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Hey Steve!

I’m a new reader as my husband came across your blog and spoilers while watching Chris’ season on The Bachelor. I decided with Jo Jo’s season to start reading too. So glad I did! I agree with you about everything!


I noticed in the past you did re-caps of Big Brother. I agreed that last season was kind of a predictable bore. We have been more entertained this season. I was wondering if you were watching along? And/or why you haven’t done any blogging about it?

Can’t wait to keep reading your perspective on BIP!

Comment: I’ve actually never watched 5 minutes of Big Brother. Someone else did those recaps for the site, but not any longer. I just can’t dedicate myself to watching that franchise three times a week. Never have in all the years it’s been on. No need to start now.

Hey Steve!

I always wondered what happened to Lindsay Yenter, who eschewed fame and sort of left “Bachelor Nation” even though she was popular and had a fan base. She is now married with a kid on the way (I found her instagram here: and she has a site that she runs with a friend, and unlike others who’ve been on the show, makes no mention at all about having been on the show in her “About” section (not even for the sake of notoriety to drum up business). She doesn’t mention it anywhere at all, on any of her social media.

She really left it all behind and went on to continue a great life. I’m guessing she came from a great support system filled with lots of love and family and friends, and just happily went back to it without making her time on the show part of her identity. Very happy for her 🙂

Comment: I always respect people who leave this franchise and never look back. Most of them don’t, so it’s rare you get someone like Lindsay who did. Not to mention she’s gotten married and is due in a couple months with their first child.

Hi Steve,

When I first watched the Bachelor, I was living with a friend who was watching it (because of its ridiculousness!). It was Aaron Buerge’s season. There was a “Cinderella” date in which he took a woman out with him in a real-life Cinderella carriage, and she was so excited to go!

But, gross! I couldn’t understand how on earth these women were attracted to this mediocre man. I guess the thing that really stuck out to me was that the show was promoting this really average guy as being such a catch. (Of course, I was hooked out of curiosity, although after moving abroad, I missed several seasons).

I mean, how can all of these women be attracted to the same (boring/mediocre) man?

So, my first question is, do you think that a lot of women are attracted to the guy just because he is the Bachelor? (Bob Guiney would be a perfect example! ) Of course. Being attracted to, and finding a spouse on this show, is about the 741st reason why any of these people agree to do it. It’s so far down the list, it’s not even relevant.

Also, it might not have been Aaron’s season, but I vaguely remember one (Asian) woman leaving during a rose ceremony because she wasn’t into him (do you remember that?) Of course, it’s possible that she just wasn’t into the “experience”. It was really early days, though, before social media.

So, my second question, is, “Do you know of any of the Bachelors that a lot of the contestants weren’t that into?” Chris Soules, maybe?


Comment: Well, a lot of them say after the fact, “Oh, I wasn’t really into him/her” but that’s more of a defense mechanism for getting dumped. So it’s tough to say with any certainty which one really wasn’t liked without polling every single person who’s ever been on.

So, Steve, have you checked out the TMZ article? Pictures of Amanda and Josh at the fair in OC, looking completely bored. According to the article they wanted to stay holed up until the finale but the kids were getting itchy so they decided to take them to the fair.

The truth of the matter is that they were seen out at Target on Monday and the Cheesecake Factory on Wednesday night both times without the kids. She didn’t even get the kids back from her Tahoe trip until Thursday. How do they get away with all these lies?

Also article says he’s in OC for now but they’re buying a house in Atlanta. Is her ex really going to give up the kids and let them move to Atlanta? If he does, he’s some dad.

Just keeping you informed.

Comment: I know Josh is in LA for the next couple months to be with her while the show airs. After that, I’m hearing that they want to settle down in Atlanta. Obviously Amanda’s ex has to sign off on something like that, but it looks like it’s at least on the table. Assuming they last.


thanks for your website. I have been reading for a few years now, and enjoy reading your spoilers.

I do have a question for you, though, and would appreciate your thoughts. Maybe I am thinking this because this is “fresh” from the previous season, and the season premiere of “Bachelor in Paradise”, but here goes.

Do you think that this past season’s glorification of CHad’s douchebagery, along with the obvious publicity whoring of Robby, Grant and Jordan, do you think the show will see a decline in interest? My thinking is that whether or not it was an act or not, giving CHad so much air time will encourage other contestants to go on the show to purposely be the villain? That is, get cast and act so outrageous in hopes that they get more air time. That’s no different than any other season. These people are cast to play roles. We see the same “types” every season, just different people playing them. If it hasn’t affected interest in 32 previous seasons, I don’t see why it would now.

