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“Reader Emails,” Video of James Taylor, & (EXCLUSIVE) Who Returns at the Overnight Date Rose Ceremony?

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Hi Steve,

Thanks for giving viewers the inside scoop on the contestants in this franchise. I was watching the video chat and I have to say that I agree with you about Instagram changing the intentions of contestants in the franchise, I can’t understand how others cannot see that. I have a few questions…

1) Is there a CrowdCast app that I can download to watch the weekly video chats because it was a bit slower on your website? Unfortunately I don’t believe they do right now. As for video options, that’s all dependent on the users computer speed. That’s out of my hands. It’s broadcast in HD. If it’s slowing down or glitching, change the speed rate which you watch it at, which I believe is in the bottom right hand corner of the video.

2) I saw this morning that you posted a promo of Adam coming back and I was wondering if you have ever heard of any bachelor leads in the past dating or hooking up with producers from the show? Leads? Not that I can remember, but it may be slipping my mind.

3) Do you know if the twins are still good friends with Amanda being that she did the opposite of what they advised her to do and got engaged to Josh? Yes, they are.

4) Are Caila and Jared still going strong post-BIP?
Thank you

Comment: I really don’t know. I think they’re at least dating. Or trying to.

Hello Steve,

Reader since Andi’s season, first time emailer. Like what you do, keep up the good work!

So I decided to watch Bill Simmons new show on HBO “Any Given Wednesday” since the main interview was with Aaron Rodgers. It is so painful! Less because it involves sports talk, which I don’t understand, and more because Simmons is just awkward. Bill isn’t Katie Couric. Or heading “60 Minutes.” His interview style is much more conversationalist. But yeah, it’s not necessarily his strength. I guess I just look more at WHAT he asks rather than HOW he asks it. That’s what’s important to me. And he’s very knowledgeable on his subjects. Especially if it’s basketball related.

Rodgers talked about how he played golf with President Obama and whether he roots for California or Wisconsin sports teams (answer: it was awesome and both). Also, they talked about is it better to switch teams and the NFL draft (both conversations led nowhere). They talked about the best quality in a quarterback and the best ACL surgery (answer: being able to call good plays and cadaver). Rodgers suggestions for concussions in football was better self-monitoring and finding a cure. It was like halfway through he remembered what the lawyers told him to say. I have to hand it to Rodgers for not shying away from the concussion question and trying to add humor, but it’s such a boring show! Wouldn’t suggest watching it. Honestly, Bill Simmons makes Chris Harrison on After Paradise look like Oprah.

No mention about Jordan or his family, which was the only reason why I tuned in. Hadn’t realized how much Jordan looks like his brothers. That family has got some dominant genes.

Comment: I saw the whole thing. I loved the show but I’m biased because I’m a huge Bill Simmons guy. I pretty much like all his stuff. But is that show for everyone? No.

Some random thoughts:

a) Marcus saying he was “played” by Laci but could see himself on Bachelor in Paradise again. C’mon dude. Played? Her decision to slow down and not actually finalize a marriage was the more rational decision, especially after that ridiculous faux-wedding. Now you are hawking yourself as a returnee to the Bachelor franchise, while you want us to also understand how hurt you are, and in tabloid fodder no less. Sounds like a guy promoting a narrative. Oh Marcus, you are the lifeblood of this franchise. There’s probably 10-12 girls who could show up at Bachelor Pad that you would leave engaged with after a few weeks time. Dude is realizing that no one cares anymore and is probably trying to keep his name out there.

b) Media stuff about JoJo already regretting her final pick. Wild guess that her friends are putting this stuff out there with her blessing as a preemptive face-saving move. Good for her, I guess. Not like Jordan deserves more consideration than that. Their situation does, however, make for an interesting thought experiment. If the genders were reversed here, and the Bachelor had chosen a sketchy girl that he wanted to bang, then had serious doubts as real issues began to surface post-show…well, what would our reaction be? The point is, men will get called out for shallowness in this area much more readily than women will. I bear JoJo no hostility here—she’ll have to learn from it…just pointing it out. Agree.

