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“Reader Emails,” “Bachelor in Paradise” Recap, and Josh & Amanda Grace the Cover of US Weekly

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Hey Steve,

Love your site! My question is: if you were to pick any of the female contestants from past seasons you would like to have seen be the bachelorette, who would be your top 3 and why? Same with guys/bachelor.


Comment: The best answer I can give is I’ve never cared who the lead is. I don’t root or cheer for anyone. As long as there is a season is all that’s important to me. Who is in the lead role is irrelevant to me, because I know it’s gonna essentially be the same thing every season.

Dear Steve,

When you posted the pictures of Brittany’s IG posts, I got so excited. I’m so glad she finally laid it all out and defended herself with proof. I thought she handled it very well by explaining why she did it and how she chose to do it. She’s clearly not out for fame or anything. Like you said, she would have sold out to the tabloids if she cared about attracting attention. Anyone with common sense, or at least anyone who bothered to read what she wrote, can clearly see that she is only trying to show her integrity and not let herself be rolled over by Jordan and his defenders. And to everyone saying that it’s “pathetic” that she held on to texts, it’s actually not. I don’t normally get rid of texts. I don’t hold on to them waiting to prove that my exes were horrible or anything. I just don’t delete them because I don’t see the point. I don’t delete texts from my friends. So maybe I’m crazy and pathetic too, but there’s nothing unusual about what she did. Plus, if I had proof my boyfriend cheated, I’d keep it too just in case someone tried to attack me and call me a liar. It’s really sickening to see so many women attacking another woman for doing what she has the right to do. Jordan’s talking about the same relationship and defending himself, so why is she not allowed to do so? If you don’t believe her, fine, but don’t attack her and tear her down. No wonder she wanted to stay silent.

Comment: When dealing with the ignorant, it’s what I’ve come to expect. Judging by the responses, I think most people that attacked Brittany never even read what she wrote. Because their troll tweets make no sense in regards to what Brittany laid out. They’re mostly just Jordan and JoJo lovers who are infatuated with them to such an unhealthy degree, that any negative press they receive, those fans can’t look at it objectively. There will always be people like that around. Nothing much you can do. Well, other than laugh at them and hope they never reproduce.

I want to barf that I’m even saying this, but considering how much he’s brown nosing the producers in these interviews, is it slightly possible Nick is being considered for the Bachelor? Or at least that they’re telling him that? I know Luke is pretty much a shoo-in by all accounts. But I don’t see why Nick would suddenly be prostrate at the feet of a show that has made him look like an asshat multiple times if he didn’t believe he had something MAJOR to gain, and I don’t see what else it could be besides The Bach. I highly doubt the promise of another run on Paradise in a year would be worth much to him right now.

Comment: One thing I also appreciated about Nick in his interviews is he was honest about how people perceive him as an a**hole and egotistical and admitted he can be. I think this “press tour” that he’s doing is more of an ego stroke. He’s LOVING the fact that his narrative has changed and more people are liking him now (and in turn, hating on Josh) so he’s running with it.

But no, he’s not going to be the “Bachelor.”

How much are Jade and Tanner getting paid to be on Celebrity Marriage Bootcamp? Isn’t this a bad strategy on their part … Isn’t that for relationships in trouble? If they are the poster couple for “genuine” love and success, why would the Bachelor folks want them on that show? After all, they’re handing out advice to BIP couples tonight, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense if you’re needing a marriage bootcamp. I know everyone wants to extend their 15 minutes, but this just seems like the wrong move.

Comment: You seem to be unfamiliar with “Marriage Boot Camp.” It really has nothing to do with couples that are in trouble. The show has become a cash grab for reality TV couples. That’s why they’re all doing it. Yeah, maybe you’ll learn a thing or two about your relationship here or there, but ask Sean & Catherine if they enjoyed their time on the show. These people are just taking advantages of business opportunities.

I know “Couples Therapy” pays around $40,000-50,000 to each person, so I’m guessing “Marriage Boot Camp” is probably around the same, but I don’t know for sure.


I recently discovered that Stassi Schroeder from Vanderpump Rules has a podcast. I recently decided to listen to an episode because Chad Johnson was her special guest.

The guy clearly has some issues but said a few things that were interesting:

1) He stated that Jordan had stolen money from Aaron and that was the primary cause of the family tension. He also suggested that Jordan used to have a substance abuse problem.

