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“Reader Emails,” Nick Speaks Out, and Your Trivia Contest Results

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Hi Steve,

Long time reader and fan, first time emailing a question. As a 25+ year flight attendant for a major airline (not based in Dallas!), I am curious how many tips and/or photos your receive from readers who are in airports or flying? I noticed a Twitter post photo of Jojo and Jordan traveling from LAX-JFK the night of the Bachelortette finale, and I am 95% certain they were on my airline, as I recognized the first class seating. With the popularity of social media, do you find these type of tips becoming more frequent? Nothing may ever top the awesome “Nick” video, but it seems like these folks are more easily recognized thanks to your spoilers. I have only run across two personally; Andrew Firestone, before his finale aired, flew out to the west coast with my crew and Jake Pavelka on the airport employee bus at DFW! Thanks for making us all laugh.

Comment: Well, I don’t directly like answering questions like that because it has to do with sources. All I’ll say is it’s less than you probably think.

I just overheard 2 young girls working at my vet’s office were choosing name’s for a new kitten. They decided on Juan Pablo bc he was handsome & would call it JP for short. LOL. I was like I gotta tell RS this!

Comment: How young were these girls? Like 12? Or young as in mid 20’s?

Hi Steve,

I am curious what your take is on the After Paradise hosts pretty much blatantly admitting they’ve looked through your spoilers; Sean mentioned 3 engagements and said something about how Josh and Amanda were seen at Target together—then they said something about ‘reading spoilers’? I think its odd that they all but spoiled Josh and Amanda on the actual show! I also thought it was odd they let Josh tweet out your article (I assume they monitor the casts’ tweets)…I guess I’m just curious what you think about ABC being so transparent on TV about the fact that you spoil their show?

Comment: Yeah, that’s definitely a first for the show. They rarely acknowledge spoilers ever. And to be so detailed about those, it was surprising. However, seeing how lenient they’ve been with letting Josh & Amanda essentially show everyone every day that they’re together, maybe they’re loosening up. Granted, I think it’s just for BIP. They’ll never be this lenient on “Bachelor” and “Bachelorette.” No way.


I am so interested in the Josh and Amanda dynamic. After their first date she seemed to go completely mute (probably because Josh’s tongue was keeping her quiet) but it seemed to me like she just became an instant quiet mouse at his side and lost all that fire that everyone seems so into. She can’t have been comfortable making out like with Josh right in front of Nick who she was making out with 24 hours before hand.

Do you know if she had a chat or smoothed things over with Nick when she got back from her Josh date that didn’t get shown? I know Nick was there for Jen and wasn’t as cut up about it as the edit makes it seem – but I still would have thought Amanda was more decent than that and would clear the air with him before acting like that.

I also think that is this is Josh’s rebuild the image tour, he’s doing a poor job – I couldn’t help but laugh when he denounced Andi’s book as a work of fiction, whilst acting in exactly the arrogant, controlling and temper-tantrum-y way she described in her book. He seemed SO excited about pissing Nick off, that it seemed to overshadow his actual interest in Amanda. Denouncing a whole book as fiction without giving one singular detail as to why it’s fiction is like, “Ok great. But why should we listen to you?” I mean, do you really expect Josh to say, “Yep, book is all true. I did all those things Andi said.” Of course not. But to just lump the whole book as fictional and lies without explaining anything is killing his case. I get that this is his way of handling things, which is 100% his prerogative, but I don’t think he’s convincing anyone he’s innocent of everything.

I really hope she looks at the things he says to Nick about how God is cool with him basically being an arrogant jerk because its part of his plan and has a think about whether that is the kind of nasty piece of work she wants on her arm. Having faith and religion in your life doesn’t mean you get to be a total ass-hat to everyone else. Maybe I’m being a bit harsh? I just really don’t care for Josh I guess. I don’t care all that much for Nick either really, but this time I’m definitely in his corner. Believe it or not, Nick has miraculously become the voice of reason now. Go Go figure.

Also – I feel bad for Lace. Considering she was wanting to cut down on drinking, work on herself and be a little less nuts – the show hasn’t done much to help her do that. However, her intro scene is the most hilarious (and sad) so i guess its nice to see her embracing it….? *cricket chirrups* Maybe not. She’s a hot mess. Everything she said on the “Bachelor” after show this season is thrown out the window by her actions this season and who she ended up with.

