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“Reader Emails,” Nick Speaks Out, and Your Trivia Contest Results

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Hi Steve,

During the rose ceremony when Josh was soaked with sweat thru his white shirt, do you really think he was that sweaty or did producers pour water on him for extra effect? I wouldn’t put it past them. I believe it was sweat. Plenty of contestants have complained how hot and humid it was down there.

Also, is it me or does Josh sound like a member of a cult the way he talks? I think he would be a good candidate for Scientology.

Comment: Like, Tom Cruise can take him under his wing? I don’t think it’s in God’s plan for Josh to bow at the feet of Xenu.

Congratulations on your nomination! You deserve it. The knowledge I get from reading your blog totally ups my street cred at family parties – and I always give you credit. Thank you.

I’m sorry if you covered this elsewhere and I missed it, but last week on After Paradise there were a couple of references to “two years” concerning Chad. Michelle Collins said something to him like, “You know what two years looks like for you,” and then there was another reference by someone about where he’ll be in two years…or something, I can’t quite remember. Did you notice that, too, and if so, does it mean anything?

Comment: Hmmmm, must’ve missed that. No idea what that’s referring to.


just wanted to gage your thoughts on Nick’s channeling his inner Sipowitz at the rose ceremony on Monday with a short sleeve shirt and a tie. If he shaves the beard and goes with a mustache he completely pulls it off. He becomes more likeable by the episode.

Comment: Was that Nick riding his bike around my neighborhood asking me to join the Church of Latter Day Saints too?

I heard you were low on questions, so even though i suspect you get this question a lot, here I am. I am currently watching Ashley I bawl all over the twins about Jared and Caila. Is she for real, or is she playing for the cameras…? She sounds like an actually intelligent person when she writes, so she’s either playing for the camera to get more readership, or her column has really good editors.

Comment: She’s a piece of work. I think she’s definitely a highly emotional girl, and, I also think she knows what role she has to play on this show, so she does it.


Weren’t there rumors out there where Olivia said that Caila was an instigator? I’ve known girls like Caila, they back stab with a smile and stir things up all under the guise of being sweet and innocent. They are so much worse than girls who own their “witchiness with a B”. Anyway, I know you don’t usually divulge rumors, but have you heard any girls other than Olivia say that Caila was the true villain of Ben’s season? I just don’t buy her act and don’t understand how anyone else can be duped by it either.

Thanks for all your spoiling and insight. I’ll never trust TV again.

Comment: I never heard that Caila was the true villain on Ben’s season. All I heard were that plenty of people shared the same sentiment that Michelle Collins did, in that she comes across as very fake, and is always smiling when the cameras are around, but acts quite princess-y when they’re not.

First of all, you’re awesome!

Can you tell me if there’s been any change of plans for the next bachelor? I know you’ve said that everything you’ve heard makes you think it’s Luke. As you know, Mike Fleiss is dropping hints as to who it’s actually going to be. The tabloids have started rumors that say it could be Nick Viall. Do you have any insight? One clue was running a mile under 6 minutes. Well, Nick was a track star. There was a picture of yoda. Could that mean the Nick is the wisest and oldest bachelor they’ve ever had. People on social media are gushing over him and his reputation is being repaired through Bachelor in Paradise. If he went on the show to meet Jen, knowing that she lives in Florida, then why do they break up at the end of the show? Was it all planned out that he would go on Paradise, end up alone, and then get the bachelor role? I’ve always been Team Nick, so maybe I’m just reading into it too much.

Comment: You’re reading into it too much and being completely biased. Don’t know what else to tell ya. It’s not going to be Nick. Just keep in mind that Nick talks to the tabloids A LOT. On record and off record. So take that for what it’s worth. He certainly isn’t the only one from this franchise that does, or has in the past, since a lot do. But maybe those “tabloid rumors” you here just may be coming from Nick himself. I don’t pay attention to Fleiss’ clues because they’re irrelevant. It’s going to be Luke. Been saying that for 2 months now. Haven’t heard anything different.

Hi Steve,

Congratulations on your nomination for your website. Again more recognition for the great work that you do.

So here are a few questions.

