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“Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 1 Recap Incl Kaitlyn’s Missing Blog, TMZ Way Behind, & Michelle Money Opens Up About Adoption

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Nick and Amanda

One thing that Leah going on a date with Nick did was make Amanda a tad jealous. Because of the guys there at that point, Nick was someone she was interested in. Like, REALLY interested in to the point where she could see herself being with him long term. So she gets to FaceTime her daughters and we see her telling them “I’ll be home soon.” The part she left out was, “And you’ll have a new daddy! Yeah, he might’ve been engaged a year ago to someone else, and yeah, he might’ve just finished up a 6 week stint on E!’s “Famously Single,” and yeah, this is another leg in his Image Rehabilitation Tour after Andi eviscerated his character in her book, but hey, he’s YOUR new daddy kids, so get used to him.” After seeing the pictures of them together this past weekend at the OC Fair, safe to say, Josh is well on his way to becoming a new daddy. Lets see how long he sticks this out. He’s got an image to uphold, remember?

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Lets talk about Nick and Amanda’s date which she described, in her own words, as “the best first date I’ve ever been on.” All they did was go to dinner and talk, so apparently Amanda’s exes have set the bar quite low on taking her on dates because frankly, that date with Nick was nothing special. However, Amanda is totally smitten by Nick and now they’re an “item” I guess. But on this show, that lasts about as long as Chad does. This is where the show loses its credibility (if it hadn’t already) with being a reality show when they pretend that everything happens organically. All these contestants are interviewed extensively before the show. The producers know EXACTLY who each cast member is interested in. They knew Amanda wanted Josh. And they knew Nick was interested in Amanda. Nothing about this happened naturally. They knew Nick would ask Amanda out, they’d hit it off, and they knew they were bringing Josh in the second the first rose ceremony was over to come and get Amanda. That’s why this “drama” isn’t nearly as effective as they want it to be. At least to me, it isn’t. I guess to the unspoiled this is like the greatest Shonda Rhimes drama playing out in front of their eyes. For me? Contrived, manipulated, and planned out in advance.

Carly Isn’t Really Digging Evan

Carly and Evan are having a little flirtation going on, but Carly is a tad weary of Evan not being a “man.” Wants him to be a little more aggressive. She lets us know one of her first real boyfriends currently has…a boyfriend. So she doesn’t want that from Evan and she’s kinda hoping he’ll kiss her. He does. And it sucks. Badly. Evan seems to think it was the greatest kiss he’s ever laid on a woman and Carly is questioning how Evan possibly has three kids because it was so bad. Sooooo yeah, that’s always fun to watch back if you’re Evan I’m sure. Oh, it got worse later on, as that was just the appetizer before the main course. I’ll get to all your tweets and emails regarding these two on the next page. But if I’m Evan watching that last night, yeah, that’s gotta suck. It wasn’t like Carly made a flippant comment that went unnoticed. It was repeated over and over and over how bad she thought the kiss was and how she wasn’t attracted to him.

Rose Ceremony

So basically heading into the rose ceremony where the 6 guys were handing out roses, it was pretty certain that 4 of the couples were solid. Grant/Lace, Evan/Carly, Vinny/Izzy, Nick/Amanda. Daniel’s rose and Jared’s rose were ones the show made it seem like were still up for grabs. And I guess Vinny’s to a certain extent. So Sarah is feeling like she’s not getting a rose and begins working Vinny. This makes Izzy jealous. Vinny is on a bed with Sarah and they start making out, so now Sarah is convinced Vinny is giving her a rose. However what she doesn’t know is that moments later, Vinny is putting that same tongue that was in Sarah’s mouth and now inserting it in Izzy’s mouth, solidifying his baller status this season. Not to mention, Vizzy is a much more intriguing couple name than Varah. So sorry Sarah, but you lose on this one. All hope isn’t lost just yet though. Weirdo Daniel still has a chance.

Leah begins pitching Nick to see if she can get his rose. Ummmm, not happening. Nick wears his heart on his face, and this conversation his face is not having any part of Leah and her new face. He flat out tells her he vibbed more with Amanda and to basically kick rocks. So now Leah starts working over Daniel. It’s bad enough we don’t understand when Daniel is trying to explain anything to anyone, but Daniel and Leah having a conversation basically sucked me into their Vortex of Stupidity. I’d try and relay what they were talking about, but I really have no clue. All I know is I’m dumber today for it.

Time to hand out the roses:

Grant to Lace
Nick to Amanda
Evan to Carly
Jared to Emily (Haley is saved as well)
Vinny to Izzy
Daniel to Sarah

This sends Jubilee and Leah home. Leah is a crying mess in the car with her mascara running down her face, when coupled with the Mexico humidity basically makes her look like that clown from the horror movies who went around killing people. I can’t remember the name of the movie but you know. I’m sure it won’t be long before Leah digs her claws into someone else from this franchise. Definitely seems like one that would LOVE to be a “Bachelor” couple with someone. Anyone. Hence the reason she keeps showing us every time she spends with someone.

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  1. purplerayne

    August 9, 2016 at 12:30 PM

    Josh is a Trump supporter…that is all we need to know about him. LOL

    Anyway, Nick might not be an angel and yes he’s guilty of some douchey behaviour (on/off show) but he at least is self aware enough to own it. The fact that a lot of guys from both seasons are friends with him and all the BIP ladies seem to like him, speaks volumes. Plus he’s close friends with Patron Saint of Common Sense Sharleen Joynt. That makes me like him a lot more than I thought I would.

  2. kimmyfromdablock

    August 9, 2016 at 8:42 PM

    Kaitlin Bristowe’s blog was worthy of being deleted? I don’t get it – the whole thing read pretty benign to me.

    As far as Nick, I will agree with you just a smidge PurpleRayne. He does appear to have some self-awareness but not enough to remove himself from his self-sagotaging fame seeking behavior. He’s very boyish, has a gay vibe and talks in a slushy voice. I read him as really insecure and desperate. He just needs to be done with this franchise. He also posts a lot of selfies on social media (I followed him briefly and this according to my 20-something daughter) that is a bit weird to me.

    I also have to agree with Andi Dorfman on anything she has said about Josh Murray. I thought the guy was a tool when she chose him — aka “former athlete” as he constantly liked to call himself, but c’mon….Amanda Stanton seems like a sweet girl, so what is she doing with this douche??? He is so gross, I don’t know what she’s thinking. He could not be coming off any more smarmy than he is. I also love his choppers and his circular smile. He is just yuck all around.

  3. tbta4

    August 10, 2016 at 4:42 AM

    Josh reminds me of one of those smarmy, slimey Southern preachers who turn out to steal millions from their church and it’s members. He is GROSS!!!

  4. yoyotono

    August 10, 2016 at 11:45 PM

    I’m not sure why Kaitlyn deleted her blog post, I’ve always liked her & it wasnt scathing.

    I believe what Andi wrote about Josh. Nick confirmed what was written about him was true. Also, Josh had a temper about the lie detector test on Andi’s season. He was filming, aka, camera persona.

    Amanda needs to find a single dad vs someone off Bachelor franchise. She seems sweet & an easy Josh target.

  5. yoyotono

    August 10, 2016 at 11:56 PM

    Luke seems like a great pick for the next Bachelor, but Jared would make a great Bachelor too.

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