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“Reader Emails,” Video of James Taylor, & (EXCLUSIVE) Who Returns at the Overnight Date Rose Ceremony?

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Hi steve!

I was wondering who do you think will be framed as the potential villian on paradise? I feel like season 1 it was like ashley frazier or kovacs and season 2 was joe and samantha. Who do you think it will be this season? Nick and josh? Chad for the hot minute that he’s on there. After that, I think it will be Josh. But Josh isn’t a villain like the past ones because he’s coupled with someone. I just think a lot of people out there from what I’m hearing think he’s phony and is just acting a part to get America to like him. Comes across as very insincere to those around him.

Also, during filming, do you think the producers knew Jordan was a cheat and wanted to make jojo see that or wanted her to look past it? They absolutely 1000% did. Wish I could say more, but unfortunately, it’s one of those instances where I can’t share. But trust me, they knew of Jordan’s women around the world. And they didn’t care.

I couldnt help but realize kaitlyn and shawn are spending time apart. Do you think they will break up soon or end up getting married?
Thank you so much!!!!!!

Comment: I have no idea. I have no idea what either of them are up to.

I apologize in advance because I know at some point you’ve been asked this question.. how do the lead and their final choice get to the “safe house” when the show is airing. I know you’ve said they guard these houses so no pictures or spoilers are leaked before the final episode airs. Do they get private planes?
I know in situations like Andi and Josh being they lived in the same city they would probably just drive them to the secret location.. but others who live multiple states away from do they get the lead and their choice there and from?

Comment: They’re flown in on regular commercial flights. But they try and be as discreet as possible. It’s easy to play off JoJo flying to LA because she could be coming for media. But in all the years of guys or girls who were the final 1 and were flying in from out of state, how many do we have pictures of on a flight or at an airport? I’ll tell you the answer: zero. I’ve never seen one. People aren’t on the lookout for these people. It’s on .000001% of the world’s radar.

Hi Steve. Hope you’re enjoying your week. I have a few questions for you regarding hometowns.

1) Are all contestants sent home on one day and then they spend however many days there until JoJo arrives? And then fly out at the end of the week? And are they monitored or can they have contact with anyone once they arrive home and do they get to use technology or reconnect with friends while there? This has been discussed ad nauseum. They are in a four separate hotels in LA. They leave the night before their hometown, stay in a hotel in their hometown, meet the lead the next day, and when they walk through the door, that’s the first time seeing their parents. When the date is over, they’re back in that hometown hotel the same night, flown back to LA the next day, then wait in their LA hotel until its time for the rose ceremony. So if you have the first or last hometown date, you’re waiting the longest.

2) I noticed you said that JoJo had spent an extra day in Robbie’s town via twitter which you claimed to be abnormal. Was it because of the rumors about his girlfriend in the previews or did they sleep together? Or something else?

Comment: I gave the answer to this that day. I was told it was because equipment didn’t arrive in time for them to film that Thursday.

Hi RS,

Long time fan!

I know the show is super over-produced and scripted but this season feels like that more so than any other previous season. JoJo is a classic actress, just not a very good one. The fake tears, the canned responses. Honestly, I think this is one of the most boring seasons they have had because of it – she has no personality. You never hear her talk about what is important to her, what she is looking for, what her life in Dallas is like, etc… whereas even Bachelors like Jason and Sean discussed those things. Its so obvious that JoJo and the majority of those guys are just there to build a brand for themselves. Who knows, perhaps we are looking at the newest Sugar Bear vitamin spokesperson when we see Robby – LOL. Anyhow, how long do you think JoJo and Jordan will stay together before releasing a PR statement? 3 months? That would give them enough time to make the talk show circuit right?

Comment: I hate guessing on stuff like this because if I say 3 months, and they last 6 months, some moron will inevitably say, “You were wrong on how long you thought they’d last.” So it’s kinda pointless. All I know is they aren’t getting married.

Jojo is gorg, I’m not denying that, but please tell me WHY she has the exact same hairstyle in EVERY SINGLE EPISODE – day / night. I’m sure the guys could care less as long as she is wearing minimal clothing, but it’s maddening! Change up the hair, Jojo!

Comment: I’d hit up the show stylist for that one. Can’t remember the name off hand, but if you dig enough on social media, especially JoJo’s Twitter or Instagram, you’ll find it. She’s mentioned her numerous times.

I love reading your spoilers and at this point it’s the only reason I even watch the show. I had a few questions though.

1) When you released the names of the guys that were going to be on Jojo’s season you listed another guy named Chad (went to OU but lived in Texas) and found out that he was sent home because he had connections to someone that worked for the show? Am I getting that part right? And if so, why was he sent home because of that but Jojo, who has several connections to The Bachelor and reality tv in general was allowed to stay and compete on Ben’s season? You kinda have it right. A little mixed up. There were two guys I originally released that were flown out and ready to be cast but were cut at the last minute. The guy who had ties to a producer was not Chad. That was a different guy. His name escapes me now. Chad was Facebook friends with JoJo, and that’s why he was told he was being let go.