And then – CARLY!!! I know she is now engaged to Evan, but seeing her gut reaction to him and her initial and raw attraction (or lack thereof) when kissing him or thinking about him as a sexual partner speaks volumes. I can’t believe that in 18 days, she is so repulsed by him that she literally can’t understand how he ever managed to procreate and breaks up with him, to then deciding that he is the man she wants to spend her life with and getting engaged is SO RIDICULOUS and SO FAKE! Not really a question there – more just genuine shock that she flips so hard. I’m disappointed in her, and if I were Evan, I wouldn’t be able to move past those things that she said…We saw the flip last night. Wasn’t that hard to see coming.

Daniel is comedy gold. I kind of think ABC should give him his own talk show where he just sits down with a random celebrity guest for 15 minutes and just talks with them about news, life, current events and can just put his own weird, confused, Daniel-y spin on things. What do you think? I think it would be a smash hit. Not gonna happen. I bet he’ll be brought back for BIP 4 though.

The Twins are actually hilarious and I adore them. perhaps they could co-host with Daniel? I feel like their are actually a lot sharper than they let on and they definitely make this show more watchable. I find them highly entertaining, don’t take them seriously, and fully expect they will also come back for BIP 4.

So – a bachelor-y related question; with the Rings, does the leading lady, or the final two ladies when the man is the lead, get to select favourite ring designs before the man gets to see them? A lot of women have a very clear idea of what they would like their engagement ring to look like and have particular designs they like – so do they get to put together a short list for the man to select from, or does she just kind of have to go with whatever he selects? I think the “Bachelorette” gives Neil Lane an idea of what they like, but doesn’t sit there and design it themselves.

Anyway, can’t wait to see how this all pans out. I watch the show with my BF who doesn’t read spoilers. He loves how much Carly is disgusted by Evan and is convinced that Evan is gay, so I can’t wait to see his reaction when they get engaged at the end. We watched the last episode through our fingers because it was so cringey! Can’t wait for Caila and Ashley to arrive and really get things moving.

Thanks! Your site is amazing! Want to try and make your Vegas party next year, but it’s a long way from sunny England!

Comment: If you somehow managed to make next year’s party, you will get something just for coming all the way from England. Promise.

I got 16 points. The one that killed me was the last question, couldn’t remember all the J’s or the Laurens! I filled this out last week in blue – green has the answers & points.

For question #8 I put:

Caila, Ice T & Chris Rock? (Ride Along)

I knew the movie they were plugging and who was on it… but of course could not for the life of me remember the comedians. Personally I think Chris Rock would have been a lot better than Kevin Hart anyways. His humor annoys me.

I think the Ice T & Ice Cube mix up is pretty funny though… half a point? 😉 Yes. Would’ve gotten you a half point.

I was convinced Andi went to NJ and visited Hoboken with that aggressive guy James but then I just looked back and it was Desiree. Funny how the show is exactly the same format every year that I honestly could SEE Andi in Atlantic City & Hoboken but it was Des.

For number #1 I wrote Ryan McHugh – I figured that was close enough to McDill – couldn’t remember the last name of Nikki’s Ex until I remembered it had a Mc. That would’ve gotten you a point. Need first or last name. Both wasn’t necessary since I figured that was one of the hardest questions on the test. And as you saw by the answers on page 1, it was the 3rd hardest question on the test.

I surprisingly remembered Paige the superfan only because you made fun of her a few times in your columns.

Anyways, thanks for the enjoyment!


Comment: Yeah, you were gonna struggle in that test if you didn’t remember any of the Lauren’s or the J’s. That was almost 1/3rd of the total points. But good job. That would’ve placed you around 6th.

Hi Steve,

I know UnReal is fiction, but one thing that has been bothering me: Why did Rachael and Quinn think they would go to jail over Mary? Obviously the other producer who substituted placebos for her meds is the most culpable. I think at most Rachael and Quinn and the show would face a civil suit from Mary’s family. I guess that could end the show, but they wouldn’t go to jail like Rachael kept saying.


Comment: Because they covered up a suicide, which some may have seen as murder, since it was the show substituting her medicine that led her to that.

Fingers crossed for a Luke lead.. but when do you expect the next season to begin filming? I read a few weeks ago on here they were wrapping up casting.. any news on Luke’s possible ladies?

Comment: The same time it has begun filming the last 6 years – mid/end of September.

Hi steve,

Did you notice that on the last episode of BIP with Josh and Amanda on the boat, that her skin was orange? Her hands are pale and her hands fade into bright orange on her arms. Not a good look. Her entire body is bright orange and it really shows on the boat. The least problem though that isn’t a good look on BIP. Do they have to self tan themselves and bring a bottle of tanner, or do they have someone to do it professionally there? Can they leave to get a tan in town? It just looked like it wasn’t done professionally. Tans only last a few days to a week so I was just wondering what they do as majority of women use self tanner with all the risks nowdays. I’m sure it was self tanner that she overloaded on.