If Chad was such a threat to everyone, and everyone was so afraid of him, 1. why reward the behavior and put him on more tv, 2. why bring him on BIP and 3. even after his “abhorrent” behavior, why bring him back to the hotel after getting kicked off the show. Because people like watching a train wreck.

This is being written prior to week 2 of BIP, but in the previews it appears they bring him back, fill him full of booze and film it. I know your response will be something along the lines of “it’s all for ratings, they will keep doing this until people quit watching”. My concern is that this season seemed so over the top with the producer involvement and editing, it seemed very Real World/Jersey SHoreish. THat is, EVERY PERSON on the show went on the show just to be on tv and would do anything on camera to get more camera time so after the show they can live off of appearance fees and endorsements. ONce that is the norm, the show will seem more insincere than it is now.

With this formula, Jersey Shore was cancelled, and Real World has fallen off the map (the challenge still has cache though, but that is genuine because there is money involved).

Anyway, would appreciate any thoughts, if any, you have on the matter.

Thanks again for your site.

Comment: I just think that this show has a formula that’s working for them and they’re not going to change it. And why should they? You might be turned off by it, your friends might be turned off by it, and hundreds of thousands of others might be turned off by it. But roughly 8 million people a week still watch this show and that’s all they really care about. So I guess it’s not changing anytime soon. Yes, the show is MUCH different now in terms of media popularity and social media status than it was even 5 years ago, and that’s what’s enticing to future contestants. They see what this can do for an image, or brand building and marketing, and that’s why they go on.

I know that everything on UnREAL shouldn’t be taken too literally in comparison to the Bachelor, but I noticed that the host of the show has virtually no impact on the program, editing, and drama. Do you think this is true of Chris Harrison? As the face of the Bachelor family of shows, it appears to the fans that his role is a large and important one. Is he merely just a personality with very little to do with production and storylines? Secondly, do you know how many people are working a room while filming the Bachelor shows? On UnREAL, it is an entire circus of way more than I would expect. Thank you.

Comment: I mean, I don’t think the producers of the show make fun of Chris Harrison the way the UnREAL producers do, and Chris Harrison I believe has an executive producer title on the show, but in terms of the day to day ITM’s and storylines, no, Chris doesn’t handle that. He’s just there to steer the ship, knows what buttons to push because he’s aware of what’s going on, but ultimately if you removed him from the show, it’d still be the same show.

Hey Steve! I recently got a lot of sh*t from a JoJo and Jordan obsessed lady for saying people don’t like Jordan because of the rumors around him that I got from you. This lady gave me quite the laugh as she told me you were full of sh*t because you got Kaitlyn’s season wrong. She tried to be very sweet but then started getting pretty nasty with me but I found it hilarious especially after she told me she doesn’t deal with little kids. After looking at her profile to see if she was a mother I found out she was! So I sure hope her kids know their mom doesn’t deal with little kids. Anyways thanks so much for continuing to post great spoilers and having very reliable information rather than spreading rumours that lack substance. I know you get a lot of shit but you’re a great source of info. I couldn’t even finish JoJo’s season because of how fake it is so your recaps were definitely much better!

Comment: Wow. Can’t say I’m surprised. There are some absolute nut balls out there when it comes to this show. Just stay as far away from them as possible. Your life will be better for it.

Just a random question after the TCAs: if and when ABC and Channing Dungey ever come through with more diverse suitors and leads, how do you think it will impact ratings?

Comment: Impossible question to answer. We’ll never know until it happens. I think we’d see a dip in ratings, but nothing overly significant.

Hey Steve!

Just watched tonight’s episode and LOL the entire cast of BIP is tweeting about how much they hate Josh. It’s just laughable! Gotta say I am #teamandi and now #teamnick for sure.

I have to ask– how naive is Amanda though? I mean… Really? This guy has an ex-fiancée with a TON of dirt on him spilled in an explosive tell-all book, and you have NOTHING to question him about? Really? It’s honestly very reminiscent of Jojo and Jordan– she asked him point blank what happened with his ex and he gave some bs non-descript response… And yet she was seemingly satisfied and even more smitten with him after. Same thing with these two now. I just don’t get it. And I honestly lost a lot of respect for Amanda after seeing this tonight. How can you not question him at all?? And you have kids on top of it?? Kids or no kids, I don’t know any girl who would’ve been satisfied with that crap answer he gave. Oh well, guess that goes to show how much of a farce this show really is.

