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Daily Links – 10/19

Photo Credit: AARP Magazine

Get ready, here comes a sports opinion. The MLB playoffs are once again proving how meaningless the regular season is. The only sport whose regular season seemingly means anything anymore is college football, and even that is debatable now with a the four team playoff. Put it this way, college football definitely is the most important up against MLB, NFL, NBA, and NHL. You know how important the Texas Rangers having the best record in the AL over 162 games this year was? They got swept out of the playoffs in 3 games. You know how important the Boston Red Sox having by far the best offense in all of baseball this season was? They got swept out of the playoffs in 3 games. The Chicago Cubs won more games than anyone in baseball this year: Now down 2-1 to the Dodgers and seemingly can’t hit themselves out of a wet paper bag anymore. Playoffs have and always will be a completely different animal than the regular season. Happens every year, yet people still get surprised. As I’ve always said, the best reality television show every year is sports. You can’t ever prepare for what’s about to happen because you never know. The regular season is a marathon. The playoffs are a sprint. Two completely different animals. Just because you dominate the marathon it has no bearing on how you will do in the sprint. In the last 30 years, you know how many national league teams that finished with the best record won the World Series? 3. So it guarantees nothing. And when you also have the ghost of 108 years of never winning the World Series around you every time you take the field, it makes it that much more difficult. Not saying the Cubs can’t come back and win this series and then go on to win it all. Of course they could. But it’s certainly not going to be easy. It never is in the playoffs.

Daily Links

-Kendall Jenner, because of who she is, gets to model on all the big time runway shows. She hasn’t really paid any dues in the modeling business, but that’s what happens when you’re a name like her and you want to get into modeling. You get to bypass a lot of things. Another thing she likes bypassing? Bras. Kendall she just love having her t**s out because it feels natural to her. Yes, we’re aware. Practically every picture you’re in you are sans bra. I wonder how long this phenomenon will last with her?

-Elizabeth Hurley is 51 years old and models her own swimwear line. That’s just ridiculous how great she looks at 51. That should be illegal. Speaking of illegal, lets turn our attention to Elizabeth’s former boyfriend, Hugh Grant. Look at Elizabeth Hurley, then realize that Hugh Grant once paid $50 on the Hollywood strip to hooker Divine Brown for a BJ. Let that sink in for a moment. So Hugh is basically the dumbest human ever.

-Tom Cruise went on Kimmel last night and told a story about how he puked during filming of “Top Gun” when he was shooting some of the fighter pilot scenes. Fascinating story Tom, but it completely threw me for a loop. When I read the headline that you puked during filming of “Top Gun,” I could’ve sworn it would’ve been after all your kissing scenes with Kelly McGillis. Had me fooled.

-The Biebs yelled at his fans last night during a concert in England. He had something to say, 12 year old teenie boppers were screaming at the top of their lungs, and he essentially told them to shut up when he’s talking. I think he should’ve gone with, “When my hand goes up, your mouth goes shut!” I’m sure that would’ve gotten the message across just as well.

-Tobey Maguire and his wife of nine years Jennifer Meyer are divorcing. I knew it. Just goes to show it’s impossible for a superhero to maintain a healthy relationship outside of work. Mary Jane Watson could barely deal with it, now this. This is what happens when you decide to make your career as a superhero. Sure, it’s got all the perks of swinging from building to building on a web and saving cities, but where is the connection with a female, huh? Rethink your priorities Toby.

-Anna Camp has official signed on for “Pitch Perfect 3.” Since they basically made up a role for her in “Pitch Perfect 2,” I can only imagine what she’ll be doing in the third one. Of course, the main thing we all want to know regarding “Pitch Perfect 3” is will Jordan Rodgers be appearing again? And if so, will he end up cheating on JoJo during filming like he did with his ex Brittany Farrar during the filming of the second one? Ooooohhhh, can’t wait to find out.

-Kim Kardashian says she has no desire to resume her old life after her holdup at gunpoint in Paris. This sounds great and all, but it’s one of those instances that I need to see to believe. This is a woman that was everywhere, is in a high profile marriage, an A list celebrity stalked by the paps everywhere she goes, and not to mention, has a TV show that films her and her family 24/7. We really think she’s gonna drop off the face of the earth? Probably not. I’m sure what happened to her changes her priorities. Maybe for 6 months? Maybe a year? But she’ll be back. She can’t NOT stay out of the spotlight.

-Maks took to his blog to talk about his recent elimination from DWTS with partner Amber Rose. I’m sure Maks had a good time, but he’s already said he isn’t coming back next season because it’ll be right around the time his baby is born. So while we appreciate the effort this season Maks and Amber, it was definitely time. Amber just never got to that point that some of the other dancers are at.

-Ummmmm, how did no one inform me of this? Taylor Swift is performing in Austin this weekend? How did I miss this? It’s been almost a year since she performed anywhere so this is kind of a big deal. Well, to me it is at least. If I knew earlier I absolutely would’ve tried to find a way down to that thing. Hmmmmm, maybe it’s not too late.

-A few people sent me this over the last couple days and I forgot to post it. Luke Perry is on the cover of AARP Magazine, and by God, he looks every bit the part of 50 years old – and then some. Yikes. I guess that’s what being divorced from Kelly Taylor will do to you. That’s a hard 50 I tell ya’. From watching his father die in a car explosion, to his drug addict days at CU, to the death of his first wife getting shot by her own father’s goons, to then realizing his father faked his own death and moved to Arizona with a new family? Brutal. We’re with ya’, Luke. Have a bowl of oatmeal on us.

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1 Comment

  1. painful

    October 20, 2016 at 4:51 PM

    “The Chicago Cubs won more games than anyone in baseball this year: Now down 2-1 to the Dodgers and seemingly can’t hit themselves out of a wet paper bag anymore.” HAHAHAHAHA. Funny you posted this right before the Cubs won 10-2. Yeah they can’t hit anything.

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