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A few random questions

It is rumored that Emily Maynard was the highest paid bachelorette lead. Do you know if that is true and if so how she made? If it wasn’t her do you know who has made the most as the lead? I have no idea if that was true or who made the most. I think the $250,000 that was floated out there for Emily was ridiculous. I don’t think she made nearly that much.

Both Sarah and Bananas have said different things about producer involvement in him taking all the money on different podcasts. Sarah said producers set it all up for him to take everything from before filming even began. Where as bananas said that many producers didn’t know what he would decide and they couldn’t believe he actually took it all. Who do you believe? How involved do you think production was in his decision? Do you think production rigged it for him to get the most points and make the decision or would it have made just as good tv to have Sarah make the decision?

Thanks for all you do! Love your site!

Comment: I haven’t listened to any interview with Sarah so I’d have to hear the whole thing. I listened to Bananas hour and 20 minutes podcast with Bill Simmons and I don’t remember him saying he thought production was surprised he did it. He made it seem like production purposely through that twist in because they WANTED to see him do it, since the finale was so anti climatic. We all knew Sarah and Bananas were going to win. His podcast with Bill Simmons is a must listen if you’re a fan of the Challenge. He brings up a lot of great points.

do you think they will bring back bachelor pad? i like the competition aspect of it compared to bip. reminds me of the challenge on mtv.

Comment: No.

Josh isn’t doing too well on his image rehab tour. I don’t think you tuned into Famously Single, but he openly admitted he is only into looks. Super shallow. I think when someone cares too much about their image and that of their partner, it actually makes them look less secure. Fast forward to Paradise, where we see his one dimension, lack of sincerity again coupled with anger issues. Go away Josh. I’d take Nick over Josh every single time, but to each their own right?

Why does the franchise hate Kaitlyn so much? Is it just because of the spoiler? And if that’s so, why do they love Nick? I know you’re not a fan of Snapchat, but Shawn and Kaitlyn’s snaps crack me up. I think they’re hilarious and great for each other. Why would the franchise not want to capitalize on that? (As a side note, Ben and Lauren are snooze fest to me). I really do wonder sometimes if Kaitlyn is secretly being punished for spoiling her season on snapchat. But I barely follow any of these contestants on snap chat. I just don’t care enough about their lives to follow them. Like you said, to each their own.

Not Bachelor related: do you really think Banana’s chose not to split his money with Sarah on the Challenge? After being a fan on your site for so long, I’m so skeptical of production. What if that was all for the show because it would make a better story and Sarah really did get a cut?

Comment: Oh you mean you think Bananas secretly gave her some money? I mean, I guess only those two know, but if they did, he’s putting on a hell of an act post show. It doesn’t seem to me they had some sort of deal where he took all the money on the show for dramatic purposes but then gave her some when he got off the show.

Hi Steve. Here are my questions:

1) If you had to be friends with either Josh or Nick, who would you pick and why? I can’t believe I’m saying this: Nick.

2) Can you tell the twins apart?

Comment: No way. I even tried to during the date last night with Brandon and I was just as confused as him. I’m sure if I met them in person and spent any amount of time with them I could probably eventually tell them apart. But on TV? I’m clueless.

Hey Steve,

While watching Monday’s episode of BIP I noticed Amanda facetimed her children. Is the cast aloud to have phones during BIP or are they making an exception for her because she has children? I was under the impression that the cast couldn’t have phones at all but didn’t know if they were more relaxed during BIP or made exceptions for Amanda. Thanks!

Comment: They let the contestants with children do it. Juelia did it last season as well.

Is Chris Harrison even making an appearance on after paradise this year? If not, is it Sean and Michelle all season? Or will it be different each episode? Seems crazy they would even bother with it if Chris Harrison won’t be there. I really have no idea. Sean & Michelle never said specifically if it was a one week thing or a whole season thing. All they did was thank Chris Harrison for letting them do this, but never specified for how long. I guess we’ll find out next week.

It would continue to suck either way but would love to see Chris’s face if anyone ever gets through and mentions you!

Comment: Well, the show is probably on a 7 or 10 second delay, so even if someone got my name out, I’m sure it’d get dumped. But hey, doesn’t mean someone can’t still try.

Wow. That could not have been more awkward. I made it about as far as Michelle Collins prodding Chad to apologize by asking, “Now, Chad, is there something you would like to say to Sarah…?” as though he were a five year-old who had just crapped in Sarah’s Barbie Dreamhouse.

