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Bachelor in Paradise 3

“Bachelor in Paradise” Recap, Jordan’s Ex Speaks Out, & Nick Talks to Everyone

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-The next day brings us one of the more unceremonious episodes we’ve ever had on this show. Why? Because the three guys that showed up on the island are three guys that no one else gives a f**k about. Most of the audience doesn’t have a clue about them, even the people out in Paradise couldn’t remember who they were or what their names were, and my guess is even Carl and Brett don’t remember they were on Andi’s season. At this point in the show, you have six solid couples, so bringing new people in can only have so much drama attached to it. There’s only so many dramatic storylines they could go with, and none of these guys really caused any. Well, at least initially.

-Carl came in and immediately Emily is drawn to him. He is totally her type according to her, which says a lot. I’m sure Carl’s a great guy, fun at parties, and has more skin covered in tattoos than he does NOT covered. But hey, to each their own. He’s 32, Emily’s 23. He lives in Florida, and she’s a cocktail server at a club in Vegas. So yeah, I’m sure these two should start picking out their living room furniture now. As much as I enjoy the twins on this show and be thoroughly entertained, the vibe they give out is that they’re never serious, aren’t really looking for boyfriends, and are just there to have fun and play around. So when you complain about how guys don’t take you seriously, or you never end up with the guy, maybe you should change your approach to how you come across. Just sayin’.

-After Carl, Brett from Andi’s season arrives with lamp in tow. He brought it as his lame gimmick on his limo entrance for Andi, so why not play the same dumb joke up a second time? Hee-larious I tell ya’. The producers laid the groundwork for what was to come when they showed us Izzy telling one of the other girls, “If you could literally draw the perfect man for me, it’d be him.” One thing I will give Brett credit for is at least he shaved that awful mullet he was was rocking in Andi’s season. I can’t even remember how far Brett got on Andi’s season (I wanna say Connecticut, which was probably four episodes longer than anyone else thought he would), but he should stay longer on Paradise for the sole reason he made the genius decision to chop off that Kentucky Waterfall hair he had going. The fact that he’s a hair stylist is all the more reason to scratch your head at that decision.

-So Carl and Brett are set to go on a double date. Didn’t take long for Carl to ask out Emily and have her accept. Now Brett was another story. Brett was interested in Caila, and Caila was interested in him. And then she wasn’t. And then she was. And then she wasn’t. After getting asked out by Brett, she immediately said yes, but then went and talked to Jared. After talking to him, she told him she was gonna stay and they kissed a few times. Then she went back to tell Brett she was staying and not going on the date, before changing her mind again. This happened another 87 times with no real explanation as to what the hell was going on. At no point did we ever really get an ITM with Caila saying exactly what was going through her head. But ultimately after flip flopping as much as she did, she took the date and the four of them (Carl, Emily, Brett, and Caila) went on a booze cruise for their date.

-You know you’re pretty insignificant in this show when the show never even bothers to give you an ITM. I can’t remember one (ok, maybe one) with Carl. All we saw from Carl was him grinding on Emily, having her straddle him on the boat, and them making out. Zero conversation, zero depth, and purely physical. Brett on the other hand, probably would’ve been better off if he went by himself on the date and just tried to hook up with one of the singles on the boat, because Caila was about as exciting and entertaining of a date as a dead fish. She didn’t want to be there, made it known she didn’t want to be there by the way she acted, then when she returned from the date, told Jared she was thinking of him and she had her clarity now. Well thank you for your honesty after a day of waffling like you were an Eggo. She tells Jared she felt like she was forced to go on the date, they make up, make out, Ashley sees their connection, and is somewhat accepting now of Jared moving on to be with another woman. Until next week I’m sure.

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  1. keddo

    August 23, 2016 at 10:25 AM

    Gray is the predominant spelling in the US. Grey is predominant in Canada/UK/British Commonwealth countries.

  2. flashsav

    August 23, 2016 at 11:03 AM

    I can’t see the pictures that Brittany posted properly 🙁

  3. walker

    August 23, 2016 at 2:21 PM

    Watching BIP definitely helps validate my happiness when JoJo replaced Caila as Bacherlorette – Caila would have made a boring story out of an already challenging group of meh male suitors – she never seems to be having any fun, can’t even seem to fake it – which is extra impressive since so much about how she acts and presents herself comes off as disingenuous. Her skill at small talk and interesting dialogue is lacking. I remember that painful to watch episode with her and Ben on what should have been an amazing river boat date where she didn’t talk to him at all, and it wasn’t without him trying. Poor Brett last night, she was a wet noodle on that date for sure – no way would that attitude fly as the Bacherlorette having to go on all those stupid dates. ABC got that one right for sure even if it took fans to step in and insist on JoJo over Caila. Luke may be like Caila in his role as Bachelor – time will tell – not much of a skilled communicator shown in his season and no joy nor light in his face as he talks with/embraces others. Caila seems sweet and pretty, but super light on personality, positive or negative.

  4. cjscjs711

    August 23, 2016 at 9:52 PM

    Nick has sure had enough time and experience to get his answers together, so, not surprised. I, too, question Nick’s insistence that there is “no editing.” Just from the few that I know something about, the show tends to typecast someone that fits into the storyline and tends to keep that.

    Sharleen is one – they presented her as a very shallow person, whose main interaction with Juan Pablo was kissing. When in fact, she’s very multi-dimensional, intelligent, talented – and said she in interviews she actually had some long conversations about deep subjects with Juan Pablo but they showed none of that.

    Caila was popular and well-liked by classmates in college. Producers could hardly have found a more awkward date for her to go on – both the booze cruise and the silent, solitary drift down a polluted-looking river.

    Ashley Salter outside of the show, showed herself to be sweet, kind to others, perceptive – when sober! She’s got an adorable baby now and attractive husband. Sometimes the Producers are too cute for themselves by half.

    Jordan’s ex – our society in general has become so cynical and distrustful, for sometimes no rational reason. Could be a lot in the audience are not exactly geniuses. I don’t blame her at all. It must have been galling to watch. And listen to.

  5. kimmyfromdablock

    August 25, 2016 at 7:17 AM

    @walker…..totally agree about Caila. She would’ve been a tough season to watch had she been picked over JoJo for Bachelorette. She’s got nice hair and a cute-isn face, but the personality is definitely lacking. I think even Caila is unsure of her personality.

  6. valadega

    August 26, 2016 at 10:44 AM

    I agree with most of the comments here. Caila would have been a MAJOR BUST as The Bachelorette and I am so happy their Producers realized this. On the Jordan info, it is up to Jo Jo to realize if Jordan is a player or a user. It is time for Brittany to let it go. People can change. We just need to wait and see.

  7. paradi

    August 29, 2016 at 9:39 PM

    I think you’re misunderstanding what Nick means when he says “There’s no edit.” He doesn’t mean that there’s no producing. He’s just saying that what ends up on TV reflects the main story that actually happened. JoJo’s season had too much Chad because the guys couldn’t stop talking about Chad. Nick came off as the villain his season because that’s what the other guys were saying. The editors didn’t splice together clips out of context to mislead the viewers. Basically, if you put a journalist on the set, they would report the same stuff that the Bachelor editors put on screen because the lead story is what it is.

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