and some side stuff that he does. He will be the #1 guy from this season to live off social media promotion once this is over. Hell, it’s started already.

4) What is the deal with Aaron Rogers? I know Jordan has established himself as a jerk/player/douche Lord. So if that’s the case and he’s the nice guy that stayed with the family, is Aaron Satan? Are Jordan and the family jerks and Aaron is the only nice one who separated himself? Does he have any type of reputation in the NFL? Do you have any insight? I know he’s been my fantasy football QB the last 3 seasons, and I wouldn’t mind if he was again. Especially coming off last season, where honestly, he was quite average. I expect a bounce back year from him.

5) Finally, I realize I’m a girl but I don’t get all the JoJo is so beautiful hype. She has a great body but man, to me she looks rough on some of those up close shots. Oh, final question…how many times has JoJo brushed the hair out of her face this season? Someone PLEASE get her a bobby pin or a head band! Its so annoying.

Comment: I’ve counted. We’re at 8,421 through seven episodes.

Hi Steve,

Two random thoughts on your recap:

1. JoJo is such an actress; I am convinced she acted on Ben’s season and they promised her she would be the Bachelorette. They gave her too much hype. I feel she has come off very fake on the show. She must be connected to the producers. I hear she was already connected with many celebrity athletes so many that is how Jordan got on the show. Louis Caric is a producer on the “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette.” He was also a producer on “Ready for Love,” the reality show her brother Ben starred in. Louis and Ben remained friends. You do the math as to how you think JoJo got cast on the “Bachelor” in the first place.

2. I was wondering if they are taping MTA this weekend because next weekend there is a scheduled trip to Honduras with Humanity and Hope United from July 23 to July 30. That is the charity that Ben Higgins is very involved in. Maybe they are going on the trip and making it part of their show. The filming crew may be heading there.

Thanks for all your updates. You are the best and very funny with your recaps.

Comment: Yes, the MTA is taping Saturday. I’m confused on what you’re asking. What does Humanity and Hope United have anything to do with the MTA?

Hi Steve,

Just curious, how do you make money? I am assuming from advertisements on your website.

Thanks for what you do! Always love knowing what happens when all of my friends want to be “surprised.”

Comment: Well, that’s about as direct as you can get. You assume correctly.

Hi Steve,

I’m seriously bored of this show and the attempt at manufacturing lame story lines. I’m one of the many who only watch because your site is the best thing that ever happened to that show.

My first question is what is this whole thing about ‘building a brand’? The only time I’ve seen that referenced is in relation to anyone who has spent time on a reality show and is desperately trying to remain relevant. Pathetic. Call me old fashioned but when I think of a brand it’s been the product of someone or a group of people putting hard work in to build up a product or service. It takes some time to show people that their brand is worth purchasing. It also takes brains and a sense of being good at something. I get when famous actors attach their name to a product, but at least they have worked towards being known in their industry. Now all I ever see is someone who has spent only a miniscule amount of time on tv trying to ‘build their brand’. I guess it speaks volumes about how social media works and gives some people an inflated sense of self importance. Maybe reality tv has become it’s own industry. So if you can answer this I’m just curious about where and when branding became a thing as it’s referenced today. It became a thing once Instagram started monetizing products. So I guess it’s become more popular in the last 2 or 3 years? It’s definitely a thing. And it’s definitely a reason why most of the people want to be on this show now. You can make decent money if you get a following, but more importantly, that that following is engaging to what you post. I should do a whole column on this. It’s pretty fascinating.

Hypothetical question for you: If you were the type to go on a reality show would you try to get as much out of it that you could (appearances, money, work opportunities)? Even though you have gained a certain amount of fame through your site, you don’t seem to want to milk it as much as you potentially could. Such restraint shows a higher set of standards in my opinion. I have zero interest in ever being on reality TV. I’ve never applied for any show and I doubt I ever will. Why? To sign a contract that gives a TV network full control over there edit of me? Please. But hey, different strokes for different folks. I’m doing just fine with the site and I’d like to keep it that way.

Which contestant has made the most appearances on Bachelor produced shows? Any other shows? My brain hurts just thinking of over 800 contestants who have appeared on these shows.

Which contestant’s parents have outright disapproved and haven’t supported their kid’s appearances on this show? Sometimes when you see the hometowns you can see the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….some parents look so giddy to be on tv. I believe Melissa Rycroft’s parents wanted nothing to do with it. Hence the reason we never saw them on her hometown date. Can’t remember others.

Don’t know if I’m going to watch BIP but I don’t think I can stomach the whole Evan/Carly fiasco. There’s something about him that gives me the creeps. I get the sense he wasn’t too popular all his life and was the weird kid who always made pee-pee jokes. Is this guy really an erectile dysfunction expert or is it just a front to try and show he has game since he’s such an unlikely contestant?

Thanks! Have a great day.

