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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelor in Paradise” Recap, and Josh & Amanda Grace the Cover of US Weekly

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Since you are low on emails, here goes:

I’m writing about the unReal finale, so spoiler alert for anyone who hasn’t seen it…

What do you think of the ending? How do you think the deed was done? It’s not like he had a lot of time to do it or had planned ahead.

I suppose the writers have a year to figure it out!

Comment: My guess is he ran them off the road.

Good Afternoon!

Love your blog and I go there for my guilty pleasure reading during lunch at work.

Don’t judge me, but I watch “Million dollar Matchmaker” and I saw for this week’s previews, Ashley I is going on there. Patty claims she needs to find love after Jared and really wants to. It should be for a good laugh.

Comment: Yes, I mentioned that back when it was first announced a while ago.

Hey Steve,

Congrats on being nominated for the Best Reality TV Website.

Also, thanks for sharing the shocking story behind Grant’s tattoo. You had mentioned the tattoo before and that Grant is shady, but I had forgotten the details. Please share more of Grant’s relationship dirt that some readers may have forgotten.

Thanks for your entertaining site,

Comment: You’d have to go back to a column I wrote in June. I believe it was the week there was no episode because of the NBA Finals. That next day I posted all the Jordan and Grant stuff from the exes.

Hi Steve,

1. Do you think JoJo will be on DWTS this fall season? I recently checked the Instagram followers of the most recent Bachelor and Bachelorettes and JoJo has the most followers out of all of them. (currently 1.9 million) So I think if they were to cast any bachelorette, it would most likely be her. Thoughts? Haven’t heard anything other than that E! report which says she’s rumored to do it, and I agree, if if they’re gonna ever cast a Bachelorette, it would be her.

2. I think you once mentioned that if you were to do any reality show, it would be DWTS. Who’d you like to have as your partner and what dance style would you like to learn the most?

Keep up the great work! Greetings from Austria

Comment: Oh geez. Either Emma, Lindsay, or Witney. Or Sharna. Lets throw her in there. Not sure which one I’d be most interested in actually. Never really given it much thought. I think I could learn the quick step pretty well. The latin dances would be toughest.

Hey Steve,

I just finished listening to both of the Nick interviews you posted. VERY interesting stuff. I love that he mentioned you twice in the podcast as well. He’s a lot more self aware than I previously thought and really doesn’t seem like such a bad guy at all. But then in the back of my mind I’m remembering that you know something else about him that we’ll never know…

If you happened to run into him somewhere, what would you say to him? I’ve always wondered what that kind of interaction would be like for any of these contestants to see you in real life after you’ve written so much about them.

Comment: I would do an interview with Nick right now if he would. I just don’t think he would. I have plenty I’d like to ask him. I think enough time has passed since the plane videos and I think he’s at a better place now to talk about some things that maybe he didn’t talk about before.

Hey Steve –

I think this is what Nick was talking about with Juliet, too. He said “Jared is a really nice guy, but he’s also a fan favorite and everyone wants to be likeable so linking up with a fan favorite is never a bad move and that’s why Jared is more desirable.” – I’m definitely paraphrasing here but it just seems like that’s what you thought too:

Almost like Caila came on this show (you know, deciding two days beforehand like she said) to build her brand. Imagine that? I don’t think she’s the least bit interested in Jared outside the show, I reported back when I posted the spoilers, and watching last night only further solidified it. At least for me it did. Not to mention on the live chat this past Thursday night, I told you I heard right now they aren’t together. Nothing’s changed in that regard. That came from a pretty good source, so I certainly believe it. I think she was with him on the show so she could be with somebody and not get sent home. Too many red flags with her.

Anyways, I totally agree she has all kinds of fakeness and red flags about her and I’m glad we weren’t subjected to a season of someone trying to say and be all the right things.

Can’t wait for more Jade and Tanner parading about this evening

Comment: Not to mention Carly’s tweet that I brought up on page 1 saying Ashley may have been the one who confronted Caila about what she said to Jared warning him about her, but she wasn’t the only one who had concerns. So it’s not like Ashley was just paranoid of Jared and Caila. More people kinda see Caila’s endgame.

Who of the women on Paradise so far would you choose for a date?

Comment: Jen. The twins. That’s it.

Is it just my area or does the audio keep going out in certain conversations in BIP? It has happened 3 weeks in a row.

Comment: Not sure since I don’t know what parts went missing for you. I haven’t noticed anything.

Hi Steve,

Longtime reader! A DJ in Nashville (Bobby Bones, nationally syndicated show) has recently mentioned on 2 separate occasions that Jojo used to hook up with a country music artist that he knows. It sounded pretty recent, maybe right before Bachelorette? Do you know who the singer is? Was it a hookup or were they dating?