-What happened to Ashley I’s face? It looks like either she lost a lot of weight (not that she needed to!) or she had botox injections and/or lip injections…She just looked really different when she arrived in BIP, and not in a good way. Well, she admittedly uses botox, and I do think she’s lost weight since last season. Those are the two things I notice right away. No confirmation on any other stuff.

-Life&Style ran a story saying Jojo and Jordan are basically done but staying together only to cash in on their fame. Did you hear any confirmation of that? Oh, and they also interviewed Robby’s mother who said that he would probably take her back, that was a good laugh J. I mean, I’ve been saying that since April that these two aren’t gonna last. Whether or not that means what they’re currently doing is faking it for a business relationship, I guess that’s open to interpretation. The thing is, no one will ever be able to prove if it is or isn’t. Even after they break up. So, it’s just a juicy headline to get people talking. I’ve never believed them as a couple from the second I started hearing things mid filming. Still don’t.

-They also said that Kaitlyn and Shawn have accumulated a 3 million$ fortune since the show from social media promos and appearances. I couldn’t believe it would be that much, is that the same ballpark any former leads can hope to get? $3 million seems like an awful lot. I don’t buy that.

-Any scoops yet on the future contestants for the Bachelor? And did I miss something or they didn’t announce Luke as the lead yet? Is something amiss?

Thanks and take care.

Comment: I’ve got a few. But that stuff won’t be released til much later.

Hi Steve,

Huge fan of the blog and I think you do a fantastic job of dissecting the behind the scenes.

I just wanted to get your opinion on Nick’s edit. I think going on to Paradise has done wonders for Nick’s perception. I haven’t been the biggest fan of Nick but the past couple of episodes have made me almost like him. Nick is completely soaking up the attention and I can’t blame him. I think he went into Paradise playing it smart but it’s the producers that are the stars of the show. How they made Nick the villain in Andi’s season to making him the hero in Paradise is mind boggling so kudos to them. I agree that Nick is getting a favorable edit this season.

I can’t imagine how Josh must be feeling from the way his edit is coming across. But Josh cannot be surprised by the reaction he’s getting. Andi was pretty specific in her book and for him to think that by discarding the whole scenario is the best way to go then he’s a bigger idiot than I originally thought.

As a side note, I know you read Sharleen’s blog and I think her opinion on this whole Josh vs. Nick is very articulate especially for someone who is close to Andi.

Thanks for all the work you do!

Comment: Yes, Sharleen was very accurate in what she wrote. Always well thought out and to-the-point. The link is on her Twitter account @SharleenJoynt.

Hi Steve,

I don’t believe for one minute that the relationship between Carly and Evan is real. It’s contrived either for attention or based on a producer-driven storyline. What was up with him not waking up? Either he has a real sleep disorder or the whole thing was completely fake. Who has trouble waking up like that completely sober? And conveniently Carly was (called by producers) right there as he came to so we could see how they came to be. BS! You might not be able to print this but the whole thing looked like a reverse rape— he gets too drunk and unresponsive and along comes someone but he takes advantage of her. Don’t know why they got this storyline but it’s giving them the attention they want. It’s too bad that he also pulls the Daddy card when he is trying to manipulate a situation. I’m dumbfounded that any parent would purposely spend weeks away from their kids to go on a show like this where they lose their dignity instead of being there for their children. I can see him not waking up if he was drinking and on medication. All they were doing was saying his name and tapping his arm. If you’re pretty hopped up on pills and booze, I can see that not waking someone up. Obviously once he was up, he wasn’t that bad.

Last point— I’m a Canadian and Daniel is an embarassment to our nation. Maybe metrosexual guys who live in a bubble in the city would act like him. Most Canadian guys actually have substance and particularly the ones who live on the west coast where Daniel is from are a lot more interesting and fun. Guess this show attracted the bottom feeders.

Sorry for the rant but summertime shows are slim pickings right now but your website is awesome to deal with this shit! Hope you win that award.


Comment: Daniel is an acquired taste for some people. Some people find him entertaining, some are completely annoyed by him. Different strokes for different folks. Just like everyone from this franchise.