Comment: Nope. ED expert. Maybe Carly was turned on by the fact he’s loaded. Hey, you can never put it past a woman. I’m not saying that’s her reason, but something I heard back in my radio days from a colleague of mine has always stuck with me. The saying goes, “There’s no such thing as an unattractive man with money. There’ll always be someone out there for him.” And it’s true.

Hi Steve!

This is my first time writing in. I always try to watch the season without spoilers but usually break down and read them. Lol. You’ve probably answered this question before, but do you think they will ever go back with a Bachelor/Bachelorette that wasn’t a former contestant?

Comment: We’ve had 16 consecutive seasons of someone who was a former contestant. I don’t see that changing anytime soon, but you never say never. Maybe they’ll change it up one time?

Hey Steve,

Love the columns, but man has this season been a snooze for me. I won’t even dive into my thoughts on the whole JoJo-Jordan fiasco. How about the next bachelor…does Luke have the thing in the bag? My vote would be for Chase. Based on the show alone, he is the only one of the final guys I can stand. That would make two bachelors in a row from Denver though. I don’t really find Luke attractive or his edit on the show all that interesting. Now if we factor in social media, Chase actually seems like a guy I would love to date. Luke has the country music thing going for him but let’s face it, he’s just another guy with a guitar trying to make it in Nashville.

Comment: I would be really surprised if Luke isn’t the next “Bachelor” from everything I’m hearing. I’ve been saying that for a good month now. His exit, the edit he’s getting are playing into what I’m hearing. Obviously, we know nothing is finalized until he’s literally flown out to LA to begin filming or ABC makes the official announcement, whichever comes first. But I expect it to be him.

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  1. cjscjs711

    July 13, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    Bukowski – probably reference to Henry Charles Bukowski. Famous American writer and poet known for pithy quotes, common sense and iconclastic at the same time. Gravestone says, “Don’t try”

  2. elizabeth82

    July 13, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    -I agree, the shirt must be referencing Charles Bukowski.

    -I would be interested in a whole column breaking down the contestants monetizing Instagram. Doooo it

    -Is there no such thing as an unattractive woman with money either? Totally different question, isnt’ it?

  3. purplerayne

    July 13, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    Im embarrassed for the person, ANY person, that thought the Bukowski tshirt had anything to do with the Bachelor. Jesus. I love this site, for the gossip and the fan commentary, but Steve really comes across as ignorant. I recall that the couldn’t even pinpoint where Pantagonia is on the map. For real?

    He should also try to answer questions instead of giving smart azz replies. Maybe this is why more people dont write in.

  4. purplerayne

    July 13, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    patagonia! jesus, never type and eat at the same time people.

  5. rob22

    July 13, 2016 at 1:57 PM

    I rather suspect that if RS was a Rocket Scientist, a Geography major or a Grammar Nazi, he wouldn’t be blogging about The Bachelor. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. These days, we don’t have Journalism majors and English majors who do the majority of the nation’s writing for newspapers and magazines. Those days are close to over. For that matter, we don’t even have real trained actors on many of the TV shows today. It may be lamentable, in some ways, but that doesn’t change the reality.

  6. cjscjs711

    July 13, 2016 at 3:58 PM

    On the “building a brand” question, it used to drive me nuts when they began applying this term to not just businesses with an actual product but to individuals and small businesses. The way the term is used now, everyone technically has ‘a brand’.

    Good or bad, strong or weak; anywhere in between. It refers to your reputation, your influence, in what sphere, with what products and services, topics, relevance, etc. So these contestants by adding more followers who actually follow their content means they can reach, influence, or sell to more people the stronger their ‘brand’ is and how relevant to a particular product or market.

    Knowing the demographic of “The Bachelor”, therefore when these contestants have an unusually large following, people can surmise what demographic they’re tapping into by engaging that contestant.

  7. justa_viewer

    July 13, 2016 at 6:31 PM

    I clicked the Justin Rego link and read the article. I’m both amused and annoyed that some contestants on Bachelor/Bach’ette apparently feel they should be able to leave the show as soon as they see that there is not going to be a connection with the lead.

    I get that some folks might not want to stick around once they feel that they are “out of the running” and at some point will be ignominiously terminated. But if everyone could leave as soon as they had this feeling, there would be no show. And you signed up to be a character on a season of a TV show, people! Sheesh, suck it up and do your job.

    Of course, what with the allure of the opportunity to further one’s brand, etc., I imagine fewer contestants are in a hurry to leave the show these days, even if they think they’re not going to win.

  8. mariet

    July 13, 2016 at 8:09 PM

    @Rob22 Steve constantly promotes himself as a “writer” and I think he has said his major was in Journalism. He needs to stop being so arrogant. I’m embarrassed for him. How many times has he shown his ignorance of places, people, issues, etc. Good Lord, has he not heard of Google? #justhereforthespoilers #whichisfun

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