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“Reader Emails,” BIP Finale Wrap Up & is Luke Homeless Now?

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That’s it. It’s over. Like, really over. Since May 23rd, there has been some sort of “Bachelorette” or “Bachelor in Paradise” recap to do every single week. Not anymore. It finally ended with last night’s overkill of engagements. So outside of “Dr. Reality Steve” tomorrow (which I believe I already have 8 or 9 emails), there’s no more recaps until January. Probably a good thing. I need a break. Granted, it won’t slow down once Nick’s season starts filming at the end of the month as you will have updates on girls, filming, spoilers, etc as soon as I can get them to you. And you’ll have your “Daily Links” starting next Tuesday, since I’m in Vegas this weekend and don’t get back til Monday afternoon. So still come here for all your “Bachelor” news and info like you do every season, but things will definitely slow down through the end of the year. No “Reader Emails” or “Dr. Reality Steve” until January 2017. I just don’t get enough emails in the off season to warrant a weekly column. If you have a “Dr. Reality Steve” relationship/marriage/sex question you want answered privately, I can do that, so send those over if you want.

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So Luke went on a morning show hosted by friend Chuck Wick and told him he’s bascially homeless now. According to someone who heard the interview and took notes, here’s what Luke said (I’ll try and put a link up later):

-He did, in fact, rent out his house. He had already been gone for three months filming Bachelorette, so he decided to rent out his house for filming the “Bachelor.”

-He had his suitcases packed up in the back of his truck. Chuck Wicks, one of the morning DJs, confirmed this. After they worked out together, Luke went back to his truck for a change of clothes and there were the suitcases.

-Luke was told by ABC the announcement he would be next Bachelor was to be announced on the BIP episode airing Tuesday, August 30. He was set to make an appearance that night on BIP.

-On Sunday night, August 28, he got a call around 10:00 p.m. that the show was “going in a different direction”. [So typical!]

-As to Luke’s opinion why ABC switched gears to select Nick, he could only speculate, but feels like ABC likes the shock value of changing things up at the last minute. He confirmed it was supposed to be either him or Chase, and he was completely blindsided.

So there you go. Someone start a GoFundMe for Luke so we can get him a place to live now. Maybe he can crash with Evan and Carly in Nashville. Find Luke a home!

In terms of last night’s BIP, I mean the first hour didn’t show anything that we didn’t already know was coming or shocked us with anything. But here are some random thoughts about both the finale and what happened on BIP:

-I guess if we’re really ranking who has the best chance to succeed out of the three couples (even though they’re all living with each other), it’s still gotta be Evan and Carly since neither of them had to uproot their life for the other. They live less than 10 minutes away from each other. That definitely helps. However, as I say every season, I don’t believe these couples until they walk down the aisle. I don’t care what they post on social media or how they act in public when other people are looking – that’s irrelevant. And we’ve seen it time and time again with couples who put on a good front for the public, then the next thing you know a statement is being released about their breakup, and people are asking, “What happened? They looked so happy.” Happy in what? Pictures they posted themselves that they allowed you to see? Ummm, ok. So give it some time with these three. It’s been less than 2 months they’ve been engaged.

-Of course, there’s already this story that came out this morning and, well, yeah. Been hearing the same thing for a couple weeks now. Again, lets give it time people. These people aren’t living in reality right now. Once it settles in, then lets see how it goes.

But hey guys, anytime Josh is raising his voice or his eyes are bugging out of his head, it’s only because he’s passionate. He has passion. Passion. Passion. Passion. That’s all it is. Just ask him.

-I’m pretty sure both Jen and Nick knew he wasn’t proposing that day. I mean, if you think the 3 couples getting engaged after knowing each other 18 days is ridiculous, just think about when Jen arrived. She didn’t get there until about a week in. Not to mention, Nick never had any intention of getting engaged to anyone on that show. That wasn’t his goal going in, so we shouldn’t condemn him for not proposing. It was never an option for him no matter what he tries to tell us.

-You like how Fleiss and Robert Mills got everyone’s panties in a bunch on Twitter the last couple days promising another “big announcement” on “After Paradise,” as some crazies actually thought that meant they do the double “Bachelor” by adding Luke to the mix? C’mon. Really? I can’t believe some people thought that. Nope, this “major announcement” was that BIP was renewed for season 4 next summer, something that any of us could’ve figured out on our own. And they made the announcement literally as the credits were about to roll, so all that is is TV trickery to get you to tune in for “After Paradise,” which suffered mightily in the ratings this season compared to last. However, in their defense, last season’s “After Paradise” was on Monday nights since the show aired Sunday/Monday. And BachelorNation is used to getting their programming on Monday night, so there’s no way they could’ve expected this season’s “After Paradise” numbers to equal last years, regardless of who was hosting.