2) He stated that Jojo and Jordan are together primarily for publicity and will stay together simply for promotional deals (nothing surprising there).

3) Finally, he stated that the producers of the show were embarrassed by Jojo and Jordan’s blatant business deal. His conversation alluded that producers had given him some laxity in his media discussions about Jojo, Jordan and the franchise because of this embarrassment. Essentially, he got the “go ahead” to bash them.

I still think the guy is nuts, but based on your sources do you think he is telling the truth?

Comment: There are some things I agree with and some things I don’t. However, since I’m pretty much done talking about anything Chad, I’ll just leave it at that.

There’s been a lot said about Josh and Amanda, and I thought I’d add in my two cents. As someone who read Andi’s book, the way she described Josh, it sounds like Amanda is exactly the type of woman he wants– quiet, sweet, submissive, motherly. He wants to be the head of the house and Amanda seems like she would allow that. I don’t necessarily think it’s a good thing that they might work out, but I definitely think they’ve got a better chance than Josh and Andi ever did. I just hope she isn’t getting herself into another abusive marriage! Amanda and Andi couldn’t be more different if they tried. And we know Josh and Andi didn’t mesh. So if that means Josh and Amanda will succeed, I guess only time will tell.

Also, the more I see of Ashley I. outside of the show (interviews, her blog), the more I like her. I now think she’s a lot smarter than she comes across and 100% plays into what the show wants from her (I know, you’ve said this 1000 times). I really liked her interview with Afterbuzz TV. She addressed what Nick said about the “no-edit” and I felt she was a lot more honest about it without going all scorched earth.

Comment: I haven’t watched her Afterbuzz interview. I’ll try and check it out.

Hi RS!

Not sure if this is the correct way to send a reader email so my apologies if this email is in error. I have a potentially equally foolish question for you this week:

Was Chris Harrison actually present for all his scenes in paradise? I know this sounds absurd but I can’t help but notice that he seems greenscreen’d in during a lot of these scenes. That is in fact stupid and incorrect, right?

Thanks for keeping us up on all the drama and spoilers! You make the show so much better.


Comment: No, he was there.

What do you think about Ashley I’s bashing of Caila on social media, interviews, etc. Clearly she does not like the girl, but seems a bit immature and childish. She is clearly still friends with Jared and Caila is not, so why the need to act like that? Seems to just love the spotlight.

Comment: Ha ha, back to back emails with completely polar opposite views on Ashley. And that’s exactly what makes her a polarizing figure.

Hi Steve,

I absolutely love your site! Thank you so much for making the shows so much better with your spoilers and recaps. My husband doesn’t believe that ABC would let you continue to spoil the show. He says you are being paid by the network to satisfy the fans that want to know the spoilers before the show airs. How can I prove my husband wrong?

Thanks Steve!

Comment: Well, someone who’s already convinced of that probably won’t believe anything I tell them anyway. It’s simple: I’m not. They sued me twice. Tell him to go read the legal proceedings that are online somewhere. But other than showing people my bank statements of where my monthly income comes from (advertising), which I’m obviously never going to do, I guess there’s really nothing I can do to convince him. With that said, anyone who thinks I’m an ABC plant is just ignorant. There’s like 248 things wrong with a statement like that. But as I said, conspiracy theorists that want to believe that, I just let them be. It’s nonsense.

Dear Steve,

You said that you weren’t sure why Nick was doing so many interviews and sucking up to the show lately. Could it be simple fame addiction? You’ve written previously about how easily the contestants get sucked in by the attention and how the nature of the show has changed with social media. Nick and others who play along may be hoping to keep their names out there as long as possible by returning to BIP, guest starring on Celebrity Family Feud, playing Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, etc. Yes, he’s loving the attention and the “turn” of his character for sure.

Are there any conspiracy theories you’ve heard about the Bachelor/Bachelorettes pregnancies this spring? Unless I missed some, it was Bachelorettes 4-9 (Deanna, Jillian, Ali, Ashley, Emily, and Desiree) plus Catherine Lowe. I know it’s just coincidence, but wow! They could practically do a Baby Bachelorette of their own. What would a conspiracy theory be around women getting pregnant at the same time? They all made a pact to like a bunch of high schoolers? No, haven’t heard anything. Obviously just coincidental.

