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Hi Steve,

I just wanted to get your opinion on this season! I’ve been watching the bachelorette since Diana papaus. (I’m pretty sure you mean Deanna Pappas, but we’ll let that slide. Ouch). When I first started watching it I was around the age ten, I thought this show was the perfect fairytale and everything on it was real and true. I have to say this show has changed so much from what it first was when I started watching it. (maybe it was the same because I was younger and didn’t read your website) One thing though about this season is that it has felt so off to me, maybe it Jojo, maybe it’s the whole Jordan scandal or how fame hungry and terrible some of the guys are, But it seems like the seasons are just getting worse and worse each season. It makes me not even want to watch anymore. I’ve been a die hard fan of you since I first found your website on Catherine and Sean’s season and love reading your content and opinions. One question is do you think the contestants on this show have always been this sh*** and just coming on for fame or has it just picked up like this in the past seasons because people know they can take advantage of it? It just seemed so real to me when I was younger…Well, the show has never been “real.” It’s just gained more popularity in recent years and become much more of a pop culture phenomenon, so contestants are taking advantage of that.

One more thing….what is it that Jojo ever saw in Jordan. He seems so fake on this show it’s disgusting. Me, my mom and my sister are just disgusted how she is so in love with him. It’s so obvious why he’s on the show, how did she not see through the bs..

Comment: Different strokes for different folks.

Hi Steve!

As always, I love reading your site! My husband always asks me how I can still watch the show when I already know what happens… 1. I love seeing your spoilers be right and 2. I love reading your recaps.

As far as who the next Bachelor will be, I know you’ve said you’re sure it will be Luke. After last night’s episode, I think either Luke or Chase can make great cases. Luke’s backstory would be the obvious blindside. Chase’s would build on finding love coming from a broken home and being afraid to open up to someone. I feel like on his hometown they just harped on it so much.

I know ultimately it doesn’t matter who they pick, because we will all watch no matter what. Who do you think would be a better choice? Or do you think they could pull a Kaitlyn/Britt and have people ‘vote’?

Comment: Anybody who makes the top 4 any season technically you can say has a “case,” because their family got introduced into things. With that said, there’s no way they do another Kaitlyn/Britt thing, and I’ll keep repeating what I’ve said for the last month or so: Everything I’m hearing is that it’s going to be Luke. I don’t think Chase has a very compelling backstory. Monday’s episode, and next week’s, is setting Luke up perfectly for it.

Hi Steve,

So, was Jordan just completely lying through his teeth when he told her over and over again that he loved her? Do you think he actually developed feelings for her, or is this all 100% of a (sociopathic) lie so he can get media attention? It’s impossible for me to answer with 100% certainty how Jordan Rodgers feels. But my impression? I’m sure everyone develops feelings for the other person at some point, but is he in love? Of course not. No one is. You’re in lust.

Also, I’m not on Instagram. You said that some of the contestants are aiming to make money through Instagram sponsorships, or something like that? Can you explain?

Comment: It’s hard to explain without seeing an example, but basically they will post a picture that is pimping some product, it’ll have the link to that product in their message, maybe a discount offer, and then it’s based on purchases, likes, and “engagement” – how many people talk about it, etc. There isn’t a flat rate that goes around for everyone. Everyone is different based on your following.

Hey Steve, I have a bunch of random thoughts/questions so this may be a long post.

Okay first off, what the heck is up with Robby? He is one of the biggest attention whores I think I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe his family is threatening to take action against Hope when technically they can’t do anything. From a female point of view it makes me really sad to see that. She got screwed over like many woman have and the least she deserves is to tell her side aka. the truth. I completely respect her and understand why she’s decided to keep silent though. Yeah, it sucks because I really wanted to hear her side, but, I can understand. That they felt the need to bully her into not talking was wrong.

I’m also really confused as how Robby made it to F2. JoJo clearly has really bad taste in men and can’t read body language. It is clear as day that Jordan and Robby were both lying to her and you could tell in their facial expressions too. I know that while filming JoJo can’t read your site or tabloids so she wouldn’t have known what a douche Jordan/Robby were, but shouldn’t she have taken a clue when producers decided to make a storyline out of Jordan’s ex and Robby’s? Even though Chase and Luke are boring and monotone, I’m still shocked that Robby made it to F2, but clearly it doesn’t matter since it’s been about Jordan all along. It really seems like Jordan’s the Bachelor and Jojo’s the one chasing him.

Maybe I’m just way too monogamous and normal for the show, but this show just never ceases to confuse me. Take last season for example, Ben told Lauren and Jojo that he loved them both, and he possibly slept with them both. Technically speaking Ben’s feelings for Jojo didn’t just stop all of a sudden but it had to because filming had to end. (I also don’t understand how you can sleep with multiple people in a span of days then propose) Lauren also said sometime after Ben’s season that she would watch Jojo’s season, but I seen a single tweet or anything about this season. I think it’s pretty obvious she doesn’t want Ben to watch Jojo.

