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“Reader Emails,” Robby’s New Teeth, and Jordan Gets Hired

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Hey Steve,

Love your site!!!

So I have a few questions for you.

1. Do you think that Jojo is still not over Ben? Otherwise why would she always bring him up? I don’t think I saw any of the bachelors/ettes mentioning their ex so much! (Side note: Isn’t it funny how Ben and Lauren said they would definitely watch this season and now they claim they don’t have time for it? I guess JoJo would stir some drama in the household!) I also think that JoJo seems very insincere this season, kind of disappointed because even my cold heart felt sorry for her when she was sent home. I think it was more so to keep the narrative of her storyline this season, and reminding people Ben told two women he loved them, which is essentially what she did. I’d say she’s over him.

2. So I was wondering why does the bachelor/ette never “reconnect” with the exes when they break up with the winner? A lot of the time the reason for elimination is that the relationship just didn’t progress fast enough so I would have thought that maybe in real life there was a possibility of the bachelor/ette dating their exes again? Has that ever even happened (not counting Jason Mesnick)? Probably because they feel like they’re going backwards if they do. And some probably feel a little silly if they did.

3. What are your thoughts on the latest episode of unREAL??? Which one?

4. Lastly, few days ago you posted you’re #TeamTaylor. Is it because you fundamentally dislike the Kardashians and find Taylor Swift super attractive, or you genuinely believe that TSwift is in the right?

Thanks in advance!

Comment: All of the above.

Hi Steve!

It’s not really easy to make me laugh, but your description of Luke’s mouth catching flies kept a smile on my face all day! So, thank you for that! It was hilarious.

I know that Luke will probably be the next bachelor, and I also know that the “ladies” (um, when can we start saying “women”?) love him, BUT, not so long ago, we had a farmer, and now we have a Texan cowboy/singer? Ugh, I hope you like country music! Well they never referenced Luke’s singing career once on JoJo’s season, so maybe they’ll keep that off his season?

My main reason for writing in today is that I have been to Thailand in May- one of the hottest months of the year. I took part in a Thai wedding, which took several hours outdoors with no shade, and the heat and humidity were nothing like I’ve ever experienced before. I live in Tokyo, where the summers are usually in the low/mid 90’s, and the humidity is about 85%. But Thailand must have been over 100 degrees with the same amount of humidity.. there’s nothing worse than sightseeing in that kind of weather, with sweat coming out of every pore of your body, from the moment you step outside. It is uncomfortable, and can be embarrassing also (boob sweat!)

Thailand is beautiful, with many interesting World Heritage Sights, but I would highly recommend (to you and your readers) researching the best time to go!

Hope you have a great party!

Comment: I can imagine it was scorching there. Chris Harrison said in one of his blogs or an interview the overnight date rose ceremony where Chase came back was the hottest one they’ve ever had.

FYI, I watched like 2 minutes of Ashley I’s Periscope from last night (she kept begging for BIP questions, and no one was asking any) and she said “Luke’s season” and something about how that all the casting is basically complete for “Luke’s girls” so how unless you know a producer really well, you’re not getting on his season. So just more support for you saying Luke is going to be the Bachelor.

Comment: Well, one of the final casting weekends is this weekend, that I know. As for it being Luke, I fully expect it to be him.


Since we know how much producing and coaching go into the show (thanks to you and Unreal), doesn’t the lead know the contestants are being set up? And, even after watching the show back, don’t they see how the producers bring up drama, elicit ITM sound bites and then edit it in?? Jojo should know they’ve all be told to tell her they love her, etc. Save for Sharleen, who has kept her wits about her, it appears everyone else just panders to the producers and still feeds into the drama, the leading questions, the crying, bitching, etc, etc.

Thanks, keep it up!

Comment: Yes, they do. And yes, the lead is aware since they were all previously on a previous season. They’re also aware that by signing on the dotted line to be the lead, they’re putting on a television show and have to go along with things. So there’s your answer.

Reality Steve- I find it interesting that the third hour of the Today Show does a weekly recap of the Bachelor/Bachelorette when they aren’t on ABC. One would think you wouldn’t want to advertise for a show on a different network.

Comment: A lot of shows that aren’t on ABC talk about the “Bachelor/ette.” Entertainment and talk shows talk about what the hot topics are. “Bachelorette” is a huge pop culture topic. Everyone talks about it.

First, I love your site, have always loved your site, and always will.

My questions are in regards to Men Tell All. I know that it was filmed prior to the fantasy suites episode airing so I am wondering about the audience. Are they actors?…employees of the Bachelorette? Do they play them the latest episode for reference or is it not necessary?


Comment: They’re friends of friends, they’re people who sign up to be in attendance, and you basically have to have an in to get into one of those shows. It’s not just open to anyone.