c) Upcoming BIP. I read your spoilers, and what an effing mess. Essentially this show is a several weeks’ long binge of rubbernecking at nasty car wrecks on the freeway. I am rooting for Nick though, as he keeps racking up appearances. He’s gonna go for a full Bukowski, I can feel it. On the day he breaks the record, I hope I see it in the screen crawl on ESPN or one of the cable news networks. Come on, Nick! That would be awesome if we got on the ESPN scroll: “BREAKING NEWS: According to Reality Steve, Nick Viall will be a contestant on season 18 of the “Bachelorette,” making that his 6th appearance on a franchise show breaking Chris Bukowski’s old mark of 5.”

d) We need to create an all-time Bachelor franchise sorryness power rankings (SPR). Criteria are lameness and general douchebaggery. Here’s my top 5:

1. Jake Pavelka. Potentially a world historic figure in lameness and douchebaggery. There’s actually a decent gap between him and second place, which can only be occupied by…

2. Juan Pablo. Quite possibly the single dumbest person ever cast on this show (or maybe any show)…which, if you stop for a minute, is really saying something.

3. Emily Maynard. From the fake blond, fake boob, fake teeth, fake everything department…if she weren’t a pretty blonde with a sweet little girl, we’d see her as an opportunistic grifter—in other words, more like her teeth and hair—than the sad sweet mommy.

4. Arie Luwendyk and Jef Holm. Separated at birth.

5. Kelsey Poe. Probably a harmless wack job, but ranked her here because of her willingness to cartoonize the death of a loved one to create a story arc for herself.

Take care…you do the work of the people. : )

Comment: Hmmmm, I’d have to but some thought into that list, but immediately off the top of my head, how Bukowski isn’t the leader in the clubhouse, I have no idea.

Hey Steve-

I know I’m late to the party, but I went to Barnes and Noble last night and grabbed a copy of Andi’s book- I hadn’t gone there for it, and I’ve never been a big Andi fan. She was probably my least favorite bachelorette. But I was surprised how much I enjoyed Courtney Robertson’s book, so I figured I’d pick up Andi’s, if for nothing else than to get more juicy gossip about the show.

What a mistake.

Andi makes Courtney look like Proust. For a former assistant DA, she writes like a teenaged girl. The book is all over the place (she starts with a detailed chapter about how she walked out on Juan Pablo, then goes back to how she auditioned for Juan Pablo’s season two chapters later). She begins each chapter like a high school diary entry, going over her sadness and woes every single time. From what I’ve been told, she didn’t have a ghostwriter, and the book was a direct rip job FROM her diary. So it was supposed to read that way.

The amount of references to shoes would make you think it’s 1999 and Carrie Bradshaw is still the reigning queen of the world. She plays the victim over and over, qualifying her time on the show(s) as “the biggest mistake of my life” and takes great pains to overly detail how her friends made her audition and the producers pushed her into it. The entire book is an embarrassment, because it’s so blatantly obvious how embarrassed SHE is- but she packages it like Josh ruined her life and she’ll never get over him (insert “break up playlists,” chugging wine, and ice cream binges.) Cringeworthy.

But the most annoying part is that she refuses to name any of the guys. Not even Josh. They are referred to as numbers. Juan Pablo is “Number One.” Josh is “Number 26.” Nick is “Number 25.” She thinks she’s being cute (or maybe protecting them?) but when you’re dedicating entire chapters to how people are in bed, I think “protecting their privacy” goes out the window. Also, we all know who they are, so just say their damn names. She said was because it was some sort of woman power thing. She didn’t want those men to define who she was or whatever, so they were just numbers.

Anyways, you’ve hinted at how ridiculous you think Andi is in past columns, and I don’t think you read this sh*tshow of a book (?). Just wanted to share my thoughts. She should have hired a better ghostwriter.

Comment: Yeah, no ghostwriter from what I heard. Did it herself on purpose.