Anyway, my question is, do you think that the leads ever tell the contestant that they want to choose that they are the “chosen” one during the overnights? That’s the only time they really get any alone time. I also wonder if the contestants ever ask the lead if they have slept with the other contestants during overnights. I’m sure they do, but we’ll never know for sure. Or at least give them major hints.

Do you think Becca knows that JoJo chose Jordan? I think there’s no way that these contestants don’t know when it’s all over social media. I’m sure she does.

I know you mentioned before that maybe 10% of the contestants actually come from open casting calls and that most come from recruiting through agencies/publicists, etc. Do you know how Lauren B got casted? I think she said that her friend made her sign up for the show. I’m thinking the friend was her bff Whitney who is part of a modeling company. No idea how she got on.

Steve, when you say that an episode has 6.8 m viewers and a 1.9 rating, what does the 1.9 represent? Here’s the best definition I found for it.

Regarding this website Steve… I believe this is the one that people are referencing when they were emailing you about people hoping that your spoiler was wrong *************************** and I swear the users on that site either have no jobs or no life… maybe both. Anyway, people on that site were posting screenshots of Jordan’s and Robby’s hands… yes, hands, to see if they match the ones Jojo is holding at the final rose… people also found the exact location and room that Jojo was staying in in Thailand… some Bach fans are too invested. One of the many reasons I don’t read message boards. Stuff like that isn’t important to me. Knock yourself out studying those things all day long. What a waste of time. That stuff is irrelevant to me and so are they.

Okay, two questions that aren’t Bach/ette related…

Thoughts on Pokemon GO? I think it’s incredibly stupid especially when there were pictures of people playing it at a cemetery!!! I don’t get it and never will.

And about the Taylor Swift/Kimye drama… I mean it’s pretty obvious it’s a publicity stunt right? Anyway, I’m not really a fan of Swift’s music but I think any logical person would be on her “team” whether or not she’s faking her good girl act. At least Taylor is known for being an artist and not laying on her back and showing the world every part of her body.

Anyway I know these questions were all over the place but thanks always!!!

Comment: Of course I’m #TeamTaylor. I don’t think it’s a publicity stunt, but when you have the arguably two of the more famous artists on the planet feuding on social media, and we have phone recordings of it that are being played, it’s no doubt going to get attention.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for all of your great spoilers. It love watching the show and knowing how everything is going to turn out. It makes it so much more interesting because I’m watching in a different light, aware of all the editing and the fake people feeding her a bunch of BS (Robby, Jordan)…

My question is regarding how contestants are let go. Does the lead have total control over this? It seems like she has known for a long time that she’s going to pick Jordan, so does she genuinely get to keep the other guys she wants? Or do the producers get to weigh in and say “keep Robby around, because all of this speculation and drama regarding his ex is good for ratings, etc.”? Same question goes for keeping Evan around for so long. Did she really like that guy or did the producers just like the drama between him and Chad? It didn’t seem like she really liked him.

Anyways, thanks for the insight.

Comment: She signed a contract to be the “Bachelorette.” They have to produce a show that is 11 episodes long every season, even if she finds her Prince Charming on night one. They have to have dates, roses, eliminations, drama, travel, etc. That’s why I always remind people that this is a television show. So many people lose sight of that fact when they’re trying to dissect why some guys/girls made it longer than others. Short answer: Because if they made it obvious and the lead only cared about one person the entire show, there wouldn’t be a show. So of course they have to say things and essentially lie to other people to make them (and the audience) think they’re reeeeeeeealllly interested, when they’re really not.

Hi Steve,

Love your site and appreciate your spoilers and opinions. I’m sure you’ve gotten this question before, but I noticed that Robby’s Instagram account was verified. Aside from Jordan, who obviously had publicity prior to becoming a contestant, none of the other guys are verified for being on the show. Was this recent? Or did his swimming connections do that for him?

Keep being awesome,

Comment: I have no idea since I don’t know what you have to do to get verified. Seems like verifications are nothing more than an ego boost.

Jojo is so needy!!! I really really liked her at the beginning of the season but the fact the she sends luke home because he didn’t say “I love you” is ridiculous. She didn’t even tell ben she loved him UNTIL the overnight dates. Is she that insecure?? Like I said, I really liked her and I still do but I am seeing how needy and whiney she may be…. Maybe chad was on to something….

Comment: Well Chad called her “naggy,” not needy. But she’s definitely the latter for sure.

Hey Reality Steve,

Have you paid attention to Chase’s Instagram account? I’m pretty sure he and JoJo are together if you see his posts and captions….

Comment: Ummmmmm, hate to tell ya’ this, but they’re not.

Hi Steve!

Long time reader – first time writer! Thank you so much for doing such a great job spoiling the show – it makes it bearable to watch and I find the behind the scenes waaaaaay more interesting than the obviously contrived garbage they try to force feed us.

What do you think the odds are of Marcus being the next Bachelor? He’s definitely more personable and would make for more interesting TV. Once could make the argument that at this very moment he’s more relevant than Luke (or Chase). I think he has a great built-in audience and story and has shown ABC he’s willing to play by their rules. And he’s a LOT hotter! 😛 On a scale of 1 to 10, with 1 being “No Way” and 10 being “Next Bachelor,” I’d say Marcus is easily at about a negative 600 right now in terms of his chances. Hope that answers your question.

