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“Bachelor In Paradise” Recap Incl Ames’ Gets Married, & More Josh & Amanda

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Evan Isn’t Done Pining After Amanda

So since Evan’s tactic of, “Hey, I came here for you, will you dump the guy who’s tongue you’re having sex with and maybe give me a chance” didn’t work, Evan resorted to the one thing he knew could get at Josh – Andi’s book. If anything, Andi’s book was the real winner of last night’s episode. The more they keep talking about it, the more people who haven’t read it become interested, and the more sales she’s gotten. I’d love to know what Andi’s book sales were from the time she released it in May, to the number of sales just in the two weeks that BIP has been on. I guarantee she’s had a spike. Hell, even I get people asking me, “What’d Andi say in her book about Josh” constantly. Uhhhhh, EVERYTHING pretty much. I haven’t read it from beginning to end, but I’ve seen a lot of the juicy excerpts that revolve around her time with Josh. It’s definitely not flattering to say the least. But again, it’s who you want to believe. Those that love Josh think and don’t believe he’s ever done anything wrong in his life think it’s trash and Andi made the whole thing up. And those that love Andi think she has no reason to make up story after story after story about the guy. So it’s a matter of preference I get. But if even ¼ of the things she wrote about him are true, then Amanda better pay attention. Of course she won’t, though. But she should.

The bizarre thing about Evan confronting Amanda is he does so under the guise that he hasn’t even read the book. He’s just heard about some of the things in it. And when Amanda asks exactly what he’s talking about, he tells her that there are “verbal abuse claims” in the book. And that’s it. That’s all of the conversation we see, so whatever effect Evan thought he would have went limp like one of his patients. Maybe there was more to the conversation, maybe there wasn’t, but if you’re gonna go to Amanda with that type of info, you might wanna have more ammo in your gun and not come at her with a musket. The whole scene, again, seemed completely producer contrived as they probably told him, “Hey, Amanda is really taking to Josh. Why don’t you go warn her about Andi’s book?” You know that’s how it went down because why else would someone who’s trying to get her to like him confront her with a book he hasn’t even read?

With that said, Evan bringing that up to Amanda had the desired effect on Josh since there’s basically nothing in this world right now that’ll get Josh’s blood boiling than talk of Andi’s book. Because according to him, it’s “fictional and lies,” so there’s no need for him to talk about it. Even when Evan confronts him about “Then why don’t you just sue her for libel,” Josh says there’s no need to because it’s so fictional and so untrue that this is how he’s choosing to deal with it, God has a plan, blah blah blah. “Don’t judge me without knowing me.” Evan isn’t convinced. He thinks Josh is media savvy and is just saying what America wants to hear and has polished up how he’s going to present himself to everyone watching the show. Which may be true, and he’s certainly convinced quite a few people that nothing Andi wrote in her book has any merit to it, so I guess it’s working for him. I mean, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The only reason I believe Josh did “Famously Single” and BIP was because Andi wrote a book. I don’t think for a second he’s on this show if Andi doesn’t eviscerate his character for a few hundred pages.

Whatever the case, Josh and Evan really don’t come to any sort of conclusion other than Josh hates being judged before people get to know him. If that wasn’t enough, Nick decides to have a little mini chat with Amanda to pile on a tad and tells her that he hasn’t read Andi’s book either, but what he knows of what she wrote about him had truth to it. For her sake, he hopes Andi didn’t make all that up, and tells Amanda to ask Josh important questions and not get caught up in the filming of the show. Look, this is Nick’s way of basically saying, “I believe a lot of what I heard in Andi’s book because I know Josh and his temperament. It’s not far fetched. So just be careful.” In this interview with E! last week, Nick is very calculated in what he’s trying to get out. This quote pretty much says it all:

“Some of the things that she wrote about Josh, with regards to how he is in relationships, his temperament in relationships, and some of those attributes that he displayed in a relationship, you might see this season,” he explained. “And I think those are some of the concerns that people had about him as they watched his relationships unfold.”