Comment: Yeah, numerous people have reported this story to me, but I don’t know who they’re referring to, nor do I know if it’s even true. If it is, does the story surprise me? Not in the least bit.

Hey Steve,

Hope you’re well.

Just a comment on the Nick interviews. I think he’s playing this well. He’s getting a great edit on this season. He’s coming off funny, considerate and gentlemanly. Especially in comparison to Josh. I can totally see why he’s try to convince the audience that there’s no edit. Reading between the lines: I’m really a nice guy and Josh is really a controlling psycho. It’s funny really but I’m sure there are many who will believe him.

Watching this season knowing the spoilers is hilarious!! Knowing what we know about people like Josh and Grant and how desperate Carly is just adds so much to the whole thing, so thanks!!

Comment: Nick is coming across 1 billion times better than Josh this season. It’s a runaway.

Hi Steve!

I was out of town this weekend at a wedding and naturally talk turned to the Bachelor, Ben Flajnik in particular. Once we exhausted the topic of his hair, we realized we remembered no girls from his season. Do you know if producers ever considered any of those girls for the Bachelorette? Or was Emily Maynard locked in so early they didn’t need to? I know you said the lead doesn’t really matter because people would tune in, but we couldn’t remember anyone even being popular with viewers that year. We just thought it was interesting that the season we considered boring also somewhat broke the feeder system model.


Comment: Kacie B. was the most popular one that resonated with the audience the most I believe. And if you asked fans to pick a girl from Ben’s season to be the “Bachelorette,” I’m guessing she would’ve been the overwhelming favorite. But yeah, they were locked on Emily so I guess it didn’t matter.

Why in the world is BIP located in a place without air conditioning? And as much as Josh sweats in a “normal” environment, he has to be drenching all the time. How could anyone want to be next to that making out … Sweaty and probably not too fresh smelling. Along those lines, when the guys remarked about Caila’s hair, I would agree it’s pretty, mostly because it’s clean. Has Carly even washed her hair since BIP last year? Are there really no standards for hygiene on this show?

Comment: I’m not sure why they put them in a resort with no air conditioning. Beats me. Unless it’s a psychological tool that they’re using to make them even more antsy than they already are. That could be it.

I have no idea how often Carly washes her hair. Ask Evan. Maybe he does it for her now.

Hi Steve,

Was wondering if you have any spoilers for who will be on the new cast of Dancing with the Stars?

Thanks from a long time follower,

Comment: The only names I’ve heard so far (all coming from E!) are JoJo, Amber Rose, and Jake T. Austin from “Wizards of Waverly Place.” With the official cast announcement coming next Tuesday, I’m guessing names will start leaking this week and over the weekend. Usually when it happens.

Hello Steve,

I’d like to know if you have a recommendation for me, please. I am an early 30’s single, white woman who has never had any desire to watch the Bachelor/ette/ In Paradise. I find myself in the undesirable position of soon being forced into watching a season with a dear friend who has some severe health problems that I will be helping with the recuperation of for about 2 weeks. She says her “dying wish” (I told her to knock that sh*t off, I’m calling it her “living wish” or nothing at all) is to binge watch her favorite show with me for it’s escapism value. I’m at a loss for ways to get out of it, and as a good friend, I’ve negotiated my way down from an indeterminate binge watching free for all to a reasonable 3 seasons max. I would like to know, do you have a couple of seasons that you find less distasteful/mind numbing than others? Or are they really all just the same year after year? To me they’re all the same. But as much as it pains you to do this, just know she’ll appreciate it way more than you know.

Having read your column a bit, I understand you to be decidedly not a fan and similarly forced into watching a show you have no interest in. Except you get paid, so hats off to you! Maybe I’m wrong, but you seem like the best person to give me your thoughts on how to survive the 3 seasons.

Which seasons suck the least?

Thank you so much.

Comment: Depends on what you’re looking for in your seasons. Are you wanting to do “Bachelor” or “Bachelorette?” Do you want to enjoy looking at 25 hot guys, or, watch women be catty? The choice is yours. I seriously can’t help on this one because I don’t particularly find any of the seasons all that different from each other.

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  1. rob22

    August 24, 2016 at 9:10 AM

    Although it definitely feels odd to watch Sarah on this show & some of her relationship choices, I think we feel that way because she’s supposed to be the “poor, sweet, disabled girl that everyone ignores in the real world”. That’s kind of the narrative that’s been advanced in the past. But, that’s all it is. A narrative. She’s just a person like everyone else, who happens to have one arm. Bottom line: she’s on BIP for the same reason as everyone else. For attention, for the party, and possibly to advance a D-List career. You could answer that way for every single person in the franchise. The narratives are just story lines from producers & are, in no way, attached to reality. But I get it. They do a great job with their narratives. Even I have to step back and remember that it’s just a producer driven show that will do anything for ratings. That’s their job. Truth telling is not even on the list.