Hey RS…

Congrats on your award nom. You definitely deserve it!!

On Monday’s episode, when Josh confronted Evan, Josh briefly mentioned some kind of secret or something relating to Andi or his relationship/breakup with her “that he would never divulge due to respect for her”… Any idea what that was about? I know there were rumors she slept w his brother. I always doubted those were true though.

Anyway, thanks for always keeping me entertained… Although… You did kinda slack on the live tweets Monday night. :).

Comment: No idea what he was referring to.

Is there any truth to the Robby and Leah hooking up rumours that chad is spreading on Twitter? Don’t know.

In the promo after the first couple episodes (after chad had left) it showed him coming back. Will he be coming back at some point? I even saw a tweet from Evan when someone asked him about the ambulance last week and when he ends up in it and he said something along the lines of ‘a certain someone hasn’t returned yet’. Now I know bachelor shows are famous for their misleading promos but to have basically a whole promo dedicated to that and nothing along that lines even happens is getting ridiculous! The other big misleading ones I can remember were the pregnancy test and handcuffs but those were just small parts of promos. It would be sense to me if chad might just come back for a some silly reason like he forgot something and it’s like 5 minutes then he’s gone again and they just build it up for the promo but to not have him come back at all makes it so blatantly obvious that that the promos are misleading that even a casual viewer would notice. Chad does not come back. The promos just showed more of his blowup that, for whatever reason, they left out when the episode aired.

I found it interesting that Michelle mentioned josh and Amanda being seen together at target on last weeks after show, basically spoiling one of the engaged couples for all of bachelor nation. I think it’s basically the first time a bachelor show has acknowledged a spoiler, they usually just pretend the spoilers aren’t out there. Do you think the producers were told her she could say that because it’s so obvious josh and Amanda will be together til the end? Or do you think she went rogue and they weren’t very happy with her? Not sure if she went rogue or not, but when Sean chimed in and agreed, makes me think they’re fine with it being out there. Hence the numerous pictures of the two of them since filming that haven’t stopped.

Are you still hearing Luke for bachelor? Any word on which after paradise it will be officially announced on?

Comment: Yes, and I don’t know.

Hi Steve,

It’s really funny that Josh Murray did BIP to repair his image because his rehab tour has certainly backfired and in my opinion, Nick and Andi are the ones who have actually benefited from Josh’s (failed) attempt to redeem himself on BIP. I never liked Nick, but Josh’s disgusting behavior has made Nick look like the nice guy.

I wouldn’t even call the allegations in Andi’s book libel because Josh seems to be proving Andi right with every word and action on BIP. He comes across as being a controlling, condescending, arrogant jerk. I don’t have a problem with the issue of Josh ‘stealing’ Nick’s girl again. The point of BIP is to have new people come in every week to possibly break couples up and create drama. What I find absolutely disgusting is Josh’s attitude. I honestly don’t know how Amanda doesn’t see the red flags yet. It’s crazy controlling for Josh to tell Amanda that it was disrespectful for her to still like Evan after he mentioned the book to her. But I guess telling women that they’re disrespectful to him and the relationship if they don’t do as he says is how he controls them.

I think Josh treats Amanda like his property and she’s just a pawn in his plot to redeem himself. Evan has Josh pegged. He constantly talks about God but they’re all rehearsed lines and he means almost none of it. I’m also pretty sure ‘God’s plan’ doesn’t involve him having sex with a woman he met 5 days ago on a reality show. I’d be willing to be Josh & Amanda had sex much earlier than 5 days before they met.

Amanda seems to be oblivious to who Josh really is and she might be making very poor decisions regarding her relationship with him like moving to Atlanta (if the rumors are true). It would be completely selfish of him to expect Amanda and her kids to move for him. Do you know if Amanda’s family has met Josh yet? I’m hoping someone can knock some sense into her.

Comment: They have. And the plan seems to be that Amanda will eventually move to Atlanta – if they last. We’ll see if that happens.

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  1. purplerayne

    August 17, 2016 at 10:09 AM

    Whats the point of saying you will recap BIP if all you do is just bitch about it for two sentences? Lame.