Hi Steve,

On social media, you see contestants/producers in pictures together and they seem to be pretty chummy. Given how manipulative the producers are, don’t the contestants resent them? Do the contestants not really realize they’re being manipulated? Or do they just understand it comes with the territory? Maybe I’m putting too much stock in how UnReal portrays the producers, but they seem like awful people.

Very curious about this.


Comment: They do. But they’re in on it as well. Well, most of them. Some hate the show and never have anything to do with it when they leave, but they’re the exception, not the rule. Most of these people love the attention and want to be in their good graces. You don’t want a network against you. So they know where their bread is buttered and try not to ruffle feathers.

I have a question about the fantasy suite dates. Does the Bachelor/Bachelorette have a day or two break between Fantasy Suite dates or do they do them back to back?

Thank you,

Comment: Yes. A day in between each one. Wasn’t always the case though in the past.

Hey Steve-

So do Jordan and Robbie have real jobs? Why are their professions just listed as “former” athletes?

Comment: Because the show likes to put stupid “jobs” for people, which sets up their character.

Hi Steve,

I thought you’d get a chuckle out of this one. Apparently one of the contestants on The Bachelor Australia got “so excited” at a rose ceremony that she ATE HER ROSE. Ya.

Anyway, keep doing what you do; I couldn’t watch the franchise without you to make me giggle!

Comment: That is awesome. Lets see who ends up doing that on a future season now, since I’m sure we’ll see it. Just ramping up the weird factor.

Hey Steve,

Do you think in hindsight that Jojo regrets her choice? Or was it Jordan since the beginning and Robby was just left as “runner up” by process of elimination anyway?

Comment: It was always Jordan from the second she found out he was cast 11 days before filming even started and they were in contact. No one else ever had a legitimate chance. It was over before it started.

Hey Steve!

Too bad you can’t play the part of a match maker and reunite Ben & JoJo. He was so more “right” for her than Jordan. Isn’t there some way you could influence that to happen? That would really make a big hit on the Bachelor/Bachelorette ratings! I have heard that Ben & Lauren aren’t hitting it off and that there were lots of things he found out about her after picking her over JoJo. I kept thinking and hoping that there may have been some slim chance that they may just bring Ben back at the very end. What an explosion that would be – the ratings would be off the chart. Just sayin’ what a GREAT happening it would be!

Comment: This is looney tunes.

Apparently now Robby is now even hitting up unofficial Instagram accounts to get endorsements


Comment: Is anyone the least bit surprised by this? I’m certainly not.

Hi Steve, congratulations on all of your success with spoiling the show. I can’t wait for you to be validated once again tonight. I have a few questions.

1. If JoJo and Jordan put on a united front on ATFR tonight, how long do you think they will fake this relationship? A few months would be my guess.

2. I know that there was some chatter about JoJo possibly going on dwts, do you think that she will do it or that maybe due to Jordan being so fame-hungry and because of all of the publicity surrounding him, do you think that he would do dwts if they offered it to him? There’s never been a “Bachelorette” on DWTS outside of Trista, and that was the very first season of DWTS. For whatever reason, they’ve never asked the female lead. Not sure the reasoning. But if there was one they would have on, I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s JoJo. And she would do it. Helps her build her entertainment resume. Oh wait, you mean she’s gonna pass so she can flip houses? Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

3. I saw that Ames Brown from Ashley’s season got married this past weekend. I just was curious what you think of him? I always thought that he was one of the most educated and sincere people from this franchise. To a girl?

4. Being that Ben could not run for senator in Denver, does his contract end a year from when his season started airing in January or from when the actual finale was taped in November? Neither. A year from when the finale aired in March.

5. I have to say that I admire Michelle Money for coming forward about giving up her baby boy at 15. I was just wondering if you ever knew anything about it before her announcement being that you were friendly with her? I did.

6. Do you know if ABC has a time frame for when they will do Ben and Lauren’s televised wedding?

Thank you

Comment: No.

Hey Steve!

Big fan of your site. This is my first season reading your spoilers before watching the show, and it makes it a lot more entertaining. Keep up the good work!

Here’s a reader email question for you—perhaps a little early, given the finale is tonight. But it makes it all the more sense since we don’t know how ATFR is going to play out and what they’ll say JoJo and Jordan’s relationship status is.

How much influence do you think you and your site have on the ultimate relationships of the contestants? Even though the show is grounded in theatrics, some of the couples do wind up getting married, having kids, etc. Assuming JoJo’s intent after Thailand WAS to get married to Jordan (even if he had other plans), do you think your posts and information leaks have had a specific, significant impact on her (and by extent, other contestant’s) decisions post show that the tabloids just wouldn’t? Obviously you’re reporting what you verify and don’t bear ill will toward the contestants. But fans do turn to your site for the truth as opposed to headlines. It’s kind of meta to think about the Reality Steve site impacting the ultimate result of the reality show.