Love you and your columns; thanks for all you do!

Comment: Again, it’s hard to answer for Amanda. She’s in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, everything is unicorns and rainbows, and probably the more people who tell her she’s crazy for being with him, the more she wants to prove them wrong. Who knows what conversations she’s had with him, but they’re still together, they’re living together in CA right now, and we’ll see what happens in the long run.

Hi Steve,

This season of BiP is off to a piss-poor start. The first episode was mostly filler. Did we really need the mini-bios of some of the cast? Did we need to see more than a minute of Chad’s drunken foolishness. Cut all that crap out and the first episode could have ended with the 1st rose ceremony. But they’ve done that every season, so it’s nothing you shouldn’t have expected.

Have you noticed they aren’t bothering to distinguish the twins? In their interview segments, the caption will be something like “Emily or Haley” or “twin”. The sad reality is that it doesn’t matter. I’ve said this since the twins were on Ben’s season – I honestly find them highly entertaining. I don’t care if they’re putting on an act and hamming it up for the cameras. It’s light hearted and silly. I don’t take this show seriously anyway, and people like that are ones I actually enjoy because they don’t seem to be taking it seriously either. So I can get on board with them. I think it’s funny. Do I think they’ll cure cancer one day or make an enormous impact on our youth someday? No. But I’m not watching for that, so, I can put their appearance on the show into perspective. They’re funny to me.

I looked at the TV listing for Tuesday’s episode (in setting my computer to record it) and see that they’ve made the horrible mistake of bringing back the live hour discussion show, “After Paradise”.

I saw a story last week (didn’t save the link) that had inteview bits from several former cast members discussing the clothing preparations contestants make. Going back to the Brad 2.0 season, they had Ashley S. stating that some women get clothing companies to sponsor their wardrobe for the show, while some others rack up a hefty credit card debt. It was also revealed that Shawntel didn’t get to keep that ridiculously expensive purse from her Vegas shopping spree.

And finally my question. During foreign travel, does the production staff collect and hold onto everyone’s passport after clearing through the airport, ostensibly for safe-keeping, but more likely to discourage someone from “running away” from the show to travel about?

Comment: Yes. Well, they hold on to it more so that they can’t take the chance of one of these contestants misplacing or losing their passport. No one would ever be able to just run off the set and do what they want. Impossible.

Hi Steve –

So, first off I have to tell you that I’ve got a book called ROYAL CHASE that is set on a Bachelor-esque type show, and a lot of the “behind the scenes” stuff in the book I got from you and your intel. Which is why there’s a “Reality Joe” in the book that drives the producers crazy with his spoilers. 🙂

I also don’t start watching a Bachelor/ette or Bachelor in Paradise without first reading every single episode spoiler. I find I can handle things much better if I know exactly what’s going to happen.

That being said, I have to admit to an obsession with Ashley I. and Jared getting together. I don’t know if I’m being manipulated by the show, but ever since last season’s BiP I have been weirdly invested in Jared waking up one day and realizing that Ashley is the one for him. All their Instagram pics and vacations together make me hopeful. It doesn’t help matters when Patti Stanger says that Jared “starts blowing up” Ashley’s phone after Patti convinces her to move on with a new guy.

Is there any hope at all for these two? Anything even remotely romantic? Or do I need to take Patti’s advice and just get over Jashley?

Comment: If Ashley and Jared admit that they’re done, you should probably admit to yourself they are too. I can’t possibly imagine why you would care so much about two people you don’t know being together. It’s not something I can wrap my head around, so I’m kinda the wrong person to ask about stuff like this. My advice is: Don’t lose sleep over it.

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on another successful season spoiling the bachelorette. Thanks for warning viewers about Josh Murray, I was once big fan of Josh but after seeing last night’s episode, I am no longer a fan. I find it pathetic that him and Amanda are blaming their actions on poor editing. However, I do not like Andi at all but he is validating every claim that she made about him. I have a few questions abut BIP 3.

1. I saw on Josh’s twitter last night that there was more to the conversation with Nick then was shown last night. Josh just seemed so out of line in last night’s episode. I was just curious if you heard about what else was said in that conversation that viewers did not get to see? Yeah, it’s addressed on page 2 of this column. Nick told Amanda he was there for Jen and that he had no problem with them seeing other people.

2. I know that you don’t write about dwts in your blog. I was just wondering if you thought that Chad had a chance of going on there being that he is crazy and makes extremely good television?