  2. valadega

    August 24, 2016 at 10:24 AM

    After the aftermath of BIP I wonder if the producers of The Bachelorette are relieved they didn’t cast Caila in the role? It now seems to me Caila was in it only for the fame.

  3. cjscjs711

    August 24, 2016 at 10:43 AM

    Caila, Jubilee, and a few others strike me as rational, level-headed people who are not able to fall in love with a man they’ve never met, within several hours or a few days. Britt was another one this was not the right forum for. As we’ve discussed here before, coming back AGAIN isn’t a good idea. Also as we’ve seen with many in this audience regarding Jordan’s ex – you can’t win the popularity contest. Either way you’ll get vilified. Whether you speak up or keep quiet. You really just have to please yourself.

    I love the wild mustang Jade and hope she and Tanner don’t overdo the appearances – as SOME have done…….!

  4. LM111

    August 24, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    Anyone else notice that Jade seemed a bit off last night? She just didn’t seem happy at all… and the few times she actually smiled, it seemed forced.

    And btw… I’ve changed my mind on Daniel. Pretty funny guy. Loved his conversation with Ashley about Jared (first, you get 10 guys…. hahaha).

  5. crushonspivey

    August 24, 2016 at 12:46 PM

    LM111, Daniel is he star of this season. He is so cringeworthy funny. Awkward yet hilarious. HE has made this season so much more enjoyable with his offbeat humor. He is the Ryan Lochte on the franchise. So so dumb. But hilarious.

    Ashley I might have been right about Caila not being into Jared, but she is still a hot mess. I mean, she has scared off any hopes of finding a normal guy with her unhinged emotional outbursts over Jared. Jared. Let that sink in…Jared. Honestly, Ashley just needs to get laid.

    Lacey is still bat poop crazy. I mean, Grant has to be desperate for a level of fame to want to be a part of that. And Carly and Evan? Seriously? Both are sadly pathetic. But I guess that is why we watch. We want to see them make idiots of themselves, and they certainly all oblige in this franchise.

  6. rob22

    August 24, 2016 at 1:42 PM

    @crushonspivey: Good call on the comparison between Ryan Lochte and Daniel. I saw a little bit of Lochte’s reality show, and I’ve seen a few of his interviews over the years, and the guy is as dumb as a sack of hammers. That, and a very limited moral compass. But, until recently, I gave him credit. He realized the one thing he could do was swim really fast. He had $1M in endorsements built up & he was going to keep swimming until they dragged his old, dead carcass out of the deep end.

    I suspect that, like Lochte, eventually Daniel’s level of stupidity will lead to a similar issue with the police or other problems. People that stupid, who don’t really seem to have a moral compass, eventually cross the line and they sweep up whoever’s around them into their mess.

  7. rob22

    August 24, 2016 at 1:48 PM

    LM111: I personally have never taken Jade and Tanner at face value. I’m sure they enjoy be around each other, and all, but I see their pairing as a business arrangement. A way to maintain attention, run their social media based businesses and keep on with their D-List celebrity status. I just refuse to buy their “love story”. Eventually, arrangements like that get old & people decide to move on. I’m not sure if Jade is reaching that point, but IMO, it’s only a matter of time.

    It’s tough enough to try to take relationships from The Bachelor seriously. But BIP? Come on. Do people really believe those are real?

  8. javagirl

    August 24, 2016 at 7:09 PM

    Ashley I is so annoying. She is a total Jared stalker but he loves the attention.. Oooh poor Ashley, she needs me. boo hoo hoo.

    Caila & Jared were making a porno in the water – they so totally had it, it was pretty obvious. Jared is so ho hum boring though, his personality is like watching paint dry.

    I agree about comments on Carly & Evan.. a really odd coupling. I cringed when they kissed.. he creeps me out.

    And Lace slurs her words even when she is not drunk, what’s up with that… she is a doozy.

    Are the twins as stupid as they act or this a put on for attention.. They act like they never passed the 3rd grade. Seriously dump idiots. And one of them stated she was better looking than anyone else so she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get a date. Really? wow.

    Amanda has that sickening sweet baby voice… another annoying one. She should just go home, no one would miss her; Josh would just say Next…

  9. am22

    August 24, 2016 at 7:31 PM

    To the gal who has to watch seasons of the bachelor/ ette. For the guys I’d recommend Sean (he had more diverse and tolerable ladies, and Brad 2.0 avoid Ben F and Jojo (Ben was a jerk, Jojos guys were tools). I haven’t watched a ton of the girls seasons but Ali seems very down to earth and likeable. Good luck!

