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“Bachelor in Paradise” Recap, Jordan’s Ex Speaks Out, & Nick Talks to Everyone

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-We begin this week where we ended last week, and that was Ashley crying hysterically (a theme throughout the episode) over Jared. She tells him she came to Paradise to get over him, but didn’t want to see him falling in love. I think if Jared had a hammer he would’ve bashed himself in the head 100 times listening to this conversation. I think all of us pretty much at home did. Jared is frustrated, he says he wants to go home, Ashley can’t stop wailing away, and then she drops this doozy on him: “Are you sure you don’t want to be with me ever?” Uhhhhh, yeah. I think he’s sure. You guys have been friends for 9 months and he’s gone to second base with you, whatever that means for Ashley. Probably holding hands or something. Jared tells her he’s there for Caila and essentially, Ashley needs to get over it. Which she doesn’t.

-Watching this scene needs to be given a little perspective though. Ashley, Jared, Jade, and Tanner all took a trip to St. Lucia in late July well after BIP filming, so obviously it’s tough to watch this scene knowing that happened. Not to mention Ashley last night on IG and Twitter admitting her and Jared just laugh now at how ridiculous all of it was. I think Ashley knows how she comes across to a lot of people. And here’s the thing: She doesn’t care. When a nationally televised show watched by millions of people every week is focusing on her drama as much as it is, and people are reacting, well, that seems to be all she cares about. I know she’s more self aware than she’s letting on, but we all know she’s moved to LA and she wants to be on TV. So it’s hard to watch this show and not think that part of it is an act for attention. Do I think she’s a highly emotional person? Absolutely. Do I think she’s completely inexperienced when it comes to boys? For sure. But I also think part of her knows what her role is in this franchise and she plays it up.

-I don’t doubt Ashley likes Jared as much as she says she does. And I don’t doubt he probably has led her on into thinking he’s more into her than he is. But is it normal for someone to be that obsessed with a boy they’ve never had a romantic relationship with? Absolutely not. But that’s for Ashley and whatever future guy that wants to date her has to figure out. We all know she’s emotional train wreck. But we don’t have to date her. We can just sit back, laugh, and make fun of how crazy she gets. If she thinks being the center of attention and playing a character on this show is that important to where her dignity gets thrown out the window, that’s on her. She’s trying to build her brand (like most of them), so I can’t fault her for doing that. I just think she’s going about it the wrong way. I think this character she’s created for herself, and the overreaction to everything involving Jared, just isn’t a good look. Don’t think I’m breaking any news with that opinion. But in terms of dissecting all her crying, it’s a moot point. It’s who she is, it’s what she does, and there isn’t much depth there.

-We then see Carly and Evan having a little chat and Carly telling him she appreciates him waiting out all her weirdness and for her to come around on him. She admits it’s taken a while, but she says she’s come around and really likes him. They then kiss and, well, all those that freaked out and said, “Are you sure the spoiler is right” or “How can Carly possibly be engaged to him” after the first couple episodes…you’re welcome. It wasn’t that hard to see. Again, you have to remember where I come from when I report this stuff. Same goes for “Bachelor/ette.” I know the ending. So whatever the show tries to show us in promos, or in early episodes, or on dates, when you already know what’s going to happen, it doesn’t matter to me what the show wants to portray. HOW they get to that point is kinda irrelevant. They are engaged. The first few episodes Carly could barely look at the guy. I knew it would turn around at some point, I just didn’t know the exact moment or what was said. But I never understood why people thought it’d be so impossible for a girl to have a change of heart and start coming around on the guy. Sure, you can question if they ever will get married or is this just another business relationship, but that’s a completely separate argument. It almost makes it a better storyline for the show that Carly had her doubts early on, since that would be a surprise to the unspoiled at the end. But c’mon, in now 6 season of “Bachelor Pad” and “Bachelor in Paradise” combined, name one major spoiler that I’ve gotten wrong. It just doesn’t happen. If you really think I’d get an engagement wrong on these summer shows, well, I guess you have less faith in me than I do myself.

-Approaching this next rose ceremony, Daniel holds all the power. Everyone else is coupled up at this point except for Daniel, and he has 3 choices to give the rose to: Sarah, Ashley, or the twins.

-Sarah woos him by making him a cake on his half birthday. Daniel seems to think that means she wants to have sex with him, which he’s sorely mistaken.
-Haley decides to take one for the team and decides to kiss Daniel in the you’re-totally-just-a-friend-kind-of-way that makes me like the twins even more.
-Ashley uses her time to talk about Jared again, while Daniel brings up the fact that she’s a virgin…again. I think if Daniel was around last night, his pairing with Ashley S. would’ve been magical. Could you imagine those two airheads carrying a conversation with each other? It’s possible that the apocalypse might’ve been upon us.

