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“Reader Emails,” Aaron on HBO Tonight, My Access Hollywood Appearance, & An Update on the Live Video Chat

Big-time reader, first-time caller. If you’ve answered this before feel free to ignore my question 🙂

After reading your BIP spoilers (thanks, by the way!), I’m really curious if you have any insights for ratings/network feelings towards BIP.

I actually really like Bachelor Pad and understand why after Nick pulled his big move they couldn’t continue to do the show and expect an explosive ending like that again. However, with Bachelor in Paradise it’s just…boring (especially when you factor in how many HOURS of the week we’re supposed to devote to watching the show). There just seems like relatively low stakes on BIP compared to Pad. Curious about your insights on ratings and if you’ve heard about if the network is planning to pivot or if they’re taking a “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” approach?

Comment: This season really doesn’t look any different than the previous two, except with more engagements at the end. So it certainly looks like if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it to me.

Is it just me or does everything that comes out of Jordan’s mouth sound insincere, like it’s something he made up before he came on the show? (at the end of his one-on-one date, about what he’d say to his family at hometowns: “I’m falling in love with this woman… and I can’t wait for you to fall in love with her, too.” Blech).

Comment: No, I certainly don’t think it’s you.

Hey there Steve!

I just wanted to know what you thought about the picture below. I’m guessing this is a producer of the show and she’s talking about hometowns. But I have a question that makes me think the producers already knew who Jojo was sending home and so did the guys. Yes, Naz is a producer on the show.

1. When was this picture taken?

– let’s say before the rose ceremony. Did the producers just ask James T to step aside, and what was their reason? Sorry James but you’re about to get eliminated and I want a picture with the four guys that are going to stay?…. And the four guys thought, oh the producer just wants a picture of the four of us because we have matching hair?

– let’s say after the rose ceremony. Why don’t any of the other three have their roses on? Jojo has taken rose ceremonies to the morning (que the bright sky) but there would be roses on the other three.

So did the producers just give away on social media that they knew who the four home town dates were before the rose ceremony even started?

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts/comments.

Comment: Very keen observations, but again, probably something we’ll never get an answer on. As good as those points you made were, just to play devils advocate, it could’ve been a picture taken before the rose ceremony while James was in filming an ITM. Could’ve been something she already knew was gonna happen with those four getting hometowns or a giant coincidence. And Naz posted it yesterday so she definitely didn’t give it away back during filming. However, if you’ve watched UnREAL, or read this site anytime in the last 7 years, you know that certain producers and crew already know who’s getting roses before the ceremony starts. That’s no secret.


You should’ve seen the uproar over the weekend on the message boards about you. I swear these women have literally nothing else to do all day other than analyze clips of a show that was done filming months ago, or they they talk about u incessantly. Teh funniest thing is they will always tell the other board members you are not allowed to attack any other members or say anything derogatory about them or their opinion, yet they have no problem constantly attacking you and what you write. They are almost like a trainwreck in that you can’t not watch how maniacal and crazy they are. There’s this one woman (and I’m glad I’m putting her name out there since she’s the biggest culprit) who goes by JBF, and all she does is post over and over and over and over again dissecting every frame, word, and movement from every character. She does this every season trying to prove the spoiler wwrong and every year she’s wrong. But of course they never jump on her back at the end of the season when all her wacko theories aren’t even close to comign true. They are hanging on the fact that Luke is the winner and praying they’re right so they can tell you you were wrong. Yes, that’s what these people do all day every day.

But if RS has the group date rose recipient wrong, they’ll laugh and talk about you non stop saying how you know nothing. I truly am scared of these people. I didn’t even know they exist.

I’m sure you don’t care but I wanted to let you know however bad you think they are, they’re worse. Take care! Can’t wait for the finale!

Comment: You’re right. I don’t care.

Steve, some of us are newbees. Please explain the Joe Solucci comment. ????? Does this have to do with Jo Jo or the Bachelor in Paradise?

Comment: Don’t even look at me. We can’t be friends. (Anyone want to help this poor young lady out?)

Hey Steve,

I just wanted to let you know that although I haven’t been reading your website for that long, I am oddly addicted! I’ve read too many posts to count in the last week alone. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Anyway…a couple (maybe a lot) of questions for you:

1. Do Bachelorette contestants have any say in who can be in the audience for the Men Tell All? Or do you have to know a producer? No.

2. Do you think Chad is really that bad? I’ve listened to a couple interviews that Wells has done where he’s said they portrayed Chad exactly how he is. To me, it just seems like Chad is putting on a huge act and just trying to expose everything that’s wrong with the Bachelor franchise. Honestly, I kind of respect that. Also, his snapchat stories are ridiculous…way too over the top to seem true to his personality. Yes, he was.