-Honestly, I didn’t have a problem with Michelle Collins hosting this year. It’s a more fun, light hearted show, and Chris Harrison tries to be so serious and never let loose on “After Paradise” like Michelle will, so I’m fine with it. If they bring Chris back next season, I’m fine with that too. Sean is neither here nor there to me. Didn’t seem like he added much at all. But I can see why they used Michelle and she was fine for me, outside of the constant interrupting and then last night’s debacle with Jen.

-I’m sure ABC is protecting Nick now and they don’t want any bad publicity out there, but what the hell was the point of bringing Jen on? She even set Michelle up to ask her more about Nick with her, “I have some thoughts on him being the ‘Bachelor,’” but no, they decided to bring on some crazy astrologist, one of the biggest piles of manure segments ever. So I guess Michelle is just following directions, but to have Jen there and not even reference once that final day or what’s been going on since is embarrassing. But it was done to protect Nick since he’s their golden boy now.

-I have no idea what Jen would’ve said anyway, but from everything I’ve heard, Jen wasn’t bothered that Nick took the “Bachelor” gig. She’d expect him to. Nor were they dating, so it’s not like he broke up with her. All I heard was how he acted towards her and how he treated their relationship knowing that he was in talks to be the next “Bachelor” and had a chance. Apparently he was smooth talking her the whole time, which to me says he was keeping her around until he got a definitive decision from producers, and once he did, he cut her loose. Basically no different than what JoJo did to her ex and Nick last season while waiting on the “Bachelorette” gig. So form your own opinion on that. Personally I think it’s a sh***y thing to do, but I’m also not surprised.

As for Nick’s season approaching, I’m getting asked a lot that because it’s Nick, will they skew the girls ages to be higher? Will this season be totally different? Look, they’ve done the same things for 32 seasons. Why would Nick’s be any different? You know what kind of girls you’re gonna see on Nick’s season? The same types you’ve seen on the previous 20 seasons. Without knowing who all the girls are yet, here’s what I can GUARANTEE you’ll see on Nick’s season:

-The overly emotional girl.
-The drunk girl.
-The insecure girl.
-The girl with no filter.
-The front runner.
-The girl who tells Nick he is the only guy she would’ve come on the show for.
-The girl in the house who acts one way when Nick is around, and who acts different in front of the other girls.
-The villain.
-The girl who gets an early date then gets jealous and feels her connection with Nick slipping away as he dates others.

Same thing, different season. But it’ll be awfully fun to spoil again. Can’t wait.

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  1. rob22

    September 7, 2016 at 9:59 AM

    Remembering now that Jen came in late, so she was with Nick about 10 days, does that make people re-think the idea that Nick was a jerk for breaking up with Jen? ESPECIALLY on this show. Are people in real life also jerks if they decide to stop dating someone after a week and a half? I call that par for the course. Most relationships last about that long. In other words, a couple of dates or a weekend fling. In this case, 10 days at the beach with a vacation hookup. Granted, nobody likes to get dumped on national TV…. but this is nowhere near what Grant or Jordan Rajahs did to their g/fs.

  2. j1scarlett

    September 7, 2016 at 10:13 AM

    So according to that interview with Luke “He confirmed it was supposed to be either him or Chase, and he was completely blindsided.” Ok…so if he thought it was between him and Chase, maybe he shouldnt have rented out his house? Also, why cant he just go stay with his parents or something if its between that and being homeless. It is NOT the Bachelor franchise’s fault that boy was so stupid.

  3. cjscjs711

    September 7, 2016 at 10:37 AM

    Well, you might not mind Michelle as host Steve; you’re a guy. But Harrison is a much better host. As corny as he can sometimes be, he has a better sense of where to go with a conversation, press the issue, press for drama. He’s also more attractive to women, their main audience.

    I hope it all does go well for Carly. As someone who works with performing artists, unless you’re at the very top it’s a very tough world and having a partner who can support emotionally and financially helps a lot. She does seem to care and understand Evan, and he likewise to her.

  4. T M

    September 7, 2016 at 10:39 AM

    I never realized until watching Lace and Grant last night on After Paradise that she has noooo boobs, flat as a board. Can’t imagine it’s fun to be boinking a woman who feels like a man…hey, to each his own I guess…

  5. TeresaRenee

    September 7, 2016 at 11:40 AM

    Why is everyone including Steve now all of a sudden in Carly’s corner? Doesn’t anyone think still that the girl is DESPERATE? She wreaks of desperation. I don’t believe for one second she’s suddenly in love with a man she was literally repulsed by a short time ago. Let’s face it, they stand no chance and to get engaged without having met the kids (Same for Josh and Amanda)…dumbest thing ever.