That’s my deep thought for Monday. Thanks again for the great work! Hope the Vegas party was a blast.

Comment: Well, the Jordan playboy stuff and Robby’s ex storylines were definitely brought into the show this season because of what I was reporting. Does it have an effect on the contestants? I’m sure it does to some extent. But each case would be different, and without asking each one personally how much it affected them, I wouldn’t know.

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  1. kimmyfromdablock

    August 3, 2016 at 8:51 AM

    BIP is painful to watch and I’m always glad when it’s over since I feel oddly compelled to watch. All that has changed.

    I’m as cynical as all of RS’ readers, but last night with Chad’s comments to Sarah, put me over the edge.

    I deleted the season off my TiVo and went to bed shaking my head more than ever at ABC for getting into bed with this loser all for the sake of entertainment — now at someone else’s expense.

    You can also throw Daniel in the mix. What a box of rocks he is.

  2. jlal

    August 3, 2016 at 9:09 AM

    I agree Kimmy, ABC airing Chad’s offensive comments to Sarah was way too low. Chad has serious emotional issues and needs help. It is not funny or amusing to watch someone bully someone else. Daniel on the other hand is just an idiot. A not real bright, shallow, self-involved, chauvinist. They both think way to highly of themselves for no reason that I can see; ugly is ugly no matter the package.

  3. crushonspivey

    August 3, 2016 at 10:08 AM

    kimmy and jlal, the thing you guys are ignoring is that this is a very much scripted show. They might as well call it Bachelor Shore or Bachelor Hills. It is every bit as fake as Jersey Shore or Laguna Hills was. So Chad was just playing his role, and reciting his lines. And it is very obvious. Just call Chad “The Situation”.

    The show was better when it was Bachelor Pad. Was less fake. Was still fun and made fun of contestants, but at least had a real component to it.

  4. purplerayne

    August 3, 2016 at 10:30 AM

    ABC’s low blow was inserting Chad’s offensive comments in a voice over, making it appear he said them to the group/Sarah.And then to show his confessional from the following morning. It was clear from social media that Sarah (and others) had no clue he made fun of her physical appearance. WTF. That was just mean.

    I found myself REALLY liking Nick. I dont care that he wants fame and is now a wanna be model. He comes off level headed and charming. (wonder how Andi feels watching this show).

  5. justadumb1onde

    August 3, 2016 at 10:34 AM

    So I went on a rant, on the BIP page, about the blatant disregard of ethical behavior exhibited by BIP and Chris Harrison in ignoring the obvious mental health issues Chad is facing. Being the “Reality TV Guru” that you are, Steve, how real was Chad’s out of control behavior? My assessment is that it was pretty real considering he is not an award-winning actor!

    Does the show (and all of those affiliated with it), as well as the network, have no obligation to at least attempt to help this guy? He is clearly in meltdown mode. If there are known and obvious mental health issues with one of the contestants (Bachelorette) or “participants” (BIP), and the show perpetuates the problem (environment, alcohol, triggers, etc.) that the show could be held legally liable in the event of any up-coming disaster this guy may experience/impose on others (suicide, homicide–he sure talks about it a lot, domestic violence, just to name a few).

    I feel like episodes of “UnREAL,” such as the woman’s suicide, the police shooting, etc., could actually come to fruition on one of the above mentioned shows at this point. Where does the liability lie? The content has become concerning!!

  6. vessel

    August 3, 2016 at 11:41 AM

    I don’t understand people continually calling these shows “scripted”. Heavily edited and manipulated, for sure, but aside from possibly taking cues from producers and asking certain leading questions they want you to ask there is no script. Chad was 3 sheets to the wind drunk out of his mind. He could barely speak, much less form coherent thoughts. He wasn’t reciting lines from any script. He and Daniel are just stupid, and basically obnoxious as$holes. Hopefully someday they’ll have the appropriate amount of embarrassment that they ought to be feeling now.

  7. crushonspivey

    August 3, 2016 at 2:23 PM

    vessel, by scripted it means they are working off a general overview script but not word for word dialogue. The scene is set for them, the overview of conversations, what they want them to discuss. Then they add booze and throw in some twists. And even do reshoots.

    Lauren Conrad basically admitted this was how they did “The Hills” today, and is the model for basically all other reality TV as well.

  8. cjscjs711

    August 3, 2016 at 3:51 PM

    I think the word, “scripted” has become the catch-all word for the manipulations perpetuated on “reality shows.” They are not scripted in the traditional sense of having a typed script that the actors take home, memorize, and deliver in multiple takes with direction from a director. But, we know scenes are not as ‘organic’ as they are made to appear to the audience. We know contestants are manipulated, coaxed, coached, staged; not to mention the out of place voiceovers that are mixed and matched with different clips. Sharleen Joynt has said that even the “girl chats” are staged – that is, planned and set up by producers. Everyone pretty much agrees that alcohol is used to the fullest extent possible in drawing out whacky and other ‘out of character’ behavior.