3. How did you get such detailed spoilers for BIP? Is it all from tips that people send you? Truly impressed with the amount of data collection that goes into these spoilers. I don’t reveal my sources.

4. How many contestants do you think actually come from casting calls? From the digging that I’ve done, it really seems like you need to know someone to weasel your way in. Probably 10%. Maybe less.

5. How much longer do you think this all will last? Despite the crazy ratings, I really feel like everything this season is 100 times more fake than past seasons. I’m watching Desiree’s season right now and although I know it’s still reality TV and heavily manipulated, I just feel like it’s so much more authentic. I realize how stupid I sound for saying that. But all the guys on Jojo’s season are just ridiculous on social media…like all those Different Eyewear sponsored posts or Smile Sciences or whatever. It’s just sad…but I guess people still love the show. They could do 100 seasons of this show if they wanted to. I don’t know when it’ll stop. Chris Harrison just signed a new 5 year contract, so it looks like that’ll be the minimum.

6. I’m really surprised Juan-Pablo was picked to be the Bachelor from Desiree’s season. He wasn’t even in the top 4…does that mean there’s a possibility for Wells to be the next Bachelor? Or because he went on BIP, there’s no chance? I’d prefer him so much more over Luke. I think it’s going to be Luke.

7. Thoughts on Lauren and Ben? Do you think it’s gonna last? I’m still not sure. Lets see how this reality show of theirs goes.

6. Lastly…have you seen Wells’ snapchat story? True comedy. I don’t follow any of the guys on Snapchat.

Sorry I asked a million questions…I have a lot of free time haha. If you ever need an intern, let me know. I’d be happy to dig up dirt for you hahaha 🙂

Comment: Never really needed an intern, but hey, you never know.

Hi Steve,

Please keep a straight face with this question. What are the chances that Jordan will stop the womanizing…even if it is an act…so he can stay relevant?

The longer he stays with JoJo…(the wedding, a baby) he can drag out the media attention. Or do you think he doesn’t need her anymore or not much longer? I mean where are Roberto and Nikki and Whitney and the rest of the “winners” that broke up.

Keep up the good work.

Comment: Nikki is engaged, Whitney I believe has a boyfriend, and I’m not sure what Roberto is doing. But according to reports, Jordan has been hired by the SEC Network for a television gig. He’s got out of this what he wanted already.

You have mentioned on several occasions how this is a very obvious season as to whom the winner will be. But do you think it’s very obvious because you know the spoilers/know the behind the scene details. I am not disagreeing with you because I can clearly see how Jordan is the winner, but most viewers of the show don’t read your blog. My mother has seen every season of Bachelor/Bachelorette but doesn’t know you exist and she is completely clueless. It may be because I know the spoiler, but when Jordan was so front and center in the first episode, along with them making sure you saw his alone time with JoJo on every single episode that he didn’t have a 1-on-1, it seemed quite obvious to me.

Have there ever been any tips someone has sent you for a season that you thought were so ridiculous that you immediately deleted the email only to find out later it was true? What about the other way around? Did you ever really think something was true only to find out it wasn’t? Do you remember what they were in either instance? No to your first question. I guess the Brad and Des ending would be examples of where I thought something was right and it ended up not being right.

Are former/current contestants/bachelors/bachelorettes forbidden to ever mention your site publicly? I mean is there something written in their contract? I don’t think it’s written in their contracts, but it’s certainly frowned upon. I think if they randomly mention my name producers won’t care. But if they’re constantly doing it? I’m sure they would get told to knock it off. But nobody ever has.

If there is a male or female a producer really wants to be a suitor on the show and that person is indecisive, can they make non monetary promises to them or offer them perks to get them to do it? I’m sure they do.

Who of the Bachelor/Bachelorettes made the show the most money and which made them the least amount of money? I have no idea.

Which winner of any season did you watch and think the bachelor/bachelorette should have went with their other choice? (if you had to pick someone)

Comment: I’ve never cared who chooses who. It’s of little importance to me. That’s not why I watch and write about the show.

Thanks for this season! Watching without spoilers is almost unbearable.

A couple of questions:

1. I was under the impression, Brittany and Olivia met through Jordan. I read somewhere that Olivia introduced Brittany to Jordan and obviously chose her side when they broke up which caused tension between Aaron and his family. I don’t know if that’s true? I’m dying to know why Aaron doesn’t really have a relationship with them lol Well, the relationship is broken because of Olivia through all reports and numerous things I’ve heard.