  6. coffeeinchicago

    September 7, 2016 at 11:42 AM

    To the person so confused about Nick and Andi, and his statement on AFTR: “I don’t know why, if you weren’t in love with me, why you made love with me”. In Andi’s book, she reveals that in the fantasy suite he asked her if she would rather f*** or make love. Clearly, she answered make love, and he read more into that than he should have. With that context, his statement on AFTR makes sense — he was’t saying that she shouldn’t have slept with him if she knew she was going to choose Josh, or if there was a chance she was going to chose Josh, he was saying she should have called it what it was. Since she admittedly wouldn’t take his calls after the show, he never had chance to ask her about this in private.

  7. tbta4

    September 7, 2016 at 11:54 AM

    A couple of random thoughts:

    The emailer’s long drawn out conspiracy theory of how Nick became The Bachelor isn’t that far fetched in my opinion. If the producers have storyboards and arcs that extend the length of the season, why couldn’t the story board for one particular person extend over multiple seasons? However, I would add that I think Nick’s BIP edit was the payback for taking one for the franchise on Kaitlyn’s season, and when his redemption and willingness to give great interviews reaped big rewards on BIP, he was awarded The Bachelor lead as a bonus, not as part of the original story arc.

    I also agree with one emailer that Nick could be one of the most clever (and calculating) contestants in franchise history. Maybe Ames had the most raw brainpower, but Nick and Tanner seemed to have figured out quite well how the franchise works and how to capitalize on that knowledge.

    Besides JP Rosenbaum being on of the most normal guys with a big role, I would add Chris Seigfried and Chris Lambton.

    I also think Chris Harrison has/had a thing for Andi Dorfman. There was something in the way he looked at her that I noticed right away.

    Can’t remember if it was Steve or another emailer who pointed out that Andi’s book was published by a top outfit with lots of legal firepower. Also, despite her inability to write a book that doesn’t sound like a teenager’s diary, it doesn’t negate her legal training and smarts on how not to write something that would get her sued. I believe what she wrote about Josh and think he’s probably worse than she portrays.

    That being said, Amanda Stanton could be one of the dimmest of dim bulbs in show history. To have an ex-husband who “is not a nice guy”, to disregard all the red flags and warnings from numerous people plus ignore how many times Josh forced his will on her is mind boggling! Examples include, her not wanting to talk after the twins warning her and Josh refusing to leave her alone to gather her thoughts and forcing her to talk. Josh’s aggressive behavior about ownership of the “boom boom” room and then the way he nastily said “good talk” when she was too asleep to respond. The way Josh all but peed on her to show his ownership of her whenever the other guys were around was just plain old disturbing. Then, to watch her dismiss it all with “I know him”, “I trust him” and “he’s a family guy” was just like nails on a chalkboard to me, especially after less than a month of dating. To bring a man into a household with young children is just plain irresponsible when you’ve known him for so little time.

    Last but not least, I have seen no one comment on how awful Amanda has looked since Ben’s season. Like Leah, she obviously had lip fillers. Last night on After Paradise, I couldn’t believe how frozen and puffed up her face was. She has had a mess of fillers and botox to the point where she looked like a wax mannequin. Girls that subject themselves to those types of drastic beauty measures IN THEIR 20’s (!!!!) have some serious self esteem issues. Perhaps that is why she would put up with a creep like Josh? He is a smarmy, slimey evangelical preacher type….and I would know, my ex husband’s father was one and an abuser too. They are the same person 60 years apart.

    I am so ashamed by how obsessed I am with this……

  8. tbta4

    September 7, 2016 at 12:07 PM


    I completely agree with you. I always thought Andi brought the drama on herself by not taking Nick’s calls and giving him closure. Was it tacky to ask of him to ask that question on national tv? Absolutely.

    However, if a woman is all about empowerment and “owning” her sexuality, then she better be willing to own it when someone asks why she would sleep with two guys in one week knowing she was going to accept a proposal from one of them, especially as she asserted, it was always Josh from the very beginning.

    Theresa Renee,

    I can give you four words that describes exactly why Carly went from repulsed to engaged:Aspiring Singer. Maserati. Lamborghini.

    Evan better get a pre-nup.

    I for one was sick and tired of the Kaitlyn and Andi whining about their “slut shaming”. Sorry ladies, if you are willing to put behavior that touches on one of humanity’s primal instincts, that is also wrapped up in religion, out into the national airwaves, then be grown up enough to accept the fallout—-minus of course, the disgusting vile language and threatening comments. That was inexcusable. But questioning their sincerity or morals, fair game, in my opinion.

  9. rob22

    September 7, 2016 at 12:54 PM

    So, about Jen. Wow! she was looking hot last night. I know Nick Cialis is chasing other game, but that had to be really hard to walk away from.