    Btw isnt funny that Britt, the one accused to be fake and a wanna be actress is actually the most normal, down to earth post show? Hanging w. her boyfriend, still promoting her charities etc. While everyone else on the show, the girls that “totally” wanted to move to Iowa, are seeking fame.

    And its not the edit that makes Nick likable this time around, its the set up. The guys and girls all seem to like him outside the show and thus the dynamic is different in the house. He’s also a bit more grownup and seems less nervous/weird in front of the cameras. Even Jubilee seemed more relaxed this time around. Practice makes perfect! 🙂

  2. xnuzboss

    August 17, 2016 at 10:47 AM

    There are very fine lines between sleep, coma, and death. My wife died 10 years ago due to mixing methadone and over-the-counter cough syrup. She fell asleep, lapsed into a coma, and died when her breathing shut down. Alcoholic blackouts are between sleep and coma, but Evan’s inability to respond was leaning towards coma to me. It’s not that you can’t come back from certain degrees of coma, but there’s also the possibility that you might not. Never mix pain medications with alcohol. Never.

  3. TeresaRenee

    August 17, 2016 at 11:38 AM

    Exactly..Steve does that carp a lot. He says he will recap it but then just says there’s nothing to say. He could have talked about Carly or Jen and Nick.

  4. thedoctor

    August 17, 2016 at 3:49 PM

    It is time to blow up BIP and start over. It is all about coupling up early and coasting until the end. I want drunkenness, sluttiness, brawls, etc. Where is the outrageous behavior, where are the boobs flying freely?

    Highlight of last noght was the crappy medic who could not insert an IV properly into Evan. So that shows how crappy this show has become. I still have no f-ing idea what hell is going on with Carly/Evan. Evan must be the most sober completely drunk person I have ever seen. He went from supposedly coma into talking without a hint of a slur? WTF is really going on? Just a complete bogus story from the producers?

  5. rob22

    August 17, 2016 at 4:47 PM

    BIP is unwatchable. I watched part of one episode against my will, but that was all I needed to skip the rest. There was really no point.

  6. pambeesly

    August 17, 2016 at 6:59 PM

    I think people always over-sold his role as a villain to begin with. I liked him in Andi’s season, and then instantly hated him after following him on Instagram. He’s always been annoying and into himself, but I don’t see him too differently on this show than the others.

    Also, while we are complaining, I get annoyed when RS won’t give his opinions on people, or will over-anaylze some things and then tell his readers that they’re over-thinking or that their question isn’t worth answering. If a question concerning your knowledge or opinion won’t be revealing your sources, then why wouldn’t you share that with your readers, who obviously really want to know? It’s frustrating that he doesn’t seem to appreciate his readers enough to answer certain things, though we are constantly praising him.

  7. pambeesly

    August 17, 2016 at 7:03 PM

    The producers may as well pick the dates from day 1 at this point, and not let the contestants. Early relationships don’t really make for interesting tv whatsoever. Also, what does ANYBODY find appealing about Carly that she keeps getting asked back? The best thing about Carly was Jade.

  8. cjscjs711

    August 17, 2016 at 10:10 PM

    Purplerayne, i agree about Britt. People who know Britt also say she’s not acting – she really is just the exuberant way she came across on TV. But as we can see in other current events, sometimes no matter how many good deeds you do for others, perception can Trump reality….

    Doesn’t bother me that Steve doesn’t take the time to recap. His forte is spoiling, not recapping. There are some very hilarious recaps out there these days. Written by some really talented writers who, oddly, are able to channel their talents into recapping these ridiculous shows. Sharleen Joynt of Flare and All the Pretty Pandas is one, Lincee of I Hate Green Beans, Zack of Lost Angeles Bearfighting and Bachcaps are my favorites. They don’t spoil, only recap, so not competition for Steve.

  9. purplerayne

    August 18, 2016 at 9:44 AM

    Cjscjs711- I wouldnt mind him not recapping IF he didnt advertise that he was writing a recap LOL 🙂

  10. pambeesly

    August 19, 2016 at 12:45 AM

    You do know that Sharleen Joynt is Sharleen from Juan Pablo’s season, yes?

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