Translation: I fully believe what Andi said about Josh in the book. Nick knows. And he’s using the media to his advantage by constantly talking to E! about it. Josh wants to take the high road and not address it, that’s his prerogative. Nick is doing the complete opposite and subtly taking jabs at the guy and how he is in relationships. To each their own. On with the rose ceremony…

Lace to Grant
Izzy to Vinny
Emily to Jared
Amanda to Josh
Sarah to Daniel
Carly to Evan
Haley to Nick

So that means Christian and Brandon are out of luck. Sarah decided Daniel’s total awkwardness and poor kissing skills were enough to keep over Christian, who she said she had the best first date ever with. Go figure. And Haley thought keeping Nick around (who the twins can’t stop gushing over on social media) over Brandon was better for TV with Jen arriving next week since that’s who Nick wanted the right thing to do.

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  1. shouldbeworking

    August 16, 2016 at 11:24 AM

    I don’t know what drives me battier – Josh’s moaning when he is devouring Amanda’s face or the fact they are kissing constantly! Either way, it’s so annoying!

  2. crushonspivey

    August 16, 2016 at 11:35 AM

    Daniel is the star of this season. The gift that just keeps on giving. HE is actually looking like a solid dude, but so quirky and funny. Dude is off the wall, but one of the only things worth watching this season.

    And yes, this show is so contrived. Evan is a clown and willing to play ball for the producers. So are the twins. Rose ceremony last night showed as much. Carly picking Evan was stupid and Hailey not picking Brandon was equally stupid. But of course it clears the way for the twins exit next episode right? Because if Brandon stays he stick with Hailey, and then they both stay.

    It is all just cartoonish.

    Also, Nick dude, you seem to have grown up a lot since Andi’s season. You seem like a better dude now. You don’t need this crap anymore. Move on man. Put it behind you. Go get a life outside the nonsense. This crap will drag you down. You’re 34. Move on man. Move on.

  3. TeresaRenee

    August 16, 2016 at 12:04 PM

    Ames is still gay.

    Carly is pathetic.

  4. jessicat

    August 16, 2016 at 1:38 PM

    Why does Steve keep putting an apostrophe after “Ames”? It’s just a name, like James or Jules. No apostrophe.

  5. valadega

    August 16, 2016 at 1:47 PM

    After viewing Sarah’s interactions with Christian and Daniel, she needs to write a book entitled “Why I am Still Single.” I believe MOST PEOPLE who have viewed her on this show ALREADY KNOWS WHY!

  6. olestinker

    August 16, 2016 at 1:49 PM

    Two comments.

    First, regarding Andi’s book, all I know is that two weeks ago, my wife said that the audio version was available for free from Audible, and we had plans to listen to it on a road trip we took last weekend. Flash forward to Wednesday, when we tried to download it, and it was selling for $29.00. So I should say that BIP has jump-started sales.

    Second, I noticed that Evan had a bandage around his ankle when the medics showed up. Maybe he twisted the ankle earlier, and was mixing booze and pain killers? That and spending the last week in the sun will cause anyone to crash hard.

  7. ashleigh11

    August 16, 2016 at 2:16 PM

    I was just watching Nick Viall on Afterbuzz on Youtube and apparently Evan had a really bad foot infection and was feeling quite sick that day. Not sure how he got the infection – maybe he stepped on something and didn’t have his shots up to date? If he was on painkillers and antibiotics for the foot infection and then drank half a bottle of tequila during their drinking contest, it’s not surprising he felt really messed up.

  8. pambeesly

    August 17, 2016 at 3:00 AM

    Page 3: whose*

    And you remember Jen if you’re like me, and had her to win it all in your Bachelor Bracket that gets set after night 1. (Top 3 were set to Jen, Olivia, and Jojo) Side note: I don’t read the spoilers until after night 1, at least.

  9. kimmyfromdablock

    August 17, 2016 at 8:42 AM

    The site keeps crashing. I have profound thoughts that I type and then BOOM !!!!

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