Hi Steve!

Big fan here…thanks for all you do!!

My question is a little off subject, so I apologize in advance. I was wondering how producer driven Big Brother is? After watching Unreal and reading your site about Bachelor producers, it got me wondering about Big Brother.

Do producers put things in people’s heads during ITMs, feed them info, etc? Or does the drama all happen naturally once the people are put in the house, after comps/twists/etc? It seems more natural, but now I feel like I can’t trust anyone or anything in reality tv.


Comment: I honestly have never watched five minutes of that show. So I really don’t know. But ITM’s are pretty standard on ANY reality show, and those are all leading questions by producers to get answers/reactions out of you that they want. And they will ask the question 10 different ways to get that reaction.

Hi Steve, Been watching the Bachelor/ette since season 1 and reading your blog for a long time – first time writing, though.

I have heard you make mention of guys on the Bachelorette that go home and have girls lined up and waiting/wanting to date them. Do you know if that is the same for the girls on the Bachelor (other than former contestants hitting them up)? I would imagine since most of the viewership is female that the draw to the male contestants once they go back home, etc. might be bigger, but I was just curious.

Comment: Absolutely. This show is basically a weekly video version of your profile on a dating website. Way more people are seeing it than on any dating app.

Hi Steve,

So happy live chats are back! I enjoy crowdcast better than spreecast anyway. As I was watching this week and last I was watching Jojo’s relationship with the remaining men. To me Luke and Jordan seemed to have the strongest relationships. And a lot of people I know and on social media thought it would come down to those two. If I had been someone who didn’t read spoilers I would’ve honestly thought the final four would have been Chase leaves after hometowns, Robby leaves after overnights, Luke is sent home after proposing, and Jordan gets engaged. So it would’ve went Chase, Robby, Luke, Jordan based on “connection.” I know “if” questions are annoying, but if you didn’t know spoilers and were a fan watching how do you think the order would have went based on the relationships? I can’t rank them because it’s TV. I know nothing about them, nor do I really believe anything I’m seeing. So my thoughts are through that skepticism.

Also maybe I don’t remember past seasons as well but Jojo was bugging me with the fact that Luke couldn’t say he loved her during his hometown, so that was the sole reason she was going to send him home. Caila, Jojo, and Lauren didn’t tell Ben they were in love with him until Overnights. Just because Robby did it after the first date without ever getting air time in the previous episodes, Jordan having to say it because he always says the right things, and then Chase saying it during hometowns because that robot knew he wouldn’t be kept around if he didn’t. Sean had even tweeted out saying, “so all 4 dudes have to say it?” I don’t know, I like Luke so I’m being bias, but I just didn’t like how she expected them all to say it and the one who didn’t was going home. I know she had a strong relationship with Jordan and Robby because she said she was falling in love with them, but it was just something that annoyed me this episode. Anyway Luke will make a fine Bachelor so I really shouldn’t be complaining. Because it’s a TV show and it’s silly and there’s really no rhyme or reason for any of it. Of course it makes no sense. The show doesn’t make sense.

Finally I don’t know if you picked up on it but the boys in the dumb “Garden” friendship are so annoying. Alex, Jordan, Chase, and Robby all formed this lame friend squad that they named. Are you 15? They just all seem very petty and childish to me. I didn’t like Derek, but I do think him calling that group a mean girl clique was completely right. I’m excited for MTA and thank you for your Monday night tweets Steve, they crack me up!

Comment: Yes, as you read in the MTA spoilers today, that gets brought up on the show.


First and foremost, I agree. Team Taylor all the way.

Second, I was thinking about this show and how contestants with some sort of notoriety ALWAYS go far in this process. As soon as I heard that Josh Murray and Jordan Rodgers were on Andi and JoJo’s seasons, respectively, I KNEW that they would win. I knew that without having seen an episode and without knowing anything about the individuals or their compatibility. This was also true with other contestants from a somewhat notable background: Before Brad’s season, Emily Maynard was at least a local celebrity because of her connection to the Hendricks, Arie is from a well known racing family, and Shayne Lamas’s father was somewhat famous. All of these contestants won their season except for Arie.