3. Have you heard about any contestants on BIP 3 besides Caila and Jared that have connected since the show stopped filming? Perhaps, contestants who went home pretty quickly because someone they liked was already paired up with someone? Lauren Himle and Ryan Beckett were in touch immediately after the show. Not sure what their status is now.

4. Thanks for telling us about UnREAL, I love this show more than the bachelor franchise, I was just wondering if you think that they will stick to just having it on for two months in the summer? Yes. I believe that’s the plan.

5. I know that you said that Becca said that she would never do BIP but since she has been on the bachelor, she is constantly sponsoring products on social media and hanging out in LA with bachelor alums. Do you think that she would ever do BIP? No.

6. Have you heard if the Survivor winner who was going through casting to go on the bachelor actually made it on the show?

Thank you!

Comment: Haven’t heard either way, but I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if she’s on next season.

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  1. j1scarlett

    August 10, 2016 at 9:54 AM

    So at this point they are what, like 4-5 days into the filming of the show? And Carly is disgusted by Evan, hates kissing him, and broke up with him or whatever so she could find someone shes actually interested in. But they will be engaged in like less than 2 weeks? They are both clearly messed up and desperate. Sure she can change her mind and decide shes actually into him, but I dont buy it, I think shes just too desperate and lonely and willing to take whatever she can get. Ive certainly never been repulsed by a guy and then decided to marry him weeks later.

    As for Amanda, what Steve wrote about her wanting to move to Atlanta with Josh makes me so mad. I know people with kids can move, but I think its really wrong to move the kids across the country away from their father, unless hes a horrible parent, which I havent heard anything about him being. She doesnt need to move for a job or something, and what is Josh doing in Atlanta thats so important he cant move? I’m assuming its because hes too egotistical to really consider changing his life to be with this woman he claims to love.

  2. purplepat715

    August 10, 2016 at 10:37 AM

    According to Catherine, Sean is cohosting this season of the after paradise or whatever it’s called.

  3. vessel

    August 10, 2016 at 11:19 AM

    If I’m not mistaken I think Amanda did explain to Ben that her daughters’ father is basically a pig of a man, and again, I could be mistaken, but I think he’s not in their lives at all. Not saying this makes it right for her to make the move to Atlanta. Frankly less disruption in her kids’ lives would be in their best interest. However Amanda has made it abundantly clear she acts solely on what is in HER best interest or she wouldn’t have left her kids, again, to chase fame on TV and worsen it further by publicly sucking face with someone reputed to be a rage-aholic and borderline abusive. Not to mention getting engaged without first seeing how he fits into her life with her children. She’s a narcissistic, selfish dingbat.

    Regarding the twins you can tell them apart by their noses. Emily may or may not have had a nose job, but Hailey’s is noticeably bigger.

  4. crushonspivey

    August 10, 2016 at 12:29 PM

    Carly seems to have mastered the more asshole than funny concept. She is the queen of that with this franchise.

    The engagements are so fake. Wonder how much they got paid to pretend that at the end?

  5. thedoctor

    August 10, 2016 at 12:48 PM

    I forgot you said it on After Paradise ( I think Sean) but it was mentioned that there was a spoiler/rumor that three couples were engaged. So they are mentioning RS more and more.

    The Evan/Amanda story line is so fake and forced. I r\thought it was just a fake out that he was thinking about Amanda, but would actually try for Carly again, I was fooled. Dang that Carly is a B.

  6. atleast4characters

    August 10, 2016 at 9:35 PM

    How about those “clown” poets (Jared and Evan) at the end of Tuesday’s episode? The first line is “Two roads DIVERGED in a yellow wood” not “…divulged…” and it was written by Frost, not Thoreau.

  7. yoyotono

    August 11, 2016 at 12:26 AM

    Haley always repeats what Emily says, that’s how you tell them apart. They are entertaining though, I do agree.

  8. rob22

    August 11, 2016 at 7:42 AM

    It’s amazing how Evan has evolved from “the guy who looks like Hitler” to the guy who tweaks Chad and is basically unable to get liquored up, horny girls to get interested in him. Maybe he is pining for a return to the Hitler analogy days. It might be better for his street cred.

  9. rob22

    August 11, 2016 at 7:59 AM

    Oh…. and I’d be remiss in not saying that this site is still horrible. If I stay on this site for more than five minutes, it crashes. Completely unprofessional.

  10. yoyotono

    August 15, 2016 at 10:48 PM

    Josh so fake.

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