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Daily Links – 11/1

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Hometown date #2 taking place in Hoxie, Arkansas today with Raven Gates. Maybe pictures will get out, maybe they won’t. I guess it all depends on where they go. Not 30 minutes after I posted yesterday’s column, I got word of a few more things regarding the season. I can confirm now that Rachel’s hometown date was filmed on Sunday here in Dallas. Did you know Rachel’s dad is a federal judge? Yes, sir. You don’t want to mess with Sam A. Lindsay. Anyway, part of their date was filmed at Rachel’s church, Concord Baptist church, in Dallas. So where are Thursday’s and Saturday’s hometown dates gonna be filmed? Stay tuned. I was also given some information yesterday that I’m following up on, but it has to do with final rose ceremony location. Nothing confirmed as of yet, although this info does look to be pretty solid. Just want to get it double or tripled sourced. However, I’m thinking that the overnight dates and final rose ceremony might actually be in different locations now based on what I’m hearing. Kinda like how they went to Bali for Chris Soules’ overnights then had his final rose ceremony at a barn in Iowa. So it’s not unprecedented for it to be done that way. Hopefully I’ll find out more soon, and when I do, I’ll let you know.

Daily Links

-Because US Weekly has zero significant spoilers to Nick’s season but still want to pretend they do, they run stories like this yesterday. In case you haven’t figured it out by now, all this story says is Nick cried. And the girls cry. You do realize that in the previous 20 seasons of the “Bachelor,” EVERY lead has cried during the season. Multiple times. And as for the contestants? Geez, why even feel the need to print that? Of course the girls are gonna cry. Multiple women cry multiple times every season. But then again, you don’t go to US Weekly for spoilers. Expect more of the same from them in the coming weeks.

-Our Nell Kalter has your RHOC recap up now for your reading pleasure. Nell informed me that “Vanderpump Rules” starts next Monday, which coincides with part 1 of the RHOC recap. Both recaps will be up next Tuesday morning. Once RHOC’s 314 reunion shows are over, she’ll just be covering “Vanderpump Rules” this season, and not RHOBH.

Glamour magazine has yourDWTS recap for the week as last night was their Halloween episode. Usually it’s below average because the costumes overtake the dancing, but last night was decent I guess. Val cried a lot, Sharna probably is done for the season, Julianne keeps blowing smoke up James’ ass, and Lochte went home. It’s still obviously going to be a Laurie/James final 2, I don’t think anyone doubts that for a second. Does Val get his second mirror ball trophy, or does a guy get it who was forced to get a new partner with four weeks left? Probably gonna go to Val.

-So yesterday I had the link of Figgy from “Survivor” essentially calling out Taylor and saying their relationship is over based on stuff that she found out since filming ended. Well, it took all of 12 seconds for a few of you to email me yesterday and point me towards Taylor’s social media feeds where he posted these 4 days ago:

Stoked to announce that I'll be a snow boarding instructor/dad this winter! #dad #boy #stoked

A photo posted by Taylor Lee Stocker (@taylorleestocker) on

So, I have a question now. Did Figgy out him? Because he posted these essentially right after Figgy came forward in her interview saying they were no longer together. Remember, this season filmed back in March/April, so basically it looks like he impregnated his girl right before he left and didn’t know about it until after he got back. I guess based on timing of when she’s due is when we’ll know. The tweet infers that he’s gonna be a dad this month. The IG post infers “this winter.” So who knows at this point?

-While Val is on his way to his second mirror ball trophy, his love life keeps gaining more attention. Even though he won’t address it publicly, I mean, it’s becoming obvious these “rumors” with Amber Rose are more than rumors now. I get wanting to be private about it, but when you’re a celebrity, you pretty much have to throw that all out the window. Playing coy when you’ve now been on multiple dates where people have seen you just seems kinda dumb.

-This James Packer/Mariah stuff doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon. Now I’m sure these emails were leaked directly from his camp to make him look better in all this, but nonetheless, apparently he was writing Mariah love emails just weeks before the engagement was called off. Outstanding. And then I read another story where she’s not wearing the $35k engagement ring anymore – but she’s keeping it. How thoughtful of her.

-I guess it’s due to the rising popularity of social media, but I feel like I’ve been seeing people in Halloween costumes for the last week or so. However, when it’s Taylor Swift dressed up as Deadpool along with the rest of her squad, then keep em’ coming. Heidi Klum dressed as 6 Heidi’s? Meh. Every other celebrity trying to be funny with their Donald Trump “Grab them by the p****” costumes? Unoriginal. Taylor Swift as Deadpool? Rip roaring hilarious and greatest idea ever. That’s the way I see it.

-Bringin’ it back old school in the “Bachelor” world as Bob Guiney is preparing for his third marriage to Jessica Canyon. If I didn’t know any better, and you asked me “What profession do you think someone with a name of Jessica Canyon has” I’d say “porn star.” I haven’t bothered to look if that’s her background or not. Lets hope it isn’t. But really? Jessica Canyon? If she never did porn, she probably should. Anyone with that name was basically put on this planet for doing just that.

-If I’m going to point out Tara Reid in three different links for having an unhealthy look, then I definitely need to point out a male who had the same issues. Did you see the pictures of Zayn Malik before he left One Direction? Holy crap. I think at the time he left people were pretty amazed and didn’t see it coming. Hell, I even started a hashtag campaign of #BecauseZaynLeft. This was three years ago so I don’t remember now, but was this an issue back then? Were people commenting at the time how much he was turning into a skeleton? If not, they probably should’ve.

-And finally, things seem to be going from bad to worse for former “Glee” star Mark Salling. If child porn charges weren’t enough for this guy, now he’s being investigated for rape. Talk about a double whammy. Nice going, loser. Did you know that Mark Salling actually has ties to a couple former “Bachelor” contestants? I think one of them became known at some point. The other? I think that’s more on the downlow but I heard it directly from them. Yeah, might wanna stay from this guy.

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