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“Bachelor in Paradise” Episode 1 Recap Incl Kaitlyn’s Missing Blog, TMZ Way Behind, & Michelle Money Opens Up About Adoption

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Josh Murray Has Entered the Building

As I already laid for you last page, Josh comes in at the perfect time so he can ask Amanda on a date, which rocks the boat on her relationship with Nick. You know, the one that was the “best first date I ever had.” Well now she’s on a yacht with Josh sailing on the waters of Mexico, and my guess is that’s now been replaced as the best first date she’s ever had. Just a hunch. At this point though is where we get Andi’s book brought up in Josh’s ITM and sort of in his conversation with Amanda. Of course Josh says the book is fictional, even though Nick admits later that his part his true, which essentially is killing Josh’s credibility. So what Josh is saying is that Andi decided to tell the truth when she wrote about Nick in the book, a guy that she couldn’t have been more pissed at after he called her out on the ATFR, but that every word she wrote about Josh was untrue? Oh ok.

Look, we had this conversation back when Andi’s book was released and excerpts were getting out. There’s two different discussions to have. One, would you ever write a book like that, to which I said no. But I’m not her. It’s not something I would personally do and that’s write a book trashing an ex, BUT, I get why she did it. Secondly, is it true? Well, Andi and Josh are the only two who know every detail of what happened in their relationship. They lived it. I’m sure their friends know some of the things (like the story she told in there about attending her best friends wedding with Josh. That was a doozy. Looks like that story could probably have some people who were in attendance verify that Josh walked out and left the wedding early to get a cab due to the fight they got in at HER BEST FRIENDS WEDDING), but mostly it’s he said/she said. Josh really has no way to defend himself. Everything is already out there. So his reaction to the book is just to call it all lies. I highly doubt that Andi wrote a 300 page book and every sentence she wrote in there about Josh was completely made up, taken out of thin air, and just created for a book. There are lawsuits against stuff like that. If it’s all lies Josh, then sue her. The thing is, of what I’ve read from the book, which is probably 50 pages total and mostly on the Josh stuff, this was all stuff I had heard was happening in their relationship, so it wasn’t really news to me.

If Andi just says Josh is jealous, controlling, and has a short fuse, well, that’s not really a book. You kinda have to give examples as to WHY you think he was all those things. And Andi sure did. I wasn’t there, I’ve never met them, and I’ve never hung out with them, but I’m a realist. I’m guessing the girl didn’t end an engagement because none of that stuff happened and it was over something else. Obviously, there were issues there. Like I said back in May, Nick of all people was the one before Andi’s season even started airing, who said in the plane videos that Josh was stubborn and has a short temper. So Andi writing that in a book after being engaged to the guy for 6 months is supposed to be this giant lie that’s being done to take him down? I highly doubt that. Maybe some stuff was embellished for book purposes, but when she’s basically taking first hand accounts from her diary and putting it into a book, it’s kinda hard to say “Oh, it’s all fictional. Nothing but lies.” Some people are in denial. Andi isn’t the first person to say Josh has a temper and is controlling, and I’m sure she won’t be the last. I’m sure Andi did some things in their relationship that were sh***y too and that Josh could probably write a book on. But he didn’t, so we don’t know. We’re talking about Andi’s book here, not something that Josh hasn’t said. He can take God’s side all he wants about being the better person and not stooping to that level, which is all fine and dandy. But it doesn’t mean what Andi said was all lies and she just made the whole thing up. That’s where he’s failing on his Image Rehabilitation Tour.

I fully expect everyone who loves Josh and thinks he can do no wrong to disagree with all of this, call Andi all sorts of names, and say she’s trash. Great. Still doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. I mean, all I ask of Josh fans is to at least try and look at the situation objectively. I know that’s impossible for you since you’re blinded by the Book of Murray, but don’t you find it all suspicious that knowing this book was coming out where Andi blew up his character, the guy went on an E! show and then followed it up with BIP to try and show people he’s not what she said he was? And you know what? He very well might. I mean, last night he came across as condescending, smarmy, smug, and a complete elitist, but maybe he gets better. Maybe by the end of this, Josh Murray will look like the greatest boyfriend/fiancé this show has ever seen in 32 seasons because he does and says everything right with Amanda. He’s off to a horrible start, but I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt since there’s plenty of episodes left. The thing is, even if he does, it still won’t matter.

Nothing Andi wrote in her book negatively about Josh was about him on camera. It was all when the cameras weren’t rolling and how he was in their “private” life. So I don’t care what words come out of his mouth on this show, or how he is with Amanda on their dates, or what he says, or how he touches her, or his ridiculous amount of PDA they have in front of everyone (which I heard turned almost everyone off how disgusting they were being), that’s Josh Murray on camera. Their relationship will last or fail based on what he does off camera, which 99% of us will never see. We have Andi’s account of it. Lets just see how it goes with Amanda. She’s in honeymoon bliss right now in that part of the relationship, so of course she won’t pay any attention to what anyone says. But just remember, a leopard never changes their spots. Sure, anyone can put on a good front when the cameras are rolling, but that’s not the Josh we’re talking about here. Nor was Andi. Good luck you two.