Also, do you know if they have made any more seasons of Burning Love and where they can be accessed?

Thanks so much!

Comment: I think Hulu still has Burning Love on there. If not, I would try You Tube. But Hulu is your best bet.

Thanks for your website. Now I find myself watching The Bachelor to find clues proving how disingenuous all the contestants are and where the producers provided edits to shape their caricatures for the season.

Last week someone wrote in asking you to explain how contestants can sell themselves as a brand. I’m curious about this too. I feel the men in JoJo’s season aren’t even trying to hide that they have no serious intentions towards JoJo. They look more shocked that their free vacation is ending earlier than they expected. JoJo doesn’t seem to care either. It’s a strange season, usually contestants try harder to fake that they’re there for “the right reasons.” Now it seems its mutually understood that they’re there to “build a brand.” I don’t have have social media accounts outside of the dinosaur of Facebook so I don’t know how this branding works. What can you sell outside of “I was a contestant on The Bachelor and got rejected”? Can you actually receive money from one of these sites by how many followers you have?

Have agents approached the contestants to get them as clients if they think they have a “brand” to market? Yes and yes. It’s about how many followers you have, what your engagement with them is, what products you pitch, and if they respond to it. It’s different for everybody, but plenty of them are making money on the side now by doing this.

The contestants of BIP seemed disgusted that Chris Bukowski and Clare returned to the island last year. Any info on how the contestants felt about the return of Carly, Ashley I. and Jared this season? Do you think they’ll announce public retirement from appearing on the franchise? Obviously, they will do anything to stay relevant in the BachelorUniverse but seriously, how long can they keep viewers interested in them? I highly doubt we’ll see Carly or Jared back next year. I would think two times is enough. No one’s appeared on the summer show more than twice, so if one of them do, it’d be a first.

I wonder if Evan knows the only reason he ended up on BIP is because ABC secured Chad to come. There seems to be an entitlement among these “underdog” characters. It’s infuriating to watch them pull the “I’ve been mistreated in the past or by current contestants” card to justify why they deserve love more than someone else. I haven’t seen Evan and Carly’s relationship but it reminds me a lot of Blakely and Tony’s. Both were characters edited to be pitied and ridiculed and wanted so badly to be a power couple, they thought getting engaged would get them more media attention. I do remember the looks of the contestants on Bachelor Pad when they publicly staged the engagement on the reunion show. They all looked embarrassed and amused to witness that. It will be cringeworthy seeing how Evan and Carly’s romance will be marketed. Oh, I’m sure it’ll played up and there will be a faction that love them together. I just find them both pretty blah, so I don’t really care.

I can no longer think about The Bachelor the same since I started watching UnReal. I’ve been waiting for Coleman’s true colors to show and it looks like we’ll see how he’s not that different from Quinn with the lengths he’ll go to keep his job by taking advantage of Rachel’s psychotic break next episode. Any thoughts on where you think the main characters are heading after the events of the shooting? I read an interview with the creator (which I’ll link to next Monday), where they said that for the first time, they are doing a time jump on the show. Next Monday will be about 2-3 weeks after this past week’s shooting. It’s a good read. Look for that on Monday.

Thanks for your site. Keep up the great work!

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. cjscjs711

    July 20, 2016 at 1:13 PM

    For once I’m on a computer that doesn’t have any ad-block software on it. I can now TOTALLY AGREE with the people who complain about all the ads on here. Worst site for unwanted ads I can think of. They open new windows, uninvited, over and over, forcing me to search for them to close. Only to have a new ad window open up all over, blasting in my ear! Popups one after another.

    Andi’s book – she was badly vilified as being phony, fame hungry, even faking tears when she cried uncontrollably during the Harrison interview after the breakup. I don’t blame her for wanting to clear the record. Referring to the guys by number didn’t bother me at all, since her purpose wasn’t to cause lasting harm to them. Two years from now people will barely remember what “25” or “26” looked like, much less their names. The book was far less about what he did than her feelings and experience of it all. I think Josh is overreacting and probably if anything, driving more people to buy her book.

    Revealing your journal or diary is the best way to be authentic or genuine – employing a ghostwriter probably the least genuine. As Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter for Trump’s Art of the Deal revealed in detail….

  2. ashleigh11

    July 20, 2016 at 3:44 PM

    The ads are horrible. It’s gotten to the point where I just come here to quickly skim and get info and click off. This site runs the fan on my laptop so hard it sounds like it’s about to burst into flames if I stay for longer than five minutes. Then today I turned away from my computer for a minute while on page 1 and when I turned back, the screen had turned into a dating/porn hookup ad – when I tried to back-click, it turned into a nude webcam ad with jiggling boobs. Brutal. I’ve been reading this site for years and this past year it’s become nearly intolerable. 🙁

  3. karynr

    July 20, 2016 at 5:11 PM

    cjscjs711, I just read about Tony Schwartz and his experience this morning. All I’m going to say is one big LOL.

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