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I have been obsessed as anyone with watching the show and reading your blog and 5-6 other blogs each week for the past 10+ years. However, I am now 35 and have a baby, and I honestly convinced myself earlier today that I would stop watching starting with this next season. I just thought, well, it’s just another guy (Luke) and another group of girls…this is my time to hang it up. I’m too old for this sh*t.

But now, with Nick? They’ve sucked me back in. The people in charge over there know EXACTLY what they’re doing.

Comment: They always do.

Hi Steve,

Long time reader! Love your site. Read it daily even in the off season.

I’m shocked (as is everyone I think) about Nick being the bachelor. I’m excited for him though and think it’ll be fun to watch!

Question for you. Why do you think they announced Nick as the bachelor prior to next weeks BIP finale? It just spoiled bachelor in paradise for the non reality Steve reader! Were they starting to film Nicks season before BIP finished airing? Yes, they spoiled Nick’s BIP ending by announcing him last night, but nothing about this season’s BIP spoilers have been kept under wraps, so I guess this is just par for the course this season. Nick’s season doesn’t start filming for a few weeks, just like all “Bachelor” seasons – mid-to-late September.

Do you think that since nick knew he was going to be the bachelor that’s why he was also saying such positive things about editing and producers in the after buzz interview?


Comment: I’m pretty sure it was.

Hi Steve:

Oooooo boy! I bet you’re inundated with emails right now. I have many words on Nick and BIP and some sort of questions.

First of all, the picking Nick V – this both surprises me and doesn’t. I know you always say that they have a formula, why change it, but every marketing firm in the world right now is working on the operative of change things up. The fact that they picked Jojo shows that they’re really starting to take into account the social aspect of the show – because the more people CARE about the bachelor (either negative OR positive), the more they talk about it, the more often it trends and they win. In this sense, with Luke’s stock being sky-high right now, it makes a lot of sense. He’s been busting his butt on interviews lately, always promoting on social (but with slightly more believable genuinity, and less Robby-ickiness) , and finally played the game well enough, so good for him. Should be a good season, but listening to him mumble will be trying. Also, Bach Franchise poster boy to be on all three shows now.

Do you think his pliability had anything to do with his casting, as well? It seems like he’ll do whatever he’s told, and is happy to stir up drama in the name of good tv. Clearly he understands what they’re building. I feel strongly that in Caila vs Jojo that was a huge factor as well, Caila was more reserved while Jojo would do any dirty work to keep the storylines going. This isn’t Nick’s first rodeo, so he obviously knows he can give them what they want. Played a major role.

Ashley is just…done. I know Caila seems very fake and surely didn’t make a great impression, but the things she says and continues to say or share on social media are incredible. Michelle and Sean aren’t great. This was my first time watching After Paradise and TBH Sean barely spoke at all, although when he did it wasn’t terrible.

Cheers and good job this year!

Comment: I think Michelle and Sean are like oil and water. She’s loud and outspoken and he’s, well, not. I think Michelle could do the show by herself and it’d be just the same.

I’ve never been crazy about Nick, but I think Luke would’ve been a pretty boring bachelor… Sexy, but boring. Nick came across during this BIP better than he did on either season of the bachelorette… Should be a very fun bachelor season.

Comment: Another vote for Nick!

Look forward to hearing your thoughts on the announcement of Nick – and could not help but think that your blog in part was a reason they went with someone who was not Luke. Be careful – you will become the “curse” when you speculate on the next Bachelor / Bachelorette! I don’t think I have anything to do with their decision at all.

Nick represents a more modern type of Bachelor – older and more with it in terms of modern dating – more representative of the dating demographics and styles of real people in big pockets of big cities. No idea what the breakdown of the viewing audience is, but that has got to be a factor? I don’t think so.

His story is pretty compelling and he seems to have worked really hard to get ripped and more glam – always at the ready. And seems he has taken so many for the team – from doing the fake announcement when Ben was announced as Bachelor – to being very supportive of production.

Good for him. Will be a really good season – and definitely a different flair than a country man – who the majority of women in America actually don’t ever come across.

Comment: I think people are reading too much into the choice of Nick.