Evan and Carly Set a Kissing Record…On Their Second Try

So we saw Evan get a date card and take Carly out on a date, one that she wanted no part of. Their date consisted of a live audience watching them set the Guinness Book of World Record for Longest Habanero Pepper Kiss. The previous record was :90 seconds. Carly and Evan, after finally breaking away and creating a saliva line long enough that you could limbo under, they went for 1 minute and 41 seconds. Hooray!!!! But thanks to the reader who sent me this link, this was actually done on their second try, one we didn’t see. So I guess the first one sucked so bad, they decided to leave it on the editing room floor altogether.

Now, the #1 question I got on Twitter and email last night surrounded these two considering how disgusted Carly was with Evan the whole night, knowing the spoiler that these two are engaged. So the reaction was either, “Are you sure the spoiler is right?” and “Are they even still together?” The answer: Yes and yes. You’re forgetting this is a television show. I’m sure Carly hammed it up a tad, and yeah, if you’re Evan watching that last night, I’m sure it was quite embarrassing to hear your current fiancé talking that way about your first kiss/date together. But I’m here to tell you they are still together and engaged, so obviously Carly moved past that eventually and started coming around on the guy. I’m sure we’ll see more doubt in Carly’s mind in the weeks ahead, but all it’s gonna take is one ITM of her saying, “I really wasn’t feeling Evan to begin with, but now I’m starting to fall in love with him,” and then you’ll be like, “Oh, ok. I guess they are together.” Just like when I watch the “Bachelor/ette,” I don’t put a hell of a lot of stock into what these people say during filming if I already know the outcome. It’s a means to an end. The end result is Carly and Evan are engaged. So whatever horrible things she said about his kissing skills obviously don’t matter now since things are fine. They’ll always find something in every couple they produce on these shows to be their stumbling block, or drama, just to throw people off. They’ve done it for 32 seasons and they’ll continue to do it. And people will continue to fall for it. Carly and Evan are engaged, they are one of the three couples who got engaged at the end of this season along with Josh/Amanda and Grant/Lace and nothing has changed.

So tonight is the fallout of the Josh/Amanda/Nick triangle, and then Christian Bishop enters the show to take Sarah out. I’m sure they’ll show Brandon Andreen showing up tonight as well, but he’s a non factor. I’m not sure if we’ll get rose ceremony #2 at the end of tonight’s episode, or teased until next Monday night’s. My guess is they’ll tease it and tonight will end with everyone at the rose ceremony once the drama starts, with next Monday starting with rose ceremony #2. Enjoy tonight, and I’ll talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. purplerayne

    August 9, 2016 at 12:30 PM

    Josh is a Trump supporter…that is all we need to know about him. LOL

    Anyway, Nick might not be an angel and yes he’s guilty of some douchey behaviour (on/off show) but he at least is self aware enough to own it. The fact that a lot of guys from both seasons are friends with him and all the BIP ladies seem to like him, speaks volumes. Plus he’s close friends with Patron Saint of Common Sense Sharleen Joynt. That makes me like him a lot more than I thought I would.

  2. kimmyfromdablock

    August 9, 2016 at 8:42 PM

    Kaitlin Bristowe’s blog was worthy of being deleted? I don’t get it – the whole thing read pretty benign to me.

    As far as Nick, I will agree with you just a smidge PurpleRayne. He does appear to have some self-awareness but not enough to remove himself from his self-sagotaging fame seeking behavior. He’s very boyish, has a gay vibe and talks in a slushy voice. I read him as really insecure and desperate. He just needs to be done with this franchise. He also posts a lot of selfies on social media (I followed him briefly and this according to my 20-something daughter) that is a bit weird to me.

    I also have to agree with Andi Dorfman on anything she has said about Josh Murray. I thought the guy was a tool when she chose him — aka “former athlete” as he constantly liked to call himself, but c’mon….Amanda Stanton seems like a sweet girl, so what is she doing with this douche??? He is so gross, I don’t know what she’s thinking. He could not be coming off any more smarmy than he is. I also love his choppers and his circular smile. He is just yuck all around.

  3. tbta4

    August 10, 2016 at 4:42 AM

    Josh reminds me of one of those smarmy, slimey Southern preachers who turn out to steal millions from their church and it’s members. He is GROSS!!!

  4. yoyotono

    August 10, 2016 at 11:45 PM

    I’m not sure why Kaitlyn deleted her blog post, I’ve always liked her & it wasnt scathing.

    I believe what Andi wrote about Josh. Nick confirmed what was written about him was true. Also, Josh had a temper about the lie detector test on Andi’s season. He was filming, aka, camera persona.

    Amanda needs to find a single dad vs someone off Bachelor franchise. She seems sweet & an easy Josh target.

  5. yoyotono

    August 10, 2016 at 11:56 PM

    Luke seems like a great pick for the next Bachelor, but Jared would make a great Bachelor too.

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