And a question you can answer without names if you prefer: what’s the greatest number of other contestants you’ve heard about an alum of this show hooking up with? (Male and female.) For instance, has any guy who went on the Bachelorette slept with more than five girls from the Bachelor? I just think that aspect of it is hilarious.

Thank you! I hope you’re having a good time gathering information about Luke’s potential girls.

Comment: I’ve lost track of who hooks up with who. I mean, when I hear stuff like that, I make mental notes of it. But I don’t have a running spreadsheet of who’s been with who, so I couldn’t tell you who’s in the lead.

General question: Do you still have favorites? Do you still like Ashley Spaaaavey, Emily the rapping epidemiologist, Britt the almost-bachelorette? Do you read old contestants’ snarky live-tweets of Bachelor in Paradise? And have you later come to have warmer feelings for old contestants who were annoying at the time (Courtney the trash-talking temptress) out of nostalgia? Thinking about Courtney, how do you feel about her now having either read her book or probably heard a lot about it when it came out?

Comment: I’ll always like Ashley Spivey, Emily O’Brien, Ashley Hebert, and a few others. That hasn’t changed.

I only see the tweets of the people I follow, and that isn’t much. The only time I see any others is if a reader alerts me to it, or someone else I follow retweets it.

I’d say Courtney I definitely came around on, mostly because of her book. It showed a side to her most of us didn’t see.

Hey Steve-

Couple things:

Thoughts on Jen? I think she’s stunning

Off of that, who do you think is the most attractive woman in Paradise? You answered it: Jen.

It definitely seems true that Jared and Caila aren’t an item. On top of it being very obvious she wasn’t that into him, Ashley I has made several comments on Twitter about how fake she is-even quoting your girl Taylor’s lyric tonight-and given how close she is with Jared, regardless of her jealousy, I don’t think she’d post stuff like that if they were together. Thank goodness she wasn’t the bachelorette

Comment: Yeah, they definitely aren’t together. Was told that by a good source last week and shared it on Thursday’s video chat. And again in yesterday’s column. As much as people maybe want them to be, they’re not together.

Okay Steve,

Long time reader, zero-time emailer. But for some reason i have been watching this show for years, and i’ve gotten sucked into BIP as well. Ashley I is clearly best friends with Nick, but very supportive of Josh as well. She was on the After Buzz after show yesterday, and she kept singing Josh’s praises. Interesting how she could support them both…

Also – did you notice that Josh retweeted your column last week? I was pretty surprised, considering you haven’t been a fervent Josh-maniac… and what do producers think about contestants directly interacting with you on twitter as you spoil episodes? (Wells, Nick, Carly) Well, we know why Josh retweeted it. Because the content of it was to clarify what wasn’t shown on camera between Nick and Amanda.

And finally. Is it a common sentiment that nobody likes Caila? She’s getting a lot of heat and subtweets directed towards her from current BIP contestants.

Comment: I don’t want to say it’s common sentiment because I haven’t taken a poll of everyone who was there who questioned her intentions, but as Carly’s tweet on page 1 says, it wasn’t just Ashley who warned Jared about Caila. So you gotta assume it was a handful of people that doubted her sincerity.

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. rob22

    August 24, 2016 at 9:10 AM

    Although it definitely feels odd to watch Sarah on this show & some of her relationship choices, I think we feel that way because she’s supposed to be the “poor, sweet, disabled girl that everyone ignores in the real world”. That’s kind of the narrative that’s been advanced in the past. But, that’s all it is. A narrative. She’s just a person like everyone else, who happens to have one arm. Bottom line: she’s on BIP for the same reason as everyone else. For attention, for the party, and possibly to advance a D-List career. You could answer that way for every single person in the franchise. The narratives are just story lines from producers & are, in no way, attached to reality. But I get it. They do a great job with their narratives. Even I have to step back and remember that it’s just a producer driven show that will do anything for ratings. That’s their job. Truth telling is not even on the list.

  2. valadega

    August 24, 2016 at 10:24 AM

    After the aftermath of BIP I wonder if the producers of The Bachelorette are relieved they didn’t cast Caila in the role? It now seems to me Caila was in it only for the fame.

  3. cjscjs711

    August 24, 2016 at 10:43 AM

    Caila, Jubilee, and a few others strike me as rational, level-headed people who are not able to fall in love with a man they’ve never met, within several hours or a few days. Britt was another one this was not the right forum for. As we’ve discussed here before, coming back AGAIN isn’t a good idea. Also as we’ve seen with many in this audience regarding Jordan’s ex – you can’t win the popularity contest. Either way you’ll get vilified. Whether you speak up or keep quiet. You really just have to please yourself.