2. I know the show JUST wrapped, but all the bachelor in paradise couples are still together, right? I don’t expect them to stay together. I just can’t see any of them actually working out. Yes.

3. Any word on a Shawn and Kaitlyn wedding? It’s nice they’re taking their time and dating in the real world and they do look happy but just wondering if you heard anything otherwise.

Comment: I haven’t heard anything either way.

Heya, Steve!

I just want to settle the obvious question of the week: Which romantic movie was JoJo and Luke’s date most similar to? Answer: the date had clearly taken a page from Nicholas Spark’s The Longest Ride. (Although, based on how little airtime the date received, I guess this date should be called “The Shortest Ride”, yuck yuck). Check out this picture comparison:


As if that weren’t proof enough, the main character’s name in the movie is also Luke.

Thanks for all your work, Steve! I hope that my useless observation helped at least crack a smile!


Comment: Had no idea. Never seen the movie. Probably because I’m not a teenage girl. Only in my music tastes do I morph into a tween. Not for my movies.

Dear Steve,

Congratulations on getting an interview with Access hollywood, it was a great segment. I’m glad that you told everyone on television the truth about Jordan. Maybe now you won’t get so many emails about Jordan anymore. I have a few questions about next week’s episode and Ben & Lauren.

1. I know that based on the promo from earlier in the season that Robby’s girlfriend will be addressed during the hometown dates, so I was wondering if you had any idea how JoJo found about it or who told her about it? Based on some clip I saw, I think his mom brings it up.

2. I know that it was announced last week that Jordan got a job as a sportscaster. Have you heard when he will be starting the job? No.

3. Do you think that IF Ben & Lauren go the distance, that they will get married on Freeform because of their new show being on that network or do you think ABC would still film the wedding?

Thank you.

Comment: I think if they get a televised wedding, ABC would want to do it. Every couple that’s had a televised wedding from this franchise had it on ABC. I don’t see why Ben & Lauren would be any different if that’s what happens with them.

Hi Steve, love your recap. You always crack me up. I am not sure why but I found last nights episode rather boring. I cant stand Robby and Jordan and the lies that come out of their mouths. When they both profess their love for JoJo or I am falling in love with you, their eyes do not light up but look rather dead. I can tell they are both lying and so I am constantly yelling “liar” at my tv. Poor JoJo falling for the smooth talkers. Do you know if the bachelor mansion is owned by ABC? I am just wondering as I have been watching since Sean’s season and they have used the same place right? Have you heard if it is 100% confirmed that Luke is the next bachelor? I do like him but I also like Chase. But then they look very similar and could be inter changeable. After reading your BIP spoilers, I am looking forward to watching that as I am hoping it is more interesting then this season. Thanks.

Comment: The mansion is owned by a family. The show just rents it from them the few times a year they need it.

Nothing is 100% in regards to the next lead until that person leaves for LA and moves into the house, or, ABC makes it official. But my guess is they are gonna go with Luke based on everything I’m hearing.

Hi Steve!

I’m not sure if you knew that Emily and Amanda had a live Periscope tonight (Tuesday). I was so excited to listen in because I love Amanda and Emily, but the whole thing was really uncomfortable. Both girls seemed awkward and like they didn’t know what to say. There were so many good questions asked, but they dodged almost all of them and instead answered basic questions about hair, makeup, dates, Chad, etc. Someone had asked at what point during filming did they realize that Ben would choose Lauren, and they awkwardly explained that they couldn’t say. Interesting because I swear I have heard past contestants say that they knew he would pick Lauren in interviews before. They just seemed very awkward and not willing to actually answer questions. I know there is only so much they can say without spoiling BIP, but they barely gave out any information about their time on Ben’s season and behind the scenes. It just seemed like they were blatantly lying to everyone (aka insisting the show is 100% real among other things). Just wanted to hear your thoughts on this or if you saw it. I’m not trying to bad mouth both girls at all but seriously watching the whole thing, I truly felt the awkwardness seeping through my screen ?

P.S. They didn’t hesitate at all in giving their Instagram names to everyone at the end… Haha!

Comment: I didn’t see it because I don’t follow either of them. And since they’re both on Paradise, not surprising they didn’t say much. Too scared.