What opportunities you think Jojo will have after the show besides maybe couples therapy and interviews? Have you heard of anything she is trying to do to promote herself like the majority of thr contestants do? Haven’t heard anything yet. One thing I do know: she’ll never flip another house in her life. And I even doubt she really ever did that.

Did you notice Daniel has a small head and how it looks awkward on his too muscular body? It looks like he takes steroids or something because it doesn’t look natural. Do you know if he does? A relative of mine died of steroid overdose and he looked the same as Daniel where it looked unnatural. It always concerns me. It looks like he is built like a smaller guy but has to take steroids to look that big. Would not be the least bit surprising if Daniel took some sort of testosterone drugs. Most people who look like that usually do.

Do you know if he is friends with Chad outside the show? The editing was lame when they made it seem like Daniel was talking about Amanda when he said something along the lines of “that blonde chic is gross and looks washed up.”I can’t remember what he said but it was on the first episode when people were arriving. Did he say that about carly? Or did he really think that about amanda? I find it hard to believe anyone would find Amanda “washed up” and not attractive. Not sure.

I feel bad for Evan. Rude that Carly said those things about him. Seems she is desperate. She knew she wouldn’t be able to stay unless she was a couple with evan and wanted to promote her “music” and other fame related things. He seems genuine to me. I feel like he truly does like her. I just dont see how someone can find someone disgusting and then days to weeks later are engaged to them. She wrote that song after being hurt by kirk last season. She couldn’t wait to get fame out of it so the first thing she did was promote her “music” by using her break up. She made it seem like they were together for years and serious when it was just a little fling for a silly tv show. I just feel like the same thing is happening and she knows the way to stay in the public eye is to be engaged. Maybe Evan is in on it too for fame but he doesn’t seem like that type of a guy to me. I could be wrong.

How much does Chris Harrison get paid to do nothing? More than he should. But hey, if the check doesn’t bounce, then I guess it doesn’t matter. Get what you can.

Looking forward to the rest of the season! You make things so much more fun! Keep up the great work! Btw…I got my husband to like bachelor and the bachelorette and he likes hearing spoilers. Lol I read your spoilers to him all the time at dinner:)

Hi Steve,

Aren’t ABC and the Bachelorette and ESPN all owned by the same company? Is that what Jojo’s “fairytale” and “relationship” with Jordan is really all about? Cross-promotion is really common for large companies, especially large entertainment companies. Maybe that also explains why they wouldn’t shut up about Aaron Rodgers even during ATFR. Is this all some twisted marketing strategy? I’m still trying to make sense of the last season…

Interested to hear your thoughts,

Comment: Yes. ABC/ESPN both owned by Disney. There’s no way to make sense of last season other than JoJo had been in contact with Jordan before the season, knew he’d be on the show, connected with him night one, and no one else ever stood a chance. Whether or not you believe them as a couple is up for interpretation. I don’t.

Dear Steve,

This email is specifically for a single parent considering going on a show in this franchise. I am a family law attorney, so I have seen the destruction that custody and access battles can do to a family.

Out of the blue, I wondered whatever happened to Bentley from Ashley’s season. So I googled him, and I found this article:

According to this, this is what happened when he went on the show:

-He had a fantastic relationship with his ex, to the point they were considering getting back together
-He was a villain on the Bachelorette
-He got cut off from his daughter
-The article says things like “restricted access”, “the rules between us have changed”, “he just doesn’t want to be HERE” (interpreted: ex is causing him grief and won’t let him take his daughter away)

If this is even sort of true, I beg any of your readers not to take the chance that this show might do the same to them if they are single parents. This is way more devastating than just some public perception that you are a bad person. If the above happens to you, any chance you have of co-parenting in peace is ruined.

And lastly, I know somebody might think that as long as they are careful, they are okay. Well, let’s say the show decides to paint you as an alcoholic as one example of many. Have you ever done an exchange of weekends for a big event that involved alcohol? Have you ever bought alcohol the afternoon before you picked up your kid? Have you ever had dinner at a bar before you picked up your child? Any of these painted against a false alcoholic edit, although innocent on their own, would cause me to slaughter you in court. Not because I’m a jerk or your ex is out to get you, but because it appears to be in the best interest of the child. You look like an alcoholic now. You can’t be trusted to watch your kid overnight or drive them in your car, because you might be drunk.

I doubt anyone will listen, as the single parents on this show just seem to be multiplying. But seriously, after seeing it from this end, I can’t imagine a situation where it would be worth risking your relationship with your kid for a bit of fame.