Comment: I actually liked Michelle forcing Chad to apologize and bringing him down a few notches.

Hi Steve,

I couldn’t agree more with your recap of this ridiculous show. You always do a superb job with your engaging writing style. I love reading your columns, and laughing at your humorous observations!

The part that really upset me the most was watching the whole Josh and Amanda exchange. Living in Atlanta, I followed both Andi and Josh, and actually thought he took the high road after they broke up. He appeared to focus on his charity work with children, family, his dog, his faith, his business, and said very little.

Last night, Josh appeared to be ridiculously arrogant, shallow, and rude! When Josh interacted with people Monday night, he just couldn’t wait for them to stop talking so he could jump in about himself. I realize this is also clever editing, but it was painful to watch. Maybe he was just nervous and his demeanor will change in the coming episodes.

The final straw propelling me to write in today, is regarding the impact upon Amanda’s daughters this show will have. I liked her a lot on Ben’s season, but was disappointed she came on BIP.

Can you imagine the message Amanda is sending when her daughters watch this someday? The making out was over the top. Yes, obviously editing is choosing to show them making out constantly and I’m sure they didn’t do that all day every day. But they’re emphasizing basically, “Hey, these two did this a lot.” As for setting a great example? Again, that’s a matter of preference. I think it just makes them look like petty high schoolers and that annoying overly affectionate PDA couple that we all have been around.

I know she’ll receive huge monetary gains, but seeing their Mom in this unnatural setting on national TV, making out constantly from night one is questionable role modeling. I understand her wanting to go on Ben Higgins season, but not this mess.

As we all know, Jade and Tanner fell in love and their relationship appeared to have a lot more substance and seemed genuine from the beginning. They are adorable together and a natural fit. I guess Amanda is searching for what they have and all of the perks that go along with it, but Josh doesn’t seem like a very smart choice.

Comment: I know it’s a cliché answer, but time will tell. They’re in the beginning phase of their relationship and loving the attention right now. Lets see what happens when the attention fades, no one cares about them anymore, there’s no products to pimp, and it’s a Saturday afternoon and they’re shopping and the kids are screaming and throwing a tantrum over whatever. Whole different world.

Hi Steve,

Love your site, I read it daily as it comes! Your comments are hilarious!!

What do you think Robby will do now that the Bachelorette Season is over? I don’t like to hate on ppl but he’s kinda ridiculous…

Comment: Robby has zero chance of being the next “Bachelor.”

Dear Steve,

When you mentioned on your site a few weeks ago that Carly and Evan end up engaged I thought ok, desperation by two underdogs hoping to gain fame through this franchise. I believe your spoilers so I believe this an engagement will actually happen. The question is HOW??? when it is quite obvious that Carly finds Evan effeminate and repulsive. I mean she threw up after she kissed him and complained to everyone how awful it was. Can you give us more spoilers on how she actually hoodwinks the audience into believing this ridiculousness? She obviously has a change of heart. Maybe when no one wants her out there, she settles for him? I don’t know. I just know they got engaged at the end and they’re still engaged. As for how Evan’s feeling watching this back, I have no idea. As a guy, I wouldn’t be too happy with it. But considering he hasn’t dumped her over it, maybe he just really wants to get married to her and is in denial.

If Josh went on BIP to improve his image the producers are doing a great job of editing him to seem like a smug, fake, arrogant jerk. Are those groans that you hear as he kisses Amanda real or did they insert them in like the Chad whistle? That’s inserted sound effects.

I find Amanda and Josh’s constant making out in poor taste. Can’t they find a room? Hide behind a palm frond or something? Apparently not.

Now I know you’ve answered this question about how they choose the contestants for BIP but what’s the deal with people like Leah and Brandon? Do they go through 50 previous Bachelor/ette contestants and after 50 rejections they say “alright let’s contact the no name people and see if they want to meet any of our controversial characters and bring them on?” Why do people like Brandon get invited on instead of contestants who made it to the final ten? I think they purposely bring in people they know won’t last, because they need to fill spots. Everyone’s gonna connect with one, maybe two people, so you need those “fillers” to come in just so you can have a show.

What twisted producer convinced Evan that he would have a shot at Carly? They’re really gunning to make Josh a villian. Well based on next week’s preview Andi’s book sales will spike now.