Wow, what a relevation! It all makes sense now, Nick’s recent behavior…the interviewing spree and his insisting the show not being edited. What do you think the reasons behind this move was – maybe the Bachelor producers are trying to keep people on their toes, which is why they did these sudden switcheroos (and with Caila season)? Or they just really did change their mind last season again? Guessing it’s the former and and the producers getting a kick out of things..a F*** you to all those who think they know who the leads will be?

Comment: I don’t think they changed their mind. I think all three (Luke, Chase, and Nick) were obviously considered, all three met with producers, and only one person can be the “Bachelor” and they chose Nick. Simple as that.

Howdy Steve. Long-time reader, first time emailer. I haven’t read too much of the buzz spewing out since Nick was announced as our new Bachelor, but the snippets I did see made me chuckle. Simmer down people. It’s like they were told Santa Claus is not real. You don’t know Nick, I don’t know Nick. We only know what we have been shown which to Nick’s fervent opposition, is clearly edited. What we do know about Nick is that he is a Bachelor franchise veteran, chewed up and spat out like the rest of them. Is he a glutton for punishment – yes. Is he still drinking the Bachelor flavored Kool-aid – most definitely. Was he smokin’ crack when he denied that these shows aren’t edited a certain way – uh, maybe. However, in the grand scheme of things, Nick is a decent choice for Bachelor. I think we all reacted out of shock upon his announcement. We have been pretty much spoon fed Luke. Do you know why Luke declined the position…because he’s SMART!! He’s seen first-hand the kind of people this Bachelor factory churns out. He knows the track record. It he wants a real shot at love, he should stay clear of the show. Nick has shown he has a heart, and a sensitive one at that. Women are going to love that (win for the franchise). Nick falls fast for women (win for the franchise). Nick has established the role of underdog, runner up, misunderstood (win for the franchise). Does he know his odds of finding a lasting relationship through this show are slim to none, YES – but he sure as hell wants to prove them wrong. He has victory on his tongue and I’m sure wants to stick it to the man and all of the haters out there. The whole season sounds like it’s going to be one big, long episode of UnReal (one of the best shows on TV). I truly wish the guy luck as this is certainly going to be an uphill battle for him (again, a win for the franchise)! Will I read your spoilers before the season starts…but of course!! Keep up the good work!

Comment: Agree.

Hi Steve,

I am literally throwing up in my mouth everytime I see Evan and Carly slobbering all over each other. As for Evan’s boners, I think at this point his shorts rubbing against him would set him off as the guy has been sniffing around every single female he can. I’m really grossed out that they acknowledge it on camera.

Few questions:

Going waaay back….Sean’s sister used to write a lot when he was the Bachelor. After he made his pick it was speculated on this site that perhaps his sister wasn’t too keen on Catherine. Any insight on this? I’ve heard the same stuff, but no idea how true it was, or if it was, if those feelings still exist.

You said that Nick wanted to use that master room for sex, even though Josh and Amanda had been using it for a while. Is there any cleaning service that comes to these places and cleans up daily, especially if hookups are spontaneous? I certainly wouldn’t want to sleep in the same sheets that another couple did the deed on. I have no idea about the cleaning service at Playa Escondida.

Ashley, in one of her crying moments said that Caila was the first girl he was interested in since Kaitlyn….soooooo…you’re admitting he only friend zoned you? I realize she is playing a part here but I just don’t get her vision of her relationship with Jared. I guess none of us do and the constant tears are ridiculous. Hopefully after this she fades away to obscurity. Do the other contestants actually like her? She’s said in her blog she’s known how Jared has felt, but I guess she thought she’d change his mind, or he’d just come around on her. And yes, she is well liked by others.