So I have two questions about this phenomenon: First, can you think of any other contestants with a pre-show notoriety, and if so, where did they place? Second, why do you think these contestants always do so well on the show? Is it an attraction to their celebrity or a preconceived notion of familiarity that contrasts with the 25 other strangers on the show? Thoughts?


Comment: Off the top of my head no, but I’m sure there’s been some.

I’m sure that’s part of it. I also think they wouldn’t agree to do the show without some sort of “wink wink nod nod” that they’ll go far and at worst have a chance at the next lead.”

I apologize if this is something you covered a couple seasons ago, I’m a new reader.

I was talking with a friend recently about Kaitlyn and Nick and we wondered why she let him propose. She’s clearly in agony while listening to him say those sweet words to her. Is it possible that she wanted to turn him down in private but the producers made her go through with it on tv? Yeah, occasionally they let the two guys propose to embarrass them. We’ll see it this season too. Ashley, Kaitlyn, and now JoJo are the only ones in recent seasons that let their final 2 even get to the altar. The other ones eliminated them beforehand.

Also, I’ve heard JoJo make a lot of comments this season that makes it seem like the Bachelor/Bachelorette run the show – “I decided I’m taking us international” “I don’t want to give this rose out” etc. how much power do they actually have?


Comment: Zero. This show is made by producers and editors. The lead just does what they say.

Hey Steve,

First, I’m from Wisconsin and Aaron Rodgers is basically our God, we love him more than cheese if you can believe it. I am with you, I wish he or Olivia would say something about all of this ridiculousness but I am not surprised they haven’t. Too bad.

I’ll admit I’ve spent way too much time thinking about this Jordan – Aaron feud, and I know you’ve already gotten too many “Why don’t they talk?” emails, but indulge me for a moment. You mentioned today that the family rift may have started when Aaron started dating Olivia/his family doesn’t like her. However don’t you think that Jordan cheating on his ex (and Olivia’s trainer/friend) Brittany had a lot to do with it? According to Brittany, and your spoilers, Jordan cheated on her while filming Pitch Perfect 2. The whole reason he was in that movie is because the Green Bay Packers had a little cameo in it. Jordan and Aaron HAD to be close for him to be included in that movie right? I can’t imagine Aaron’s teammates invited his estranged brother to be a part of it with them. So I think it’s pretty clear that they were all close before PP2, Jordan cheated, and then Aaron and Olivia took Brittany’s side. I’m sure the rest of Aaron’s family was not thrilled that Aaron took the ex g/f side over his brother. (Also someone tweeted out yesterday that Olivia was the one that told Brittany, but I’m not sure if that is true.) What do you think? I’m sure that’s part of it also. It’s not just one major thing. But this has been going on awhile. I had no idea about it until the season started airing. There have been numerous stories online over the last couple years that have referenced the rift. I’m not breaking anything new here. It’s just that this particular audience is hearing it for the first time.

Regardless, if part of the reason that Aaron doesn’t get along with his family is because of his brother’s douchebaggery then I feel bad that he is getting painted as this guy who got famous and cast his family aside. Not that Aaron Rodgers needs my pity. I also think Jordan going on national television and airing their dirty laundry is a much worse crime than thinking your brother sucks for cheating. If I’m right and his cheating is the reason for the strained relationship than Jordan has some balls for creating this sob story for television/JoJo about how he misses his brother. I guess that goes right along with everything else you’ve been reporting about him.

Anyways keep up the good work, I’ve been a fan ever since Jake STOP INTERRUPTING ME Pavelka’s season and I love reading your site and spoiling this silly show for all my friends.


Comment: Yes. #TeamTaylor. That’s obvious.

I know you’re a fan of Aaron, but just do some googling. It’s been out there for a while. A lot of fingers have been pointing at her the last couple years.