-What’s funny is at the cocktail party, Jared knows he’s going to be picking Caila, they are essentially an “item” at this point in the show, the Ashley drama is seemingly behind them, yet I watch Caila with Jared and it looks like she really has zero interest in the guy. Almost like Caila came on this show (you know, deciding two days beforehand like she said) to build her brand. Imagine that? I don’t think she’s the least bit interested in Jared outside the show, I reported back when I posted the spoilers, and watching last night only further solidified it. At least for me it did. Not to mention on the live chat this past Thursday night, I told you I heard right now they aren’t together. Nothing’s changed in that regard. That came from a pretty good source, so I certainly believe it. I think she was with him on the show so she could be with somebody and not get sent home. Too many red flags with her.

-The rose ceremony pretty much went as planned, with only Daniel’s rose in question.

Grant to Lace
Josh to Amanda
Nick to Jen
Vinny to Izzy
Evan to Carly
Jared to Caila
Daniel to Haley. Ashley and Sarah are sent packing. Or so we thought.

Because there’s no way Ashley would agree to come on this show for two days and one episode, all the sudden she magically reappears asking the group if she could stay, and they say yes. Yeah, because it was really their decision on whether or not Ashley could stay. Nice precedent you set there. Ashley had no reason to come back and ask that other than she’s Ashley and producers love her being on TV. You think they’d let Sarah do that? Jubilee? Christian? Brandon? Of course not. But they knew this was going to happen. Nothing organic about it whatsoever.

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  1. keddo

    August 23, 2016 at 10:25 AM

    Gray is the predominant spelling in the US. Grey is predominant in Canada/UK/British Commonwealth countries.

  2. flashsav

    August 23, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    I can’t see the pictures that Brittany posted properly 🙁

  3. walker

    August 23, 2016 at 2:21 PM

    Watching BIP definitely helps validate my happiness when JoJo replaced Caila as Bacherlorette – Caila would have made a boring story out of an already challenging group of meh male suitors – she never seems to be having any fun, can’t even seem to fake it – which is extra impressive since so much about how she acts and presents herself comes off as disingenuous. Her skill at small talk and interesting dialogue is lacking. I remember that painful to watch episode with her and Ben on what should have been an amazing river boat date where she didn’t talk to him at all, and it wasn’t without him trying. Poor Brett last night, she was a wet noodle on that date for sure – no way would that attitude fly as the Bacherlorette having to go on all those stupid dates. ABC got that one right for sure even if it took fans to step in and insist on JoJo over Caila. Luke may be like Caila in his role as Bachelor – time will tell – not much of a skilled communicator shown in his season and no joy nor light in his face as he talks with/embraces others. Caila seems sweet and pretty, but super light on personality, positive or negative.

  4. cjscjs711

    August 23, 2016 at 9:52 PM

    Nick has sure had enough time and experience to get his answers together, so, not surprised. I, too, question Nick’s insistence that there is “no editing.” Just from the few that I know something about, the show tends to typecast someone that fits into the storyline and tends to keep that.

    Sharleen is one – they presented her as a very shallow person, whose main interaction with Juan Pablo was kissing. When in fact, she’s very multi-dimensional, intelligent, talented – and said she in interviews she actually had some long conversations about deep subjects with Juan Pablo but they showed none of that.

    Caila was popular and well-liked by classmates in college. Producers could hardly have found a more awkward date for her to go on – both the booze cruise and the silent, solitary drift down a polluted-looking river.

    Ashley Salter outside of the show, showed herself to be sweet, kind to others, perceptive – when sober! She’s got an adorable baby now and attractive husband. Sometimes the Producers are too cute for themselves by half.

    Jordan’s ex – our society in general has become so cynical and distrustful, for sometimes no rational reason. Could be a lot in the audience are not exactly geniuses. I don’t blame her at all. It must have been galling to watch. And listen to.

  5. kimmyfromdablock

    August 25, 2016 at 7:17 AM

    @walker…..totally agree about Caila. She would’ve been a tough season to watch had she been picked over JoJo for Bachelorette. She’s got nice hair and a cute-isn face, but the personality is definitely lacking. I think even Caila is unsure of her personality.

  6. valadega

    August 26, 2016 at 10:44 AM

    I agree with most of the comments here. Caila would have been a MAJOR BUST as The Bachelorette and I am so happy their Producers realized this. On the Jordan info, it is up to Jo Jo to realize if Jordan is a player or a user. It is time for Brittany to let it go. People can change. We just need to wait and see.

  7. paradi

    August 29, 2016 at 9:39 PM

    I think you’re misunderstanding what Nick means when he says “There’s no edit.” He doesn’t mean that there’s no producing. He’s just saying that what ends up on TV reflects the main story that actually happened. JoJo’s season had too much Chad because the guys couldn’t stop talking about Chad. Nick came off as the villain his season because that’s what the other guys were saying. The editors didn’t splice together clips out of context to mislead the viewers. Basically, if you put a journalist on the set, they would report the same stuff that the Bachelor editors put on screen because the lead story is what it is.

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