Hi Steve

Wow… I am sure you must be getting tons of e-mails about Nick. I haven’t watched After Paradise, but I take it from your tweets that he has been announced the next Bachelor. Safe to say the Nick Viall redemption tour has been far more successful than the Josh Murray redemption tour (Josh must be really pissed right now)… I can’t help but wonder which producer he is sleeping with to get this treatment. Just to bring him back on Kaitlyn’s season when viewers basically hated him from Andi’s season. I threw up in my mouth back then… And now for him to be the first Bachelor in years that doesn’t come from the last season of the Bachelorette. Wow… Just wow… I just don’t see why girls would fall for him. Never understood why he made it final 2. I find him absolutely not attractive. I mean his body is ok now, but his face… And that mouth…

Do you have any insight on whether producers wanted it to be Nick from the beginning or they just went with him because Luke said no? Bold theory, but maybe Luke actually is a good guy and has met someone since filming ended and didn’t wanna be the Bachelor? I don’t think Luke turned it down. He just wasn’t chosen.

On a different note, how are you doing regarding Maddie? I know it has been a while, and that’s exactly why I am asking. I lost the furry love of my life at the beginning of 2015, and I actually found it harder the more time passed. Because people stop supporting you and think you should just get over it when a few months have passed. But I missed him more and more every day. I still do. But maybe that’s just me. I hope you are ok. It’s still tough. Good days and bad days. Not ready to get another dog right now. Not sure when I will be.

Keep up the good work and no worries because of Nick. Your spoiler wasn’t wrong because you never gave us a spoiler. You never said it was going to be Luke. You said that’s what you’re hearing but nothing is written in stone until they announce it. So no wrong spoiler there 😉

Comment: Thanks. I’m not worried about how people perceive whether or not the spoiler was wrong. As explained on page 1, I had heard it was him, he was obviously under serious consideration, and I said I’d be surprised if it wasn’t. And I was surprised. As everyone else in America was. No one reported Nick beforehand, so it’s not like I feel bad or anything. Stuff happens. I will spoil his season just like I do every other one, and all will be forgotten.

1. Okaaaay um I was not expecting Nick to be the bachelor!!! I’m not sure if I like or dislike. Regardless, I’m obviously going to watch. But do you think this could be a theme going forward if bachelor in paradise continues? Guys from that show are fresh on viewers minds that it’s a great idea to pick someone from that show because let’s face it, fans of the show are thinking about Jared and wells and guys on BIP rather than Luke or Chase whose season feels like a lifetime ago. It’d be interesting if that were to happen. Impossible to predict. Every season is different.

2. No one gives a sh*t about BIP but weird they’re spoiling their show by announcing Nick already? Are they finally realizing that spoilers aren’t that big of a deal and people will still watch? At least for BIP they don’t seem to care. They’ll still do their best to keep the “Bachelor/ette” spoilers under wraps.

3. I doubt these girls care about the actual guy but I just cannot see people being excited about Nick. Plenty will be. They’re not casting millions of girls. They’re casting 25-30. Won’t be hard to find a few that are excited it’s him.

4. Why are couples so excited to go on a date in paradise? For camera time? Because can’t they literally be together all the time without going on a date? I’m sure they have privacy at the house or do producers separate them? Because they’re told to be excited. And for some, it’s actually a big deal because some never went on dates when they were on the “Bachelor/ette.”

Send all links and emails to: To follow me on Twitter, it’s: Instagram name is “RealitySteve,” or join my Reality Steve Facebook Fan Page. Talk to you tomorrow.

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  1. crushonspivey

    August 31, 2016 at 9:18 AM

    If Brad Womack can be the Bachelor 2x, why not Nick? He’ll put on just as good of a show. And t hat is what this is all about. But I do hope they cut down on teh fake BS a bit sooner and get down to the real relationships and legit stress and drama by the time they get to the final 8 girls. I always hate the early episodes because of the fakeness.

    BiP is a clown show. But the winners were clearly Nick, Daniel and literally no one else. Grant/Lace are huge losers, so are Josh/Amanda, and Evan/Carly is laugh out loud ridiculous. THey need to revise this show for next summer.

  2. jlal

    August 31, 2016 at 9:45 AM

    Have never been a fan of Nicks. His average looks and slushy way of talking just don’t appeal to me. However, I did wonder if he was going to be the next bachelor, due to the way they were promoting him this season. I love Carly and Evan and think they are for real and have a chance. At least more than they others, which i realize is not saying much.
    As for Ashley I. Good Lord the girl needs therapy. Unless she is just acting and playing a part. Don’t know why she would, since it makes her look like a fatal attraction girl. Can you imagine how crazy she’ll be over a guy that she actually goes to bed with. Scary!