    I love the wild mustang Jade and hope she and Tanner don’t overdo the appearances – as SOME have done…….!

  4. LM111

    August 24, 2016 at 12:20 PM

    Anyone else notice that Jade seemed a bit off last night? She just didn’t seem happy at all… and the few times she actually smiled, it seemed forced.

    And btw… I’ve changed my mind on Daniel. Pretty funny guy. Loved his conversation with Ashley about Jared (first, you get 10 guys…. hahaha).

  5. crushonspivey

    August 24, 2016 at 12:46 PM

    LM111, Daniel is he star of this season. He is so cringeworthy funny. Awkward yet hilarious. HE has made this season so much more enjoyable with his offbeat humor. He is the Ryan Lochte on the franchise. So so dumb. But hilarious.

    Ashley I might have been right about Caila not being into Jared, but she is still a hot mess. I mean, she has scared off any hopes of finding a normal guy with her unhinged emotional outbursts over Jared. Jared. Let that sink in…Jared. Honestly, Ashley just needs to get laid.

    Lacey is still bat poop crazy. I mean, Grant has to be desperate for a level of fame to want to be a part of that. And Carly and Evan? Seriously? Both are sadly pathetic. But I guess that is why we watch. We want to see them make idiots of themselves, and they certainly all oblige in this franchise.

  6. rob22

    August 24, 2016 at 1:42 PM

    @crushonspivey: Good call on the comparison between Ryan Lochte and Daniel. I saw a little bit of Lochte’s reality show, and I’ve seen a few of his interviews over the years, and the guy is as dumb as a sack of hammers. That, and a very limited moral compass. But, until recently, I gave him credit. He realized the one thing he could do was swim really fast. He had $1M in endorsements built up & he was going to keep swimming until they dragged his old, dead carcass out of the deep end.

    I suspect that, like Lochte, eventually Daniel’s level of stupidity will lead to a similar issue with the police or other problems. People that stupid, who don’t really seem to have a moral compass, eventually cross the line and they sweep up whoever’s around them into their mess.

  7. rob22

    August 24, 2016 at 1:48 PM

    LM111: I personally have never taken Jade and Tanner at face value. I’m sure they enjoy be around each other, and all, but I see their pairing as a business arrangement. A way to maintain attention, run their social media based businesses and keep on with their D-List celebrity status. I just refuse to buy their “love story”. Eventually, arrangements like that get old & people decide to move on. I’m not sure if Jade is reaching that point, but IMO, it’s only a matter of time.

    It’s tough enough to try to take relationships from The Bachelor seriously. But BIP? Come on. Do people really believe those are real?

  8. javagirl

    August 24, 2016 at 7:09 PM

    Ashley I is so annoying. She is a total Jared stalker but he loves the attention.. Oooh poor Ashley, she needs me. boo hoo hoo.

    Caila & Jared were making a porno in the water – they so totally had it, it was pretty obvious. Jared is so ho hum boring though, his personality is like watching paint dry.

    I agree about comments on Carly & Evan.. a really odd coupling. I cringed when they kissed.. he creeps me out.

    And Lace slurs her words even when she is not drunk, what’s up with that… she is a doozy.

    Are the twins as stupid as they act or this a put on for attention.. They act like they never passed the 3rd grade. Seriously dump idiots. And one of them stated she was better looking than anyone else so she didn’t understand why she couldn’t get a date. Really? wow.

    Amanda has that sickening sweet baby voice… another annoying one. She should just go home, no one would miss her; Josh would just say Next…

  9. am22

    August 24, 2016 at 7:31 PM

    To the gal who has to watch seasons of the bachelor/ ette. For the guys I’d recommend Sean (he had more diverse and tolerable ladies, and Brad 2.0 avoid Ben F and Jojo (Ben was a jerk, Jojos guys were tools). I haven’t watched a ton of the girls seasons but Ali seems very down to earth and likeable. Good luck!

  10. jane527

    August 24, 2016 at 10:27 PM

    Daniel isn’t stupid at all. He has a unique sense of humor and he’s amusing himself (and us) by spouting random nonsense. He’s playing a role and he’s doing a very good job of it. Watch him when he’s talking to Leah- he’s amusing himself at her expense. He also is aware that the twins are idiots- remember when he pretended to shoot himself in the head when one of them was talking? He’s actually heard of Mussolini- have you ever heard a Bachelor contestant mention a political figure before? If you think he’s stupid, you’re missing the point completely. Different, yes but not stupid.