  10. jane527

    August 24, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    Daniel isn’t stupid at all. He has a unique sense of humor and he’s amusing himself (and us) by spouting random nonsense. He’s playing a role and he’s doing a very good job of it. Watch him when he’s talking to Leah- he’s amusing himself at her expense. He also is aware that the twins are idiots- remember when he pretended to shoot himself in the head when one of them was talking? He’s actually heard of Mussolini- have you ever heard a Bachelor contestant mention a political figure before? If you think he’s stupid, you’re missing the point completely. Different, yes but not stupid.

  11. kimmyfromdablock

    August 25, 2016 at 7:29 AM

    My take on these peeps;

    Daniel — hilarious. TV Gold.
    Carly — refreshingly honest and real.
    Evan — something very yuck. If he truly is a “deadbeat” Dad and has coin, shame on him. That’s awful.
    Amanda — no personality, just a pretty face and sickeningly sweet. Zzzzzzzz.
    Josh — there is grease dripping out of every one of his pores.
    Nick — higher quality grease, but greasy nonetheless.
    Lace — hot mess.
    Grant — hot mess with no integrity.
    Vinny — sweet. simple.
    Jade & Tanner — I totally buy their relationship. Love them.
    Sarah — get off my tv.
    Twins — sweet. simple. hilarious.

  12. kimmyfromdablock

    August 25, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    Less I forget:

    Ashley I – the schtick is getting old. Go away.
    Caila — a lost girl not sure who she should be, still in the personality developing phase.

    Steve’s site — annoying and crashing and diverting all the time !!!

  13. TeresaRenee

    August 25, 2016 at 8:06 AM

    Carly is disgusting and desperate.

  14. purplerayne

    August 25, 2016 at 10:29 AM

    “It’s tough enough to try to take relationships from The Bachelor seriously. But BIP? Come on. Do people really believe those are real?”

    LOL why Rob? At least on BIP, the couple spends more time together than they do on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. And unlike the main shows, they have the option of other love interests. It seems a bit more organic. Mind you, its not normal in comparison to the real world LOL But within this world, its the environment that makes the most sense. A bunch of pretty people with similar interests (fame) together in one house/resort, see what happens.

  15. chg1008

    August 25, 2016 at 7:52 PM

    Ashley I.- is she for real? She is truly one of the most ridiculously immature and annoying people I have ever seen on TV. She is not entertaining at all and truly needs to go away. Ashley, the “worst scenario” is you continuing to be on TV.
    Caila – one of those girls where you look into her eyes and all you see is the back of her head.
    Twins – adorable and sweet…badly in need of an education.
    Amanda & Josh: Can someone PLEASE stop the moaning in the background everytime Amanda and Josh are on screen, it’s just gross.
    Izzy – Ummmm…is the guy even interested in you? You dump a great guy for someone you think is good looking and not even aware he’s interested in you.
    Nick – I like him…but I don’t know his history.
    Vinny – sweet and natural, he is what you see.
    Grant – loves whomever he’s with
    Lace – please get a weed wacker to those fake lashes
    Jared – he’s cute, again, don’t know his history, but he seems very sweet.
    Daniel -He is so dumb it’s scary; he opens his mouth and I mute the TV.

    You have to wonder why there are so many good looking people on this show that are unable to find a mate? Hmm….could it be they are a hot mess in every other way?

  16. jlal

    August 26, 2016 at 8:51 AM

    The twins are so stupid and ignorant it is embarrassing. Daniel couldn’t believe when Haley said she thought Lincoln was our first president. How do you grow up in the US and not know about George Washington? How do you not know what a continent is and that you live in North America? Can image a European not know where or what Europe was?

    Daniel is playing it up. Once I caught on to his schitck I think he’s funny.

    I think Izzy did the right thing. If you’re that attracted to someone else, you must not be invested in the one you’re with.

    Evan and Carly are cute and I hope make it the distance.

    I don’t think Amanda and Josh have a prayer.

    Ashley I is just annoying and needs to go away. I don’t know if Jared not just telling her enough is because he gets his ego stroked or if it is producer driven.

  17. jessicat

    August 26, 2016 at 10:29 AM

    Maybe Steve is light on emails because people are tired of how he responds. He often doesn’t actually answer the questions asked or else makes sarcastic comments.

  18. canesarah

    August 26, 2016 at 3:55 PM

    For the reader email wanting to know which seasons to watch- my advice is watch the ones who are married now. So watch Jason Mesnick, Sean Lowe, Ashley H, and Desiree . Add in the after the final rose and wedding specials too for all but Desiree.

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