What is with the sleeziness this season? Am I watching VH1 “The Rock Of Love” years? With Grant and Lace having sex, the “sexy six” tonguing in a row and all these images of crabs and Hep C commercials, I feel like these people need to take showers, put on some clothes, and get an on air visit from a doctor to get STD testing done. Josh can go first because God has a plan and that’s what he would want him to do.

Thanks for your site! I enjoy your commentary every day. Looking forward to reading your thoughts on the rest of the season!

So all the buildup about a switch of twins and how he could tell it, and then NADA on his part……yet another stupid moment on a stupid show. I guess I watch it so see the train wreck.

Comment: That’s what we’re all watching to see.

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  1. j1scarlett

    August 10, 2016 at 9:54 AM

    So at this point they are what, like 4-5 days into the filming of the show? And Carly is disgusted by Evan, hates kissing him, and broke up with him or whatever so she could find someone shes actually interested in. But they will be engaged in like less than 2 weeks? They are both clearly messed up and desperate. Sure she can change her mind and decide shes actually into him, but I dont buy it, I think shes just too desperate and lonely and willing to take whatever she can get. Ive certainly never been repulsed by a guy and then decided to marry him weeks later.

    As for Amanda, what Steve wrote about her wanting to move to Atlanta with Josh makes me so mad. I know people with kids can move, but I think its really wrong to move the kids across the country away from their father, unless hes a horrible parent, which I havent heard anything about him being. She doesnt need to move for a job or something, and what is Josh doing in Atlanta thats so important he cant move? I’m assuming its because hes too egotistical to really consider changing his life to be with this woman he claims to love.

  2. purplepat715

    August 10, 2016 at 10:37 AM

    According to Catherine, Sean is cohosting this season of the after paradise or whatever it’s called.

  3. vessel

    August 10, 2016 at 11:19 AM

    If I’m not mistaken I think Amanda did explain to Ben that her daughters’ father is basically a pig of a man, and again, I could be mistaken, but I think he’s not in their lives at all. Not saying this makes it right for her to make the move to Atlanta. Frankly less disruption in her kids’ lives would be in their best interest. However Amanda has made it abundantly clear she acts solely on what is in HER best interest or she wouldn’t have left her kids, again, to chase fame on TV and worsen it further by publicly sucking face with someone reputed to be a rage-aholic and borderline abusive. Not to mention getting engaged without first seeing how he fits into her life with her children. She’s a narcissistic, selfish dingbat.

    Regarding the twins you can tell them apart by their noses. Emily may or may not have had a nose job, but Hailey’s is noticeably bigger.

  4. crushonspivey

    August 10, 2016 at 12:29 PM

    Carly seems to have mastered the more asshole than funny concept. She is the queen of that with this franchise.

    The engagements are so fake. Wonder how much they got paid to pretend that at the end?

  5. thedoctor

    August 10, 2016 at 12:48 PM

    I forgot you said it on After Paradise ( I think Sean) but it was mentioned that there was a spoiler/rumor that three couples were engaged. So they are mentioning RS more and more.

    The Evan/Amanda story line is so fake and forced. I r\thought it was just a fake out that he was thinking about Amanda, but would actually try for Carly again, I was fooled. Dang that Carly is a B.

  6. atleast4characters

    August 10, 2016 at 9:35 PM

    How about those “clown” poets (Jared and Evan) at the end of Tuesday’s episode? The first line is “Two roads DIVERGED in a yellow wood” not “…divulged…” and it was written by Frost, not Thoreau.

  7. yoyotono

    August 11, 2016 at 12:26 AM

    Haley always repeats what Emily says, that’s how you tell them apart. They are entertaining though, I do agree.

  8. rob22

    August 11, 2016 at 7:42 AM

    It’s amazing how Evan has evolved from “the guy who looks like Hitler” to the guy who tweaks Chad and is basically unable to get liquored up, horny girls to get interested in him. Maybe he is pining for a return to the Hitler analogy days. It might be better for his street cred.

  9. rob22

    August 11, 2016 at 7:59 AM

    Oh…. and I’d be remiss in not saying that this site is still horrible. If I stay on this site for more than five minutes, it crashes. Completely unprofessional.

  10. yoyotono

    August 15, 2016 at 10:48 PM

    Josh so fake.

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