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(VIDEO CLIP): Everything Comes to a Head Tonight in the Season Finale of UnREAL

We’re finally here. It all leads up to tonight. This season of UnREAL has taken us places we probably never thought they’d go before. Up, down, left, right, this way, that way only to lead us to the finale where Darius will supposedly make his choice between Tiffany and Chantal. But oooohhhhhh, there’s so much more than that. As expected, Rachel & Quinn have reunited once again and will try and take Coleman down, who is out to sabotage the show. He’s got all the ammo he needs, since Rachel basically handed it to him on a silver platter with her recorded confession when she was drugged up. Is that even legal? Would that even be permissible in court? Eh, no worries. It’s not like this thing will go to court. How Quinn & Rachel squirm out of this one and keep all of “Everlasting’s” secrets under wraps is probably going to be the biggest storyline of tonight’s season finale. The “how” they get to that point sure will be interesting. Check out the teaser for tonight:

If that wasn’t enough, we’re still dealing with Quinn’s infertility issues and how that affects her current relationship with the network head. Now that it seems like those two are no longer, is he still on her side or is he gonna side with Coleman once presented with the news? And how do they muzzle Yael, who now has all the information given to her by Jeremy and Coleman, along with being intimately close to Coleman now? Does Darius even want to go through with a wedding in the end to Tiffany, even if it’s fake and assures his security with her father’s football team? Since his playing days are over, he’s essentially out of options at this point other than to pick Tiffany and try and schmooze with pops. Something tells me that answer is much too easy for it to play out exactly that way.

While this season has had its fair share of “Oh Sh**” moments (no pun intended Yael), and it has gone off the tracks on occasion where you begin to question the sanity of, oh I don’t know, basically everyone on this show, it looks like we’re headed to its core foundation in the finale – Quinn & Rachel doing everything they can to save “Everlasting.” There’s a hell of a lot of loose ends to tie up, and this thing could go in a myriad of directions in the last hour, but it won’t be without some fireworks I’m sure. Let’s all kick back and enjoy the chaos that is tonight’s finale and see how “Everlasting” manages to stay afloat. Until tonight, and until next season. Thanks for being a part of this show.

UnREAL’s season finale airs tonight on Lifetime at 10/9c.

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