2) This is concerning BIP. I’ve only watched the second season and I will watch this coming season. But is it possible for any past leads to go and be on BIP? The only one we’ve ever seen is Jake. Unfortunately a lot of these leads get inflated egos (as do plenty of other contestants) and they feel the show is “beneath” them, so they’d never appear. Jake Pavelka just has no shame. He’d sign on to judge the World’s Ugliest Feet Contest if you asked him to.

3) I’m a huge fan of UnReal. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen the show and read your spoilers about The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, but does it seem like to you that The Bachelor is almost copying storylines straight from UnReal and using them on their show? (Like having Jojo’s ex be involved with one of the episodes during Ben’s season and of course, most recently, when the guys just so happen to come across the interview that Jojo’s ex did with whatever tabloid it was). I feel like there might be one or two I’m forgetting.

It’s actually really funny to me that Chris Harrison trashes the show and talks about how it’s completely false, but then they have the same storylines.

Also, congratulations on all of the coverage you’re getting!

Comment: Yes, obviously UnREAL is an exaggerated version of the “Bachelor” franchise, but it certainly does seem like we see an awful lot of familiar things on it. Considering the creator of UnREAL was a “Bachelor” producer for 9 seasons, that’s not coincidental.

Hi Reality Steve!

I personally died of laughter this week about the dwarf and the country bumpkin. It’s so true. I honestly am only watching the show so I can read your posts after. Yours is the only website I don’t mind all the ads popping up.

I write and sometimes, I go back to re-read and I think, “Damn that’s good”. Does that ever happen to you? Do you have a favorite column that you wrote over the seasons?

Comment: Well thanks. Honestly, I forgot 75% of the stuff I write once it’s posted. I write so much and I feel like I’m typing all day, I forget a lot of what I write. I couldn’t possibly pinpoint a favorite column over the years. Too many to remember.

Hi Steve-

In response to email posted today from reader asking you to leave out information regarding your family, I disagree.

I truly appreciate your personal touch and references to your family. I think this definitely connects you to your reader.

Your creative writing style is superb and I so appreciate your thorough research and witty comments.

Keep up the fantastic job you do engaging your readers and have a wonderful time celebrating your birthday!

Comment: Thanks. And no worries, if someone hasn’t realized by now that occasionally I’ll have a paragraph in my column maybe once or twice a week that ISN’T focused on this franchise, then there’s no reaching them. I don’t let that stuff bother me. People will always find something to complain about. It’s my blog, I’ve been doing it over 13 years now, it’s become successful enough to where it’s my full time job, so I definitely will continue to do with what’s got me here.

I would be really curious to hear which past bachelorettes you found really unattractive in appearance only. I have seen girls on my FB feed staying they are trying it for casting who are not that attractive and I’m wondering what their chances are. Obviously not all girls are gorgeous but usually they are somewhat attractive. I actually didn’t think Kaitlyn was that beautiful but she did have a good vibe that people seemed to like and was cute enough. Who can you think of that you were shocked was casted based on looks alone?

Comment: I have never thought any of the 12 Bachelorettes were unattractive. And ranking who I thought was the least attractive just seems petty. No need to do that.

Hi Steve,

So happy for you that you have your family near you now. Nothing like family.

Just thought you’d like to know that Josh did a Periscope last night and said that you don’t know what you’re talking about. He’s claiming it didn’t happen. I guess he’s meaning the big argument on BIP. Or maybe what his intentions are for going on the show. Of course, I don’t believe him. Following for a long time and I know you’re spot on 99% of the time.

Out of 45 minutes on Periscope at least 30 minutes was Andi bashing. But then he said I don’t put people down like Andi does and her book is all lies. But then he said he didn’t read her book. He said Andi buys her Instagram followers and on and on. He really needs some therapy and not what he’s getting on Famously Single.

I know you don’t personally follow any of the Bach people and wanted you to know what he said about you.

Have a good day.

Comment: Yeah, I didn’t see it so I have no idea what he’s talking about. If he’s talking about BIP, lets see:

1) Came in and went out with Amanda – happened.
2) Blew up at everyone once the twins left and warned Amanda – happened.
3) Got engaged to Amanda – happened.

That’s all I really reported about him on BIP, so not sure what he’s referring to. But if it’s the “he’s on the Josh Murray Redemption Tour,” of course I’d expect him to dispute that. But that’s what going on “Famously Single,” wanting to be on JoJo’s season, and finally setting for BIP is.

