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Daily Links – 12/1

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It’s Dec. 1st. 32 days until the “Bachelor” begins airing. My guess is next week is when the ABC headshots and bios will be released, just going off past seasons releases. Still waiting to get certain things filled in on your episode-by-episode spoilers. Essentially I have everything from St. Thomas on, and now I’m just looking to fill in stuff from episodes 1 through 5. I think there’s maybe 4 dates total in those 5 episodes that I don’t have yet. In Wisconsin, we know that Raven and Danielle Lo had the 1 on 1’s because they were public. In New Orleans, we know Rachel had a 1 on 1 because that was public as well. So stuff like that obviously I don’t need filled in, but other things surrounding aren’t quite as clear yet. Once I have a solid number of how many girls went to Wisconsin overall, then it’ll be easier to fill in eliminations by working backwards. But even if I’m off by 1 number, it throws everything off, and right now, I don’t have the exact number of girls that started traveling. It’ll come together at some point this month, but that’s where I’m at right now. And remember, episode 1 of the show should be getting released to the media online as well (password protected so not just anyone can see it). Once it is, I’ll post the spoilers from that.

Daily Links

Here are all your “Survivor” goodies this week from,, and Reality Our “Survivor” recapper Bryan Fischer will have his recap posted tomorrow. – Dalton Ross’ recap – Probst Q & A – Stephen Fishbach’s blog
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-I consider myself someone who’s fairly up to date on Hollywood gossip and stories. I’m basically on entertainment sites a lot so I see a lot of stories. How did I never hear that Liam from “One Direction” was dating Cheryl Cole? And she’s preggo? This blows my mind. I guess because I’ll always see “One Direction” as teenie boppers and I think Liam is like 17, and Cheryl Cole has had some very public relationships with pretty big names. Now she’s dating some boy bander 10 years her junior. Don’t mind me. I’ll finally wrap my head around this maybe around 2047.

-Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin are engaged, 8 months after delivering their first child together, even though she was fresh off (still in?) a marriage when their relationship went public. She’s had a rough go of it you know, with the whole my-ex-is-Nicholas-Brody-who-was-a-traitor-to-the-country thing. Good thing she’s settled down with the bad boy from Chino. Welcome to the OC, bitch.

-Derek Hough is leaving “Dancing with the Stars” next season and will become a judge on Jennifer Lopez’ new dance reality show, along with her and Ne Yo. Probably a good career move since there’s zero more to accomplish for him on DWTS. Hey, wasn’t Derek one of the guys Cheryl Cole once dated? I believe he did. Whatever the case, it’ll be great to see this reality show last one season before getting cancelled and Derek will probably be making cameos on DWTS again.

-I know it’s a week old, but Ben & Jen spent Thanksgiving together with their kids. Can these two just make a decision on if they’re together or not, please? Half the stories you read say they are, and half say they aren’t. Not that it matters to me whether or not they’re a couple, but Jen, I don’t think your man is going to change his boozing, gambling ways no matter what he says. There’s a reason you broke up with him in the first place. Stick by it. Dr. Reality Steve has spoken.

-Adam Sandler now has a 4th version of his infamous Chanukah song. Here’s the latest:

This will probably be an unpopular opinion, but this schtick is old now. I mean, I watch the video and I see people just bellied over with laughter in the audience. Really? It’s THAT funny that he just lists names of Jewish people in a song? Sorry. This was original and funny back on SNL when he did it the first time. I’m just stunned at the reaction by some of the people in the audience hootin’ and hollerin’ thinking this is some genius song he’s come up with, even though it’s the same thing every version, just replacing names. UPDATE: Didn’t realize this came out in 2015, so it’s a year old. My bad. A year later, my opinion still stands. The schtick is old.

-DWTS dancer Mark Ballas got married the day after Thanksgiving and went very low key with a 7 tier cake. 7 tiers? Mark, why stop there? Cheap skate. Go 10. 15 for that matter. I’m a huge fan of cake. Love it. 7 tiers is absurd. What’s the point? I’m sure it’s an ego thing and something they knew would get a write up so they did it, but seems like a waste to me.

-Tori and Dean have their Christmas card ready to go for this season. How cute. Maybe she should start charging people to have one in hopes that it’ll eventually pay off her credit card debt. Or maybe a GoFundMe page in an effort to have bill collectors from planting themselves on her front lawn? Tori, I don’t know why you keep blowing off my idea of asking David if you could help out at the Peach Pit After Dark or maybe pick up a couple shifts from Nat, but you need to do something. Credit card debt isn’t just gonna magically go away.

-Hilary Duff and her boyfriend-I’ve-never-heard-of have broken up, which makes me happy. You know, Hilary is sometimes on the fringe of being in my top 5, so anytime my top 5 becomes a single lady, I’m giddy. Because she’s totally gonna go out with me. Isn’t she one of those celebs that uses dating sites? Not that I’ll see her on there because I haven’t done one of those in about 8 years, but, at least she’s open to dating randoms. You know where to reach me, Hil.

-And finally, Paris Hilton says the ditzy blonde persona that made her famous in “The Simple Life” was just an act and she’s not dumb at all. Ok, Paris. Whatever you say. And actually, I don’t believe “The Simple Life” is what made you famous anyway. It was you giving mouth love to that creepy dude in black light setting that people remember the most about you. We didn’t forget.

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