I remember when you first gave us the spoilers on the final 4 you had Chase going home after hometowns and you had Luke going home after fantasy suite and you then had corrected it soon after saying Luke instead goes home before Chase. The other day I saw on Twitter a conversation and a woman and stated that you had actually came back telling people what you had initially was correct with Chase going home then Luke… I went back to you episode by episode spoilers and couldn’t find what the heck this woman was talking about… My question is did I miss something and you announced that what you initially had with Chase #4 and Luke#3 was correct or was this woman confused?! Lol You’re confused. That Twitter conversation never happened. When I posted the spoilers on May 23rd, I had Chase going home at #4 and Luke at #3. 8 days later, it was updated in the spoilers that those were flipped and Luke goes home at #4 and Chase at #3. Mostly due to the fact that there are clear clips of Chase in Thailand in the season preview video. Nothings changed since.

I know you’ve stated this more than anyone on how obvious JoJo is all about Jordan but last night took it to another level. During their 1 on 1 when asking Jordan who she would meet in his family she literally knew the names of every single person in his family all the way down to his brothers dog Karl and what breed the dog was. Fast forward to her sit down with James where he told her she’d meet his father and JoJos response was “what’s your fathers name?” So your telling me JOJO knows the name of Jordan’s older brothers dog but doesn’t know james fathers name? Yikes…lol. You pay attention to things that are important to you.

If you had to bet out of the 3 “engaged” couples on BIP who do you think will last the longest?

Comment: I don’t have any clue because it’s impossible to take these couples seriously anymore due to the social media aspect.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. cjscjs711

    July 13, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    Bukowski – probably reference to Henry Charles Bukowski. Famous American writer and poet known for pithy quotes, common sense and iconclastic at the same time. Gravestone says, “Don’t try”

  2. elizabeth82

    July 13, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    -I agree, the shirt must be referencing Charles Bukowski.

    -I would be interested in a whole column breaking down the contestants monetizing Instagram. Doooo it

    -Is there no such thing as an unattractive woman with money either? Totally different question, isnt’ it?

  3. purplerayne

    July 13, 2016 at 1:11 PM

    Im embarrassed for the person, ANY person, that thought the Bukowski tshirt had anything to do with the Bachelor. Jesus. I love this site, for the gossip and the fan commentary, but Steve really comes across as ignorant. I recall that the couldn’t even pinpoint where Pantagonia is on the map. For real?

    He should also try to answer questions instead of giving smart azz replies. Maybe this is why more people dont write in.

  4. purplerayne

    July 13, 2016 at 1:12 PM

    patagonia! jesus, never type and eat at the same time people.

  5. rob22

    July 13, 2016 at 1:57 PM

    I rather suspect that if RS was a Rocket Scientist, a Geography major or a Grammar Nazi, he wouldn’t be blogging about The Bachelor. Everyone has their strengths and weaknesses. These days, we don’t have Journalism majors and English majors who do the majority of the nation’s writing for newspapers and magazines. Those days are close to over. For that matter, we don’t even have real trained actors on many of the TV shows today. It may be lamentable, in some ways, but that doesn’t change the reality.

  6. cjscjs711

    July 13, 2016 at 3:58 PM

    On the “building a brand” question, it used to drive me nuts when they began applying this term to not just businesses with an actual product but to individuals and small businesses. The way the term is used now, everyone technically has ‘a brand’.

    Good or bad, strong or weak; anywhere in between. It refers to your reputation, your influence, in what sphere, with what products and services, topics, relevance, etc. So these contestants by adding more followers who actually follow their content means they can reach, influence, or sell to more people the stronger their ‘brand’ is and how relevant to a particular product or market.

    Knowing the demographic of “The Bachelor”, therefore when these contestants have an unusually large following, people can surmise what demographic they’re tapping into by engaging that contestant.

  7. justa_viewer

    July 13, 2016 at 6:31 PM

    I clicked the Justin Rego link and read the article. I’m both amused and annoyed that some contestants on Bachelor/Bach’ette apparently feel they should be able to leave the show as soon as they see that there is not going to be a connection with the lead.

    I get that some folks might not want to stick around once they feel that they are “out of the running” and at some point will be ignominiously terminated. But if everyone could leave as soon as they had this feeling, there would be no show. And you signed up to be a character on a season of a TV show, people! Sheesh, suck it up and do your job.

    Of course, what with the allure of the opportunity to further one’s brand, etc., I imagine fewer contestants are in a hurry to leave the show these days, even if they think they’re not going to win.

  8. mariet

    July 13, 2016 at 8:09 PM

    @Rob22 Steve constantly promotes himself as a “writer” and I think he has said his major was in Journalism. He needs to stop being so arrogant. I’m embarrassed for him. How many times has he shown his ignorance of places, people, issues, etc. Good Lord, has he not heard of Google? #justhereforthespoilers #whichisfun

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