Comment: You’re right, no single parent will listen, even though everything you’re saying is true. But that’s the last thing on the mind of any parent going on this show. Or any contestant for that matter. They never look at the future ramifications it could have, and if they do, they certainly don’t take it seriously. It’s pretty sad, but it’s what the show has become.

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  1. purplerayne

    August 17, 2016 at 10:09 AM

    Whats the point of saying you will recap BIP if all you do is just bitch about it for two sentences? Lame.

    Btw isnt funny that Britt, the one accused to be fake and a wanna be actress is actually the most normal, down to earth post show? Hanging w. her boyfriend, still promoting her charities etc. While everyone else on the show, the girls that “totally” wanted to move to Iowa, are seeking fame.

    And its not the edit that makes Nick likable this time around, its the set up. The guys and girls all seem to like him outside the show and thus the dynamic is different in the house. He’s also a bit more grownup and seems less nervous/weird in front of the cameras. Even Jubilee seemed more relaxed this time around. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

  2. xnuzboss

    August 17, 2016 at 10:47 AM

    There are very fine lines between sleep, coma, and death. My wife died 10 years ago due to mixing methadone and over-the-counter cough syrup. She fell asleep, lapsed into a coma, and died when her breathing shut down. Alcoholic blackouts are between sleep and coma, but Evan’s inability to respond was leaning towards coma to me. It’s not that you can’t come back from certain degrees of coma, but there’s also the possibility that you might not. Never mix pain medications with alcohol. Never.

  3. TeresaRenee

    August 17, 2016 at 11:38 AM

    Exactly..Steve does that carp a lot. He says he will recap it but then just says there’s nothing to say. He could have talked about Carly or Jen and Nick.

  4. thedoctor

    August 17, 2016 at 3:49 PM

    It is time to blow up BIP and start over. It is all about coupling up early and coasting until the end. I want drunkenness, sluttiness, brawls, etc. Where is the outrageous behavior, where are the boobs flying freely?

    Highlight of last noght was the crappy medic who could not insert an IV properly into Evan. So that shows how crappy this show has become. I still have no f-ing idea what hell is going on with Carly/Evan. Evan must be the most sober completely drunk person I have ever seen. He went from supposedly coma into talking without a hint of a slur? WTF is really going on? Just a complete bogus story from the producers?

  5. rob22

    August 17, 2016 at 4:47 PM

    BIP is unwatchable. I watched part of one episode against my will, but that was all I needed to skip the rest. There was really no point.

  6. pambeesly

    August 17, 2016 at 6:59 PM

    I think people always over-sold his role as a villain to begin with. I liked him in Andi’s season, and then instantly hated him after following him on Instagram. He’s always been annoying and into himself, but I don’t see him too differently on this show than the others.

    Also, while we are complaining, I get annoyed when RS won’t give his opinions on people, or will over-anaylze some things and then tell his readers that they’re over-thinking or that their question isn’t worth answering. If a question concerning your knowledge or opinion won’t be revealing your sources, then why wouldn’t you share that with your readers, who obviously really want to know? It’s frustrating that he doesn’t seem to appreciate his readers enough to answer certain things, though we are constantly praising him.

  7. pambeesly

    August 17, 2016 at 7:03 PM

    The producers may as well pick the dates from day 1 at this point, and not let the contestants. Early relationships don’t really make for interesting tv whatsoever. Also, what does ANYBODY find appealing about Carly that she keeps getting asked back? The best thing about Carly was Jade.

  8. cjscjs711

    August 17, 2016 at 10:10 PM

    Purplerayne, i agree about Britt. People who know Britt also say she’s not acting – she really is just the exuberant way she came across on TV. But as we can see in other current events, sometimes no matter how many good deeds you do for others, perception can Trump reality….

    Doesn’t bother me that Steve doesn’t take the time to recap. His forte is spoiling, not recapping. There are some very hilarious recaps out there these days. Written by some really talented writers who, oddly, are able to channel their talents into recapping these ridiculous shows. Sharleen Joynt of Flare and All the Pretty Pandas is one, Lincee of I Hate Green Beans, Zack of Lost Angeles Bearfighting and Bachcaps are my favorites. They don’t spoil, only recap, so not competition for Steve.

  9. purplerayne

    August 18, 2016 at 9:44 AM

    Cjscjs711- I wouldnt mind him not recapping IF he didnt advertise that he was writing a recap LOL 🙂

  10. pambeesly

    August 19, 2016 at 12:45 AM

    You do know that Sharleen Joynt is Sharleen from Juan Pablo’s season, yes?

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