  3. jlal

    August 31, 2016 at 9:52 AM

    Steve don’t get so defensive about not knowing it was Nick. You don’t have to keep repeating how you get the spoilers right. We know. Also, no one expects you to be right 100% of the time. And, if some do screw’em it is not reasonable. Your fans understand. Also, they made a reference to “spoilers” or something like that on the show after announcing Nick. Did you or anyone else catch it? I miss it, but am sure it was referring to you.

  4. hayleyyy

    August 31, 2016 at 10:06 AM

    What did Caila do off camera that Ashley keeps eluding to (ITMs, After Paradise, Twitter) as well as some of the other cast? I don’t understand why they can’t just come right out and say it?

    I don’t care for Caila much, but is it sooo evil that she didn’t initially think she’d be into Jared? How come Carly gets to be repulsed by Evan and straight up insult him, but get a free pass on that? Or Jared – didn’t he go on the show for Britt and vote for her as well? People can fall for someone after they get to know them. Doesn’t make them fake!

  5. rob22

    August 31, 2016 at 10:59 AM

    It was kind of funny because during the last show I was noticing how bad of an edit Josh got and simultaneously noting that Nick was getting a really good edit. Buddies with everyone. Confidant to some of the women. He was the guy stepping up to call out the evil Josh, who got the villain edit. I thought for a second, you know, he might be a good Bachelor. Then I thought, no, they won’t go back to a retread like Nick and besides, he has the taint of BIP all over him. But there it is. I think it’s a pretty good call. The news is going viral already. The show is already getting what they hoped for.

  6. vessel

    August 31, 2016 at 11:59 AM

    Loved that Nick is the Bachelor and that the franchise managed to surprise us.

    Obviously he’s slept with Andi, Kaitlyn, and Jen. Anyone know the other two Steve included in his “5 so far”?

  7. rob22

    August 31, 2016 at 12:15 PM

    Another funny thing is that Nick was the villain of his first go round during Andi’s season. Remember he was kind of the sleezy guy who was getting in between Josh & Andi’s true love. (what an edit in retrospect) He then called out Andi on ATFR for having sex with him right in front of Josh. And then Andi reported that Nick was, I forget the word, but it was something like “cringe worthy” in bed. And he wasn’t exactly the hero in Kaitlyn’s season either with his awkward faceoff with Alf for several weeks. Now, he’s the good guy and Josh is the douche. And Alf, who knows. I’m sure people who follow him on Social Media know, but he’s really yesterday’s news. Only on The Bachelor and WWE could this happen.

  8. hales

    August 31, 2016 at 2:16 PM

    For everyone wondering what Caila did off camera that was such a big deal, Ashley just discussed it on her FabFitFun snapchat recap. To sum it up, before a rose ceremony when the men and women are separated, Caila apparently told Amanda that she wasn’t 100% into Jared but she would have no problem getting engaged at the end and just breaking it off 3 months later. Amanda told the other women of course which is why the house was against her.

  9. hayleyyy

    August 31, 2016 at 2:26 PM

    That’s why they hate Caila?? Lol but it’s pretty much open knowledge that everyone goes on the show for reasons other than love! And so what if she’s not 100% into him? Nick isn’t 100% into Jen, but nobody is giving him a hard time about it. Funny that she’s being called fake when she’s actually being real by admitting those things. And I have yet to see her lead Jared on by telling him she likes him sooo much or that she’s falling for him. If anything he seems very aware that she’s holding back and unsure. No hoodwinking him and being fake…

  10. paradi

    August 31, 2016 at 2:31 PM

    I don’t think you should be embarrassed about not knowing who the bachelor was going to be. But maybe a smidge for telling people who guessed correctly that they were 100% wrong.

    Other people did spot the Nick trend early. Just look to some of the Bachelor boards. Producers were saying “software salesman” at casting at least as early as June. That just isn’t how you would cast girls for Luke.