    Is it fair for someone, captured on TV while drunk, to later say, “That’s not the way I am at all.”? I know I can recall many occasions when someone I know has behaved extremely differently when drunk – almost like a different person. I think people do bear responsibility when they know they do not handle alcohol well, yet they put themselves in a position in which they know in advance there will be free-flowing alcohol. Anyone who’s seen even one episode by this franchise MUST know there is alcohol flowing – lots of it.

    So—- when people say, “That’s not the real me,” should they be saying, “Yes that is me. That’s exactly how I am, at any time, under any circumstances”? I would say “No” to the latter.

    I haven’t watched yesterday’s BIP yet, but it sounds like Chad either overplayed or over-drank.

    Further, given all the manipulations, I think we have to be very careful about parsing out our own medical or psychiatric diagnoses. In 1964, professional psychiatrists tried to do it with Barry Goldwater, psychoanalyze him from TV and news clips (I was reading about this in an article about why psychiatrists are reluctant to comment on Trump). Their analyses were scathing and Goldwater sued them for libel; judge said even psychiatrists couldn’t accurately do it from this and Goldwater won the case. I really think we should appreciate that these people are willing to take the chance on these ridiculous shows of being made out to look like either a bland, or dashing, or sexy, freaky, or disturbed individual and we be somewhat forgiving.

  9. lucyw4

    August 3, 2016 at 4:50 PM

    Haha…I knew Robby got a new set of choppers!
    They look so fake!

  10. thedoctor

    August 3, 2016 at 5:20 PM

    I watch BIP to see boobs, not see someone acting like a boob. Between Bachlette, MTA and now BIP how the f can Chap been given this much screen time? If previews are to be believed he some how returns after being booted. Was there more than 1 minute devoted to the Jubilee/I forget his name date? I want tops coming off not guys shorts after he supposedly crapped himself.

  11. LM111

    August 3, 2016 at 8:57 PM

    BIP was just like UnREAL. I imagine how giddy the producers were when they got the soundbite of Chad talking about Sarah’s arm. Just like purplerayne said, ABC threw it in after the fact to look like he said it in front of the whole group. Bad enough that he said it at all, but come on ABC, that was a pretty disgusting move.

    Found myself extra annoyed at the Chris Harrison character. Quit pretending to be this gallant guy coming in to save the day when it’s obvious you’re loving every minute of the drama.

  12. LM111

    August 3, 2016 at 9:10 PM

    Oh, forgot to mention Daniel. Very average looking dude (face-wise) with a better than average body. Since I’m a “face” girl, I’d give him a low 7 on the scale of 1 to 10 (and yes, I’m being generous because he’s a flat 5 on face alone). Now add in personality for good measure and he becomes a 3 (we have to be honest here people, the body counts for something. No?).

    So… for him to talk about the women not being attractive enough when they were all out of his league… THAT was comical!

  13. lucyw4

    August 4, 2016 at 8:34 AM

    Haven’t watched BIP yet, but I agree 100% with your Daniel rating…3 is very accurate.

    His ITM’s were so awkward (on Bachelorette), as were his mannerisms…he’s a mess.

  14. RaRa

    August 4, 2016 at 12:57 PM

    Am I the only person in the entire viewing audience who didn’t believe one iota of the Chad over-the-top outbursts and behaviors on BIP? It seemed obviously staged from the get-go to me. My take on it is that they brought in Chad (the ‘roid rage guy) and Lace (the crazy chick) to orchestrate the “most dramatic opening episode ever”. I believe they offered him a free vacation if he would come in and act the fool for one day, after which they would send him home for his “rude” and aggressive behavior. Nothing that transpired made any sense at all. Lace and Chad yelling insults like some sort of demented foreplay, followed by heavy petting, more insults and put-downs, more making out, and then we are supposed to believe that he suddenly “went over the line” and started taking their sex play as real insults, and she stormed off in anger because he “disrespected” her? And then suddenly Lace is being pursued by the mad stalker whom everyone on the show is now afraid of? I didn’t see on single face that showed real fear, and never saw any genuine anger on ANYONE’s face. And then Chris showing up to send him home? Terrible acting. I loved last season but the first episode was so unbelievable it turned me off the rest of the season. I could cite more observations as evidence that the whole thing was obviously staged (as well as Daniel’s bad-guy play-acting also), but it’s just not even worth it for me anymore, after Tuesday’s “performance”.

    I’ll check back in when the next Bachelor starts filming. But I’m done this season with BIP. It’s too bad, since I really enjoyed last season. It may also have been completely manipulated by the producers, but at least it APPEARED somewhat believable.

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