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Some Things You Should Expect To See on the “Bachelor” This Season

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With the holiday season coming up and things becoming a tad hectic, I apologize for the inconsistent posts. I honestly don’t when things are going up. No worries though, this will only be through the end of 2016. Once the new year rolls around and Nick’s season starts, we’re back to the regular schedule of 3 columns a week, along with a new podcast episode being released every Thursday. Speaking of that, thanks to everyone who has tuned in. As I said, I didn’t set any expectations because it’s still the “off season” and a majority of my readership probably doesn’t even know I have a podcast up and running, but to already be a Top 10 podcast on iTunes in the TV & Film category is very cool. I really appreciate all those who have listened and given their feedback. Here’s what I’ve learned from you guys about podcast #2 so far via Twitter and email: 1) I don’t know any quotes from the “Notebook” 2) I don’t know any quotes from “Annie” and 3) I could moonlight as a DJ at a strip club. Interesting. I’ll make a note of those. If you have the time, please subscribe, rate, and review the podcast on iTunes. It would be much appreciated.

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Our very own Nell Kalter is in mid season form with her Vanderpump Rules recap from last night’s episode. Speaking of Vanderpump Rules, Stassi has a podcast called “Straight Up with Stassi” and last week, she had on Olivia Caridi for a full hour. It’s a great listen for those that are interested in Olivia and what happened on Ben’s season a year ago and how easy a villain edit is created. You can listen to that podcast here. I’m trying to get Olivia on my podcast for January.

Ok, onto some “Bachelor” stuff. ABC announced today there will be a 1-hour “Countdown to Nick” show on Sunday night Jan. 1st, the night before the premiere. Essentially just a filler episode to rehash Nick’s time on the show, introduce some of the girls, and look back on old limo entrances from previous seasons. The funniest thing that press release says is we’re gonna get updated on Amanda & Josh, and Evan & Carly. That should be interesting considering Amanda & Josh are doing a horrible job of pretending they’re still together. We saw this with Juan Pablo’s season, except his they did shows on Sunday the whole month of January. This looks to be a one-off show for Nick’s season.

I’m still working on getting you your episode-by-episode spoilers for Nick’s season. I pretty much have everything from St. Thomas on. It’s the earlier episode eliminations that I need to fill in some gaps. Stuff like, “Did this girl go home in episode 2 or 3?” Or, “Did she make it to episode 4 or not?” Stuff that’s really not all that important in the long run, but for the sake of the ep-by-ep spoilers, it’s stuff I like to have so it’s laid out perfectly for you. I’ll eventually get them and have them to you sometime before Nick’s season begins. Also, the first episode that is released to the media via protected username and password, should be out this week or next. Once I watch that, I will post all your episode #1 spoilers like I have every season since Emily’s. In the meantime, here’s a few things I can tell you of what you will see on Nick’s season based on what I already know:

-There will be two 2-on-1 dates this season. Both are filled with some dramatics.

-There was a pool party on Nick’s birthday during filming. One girl got pretty drunk and basically didn’t show for the either the cocktail party or rose ceremony. Or both.

-One girl that gets eliminated during her 2-on-1 date comes back after her elimination in the same episode and goes off on Nick. Heard it’s pretty epic.

-I believe there is a rose ceremony where no one gets eliminated.

-There are at least 4 people who are eliminated before a rose ceremony that I’m aware of as of now. Whether it be through not getting a rose, or Nick sending them home. Definitely know of 4 at this point. Elizabeth Sandoz is one as I mentioned that way back in October when I reported her. She leaves during the “Museum of Broken Relationships” group date in episode 2.

-There’s a group date where teams face off against each other, and the winning team gets extra time with Nick and losing team has to go home. Except the losers were crying a lot, so Nick decided to keep both teams around for extra time.

Just a few things to expect this season and hold you over until your episode-by-episode spoilers, which is where they’ll all be revealed along with much more.

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1 Comment

  1. smurfette22

    December 13, 2016 at 11:13 AM

    I listened to your podcast and I enjoyed it! I can’t remember which girl was trying to be cute in her profile with all of the movie/play references, but I’m already annoyed with her. I know, not a big deal, just my two cents.

    Anyways, I was going to suggest a soundboard? I think it would make things more exciting. (You wouldn’t have to make all of those sound effects on your own).

    But overall, I liked it and I look forward to your future podcasts!

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