Hi Steve,

I’ve never written before but absolutely had to this week because I literally burst out loud laughing when I read your professor Finley reference! Hilarious. Just freakin hilarious.

Huge 90210 fan- I could watch and re-watch every season anytime! Would have loved to read your recaps of that show back in the 90s.

Comment: I’m seriously going to go re-watch that season this summer. That happened sophomore year of college, season 5. I’ve said numerous times my favorite season was always junior year of college, season 6. It will never be stopped. Don’t even bother making an argument for another season being better. I won’t listen. Lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala (plugging ears) Lalalalalalalalalalalala. Junior year was AWESOME. It had everything you’d. My second favorite season was season 5, then third favorite was senior year of college, season 7. I’m sorry, but it was such a better show when they got to college.

Hey Steve!! Hope your having a good day!

1) Do you happen to know what the filming schedule will be for what I assume is Luke’s season of the bachelor? (Because last night’s episode and next week set it up perfectly for him) Same as it always is: Start filming mid September, end right before Thanksgiving.

2) also can I just say knowing how the rest of the season pans out, Robby’s social media push with the t-shirts, #teamrojo, and getting people to promote him is just highly laughable and utterly pathetic. Yes, it is.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all your work regarding this silly show! I love reading your columns on my lunch breaks.

I saw on snapchat/twitter that Haley posted a picture of her and Nick and wrote the words “my other half” on it. I didn’t read your BIP spoilers other than the engagements (I’m trying to stay away from those ones), but I’m assuming this means they end up together on the show. Why did the producers let her post this? Do they not care if their contestants spoil the show online? No. Haley and Emily leave together at one of the rose ceremonies because they don’t want to give their rose out. Nick breaks up with Jen at the end.

Also, random question, but since Chico is my hometown I’m wondering if Shawntel Newton was the one who put Jordan in touch with the producers/casting people for the Bachelorette? Shawntel’s sister dated Aaron Rodgers for a long time, so I’m sure Shawntel and Jordan knew each other (Chico is a pretty small town so even if their siblings didn’t date, they probably would’ve known each other).

Thanks and have a great day!

Comment: I don’t think she would need to. There are numerous ways casting finds people for this show.

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  1. cjscjs711

    July 20, 2016 at 1:13 PM

    For once I’m on a computer that doesn’t have any ad-block software on it. I can now TOTALLY AGREE with the people who complain about all the ads on here. Worst site for unwanted ads I can think of. They open new windows, uninvited, over and over, forcing me to search for them to close. Only to have a new ad window open up all over, blasting in my ear! Popups one after another.

    Andi’s book – she was badly vilified as being phony, fame hungry, even faking tears when she cried uncontrollably during the Harrison interview after the breakup. I don’t blame her for wanting to clear the record. Referring to the guys by number didn’t bother me at all, since her purpose wasn’t to cause lasting harm to them. Two years from now people will barely remember what “25” or “26” looked like, much less their names. The book was far less about what he did than her feelings and experience of it all. I think Josh is overreacting and probably if anything, driving more people to buy her book.

    Revealing your journal or diary is the best way to be authentic or genuine – employing a ghostwriter probably the least genuine. As Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter for Trump’s Art of the Deal revealed in detail….

  2. ashleigh11

    July 20, 2016 at 3:44 PM

    The ads are horrible. It’s gotten to the point where I just come here to quickly skim and get info and click off. This site runs the fan on my laptop so hard it sounds like it’s about to burst into flames if I stay for longer than five minutes. Then today I turned away from my computer for a minute while on page 1 and when I turned back, the screen had turned into a dating/porn hookup ad – when I tried to back-click, it turned into a nude webcam ad with jiggling boobs. Brutal. I’ve been reading this site for years and this past year it’s become nearly intolerable. 🙁

  3. karynr

    July 20, 2016 at 5:11 PM

    cjscjs711, I just read about Tony Schwartz and his experience this morning. All I’m going to say is one big LOL.

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