  11. starryeyed

    August 31, 2016 at 2:33 PM

    Hi, I’m new here. I’m really excited for Nick to be the new bachelor. I’ve only seen him in Katlyn’s season and felt bad for him when he got dumped. Think he’s really handsome and funny. I prefer him over the chunky ham, Josh.

  12. adrie

    August 31, 2016 at 3:09 PM

    Wow Nick! I’m actually really surprised they picked him. He’s been in three Bachelor related seasons and to run with him as a lead surprises me. I would’ve been happy with Luke but bring on Nick’s season. I think because viewers have seen how easily Nick falls in “love” the producers will have a hard time making his season believable…

  13. elizabeth82

    August 31, 2016 at 3:09 PM

    I wasn’t interested in reading Andi’s book before this season of “BiP” but now I want to. But I really don’t want to pay for it 😛

    I wanted Luke for Bachelor, but Nick’s good TV and not so unlikeable anymore, so I’m fine with it. Really wasn’t expecting it! And they spoiled their own show by announcing him before the resolution of his relationship with Jen, which was a weird move.

  14. marwe

    August 31, 2016 at 6:47 PM

    What’s the background story of Amanda. When did she get married?, why the divorce?, what job does she have to support her two children?

  15. texas09

    August 31, 2016 at 7:00 PM

    Just like the reader who commented that she is 35 has a child and decided this is the year to hang up her hat – that could have been me except 32 and 2 kids. This was the year I was going to stop watching because I had zero interest in watching Luke (or Chase). I have stopped once before for Ben Flajnik’s season but they drew me back in. I almost stopped watching at Kaitlin’s season until Steve spoiled it that Nick was back. I have to agree with Steve, I’m surprisingly excited to see what next season holds!

  16. adrie

    September 1, 2016 at 1:22 AM

    Btw does anyone else think Josh Murray is very annoyed/jealous Nick got the gig?

  17. rob22

    September 1, 2016 at 7:28 AM

    @adrie: Josh has the double whammy of getting the villain edit, and coming off as a very angry, abusive and scary person. His BIP appearance not only didn’t counter Andi’s book, as he had hoped, but confirmed everything Andi said. Then his nemesis from Andi’s season and this year’s BIP comes across as the hero and is named The Bachelor. On top of that, Josh had campaigned to become The Bachelor, I think, last season and was turned down. Yeah, the last few months have not been good to Josh. So, Nick being named The Bachelor has to be a real kick in the groin to him. Josh is certainly not the type of guy who’s going to just let this roll of his back. It’s bothering the hell out of him.

  18. TeresaRenee

    September 1, 2016 at 8:55 AM

    The way Josh reacted to Amanda going to bed without him was a huge red flag. That alone should concern Amanda. This is not the man you want as a dad for your daughters.

  19. vessel

    September 1, 2016 at 9:18 AM

    @elizabeth 82 I took Andi’s book out of my local library. No need to buy it!

  20. RaRa

    September 1, 2016 at 11:30 AM

    Who are the other two women (Steve said five so far that he knows of) Nick has slept with? I only know of Andi, Kaitlyn, and Jen. Were they “reunion” hookups with Bach franchise alumni? I don’t know how to go back through all Steve’s articles and try to find everything he has said about Nick outside of the show.

  21. elizabeth82

    September 1, 2016 at 4:58 PM

    @vessel, I’m actually a librarian, but we don’t own it and it’s too new to borrow from the couple other owning libraries in our consortium. :p I had bought Courtney’s book and added it to the library’s collection afterward. I could add Andi’s book to our nonfiction cart, but we have a small budget and not sure how many other Bach fans there are in town.

    Thanks for supporting your local library, btw! <3

  22. hurricaneemily

    September 2, 2016 at 3:27 AM

    Hey, Steve.

    I’m glad the ads aren’t bogging down your site anymore. I can finally read your posts again. I wasn’t completely surprised that Nick was chosen. I thought I was going crazy because it seemed like he was getting a Bachelor audition edit but it was BIP. I guess I wasn’t.

    You can read my thoughts on Nick being chosen as the Bachelor here:

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