Hi Steve,

I’m a long time fan but first time emailer to you. My family and I have started binge watching Friday Night Lights this summer and needless to say, we all 4 are hooked! I think I remember you mentioning this show a few times before in your columns and how much you raved over it. We were looking for something to watch after finishing House of Cards and I recommended to my husband Friday NIght Lights. It is a great show – I’m sad we have never watched it before now. We are just now getting into season 2 – it is really quite compelling. So nothing else to say other than I probably would have skipped right over it on Netflix had I not remembered you vaguely saying something about this show before. So, thanks! Only on season 2? It gets better.

My daughter and I are huge Bachelor/Bachelorette fans and are enjoying this season. I’ll be curious to see what happens with all the social media/news drama with Jordan, Robby, Grant, etc after it is all over. Seems like there has been a lot behind the scenes this season going on while the show itself has been somewhat lackluster (with the exception of the Chad stuff). Thanks for keeping us all updated on the goings on of it all! Can’t wait to see The Men Tell All and After the Final Rose!

Have a great weekend!

From one fellow Texan to another –

Comment: Stay tuned. I’m sure it’ll be interesting.

Hi Steve! I have been reading your site since I was sixteen years old. It was the middle of Jake’s season and your commentary of him was so spot on with everything I had been thinking. It was love at first blog post.

Until now I have never felt compelled to write, mainly because you are so cool and I wouldn’t want you to think my email was lame. However, I just read a reader email saying that they were peeved that you write about your personal life. What a loser!! I’m sure you will get more than just me saying this, but i enjoy hearing little tid bits on your life and about Olivia and Jake. I miss hearing about Maddie, she was beautiful and I could tell you really loved her.

I was shocked to hear about your stalker, hopefully that mess is being sorted out and she’ll leave you alone for good.

You’re like this mystery guy that I’ve been reading about every week, so please don’t stop sharing about your life because some people can’t be bothered with non bachelor related information.

Social media has made the show less enjoyable in ways, it’s so much more about the fame aspect that I can’t even pretend it’s about The Love anymore. Robbie grosses me out with all he is doing to stay relevant. He isn’t even trying to hide his intentions. Plus he looks like the guy who slashed my tires, I thought his face was stupid the moment you posted about him.

I hope one day they have a season of The Bachelor similar to Brad 1.0’s. Now that was entertainment. I highly doubt they would ever let that happen again though.

Thank you, Steve 🙂

Comment: You’re welcome. I appreciate it. As I told the other person, absolutely I would not stop occasionally including a paragraph on my family, or sports, or whatever the hell I want to talk about. I mean, it IS my site after all. And what I write is free. No one is forced to read anything. That’s why people who complain fascinate me.

Hi Steve,

I recently read that Josh tried to get on Jojo’s season but was told no is there any truth to that? Also does Nick Viall have a chance to be the bachelor one day? \
thanks and have a great weekend!

Comment: Yes, that’s what he said in an interview. I don’t have the link anymore. Can’t remember who he told that to..

No, Nick is not going to be the “Bachelor.”

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  1. cjscjs711

    July 20, 2016 at 1:13 PM

    For once I’m on a computer that doesn’t have any ad-block software on it. I can now TOTALLY AGREE with the people who complain about all the ads on here. Worst site for unwanted ads I can think of. They open new windows, uninvited, over and over, forcing me to search for them to close. Only to have a new ad window open up all over, blasting in my ear! Popups one after another.

    Andi’s book – she was badly vilified as being phony, fame hungry, even faking tears when she cried uncontrollably during the Harrison interview after the breakup. I don’t blame her for wanting to clear the record. Referring to the guys by number didn’t bother me at all, since her purpose wasn’t to cause lasting harm to them. Two years from now people will barely remember what “25” or “26” looked like, much less their names. The book was far less about what he did than her feelings and experience of it all. I think Josh is overreacting and probably if anything, driving more people to buy her book.

    Revealing your journal or diary is the best way to be authentic or genuine – employing a ghostwriter probably the least genuine. As Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter for Trump’s Art of the Deal revealed in detail….

  2. ashleigh11

    July 20, 2016 at 3:44 PM

    The ads are horrible. It’s gotten to the point where I just come here to quickly skim and get info and click off. This site runs the fan on my laptop so hard it sounds like it’s about to burst into flames if I stay for longer than five minutes. Then today I turned away from my computer for a minute while on page 1 and when I turned back, the screen had turned into a dating/porn hookup ad – when I tried to back-click, it turned into a nude webcam ad with jiggling boobs. Brutal. I’ve been reading this site for years and this past year it’s become nearly intolerable. 🙁

  3. karynr

    July 20, 2016 at 5:11 PM

    cjscjs711, I just read about Tony Schwartz and his experience this morning. All I’m going to say is one big LOL.

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