    BTW: I agree that Nick has played the game better than anyone else. He didn’t necessarily get a “reward” for toeing the company line. But he set himself up as a great story line, definitely. And he was careful not to let loose words spewing from his own pie hole screw it up for him. In the end, they didn’t “owe him”. They just think he’ll get better ratings. Nothing more. But Nick’s own actions made them believe that he’d be the best guy. With most contestants, the more we know them, the less we like them. So, he’s done well for himself.

  10. purplerayne

    September 7, 2016 at 3:07 PM

    Steve, I think you are either reading to much into the situation 🙂 We all have at one point or another kept someone around for selfish reasons. It might be because they boost our ego, or they are fun in bed, or you dont want to be lonely, or you dont want to hurt their feelings etc. Many reasons and Nick isnt the first/only person to do it. Jen is being a bit melodramatic. Love her but maybe she’s just getting fed hype from her Bff Lauren, who seems like the meddling type.

  11. duckquack

    September 7, 2016 at 3:52 PM

    Nick never set himself up, he is too emotional and it would be one big mess….The writers wrote his part and he done as he was told, it was obvious from the beginning.
    No doubt he had other words and kicking about was fun for him, but what ended up on the cutting floor might make a totally different role Nick played.

  12. purplerayne

    September 7, 2016 at 5:48 PM

    To tbta4: Another thing that bothered me about Josh was when Amanda was asked if the girls like sports, and she said they are interested in dance….Josh responds by vowing he would teach them sports. Total disregard for what they like/want, its what HE likes/wants. If he at least owned up to being over bearing, i could excuse it but his claim that is all passion is such BS. UGH.

  13. elizabeth82

    September 7, 2016 at 9:54 PM

    Josh is bad news and Amanda is dumb not to heed the warning signs

  14. rob22

    September 8, 2016 at 6:51 AM

    I was thinking of Josh in terms of a classic “dumb jock”. But having been an athlete, I can’t really remember anyone quite as extreme as Josh. Not anyone real, that is. I’m sure there are TV versions we all remember. But even in the after show he managed to come off as inauthentic, emotionally stunted and plastic. Not to mention the well documented aggressive behaviors and profuse sweating (roids?). I have to imagine that the guy has some serious emotional/mental problems & if he’s also roiding, as he appears to be, that’s a toxic and dangerous combination. And the fact that he was able to immediately pick up and move across the country indicates he doesn’t really have much going on in life. I don’t recall anyone literally dropping everything and moving like that. Not to be sexist, but what guy does that after literally no time to transition their career & lineup a job? The only way that’s even possible is if you’re really not leaving anything behind. No job. No life. Moving= no problem.

    Amanda is definitely ignoring a lot of warning signs, but it sounds like there is trouble in paradise already.

  15. tbta4

    September 8, 2016 at 7:43 AM


    I think you summed up Josh perfectly. In a way, I think he suffers from being in his older brother’s shadow, which brings out his inauthentic, plastic self that is overtrying to make a good impression and win over an audience. Even his speech is so quick and rushed, like a desperate used car salesman at the end of the month.

    Roids and anger issues=big problems. I have many former NFL player friends and retirement hasn’t been pretty for them.

    Picking up and moving bothered me too. Who can do that if they have a career and a network of good friends? Who would allow someone they barely know to move across country and in with them when they have young children? Just terrible judgment all around.

    However, as an all around observation, note that over the years, the pool of contestants has narrowed to personal trainers, entrepreneurs, “former somethings”, aspiring “somethings”, waitresses, etc. Very few men or women are CPAs, doctors, lawyers, teachers or other normal jobs, unless, amazingly, the contestants also happen to be especially good looking and are happy to ditch that career for a shot at modeling, broadcasting or another type of entertainment job. As a general rule of thumb, these types of people are going to have a lot of impulsive and narcissistic personalities and a checkered job history. Look at the main players in Juan Pablo’s season for instance. He was billed as a pro soccer player, but he was actually making poverty wages as a “club promoter”. Nikki was a pediatric nurse (a real skill with tons of schooling!) but had a modeling portfolio. Clare was a hair stylist, a real profession, but I’m sure her clientele blossomed from her initial exposure. Andi was a lawyer, who really wanted an entertainment career. Even Sharleen who has a real gift and career as an opera singer, but is notable for her class and grace, supplements her income with articles on fashion, advice and Bachelor recaps.

    I don’t condemn any of these people, I just think most viewers do not really know what they are consuming, and it isn’t someone’s search for true love…………

    Note that all the successful couples thus far, excluding Sean and Catherine, “found love” and then went on to lead a normal life with normal jobs. Some earn extra income blogging or promoting products on their social media, but is is clear that they have real careers that they focus on, ie Ashley, JP, Trista, her husband the firefighter, Chris, Desiree, etc.


    Good pick up of that line about Amanda’s daughters liking dance rather than sports. That is a sign of a classic bully and narcissist. Everyone has to be made over in his “image” of what is right.

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