  11. kimmyfromdablock

    August 25, 2016 at 7:29 AM

    My take on these peeps;

    Daniel — hilarious. TV Gold.
    Carly — refreshingly honest and real.
    Evan — something very yuck. If he truly is a “deadbeat” Dad and has coin, shame on him. That’s awful.
    Amanda — no personality, just a pretty face and sickeningly sweet. Zzzzzzzz.
    Josh — there is grease dripping out of every one of his pores.
    Nick — higher quality grease, but greasy nonetheless.
    Lace — hot mess.
    Grant — hot mess with no integrity.
    Vinny — sweet. simple.
    Jade & Tanner — I totally buy their relationship. Love them.
    Sarah — get off my tv.
    Twins — sweet. simple. hilarious.

  12. kimmyfromdablock

    August 25, 2016 at 7:31 AM

    Less I forget:

    Ashley I – the schtick is getting old. Go away.
    Caila — a lost girl not sure who she should be, still in the personality developing phase.

    Steve’s site — annoying and crashing and diverting all the time !!!

  13. TeresaRenee

    August 25, 2016 at 8:06 AM

    Carly is disgusting and desperate.

  14. purplerayne

    August 25, 2016 at 10:29 AM

    “It’s tough enough to try to take relationships from The Bachelor seriously. But BIP? Come on. Do people really believe those are real?”

    LOL why Rob? At least on BIP, the couple spends more time together than they do on the Bachelor/Bachelorette. And unlike the main shows, they have the option of other love interests. It seems a bit more organic. Mind you, its not normal in comparison to the real world LOL But within this world, its the environment that makes the most sense. A bunch of pretty people with similar interests (fame) together in one house/resort, see what happens.

  15. chg1008

    August 25, 2016 at 7:52 PM

    Ashley I.- is she for real? She is truly one of the most ridiculously immature and annoying people I have ever seen on TV. She is not entertaining at all and truly needs to go away. Ashley, the “worst scenario” is you continuing to be on TV.
    Caila – one of those girls where you look into her eyes and all you see is the back of her head.
    Twins – adorable and sweet…badly in need of an education.
    Amanda & Josh: Can someone PLEASE stop the moaning in the background everytime Amanda and Josh are on screen, it’s just gross.
    Izzy – Ummmm…is the guy even interested in you? You dump a great guy for someone you think is good looking and not even aware he’s interested in you.
    Nick – I like him…but I don’t know his history.
    Vinny – sweet and natural, he is what you see.
    Grant – loves whomever he’s with
    Lace – please get a weed wacker to those fake lashes
    Jared – he’s cute, again, don’t know his history, but he seems very sweet.
    Daniel -He is so dumb it’s scary; he opens his mouth and I mute the TV.

    You have to wonder why there are so many good looking people on this show that are unable to find a mate? Hmm….could it be they are a hot mess in every other way?

  16. jlal

    August 26, 2016 at 8:51 AM

    The twins are so stupid and ignorant it is embarrassing. Daniel couldn’t believe when Haley said she thought Lincoln was our first president. How do you grow up in the US and not know about George Washington? How do you not know what a continent is and that you live in North America? Can image a European not know where or what Europe was?

    Daniel is playing it up. Once I caught on to his schitck I think he’s funny.

    I think Izzy did the right thing. If you’re that attracted to someone else, you must not be invested in the one you’re with.

    Evan and Carly are cute and I hope make it the distance.

    I don’t think Amanda and Josh have a prayer.

    Ashley I is just annoying and needs to go away. I don’t know if Jared not just telling her enough is because he gets his ego stroked or if it is producer driven.

  17. jessicat

    August 26, 2016 at 10:29 AM

    Maybe Steve is light on emails because people are tired of how he responds. He often doesn’t actually answer the questions asked or else makes sarcastic comments.

  18. canesarah

    August 26, 2016 at 3:55 PM

    For the reader email wanting to know which seasons to watch- my advice is watch the ones who are married now. So watch Jason Mesnick, Sean Lowe, Ashley H, and Desiree . Add in the after the final rose and wedding specials too for all but Desiree.

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