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Daily Links – 10/4 & (EXCLUSIVE): Two Locations They Are Headed To for Nick’s Season

I’m very, very, very upset with my niece and nephew. As you know, my sister and her family moved to Texas this summer, so, I’ve spent a lot of time with them since July. This Friday, their house is finally finished and they will be moving in so it means I’ll see them a tad less. When I’ve basically seen them every day for past 3 months, and now they’re moving about 15 minutes away, probably not gonna see them every day. But still close. However over the past 3 months, the amount of ipad time my niece and nephew spend each day is crazy. One game in particular that I’m somewhat addicted to now is Flappy Bird. Like, I’ll play it non stop for 10 minutes, then get so frustrated, I don’t want to play it again. For like 30 minutes, then I’ll ask to play it again because I want to get past the next level. I’m not a gamer. Never have been, never will be. But dammit if that game doesn’t run around in my brain all day. I’ve shown restraint for the most part, but sometimes I can’t help myself. Last night at the Mavericks game with my niece, I downloaded the Flappy Bird app on my phone. I played, completed four levels, couldn’t complete the 5th level, then deleted the app. See what I mean? Thanks a lot kids. You’re killing me over here.

So I was able to get confirmation on two locations the “Bachelor” will be headed this season. Today begins filming on episode #4. I’m not sure if they’re still in LA or are beginning travel. I guess we’ll know soon enough by social media as I’m sure at least one of the dates this week will get spoiled on Twitter or Instagram. Anyway, I can confirm that next week, Episode #5 will be filming in New Orleans. Not sure the exact dates of when they arrive and when they leave or what they have planned for any dates, but I know they’ll be there at some point next week. If I hear anything more, I’ll relay it on. Not sure where they’re headed after New Orleans for Episode #6, but the following week, they will be filming Episode #7 in St. Thomas, at the Preserve at Botany Bay. That means their streak of 3 consecutive seasons of filming in the “Bachelor’s” hometown in the episode before Hometown Dates (Juan Pablo, Chris, and Ben all filmed episode 7 in their hometown) will end, since St. Thomas will be the episode before Hometown Dates.

Daily Links

-Our own Nell Kalter has your RHOC recap now up for your viewing. I think we’re only 41 episodes away from the end of the season. Almost there kids. It’s right around the corner. Right there. Like, literally light years away.

-DWTS did a Cirque de Soleil theme last night that I don’t think they’ve ever done before. It was all sorts of weird, but entertaining. Glamour Magazine has a recap of last night’s dances. Is this the earliest anyone’s ever gotten a perfect score? Isn’t it week 5? That seems rather early. Oh well. She was really good. Deserving of three 10’s? Probably not. Greatest routine this show has ever had? Probably not. But then again, this show is all about subjectivity, so I guess it doesn’t matter what I think.

-Leading up to last night was the Amber Rose/Julianne mini feud. And just as I expected, it was diffused last night. Amber apologized for misunderstanding Julianne’s words, then Julianne went over-the-top with her compliments of Amber’s dance last night. It was good, but as long as Amber didn’t fall flat on her face or forget every step, no matter what she did, Julianne was going to give her a glowing review. Saw that one coming a mile away.

-I’ve always had a thing for Demi Lovato. Not sure what it is, but she’s always made the needle move a little bit for me. In an interview with Glamour Magazine, she slammedTaylor Swift and her squad. Now basically Demi is dead to me. How dare you attack T Swift? It’s one thing about celebrities that I actually do believe is unfair. Nothing is ever good enough. Taylor donates $250k to help out Kesha’s legal case, and yet Demi slams her for it because she doesn’t do more. Sorry, but that’s ridiculous. And if Taylor would’ve donated nothing and never addressed it, I’m sure Demi would’ve said something about that too.

-Remember the Snapple Lady from back in the 90’s? Or was it the 80’s? Hell I can’t remember. Whatever the case, before she became the Snapple Lady, she had a bad coke addiction. Oprah is doing a “Where Are They Now?” series and this was part of it. Last week I believe it was Mini Me. She’s really pulling out the big guns for this show, huh? How about next week you go run down Max Headroom? We’re dying to know what he’s up to.

-This story really isn’t all that important, but I thought I’d point it out. You know how the “Bachelor/ette” shows will always have a fringe musical guest most people have never heard of perform on a 1-on-1 date or something? In Andi’s season, Jon Pardi performed at Mohegan Sun for Andi and Marcus’ 1-on-1 date. Well, I saw that Jon Pardi opens for Dierks Bentley. I guess that’s good, right? I know who Dierks Bentley is. A girl I once went out with got called up on stage with him to sing “Come a Little Closer.” That was…interesting.

-While her sister was getting robbed at gunpoint in Paris this past weekend, Khloe Kardashian was hamming it up courtside at her new boyfriend’s game in Cleveland. When she was dating Lamar and he was a Dallas Maverick for a hot minute, she came to all the games, and drew attention to herself every time. I guess some things never change. By about mid-November when Cleveland inevitably gets off to a slow start and Tristan Thompson starts sucking ass, The Land will eventually turn on her and hate the fact she goes to the games. Count on it.

-Tori Spelling might be having some financial issues. She’s been ordered to pay $38,000 to her AMEX credit card. Usually when you’re ordered to pay something, you probably should. Do it, Tori. If you don’t have the money, ask Dylan. He could possibly loan you some. Is David’s Peach Pit After Dark business starting to flounder again? What put you in this situation? Did Brandon ask for a loan to pay off his gambling debts? Worse comes to worse, work with Kelly again and open up that silly boutique shop that barely sold anything. I’m sure you could scrounge up a few hundred dollars to put towards your $38k debt. Good luck.

-Almost anyone and everyone who’s big in the comedy world right now has auditioned for SNL at some point. Here are some of their failed auditions that have surfaced. Amazing to see how big some people are now (or were) that never got cast on SNL. Jim Carrey? Kevin Hart? Zack Galifianakis? And then you have cast members who were actually on the show, but either never had big roles or people forgot, who went on to really good careers afterwards. Chris Rock, Sarah Silverman, Jay Mohr to name a few.

-For all you Pitch Perfect fans, you’ll be happy to know that Anna Camp and Skylar Astin are back from their honeymoon and celebrating their birthday. You by any chance think there was any singing on their birthday? Maybe some acapella? Were Bumper and Donald invited? They should’ve been. Pitch Perfect was entertaining. Pitch Perfect 2 tried to capitalize on the first one’s success and wasn’t nearly as good. Not to mention they cast Jordan Rodgers in it and it led to him cheating on his girlfriend during filming. So yeah, just a bad idea all around.

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